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232. Compromises

Split and pendulum effect in political communities and other contexts, can be what the criminals typical cause. Personal inner split and pendulum effect can also be caused by the criminals. Split in such contexts seems to be typical. Pendulum effect seems to be an important addition to split, in such contexts.

Already in 1965, the year I think that the woman who “influenced” me against the criminals, did that; she had understood that this had been in progress for a long time already. When the criminals split, they establish new organizations and the like. These new organizations typical are based on parts of a united and compounded broader fellowship. Then these artificial new groups are played off against one another. After that; everything also can start to change, and develop different than what had been natural.

This woman in 1965, talked to me about that it is something artificial with the criminals and with everything they cause.

When the criminals “influence” to pendulum effect, new organizations and the like start to cause popular movements which swing in opposite directions. This is the opposite of making compromises around the center in the development. It can be that the criminals early in our modern history, started to react against how this center in the development constantly moved; in the direction of more equality before the law, equal human value and equal possibilities, etc. This development wasn’t stagnation. These compromises were constantly development of more and more justice and equal human value. This happened gradually with alternating between development of more possibilities among the people, and more political power for the people. Before the criminals started with their crime, this was a development of the societies, and not a stagnated situation in the societies. This can be what the criminals started to ruin, long ago.

The criminals are doing many different things, and they combine it all. Regarding all of this, it is only the truth that will lead forward to understanding about what this is. Today we are completely fooled all of us.

February 3, 2019, David H. Hegg

233. Stuff and nonsense

When I was out on my newspaper round yesterday, Saturday, it had first been snowing and been cold weather for many days. But yesterday it was rainy and mild weather. From the roofs there hang large icicles, and on top of the roofs there also were ice. Several places there were large lumps of ice on the ground, which had fallen down from the roofs, sometimes they could be the size of bricks. A couple of times I also heard slides of snow from the roofs, nearby where I was. After one to two hours’ time, I had been walking and thinking about that it is highly dangerous to be out here today. All the time I thought about that this is highly dangerous, here you may die at any time.

When I entered one of the stairways, I became so giddy that I swerved to the left side, when I walked a few steps up the stairs right after the entry to the stairway. The left side was toward the wall. This lasted for a few seconds, and passed off again after circa one minute. Then I thought, that this was an “influence” that said, that there you died. I felt giddy and unwell a couple of minutes. After five minutes it wasn’t much I noticed. After circa ten minutes everything was as usual. And after that I haven’t noticed any more.

After I had come home, and had been sleeping, and I had been awake for some hours, so that it had been Sunday; I started to want to write about this. Then it came out in me; what I repeat under Sunday. This became as if something I repeat that was replayed in me. All of this is weakly and diffusely, but even so it goes on in me as something I repeat. One comes after the other, and I conduct myself to it as something I get to know. When I stop, then I think; that this is something, but now I have to stop. This easily becomes something I only make up, I think, so now I have to stop when I think that it can be something correct with this.

I connect this to what I wrote in the text “231. Two days more” January 27, 2019. But I don’t perceive any other connection; than that I think, that it is a connection. What I have written in these two texts, are experienced as two separate things. I don’t remember any connections or successions in how I have been “influenced”.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

There you died.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

You shall always be pitiful and cowardly in all your earlier friends’ eyes, from now on and until when this happens. You die simply one day, of this simple decision over you. You died simply only you now David, from all what I have done to get you away from this Earth, as fast as it is possible to do from today. So now this is for ever been sealed by me here today one’s last word to you, you shall die because you have to die of all I have done against you here today. With that, this is now completely finished from me to you here now.

You shall never come out of this power over you any other time, than by to die. With that, it is over with you and all your talk about how important it is with the working class and its influence over everything here in the society. You are namely only an oaf and a fool who only simply have to be exterminated, so that our mighty power again shall conquer all over here on the Earth one day in the future, when you a long time ago are dead and buried, at a place where no one care about who you have been ever more.

With that you never more are the one you have been more, ever more here on this Earth, you traitor of our secret power over everything that you shall have to be cowed under and be crushed under, by all our mighty power which is hidden for both you and all your equals here.

At my office here today, I have namely decided that you shall only be to ours advantage, and to your own class of the community’s drawback and destruction, of all your possibilities you could be able to have in you from now on, which not will be other than possibilities to talk nonsense and make a mess of things entirely terrible, with everything you care about to do something with. So goodbye to the working class and its power here on our Earth, because that is ours, and not yours ever.

Bye‐bye, I say, and so I am again and again, finished with you in so many different ways, that you never can be yourself no matter what you could be able to be here in our little world, here where you are, namely at Oslo’s best West End, where you work for us you. And you shall always have to do that, as far as it is some life left in you. Because of that you will be so damaged inside yourself, that you in the end not can be capable of working more you, simply only.

So from here you will never be able to succeed with something else more, than stuff and nonsense. You have been a dead person already here now today you namely. By this, you lie there and are dead you now David, and only sill live because of what I have said to you that shall be you from now on. Namely stupid and idiotic in your outer being, but wise and sensible in your inner imagination about yourself, you only. Ha, ha, ha, so stupid you have been, we all say to you here we today. Because when this one day have come out in you, then you namely already are dead you. Because only after your death, you can find out about all of this in you, you.

February 10, 2019, David H. Hegg

234. Three things

Just before I start to write this text, I have thought about three different things. Those things are first two things, which I put in connection with each other. Those are what the knowledge about human rights had started to find out, understand, and write about; and as the opposed, what the knowledge about oppression had started to find out, understand, and write about; when the criminals started with using “influence” as their method. The third thing; is how pipe smoking can have been something both these two ways of thinking had some ideas about that could stimulate one’s thinking.

It looks like that the criminals have started with using “influence”, as their method before the First World War. Therefore these things were something the criminals could have been thinking about a shorter or longer time before 1914.

To make these things short and concise, I put it this way. They, who wanted to develop the societies on the basis of human rights, had their bookshelves with their typical books. They, who wanted to develop the societies on the basis of oppression, had their bookshelves with their typical books. These two different libraries, to say it that way, were consisting of totally different books, which had opposite intentions.

Both these two groups of people, to make it simply, could smoke tobacco pipes. And it is possible to find information about that people earlier didn’t necessarily inhale the tobacco smoke. By using about one minute, I searched on the Internet and found out that people not necessarily inhaled when they earlier smoked tobacco pipes. This is introductorily something which is indistinct in the beginning. But I think the criminals can have wanted to ruin tobacco smoking for others; and make it to be something smart for themselves, together with one another beside their bookshelves. Some of the criminals’ books can be so dangerous, that they don’t have them in their bookshelves.

In this text I only have brought up these thoughts in the form of key words. I think there will be possible to find out important things in this connection.

The woman who “influenced” me in 1965, said to me when she “influenced” me; that you have to learn the art of smoking a pipe. Because it is an art to smoke a pipe correctly. You shall not smoke much, then the tobacco will dry, but that doesn’t matter, if you only not let it dry away. You have to learn from different sources, and find out how to do it correctly. It can be ways to keep the pipe tobacco. This was something she said because she had some thoughts about that the criminals have wanted to ruin how people could smoke tobacco pipes without inhaling.

I think the criminals have wanted to make their own knowledge inaccessible for others; and ruin the knowledge about human rights for others, and make it more and more wrong.

February 17, 2019, David H. Hegg

235. The power of the words

The period from 1800 to 1900 can be a time period the criminals look at as the period, when things went wrong, in proportion to what the criminals think had been right. The cause of that; is what happened from 1700 to 1800, which was caused of what happened from 1600 to 1700. Of course, it was what happened from 1500 to 1600, that caused those mistakes in the development, as the criminals see it. The cause of all these terrible ruinous mistakes in the criminals’ social system, is caused by one person; namely Johann Gutenberg, who in the 1450s developed the modern art of movable printing. The root of all evil for the criminals is the written word and the printed book. And one of their most important long‐term goals can be to ruin what books have achieved to be. The worst of all books, as the criminals see it, can probably be the Bible.

The power of the words shall be the criminals’ power, and be ruined for all others. And the criminals do many different things to achieve that.

At leisure the criminals can use their method of “influencing” to change what goes on, and what develops. When others don’t know about it, they can use their method to achieve what they want to obtain. Some things can be done fast, other things have to be done for a long time.

Their social system is the hard and severe society. And their long‐term goal looks like to be, that such a society shall prove to be the only society, that it is possible to have. They “influence” to that it shall look like, that the human nature is bad; and that it shall look like, that it is necessary to oppress, chasten and punish the citizens in a hard way. This kind of society is based on that they in one way or another own the power, in a way that builds up their upper class. All the time it develops an inverted development, of what it looks like that happens, this is because of the criminals’ continuous hidden “influences”.

It takes time to understand this difference between what everything looks like, and what it really is.

The woman who “influenced” me in 1965, said that all the understanding about the development of modern just societies had happened without Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. Therefor it is trickery by the criminals that some people only care about these two. Of course these two have their importance, so it is wrong to wipe them away. But it is trickery when people think that the only thing they need to do, is to care about these two. It is necessary to care about much more. I don’t think the criminals like these two, but to be honest, I think they like the Bible even less. That is because of how the Bible has inspired to goodness and justice. The Bible is also written by different people. This is only an example I mention here in the end of this text.

February 24, 2019, David H. Hegg

236. Opposite freedom

One of the different effects of the “influences” is how these “influences” get the “influences” to be oneself, and ourselves. This is a simple trickery. It takes time to adapt oneself to the state it is to find out about and understand about this. People are always marked by what is around them, so that is something normal, but the “influences” by the criminals are something different. “Influences” can be used to different things; get you to be interested in something you otherwise hadn’t started to think about; get you to not be interested in something; like or dislike something or someone; be energetic or lazy; suddenly do or say something; and different other things.

Before this text I have thought about how “influences” can get people to experience that they become free and achieve freedom, when the “influences” get control over them and displace themselves. I have thought about that the criminals take away people’s freedom in this way. This is one of different aspects with these “influences” and what the criminals are doing. In a way the criminals get their own freedom to have power over others, when they take away others freedom to have power over themselves.

If we here concentrate on the issue about freedom; I first think about that the criminals in the beginning started to change the original concepts of freedom. It is also likely that they from the beginning did different other things also. Afterwards they have done more and more regarding both old and new concepts of freedom, and they have thought of concepts of freedom which only are their own destructive fabrications.

The first example I get in my mind, is the hippie movement in Western countries from in the end of the sixties. One of the concepts of freedom in that movement could be that the men should be allowed to have long hair, and get freedom in that way. It is likely that the hippie movement was something the criminals had thought of, and it hasn’t become something lasting from that movement, all of it has only crumbled away. It is likely that the criminals took control over the people who joined the hippie movement, either directly by “influences”, or indirectly by how people become interested in it. In that way, people lost the freedom they otherwise had wanted to develop in another way, and became under control by the criminals who wanted to ruin for them instead.

This example with the hippie movement is an example of how people sought for freedom, in a way where they were tricked to lose their freedom. This happened in a way people where “influenced” to, and they didn’t understand what it was. When we start to understand about these things, then it becomes possible for us to begin to understand different other such things also. The criminals “influence” us to struggle to get freedom in ways, that get us to lose freedom and come under control of the criminals instead. In a way it is the criminals’ “influences” that get freedom and possibilities, to ruin the freedom and possibilities for us.

Opposite freedom is how people are “influenced” to struggle for freedom in ways that get them to do things, that take the freedom away from them. This happens in a way people don’t understand. Of course opposite freedom is a way of saying this, which is self‐contradictory; because it isn’t freedom. That is also what I have in mind; this is a false imagination which is the opposite of freedom.

In this text I only have started to bring this way of looking at this to the fore. I think it is something typical that the criminals “influence” people to struggle for different goals, in ways that get people to reach the opposite. A typical systematic method is a step by step development of the “influences”.

March 1, 2019, David H. Hegg

237. The same cause

Poverty and luxury are two circumstances which are in contrast to each other. These are relative terms. To reinforce this contrast, it is possible to say extreme need and great luxury. A word regarding both these circumstances; is that both are wrong. My reason to put forward this way of stating the problem, is that I think about that the criminals have “influenced” to both circumstances, in a way which is thought to be bad for both. The criminals use people they “influence” in different ways, to obtain something these people don’t know anything about. It is all of it that is bad, everything the criminals have “influenced” it to be. And poverty and luxury are two parts of it all, and in that way they are to circumstances which are included in it all. This contrast is a part of the criminals’ plan.

It is true that real human values form the basis of real human joy and happiness. Think about how much joy it can be possible to get because of something little; and how little joy it can be possible to get of something much. The criminals understand this, and ruin what real human values are.

People haven’t chosen what they are “influenced” to, and they hadn’t wanted to be used in such ways. People had wanted something else, and that is something the criminals have taken away from them all, by using the “influences”. Poverty is unnecessary. And people can have many things that don’t mean anything for them, that is also unnecessary.

What I have in mind when I start to write this text, are that the poverty in poor countries is something artificial, and the luxury in rich countries is also something artificial. The criminals haven’t “influenced” to artificial conditions to make people happy, the criminals use people in malicious ways, which people haven’t understood themselves. The criminals create artificial need and suffering, artificial destruction and difficulties, artificial wishes and needs, artificial joy and happiness, etc. All of these different “influenced” conditions cover up what people really had wanted to do, and how they really had wanted to live. What all the people had wanted; is something else, something else in all ways. This has to do with it all. This indicates how the criminals can have built up a kind of total artificial control.

Think about how children can have more joy with creating something; by playing with simple things as small sticks and small stones, than by playing with large and expensive toys. The adults are grown up children. The criminals understand such things.

Both poverty and luxury have the same cause, and the cause is the criminals, and what they are doing. Therefore it is a connection between poverty and riches. When thinking in this way, it is also possible to bring in one more aspect; that is war. Therefore there are connections between war, poverty and riches. This is a theorization about what this is; which think about this in a theoretical way. People’s personal situations are subjective circumstances. These have subjective aspects. But in this text I think about an objective theorization about this, which is that way of stating the problem.

Subjective and objective circumstances have to do with each other, because we exist as social creatures. In our history there typical have been made many lies regarding this, which have resulted in artificial and false ways of life.

A theorization puts forward a theoretical way of looking at this. The criminals also do that, they don’t care about people’s personal situations at all. The criminals want to ruin for us with what they are doing, and they don’t want that we shall understand such things in a correct theoretical way. The criminals want to have this theoretical way of looking at this, as their power over us. When we don’t understand this, then we come under power of their theoretical understanding about how they trick us, which they hide for us. This is about different things; such as how to have a meaningful life, how to be humans who live together in a correct way, the difference between a natural and an artificial mode of living, how to be good humans, etc. I think about that the richest, of whom many typical are “influenced” as others, can care about this together with all the others, we all are “influenced” by the criminals.

When I thought about writing this text, I thought about poor and rich parts of the world. I thought about that the criminals have “influenced” it to be like this in the world. The poor live in an “influenced” situation, where they don’t have what they need. The rich also live in “influenced” situation, where they buy things they don’t need. I thought about that this is something wrong in connection with each other, with both these situations. And it is something wrong with this whole situation, with poor and rich parts of the world. I thought about that the criminals have “influenced” to artificial needs in rich parts of the world. The criminals want that the poor can’t buy what they need, and they want that the rich shall buy things they don’t need. For the poor, this is an artificial poverty. For the rich, this is an artificial luxury.

I think the criminals want to make the masses of people passive, and to make individuals active. Therefore that has to do with what has changed today. Only a few people are of importance. The great majority of people is as nothing. The beginning of our modern political development around 1900, was characterized by a peaceful political activation of the masses of people. This activation wasn’t only political, but in many other ways also, it was in all human ways. The great majority of people were of importance.

The old societies were formed by subjective intentions. The new modern ways of thinking around 1900 were formed by objective intentions. The criminals want to get back their own subjective intentions, and they ruin for an objective political development.

The criminals do both history falsification and contemporary falsification.

I have also thought about that something typical with the literature after the printing houses started to make books, is that people who behave good do right, and people who beave malicious do wrong. This is only one of many other aspects of what different kinds of books have meant. But the criminals also have their own books from the same period, which aren’t written for all people; and that are dangerous books, which we today don’t know about.

The criminals’ power is to betray. What they look at as their right, is to do wrong and be unfair against others.

After I have finished this text, I start to think about what an “influence” is. And I started to think that “influences” are that you shall do this and that, you shall like this and that, you shall not like this and that, you shall want this and that, you shall be glad, you shall be sad, you shall be friendly, you shall be angry, you shall love, you shall hate, you shall this and that, etc.

March 7, 2019, David H. Hegg

238. Hidden power

We develop something we don’t know what is. The goal is set by the criminals, but we don’t know what it is. Everything we do has a hidden intention. We don’t know what the criminals have thought out. We must find out about this and stop it.

The criminals develop hidden power. This is about many things. Among other things these are; what we think, our opinions, what we want, what we feel, what we do, etc.

I have thought about that the criminals have had hidden predetermined goals, for different things they have got people to start with. This has typical gone on in a way, where people don’t know what they have started with doing. Because of this, I think that it is important for us to not predetermine our final results, of what we start to do by ourselves, when we start to do things in our own ways. I think we must start with the first step, on a way we think is correct. After that, we can start to think about the next step, etc. This is about what kind of societies we shall have and such things, and not about all kind of things.

These thoughts are only some too short thoughts; to be completely by themselves. They are only some important impulses I have thought about for some days now. To write more about these thoughts, can be much about many different things.

March 14, 2019, David H. Hegg

239. The contrary

The criminals have set apart from humankind, and don’t want to belong to that. They behave in that way; that they shall not be fellow human beings, and that they can do all kinds of malice against others. In that way, they have been as personifications of the devil. Their way of being has been the contrary to all positive human ways of being.

They are weak, cowardly, false, deceitful, evil in seemingly kindly ways, and transform into all kinds of ways of being to be able to betray others. They use all ways of bad behavior. They behave as personifications of the devil. They are dangerous in a weak way.

The criminals get others to be enemies, betray one another, and being false and untrustworthy. They use the whole gamut of all the worst that it is possible to do.

As fast as you rely a little bit on the criminals, they start to betray you.

March 21, 2019, David H. Hegg

240. Some thoughts

The development today doesn’t give us humans freedom. The development today makes us to be slaves of the development. This is something the criminals want that shall be like that. We become slaves by the constantly higher speeds, more traveling, profitability, consumption, poverty and need. These words here, are only to indicate that I think about technical, cultural and other developmental processes. Today we haven’t developed our way of life; we have developed a way of being used.

Today it isn’t we who decide what the development shall be. Now it is the development that decides over us. We don’t form the development. The development forms us. It is the criminals who make it to be like this.

The only way to come free from this; is to find out about it and understand it. That is something we will do by ourselves, and not by the “influences” by the criminals. We must begin to come out of deadlocked opinions and understandings.

Private motoring creates collective and public problems, which hit back on the individual. Public transport solves that problem, which is to the benefit for the individual. This problem comes into being because we today become so many people at some places. You aren’t free when you are stuck in traffic jam. A collective way of thinking can make you more free. This is an example of how it is possible for the individual to be more free by collective thinking; and how the individual can be less free by individual thinking.

A car can be an expensive way of taking away your freedom. It is possible to be a slave of a car, and slaves of the cars. Alone on the road with a care, you are free. In a traffic jam, you aren’t free. Together we can be free. One by one we can’t be free. Traffic jam is collective stupidity, and not individual cleverness.

Depopulation from the rural areas, and influx of people to the cities; are also a problem.

To drive cars on a continuous airfield from one place to another place is also unreasonable. Then it is better to travel with an airplane from one airfield to another airfield. If that becomes too much, of course the sky always will be dark by airplanes, like cloudy weather. Therefore that is an example of how we humans face many challenges because of what the criminals have done. Traffic jam in the sky will only make a new problem for us. Our challenges are first of all of sensible nature, and not first of all of economic nature. Economic development can ruin the whole world.

When we understand correctly, then it will be possible for us to manage all these challenges. It depends on correct knowledge and correct understanding. Typical that is how many different things work together in different ways, which we have to find out about how are.

Why shall we travel so fast? That is also an important question. People don’t have time to live any longer. Earlier a journey from one place to another place could be a great event. Today that has become cruises with cruise ships, which not shall anywhere, only travel.

This is only an easy example. There are much more different things to understand in similar ways. This is also only one side of something more. The whole situation is a complex of many different things. Exactly transportation; maybe has to do with that the criminals want to break local communities into pieces, and get them to crumble away. We shall travel away our lives. How the criminals have gotten our lives under control of their “influences”, has to do with everything we today are doing in all different ways.

How I here have written about transportation, is only one of many other things I also could have written about, regarding how we have become slaves of the development.

Earlier in our history, there was talk about that the working class should unite and show solidarity. Those who didn’t show solidarity, ruined for all. Together it was possible to be free, one by one it was impossible to be free. This was a historical epoch which the criminals ruined. Today it is relevant to say the same about all people in the world. We must unite and show solidarity, and at the same time keep the cultural and individual diversity for everybody.

The criminals have “influenced” us to believe in ideas with the intentions to ruin for us.

March 28, 2019, David H. Hegg

241. Not anybody

The Second World War was really a war against madness. These mad people were too mad to be able to be behind that war, so that had to be someone else than themselves. Those who drove forward that war, were too mad to be the brain behind their own madness. Someone else had to be the brain behind their madness.

This was what the woman who “influenced” me in 1965 thought about, when she after the Second World War wanted to find out about who were behind that war.

When she was around and found different books, she didn’t need to take notes or take the books with her, she could write down 100 % correctly what she had read afterwards at other places. She could repeat it word for word all of it, all she needed to have.

She could repeat 100 % correctly what she had seen, heard and read, both words and figures. She wasn’t anybody. During the Second World War she had spied on the Nazis and found out much important information about them, which had been given forward to the resistance movement.

The criminals are the brains behind what has happened with me. But with me, there is one more brain behind what has happened, and that is this woman’s brain. And that brain isn’t to be trifled with. I think she has been cleverer than anybody can find out and understand, and she was the kindest person it is possible to think that someone can be. She was very clever and very kind. Her family, friends and boyfriend had given their lives for peace and freedom during the Second World War. She also had to give her life. People who gave their lives for peace and freedom were to trust, people who say something else are not to trust.

April 3, 2019, David H. Hegg

242. Magnetic effect

Now I have started to understand something about the “influences”, which I think can be something about how they can work. It is that when I remember something from how I have been “influenced, then that starts with how I first get dragged into something around what it is, or something that leads to what it is.

I find the way by myself also, without knowing that this is what I do. In different ways, which haven’t been put in concrete form. Even so, the goal is set from the beginning.

I think about it as the “influence” is like a magnet (in a figurative sense), which drags me against what the “influence” is. It is reason to think about magnetic effect. It can drag me through a labyrinth of trickeries (in a figurative sense), to get me to a final goal. By devious means; can also be relevant to think about.

The first can be something far away from what the “influence” has “influenced” me to. And slowly I approach to what it is, but that can be with many other things first. And it can take more or less time; from some hours, weeks, to many years, and decades. Sometimes it maybe also can happen within some minutes.

It can be about something I am “influenced” to do, something I shall change myself to be, something I shall change my opinion about, something I shall change my feelings about, something I shall change my experience about, how I live, what I like and dislike, etc. In the beginning, I don’t understand anything about what this has started to do with me. I think about it as the “influence” puts out long tentacles through different other things, which start to drag me in the direction of what the “influence” is.

I think this can work the opposite way also, and drag or push you away from something.

Normally this works in ways where the “influenced” person doesn’t know anything about the “influences”. When you know about this, then it is possible to start to understand about this regarding such “influences”.

The “influences” work in different ways, not only in this magnetic way. But now I have thought about this magnetic effect as something important to understand. It can be that this is something central with such “influences”.

April 9, 2019, David H. Hegg

243. Emptiness

I have thought about what has happened with us, during the time the criminals have been using their “influences” against us.

We become words and actions of others. At the same time the inner human in us disappears, so we more and more become empty words and actions. In a way our world has become more and more full of things, and human poverty and emptiness.

The text has to be seen as some introductory thoughts around this question. It isn’t exactly a completely worked out explanation. Actually, this is only a few words. The way of looking at the problem here is also short and apt. But I think this is something to think about what can be. It can be an important point here.

To find out about this and understand about it; is to activate our own inner humans in us.

April 16, 2019, David H. Hegg

244. Strong tastes

I have thought about that I am “influenced” to feel like having strong tastes. There is also a tendency to only wanting the strongest tastes. This is about food and drink, snacks and goodies, etc. It is likely that this shall lead to unhealthy food habits and unhealthy lifestyles.

All the different tastes of drinks are something to think about. Naturally we had drunk pure water when we are thirsty, as something basic. Sweet drinks and salty snacks are some things to think about what can be. Combination of sugar and salt in itself, is the next to think about. But that is only an example of how such things can be something we are exposed to and use without thinking about what it is.

The tastes we have around us are natural and artificial tastes. Artificial tastes are nothing, and sometimes toxic. Fruits and other natural tastes are something. Of course there are some natural toxic things also. Artificial tastes can manipulate one’s natural taste understanding, and lead to wrong dieting.

This shows that the criminals are taken up with “influencing” to all possible harmful things they can do to damage people’s health. Therefore that is something it is important to watch out for in all ways which it can be possible to do.

Something to beware of, is that the criminals typical can “influence” people to be taken up with living healthy, in ways that are unhealthy in ways they don’t understand why are unhealthy. Good health has to do with interplay between different things.

I think the criminals can “influence” to systematic lack of vitamins and other nutrients, and also to systematically consumption of something unhealthy. Such things establish systematically unhealthy food habits.

The criminals have been doing this for a long time, so they have done very much of everything they have done, also of such things which are harmful for people’s health. Of course they also “influence” to explaining away all of it, so people have started to believe in wrong understanding about everything the criminals have tricked them to do wrong.

People are “influenced” to resign and accept that it is something wrong with everything, and that they not really can trust anything. People live like leaves that are drifted around by the wind, without being able to do something with how the societies control their lives in untrustworthy ways, and keep secret for them all the wrong things the societies are doing.

The tastes are only one phenomenon, of many other phenomena, that the criminals use to trick people. This text only points out that this is something to understand about, that goes on. The criminals trick us in this way. Strong tastes don’t automatically give you strong health.

Something else, which is relevant to think about regarding this; that is how many of us also breathe polluted air. Clean air, water and food; are natural health factors. When the air both tastes bad and smells bad, and you have to swallow the part of it you can’t breathe, if you not are able to spit it out; then something has been terrible wrong. I think the criminals have wanted that people shall breathe polluted air. And then it is likely that they also have wanted to pollute as much as possible of what we use. Clean air, water and food; are of great value.

It is likely that the criminals have wanted to produce pollution, and thought out different ways of obtaining that, in all possible ways. Typical the criminals can have “influenced” people to do things they not had wanted to do, if they not had been “influenced” to do those things. We are used to think that pollution is a side effect, but it is thinkable that the criminals have had pollution as the main product. The same can be regarding unhealthy additives in food, they are the main products.

This text was written about three weeks ago. The three last texts have been written in reverse order of how they are publicized.

April 23, 2019, David H. Hegg

245. Systems

These four understandings about what the criminals do, gives me so many thoughts, that I here only write these four understandings.

The criminals ruin political understandings.

The criminals develop property systems.

This results in; that we live in systems we don’t understand.

Purely by theoretical understanding: How well people have it in the society; depends on how much the people work. The more they work, the better it becomes. This is the fundamental starting point. The criminals ruin this.

April 30, 2019, David H. Hegg

246. Chaos

In the early part of the development of modern democracy, around 1900, I think the criminals understood that the new political development was the beginning of a gradual and peaceful levelling of political power in all the countries in the world. The old structures of power in the societies were about to fall. This formed a picture of a future with well‐arranged political societies, where all the citizens sooner or later would be represented. This picture was obviously under way to be materialized; it was only a question of time before when it would happen, in different ways at different places in the world.

I think the criminals early in our modern development started to ruin this political development; by “influencing” to different diversions and changes of how people tried to achieve political goals. In addition to that, the criminals have “influenced” to wars and all other kinds of destructive and confusing things. The criminals changed what people started to do. This has caused an indistinct picture of the situation, instead of a well‐arranged picture. This is impossible to understand, if you don’t begin to understand what the criminals are doing.

I think the criminals want that it shall be impossible for us to understand this. Their coal can be; that what was outmoded in the beginning of this new era, shall be modern in the end; and what was modern in the beginning of this new era, shall be outmoded in the end.

Today the world is an incomprehensible chaos, and that is because of the “influences” by the criminals.

The point in time, around 1900, is only something I think it can be. It is necessary to find out more about when this has started.

May 7, 2019, David H. Hegg

247. Enemy of humankind

Now I have reached the understanding that I have written these short texts long enough.

After I started the new version of this web site, as I wrote about under Messages 1, Introduction, March 18, 2013; I started to find out more and more correct forward till today. November 19, 2015; I finished that Messages section.

After that, I started to write more under Miscellaneous, from Texts 2, with the text 1. Fellowship, November 27, 2015.

Under Miscellaneous, Texts 1, I kept some old texts from 2003 to 2013.

All these years I wrote more and more as I found out more and more. All these texts are about how I found out more and more, year after year.

Now I think I have reached a complete overview about what has happened with me. From now on, I will start to write longer texts, which I work with over longer time. I think about writing about what has happened with me. I will carry on with publicizing what I write on this web site, but that will not be as often as it has been until today.

A thought, I have in my head just now; is that the criminals are the enemy of humankind.

May 14, 2019, David H. Hegg

248. Seven months later

In the seven months since last time I wrote something on this page; I have thought about that it would be important, that I could write about how the woman who “influenced” me in 1965, “influenced” me. But in these seven months, it has been more and more clear for me, that it is impossible for me to remember this. I think that is because such an “influence” is done outside a person's possibilities to remember anything about it.

That person in 1965, said to me when we were talking before she started to “influence” me; that she had made “antidote” against what the criminals would do against me. She had prepared herself in a whole year, to be able to do what she should do with me. And she still felt totally fine that day. She told me that it is impossible to remember what has been done against oneself in such a way, where oneself has been “influenced”. I could only trust her. She asked me if I trusted her, and I answered yes. She also said that I should start to find out about how the criminals “influenced” me, in a way others also maybe could be able to do. It can be possible to find out a little, she said.

What I have remembered from the “influence” by the criminals in 1975; are because of what this woman “influenced” me to do when that happened. I should remember how it started, and stop talking so they thought I had fallen asleep. When they thought I had fallen asleep. I should listen to what they said, and I should be taken up with how I could remember where and when this happened.

What has been clear for me during these seven months, is what has happened with me since the summer 1962. In these seven months, I have understood what happened with me early in my life. When I was seven years old in 1962, my life became an incomprehensible emptiness and mental pain. When the woman “influenced” me in 1965, she found out about this, and she put things straight inside me. The empty pain inside me disappeared that evening. But nothing could reveal what had happened; therefore everything had to be as before.

Something I now have remembered from what the woman said to me in 1965, is about a dog I was friends with. This dog lived by my mother's mother and mother's father. The dog and I made friends with each other from the dog was a puppy and I was a child. The dog understood what I said, and listened and did what I said. I always told the dog why. Sometimes it was something it couldn't do, and sometimes it could be free and do what it wanted to. It wasn't necessary to keep the dog on a lead, when it was together with me. The dog and I understood each other, and it always did as I said. I think it is possible to have a common area of understanding between dogs and humans. If I said it should go beside me, it did that in any case. Then I also had said why, for example that it was farm animal nearby.

What I remember from 1965, is that the woman said; that this dog should help me inside myself, in a way I didn’t know what is. I also remember that she said; that I never fail that dog, and that dog never fails me. That is my last and first word to you, here today; she said. “That is what I started with, and that is what I finish with”; she said.

Below it is a picture of the dog in 1974, outside the mountain pasture to the farm where my mother's mother and mother's father lived. We were together with my girlfriend, who I later got married to. I said to the dog; that it should stand there and look at her, and then she will make a fine picture of you; I said. “Afterwards you can go together with her to me again”, I said. And we walked further along the dirt road. Next summer 1975, the dog was dead.

December 15, 2019, David H. Hegg

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