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168. An incomprehensible mess

Now I have been thinking about my whole situation, as it has developed, after the criminals influenced me December 29, 1975. My thoughts have been about different things, also about what have happened in the world. I am in a state where I adapt myself to how I now have a correct general view over all of this. That is a new situation for me. My thoughts move from one thing to another all the time, therefor I am not focused on one particular thing today.

But my own situation have an important development step, in what happened in 1986. At that time, these influences had developed for ten years, without my understanding about it. I have thought about that it seems as if, that the criminals must have influenced more than hundred people around me, to achieve what they achieved in 1986. I also wonder if it can be hundreds of people the criminals have influenced around me in the end, but I don’t know. No matter what, the criminals haven’t achieved what the they wanted that this should be in the end.

The situation in 1986, was that I was a victim for what others did wrong against me. But people blamed me, for how they did wrong against me. At that time, this was incomprehensible for me. That, in a nutshell, is what this was in 1986. And it wasn’t trifles, it ruined my mental state totally.

This was that others did wrong against my daughter and me, because they groundless started to ruin our contact with one another. This was also something wrong against my daughter’s mother also, because she crisp and clean had said to me that she didn’t want that. She had said to me, that she wanted, that our daughter and I should be more together.

Other people meddled in our situation without knowing anything about us, and they only ruined for us. This didn’t start in 1986, it started ten years earlier. Because many people have done wrong things, they all protected themselves from that the situation should be cleared up, that was their common interest. This has continued afterwards.

I hadn’t did a single wrong thing, that is what is correct. And it wasn’t any problems. All the other people made all the problems, and did all the wrong things. They didn’t know us, and they didn’t know what they did. This was also something total unlawful to do. How this started to develop ten years earlier, did it all incomprehensible at that time. How it was the influences by the criminals that caused the whole situation, did it incomprehensible.

I was influenced to worry about my daughter’s mother, not about myself. Therefore, I didn’t protect myself, I all the time protected my daughter’s mother. In these ways, that situation in 1986 developed to be a total incomprehensible mess.

July 24, 2017, David H. Hegg

169. Well‐arranged

What happened in 1986, was that the police came and took me away from the contact with my daughter. This was totally unprovoked from my side, therefore I didn’t understand what happened. This is a few words, only to show what it was. This was because of a situation, which in the course of a few days had been a muddle of many puzzled things. This had also beforehand developed over many years. Because of this, people have said that I don’t care about my daughter, that is a big lie. Many times I tried to come and talk to my daughters mother to sort it out, but the police took me every time. This was what ruined for my daughters mother, because simultaneous her family also pressed her. This was a sudden situation. Of course, this ruined for our daughter. And I was also ruined by what happened, in the end I didn’t remember what had happened anymore.

It wasn’t a single causality, with a single consequence. It was a muddle of many things, which did the whole situation incomprehensible. From day to day, the muddle became more and more, and worse and worse.

This muddle was caused by the criminals, and their influences of many people. It looks like coincidences, but it isn’t coincidences. The muddle can be cleared up and understood.

The muddle hides a plan with different well‐arranged connections. Some of these well‐arranged connections, are how some people have done wrong things, which they don’t want, that shall be cleared up. This has caused that the situation hasn’t been cleared up. From the criminals’ side, this situation also had one or more hidden aims.

The incomprehensible is understandably. It is well‐arranged, and can be cleared up and understood.

This is only something I have written to make clear the structure of the situation. It is a well‐arranged muddle. I think that is a typical way of doing things, by the criminals. It looks like coincidences, but it is a well‐arranged plan.

July 28, 2017, David H. Hegg

170. Barefooted

Now there are some thoughts in my mind. First, I have thought about that the criminals have influenced me to do up my shoelaces too tight, especially at the top, where the knots are. I started to think that, after I found out how the top of common socks, could tighten too much around the lower parts of my lower calves. I also found out that the top of ankle socks, also could tighten too much.

After I have thought about these three things, I think that these parts of the body are only bags of bones, and I think that can be why this can be a problem. For me, this was so little, that it wasn’t easy to discover. After some time with improvement, this was impossible to see, even it hadn’t disappeared. I had started to understand about how this is, therefore I understood that it hadn’t disappeared.

What happened, was that this caused a collection of liquid. For common socks, above the top of the socks. For ankle socks, below the top of the socks. How it also is a problem that the shoelaces are done up too tight, is something I only have thought, I think that is the same. I think that can cause a little collection of liquid in the feet, which it is difficult to discover. Earlier I thought that this was because I had been too cold on my feet.

To have such socks on the feet too much of the 24‐hour period, increase this problem. After I have understood this, and taken care of it, the problem has disappeared. That took seven weeks. Now I detest all kinds of such things, and I like to be barefooted when the temperature is warm. I have also started to find it comfortable to sit on something soft on the floor, with something behind my back, and the legs straight ahead. Within doors, it also is possible to have something very loose one the feet, which doesn’t tightens at all. I have also lied on my back on the floor, with the lower legs on a stool, for some short periods. I don’t especially do that anymore now, but that is also something comfortable to do.

I think the criminals have wanted to cause problems in my feet, by influencing me to do wrong with these things. Now I have thought about how the upper parts of the lower calves aren’t only bags of bones, and that this can be different there. That is only something I have thought, I haven’t found out something about that. Loose socks are better than tight socks, and it isn’t necessary to do up the shoelaces too tight. I think the criminals know this, and have influenced me to do wrong with these things.

I also think that the criminals influence people to do wrong with other different things also, which the criminals know about. Such influences cause that you don’t understand what you are doing wrong, and that you think it is something else than it is. It can for example be too little of something, or too much of something, or something else. Regarding such different things, it is necessary to think more, and use more time to think more. To find information on the Internet is also something, which sometimes can widen one’s understanding. Typical it is necessary to look for more than one source, and preferably more than two sources also. Not everything on the Internet is correct. Sometimes it can take time to reach the correct understanding, and gradually finding out what is the best to do.

The next, is about something, which happened some hours ago. I looked for the thermos flask I use for hot tea. I looked around in the area where I expected to find it. But I didn’t see it. When I looked at the same area again, I saw it. This is something typical. I think it is an influence, which is, that I don’t see what I am looking for.

This is something I have thought about regarding different things. It is that one thing can be hidden in a way, which is, that this thing is removed in one’s mind. But typical this don’t last for a long time. It is as if such influences can work for one thing. At worst, this can happen again and again, for one thing after another.

After I have understood this typical way of such influences, I typical find out about it after doing more than only one attempt.

It is as if such influences can boost regarding one thing, in different ways. But only for a limited time.

After this, I think about that such influences can hide one important thing. It can for example be regarding that one want to live healthily, and think about many things, but one important thing is hidden for one’s mind. Such influences have limited possibilities, therefore it can be possible to find out about it by doing more. This can be in different ways, regarding different things.

To understand that this can happen, helps to break through such influences. It helps to think about that it can be something oneself hasn’t thought about.

In the end, I start to think about that the criminals typical ruin what they want to have control over. And I think that the criminals get more and more control, by influencing one thing after another, when people don’t know what goes on. When you know what goes on, it is possible to understand one thing after another, and in that way reverse these influences. The more we understand about what the criminals are doing, the more it becomes impossible for the criminals to trick us by the influences.

August 4, 2017, David H. Hegg

171. The feet

After the last text “170. Barefooted” August 4, where I wrote abou that I think the criminals have influenced me to do up my shoelaces too tight, I have thought more about that. In this text, I want to stress that again.

I have thought about that the skin around the ankles is close against the bones. Even a soft tightening from the upper edge of the socks, and from the shoelaces, will block the circulation in these parts of the body to some extent. A very tight tightening, will block the circulation very much. The whole sock can also be too tight. This becomes worse the longer time of the 24‐hour period it lasts, and if it happens every day. All kinds of tightenings around these parts of the body will be bad.

I have experienced that it is typical, that socks have tight tightenings on the upper edge of the socks. After the socks have been washed, this typical becomes worse. It is difficult to find really good socks regarding this. Really good sock don’t tighten in this way at all, and that is the only good sock for everyday and long‐lasting use.

I have also experienced that I didn’t think about how I did up my shoelaces too tight. I think this is the same. It isn’t necessary to do up the shoelaces too tight for everyday and long‐lasting use.

I think this is something important for everybody to begin to think more about. Therefore I have written about it one more time.

I have also thought about that a problem in my left foot, was my first health problem after December 29, 1975; when these influences were done against me. I am not sure about when this happened, but it was after the summer 1976, and I think it was before the summer 1977.

This problem in my foot, was something the doctor called a strain injury. It was that the left bone in my left foot had come out of correct position.

Now I think about if this could have been because of a collection of liquid in the foot, because of blocking of the circulation. This is only something I think, I don’t know if it is correct. I think that the criminals have known how to cause this. And I think they have known that collection of liquid in the foot, could cause this strain injury in my foot. I don’t know if this is correct, but that is what I now have thought about. I have thought about that a collection of liquid in the foot, could have pressed the bones in the foot out of correct positions.

The first health problem after December 29, 1975; was in my foot. And because I now also have had this problem in my feet; that has been my first and my last health problem.

Now I don’t have any problems in my feet and in my legs. I have started to dislike that something tightens around my calves above my feet, and around my ankles and my feet.

August 11, 2017, David H. Hegg

172. Combinations

Today I have been thinking about how the crime the criminals are doing, has been done in all these years. I think about how other criminals usually expose themselves more, the more they do. But these criminals have been doing more and more misinformation, to make it more and more impossible for others to understand what they are doing. In this way, that has been a growing incomprehensible hindrance.

Although this hindrance has been growing greater, it will always be possible to get on the track of something less about this, which also will start to grow greater.

The way the criminals really are active, can be around two hours, to influence what a person do the rest of one’s life. An influenced person can also get one’s influence transferred on many others. The relatively short time the criminals are active, is something it is necessary for them to hide. This is a limitation for them. But when others don’t know anything, that makes it possible for them to slowly do more and more.

The criminals have found a dangerous way of doing what they are doing. Because people haven’t known anything; the counter‐reactions have been absent. It is difficult to find out about this; but it isn’t impossible.

When I think about what the criminals have done against me, combinations are what all the time have been so conquering. This is combinations of influences against me, and combinations of influences against other people around me. In this way, the criminals have been able to influence how things should develop, in a way I and other people didn’t know anything about. The criminals have influenced to the whole development, but we didn’t know anything else than what happened form hour to hour, and from day to day, year after year.

Just now, I think that it has been the combinations, which have been so conquering. I have entangled myself in the criminals’ plan, instead of finding out about it. In that way, it was the combinations, which took me by surprise and conquered me.

Now I think about that these combinations have worked as motive forces. This was both the influences against me, and the influences against other people around me. The motive forces are then both something with me, and something with the whole situation. The plan by the criminals have been done in a way, which hides what they have done. Everything has looked like something else, than what it really was. In this way, the criminals have hidden their part in what has happened.

Always when I tried to do something, I did something I was influenced to do. And other people around me, also had the same way of being. In this way, the criminals had the grip on the situation, in a way no one understood.

I don’t remember anything about what the criminals did, when they influenced me. I think much about that the criminals have done something simple and short, which has caused an ever increasing effect, with more and more results in different ways. It seems for me as if these influences have developed by themselves, in a way the criminals had control over how should be. It also seems for me, that some of the influences have been done after a schedule.

One of the sides with these influences; is how they influence oneself to experience one’s situation in an influenced way. One’s whole life experiences in an influenced way. Everything experiences as something else, than what it really is.

August 18, 2017, David H. Hegg

173. Cultures

Now I have been thinking about how different cultures in the world today, are split up in ways that have got them to fall apart. At the same time, I defragmented the hard drive on my computer, with the defrag software. I thought about the frictions, between different cultures, which now are dispersed in all direction around the world. I thought that the frustration, which this has caused, is a result of how our cultures become fragmented. This frustration in each of us, is a reflection of this fragmentation, I thought…; when I looked at how the defrag software defragmented the hard drive on my computer. I thought that it is possible to think, that it had been useful to be able to defragment our different cultures. I thought that the frustration in each of us, could have been counteracted by a cultural defragmentation in each individual’s mind. I thought that the frustration is because of a cultural fragmentation in each person’s mind, and that a kind of defragmentation maybe could help.

Today’s situation with different cultures dispersed around the world, is because of causes which all these people are victims of. It isn’t correct to blame these people for these causes, which they are victims of. This situation is a problem. It is a problem that all the cultures in the world are split up, and dispersed in all direction around the world. The correct to do; is to understand this problem, and do something constructive with it. It is necessary to strengthen all the cultures by co‐operation. To work against one another will only ruin for us all.

Those to blame, are those behind this problem, and that is the criminals. The criminals are to blame for this problem. The criminals want to subdue all the people in the world, by ruining all the cultures. I also think that it is the criminals, who have influenced to the conflicts between the different cultures.

What I think about in this text, is that by understanding much better about this, it becomes possible to do much to strengthen all our cultures in the world. This will be an active constructive situation in different local communities, based on understanding about what this problem has been.

Cultures are active things. Passivity and lack of understanding ruins all cultures. Knowledge and understanding about a culture and different cultures, and cultures in general, are important regarding this.

This problem regarding our cultures, is in center of many different problems in our communities today. By understanding correct and being clever, this can be to do something, which has to do with the core of the problem. To save our cultures, we all have to be more active in constructive ways. It is the peoples who are the cultures. It is possible to say; that the cultures are what the peoples are.

I think the criminals have caused this situation, where different cultures are mixed together because of different problems, in ways that cause different problems. That everything becomes a muddle without a plan, isn’t good. I think it is necessary to realize that this is a challenge. We are facing this problem because of other problems in the world today. Now I have thought about that it can be something good and constructive to strengthen all the cultures. It is important to develop a societies’ original culture. At the same time, I think it can be something god that smaller cultures from other countries also strengthen their cultures. I think that can lead to, that all things become easier for them, as learning the original language in the country etc. This can also make their situation stronger, in ways which makes it easier for small cultures and the original culture to have more stimulating and educational contact with one another.

August 25, 2017, David H. Hegg

174. Megalomania

Megalomania as a common word, about people who have started to think, that they are above others in different ways; was a common word to use in that way in the sixties and seventies. This was an understanding about this in a historical perspective, with relevance for possibly some of today’s people. The understanding about how dangerous that kind of megalomania can be, has disappeared in an imperceptible way. I write this text to bring this understanding back again.

I think the criminals can be megalomaniac people in the way I have written about here. This definition isn’t the medical definition. This definition is a popular definition about people with an excessive belief in one’s own importance.

September 1, 2017, David H. Hegg

175. A map

The last week, I have been thinking about how this influence against me, is something which has influenced me the whole time, after it was done. Already from the time when I went back to my work, after I woke up because of how a door was slammed, probably five minutes past 10 AM, in the morning Monday, December 29, 1975.

The whole day, every day, all the time afterwards; I have been influenced by the influence, which was done that Monday morning.

I have thought much about how these influences have influenced me in different ways, at different points in time. And also how the influences have worked in gradual ways. But now I have thought about how I also have been influenced all the time, after this was done against me.

What is that constant influence? I think that influence also is different things. I have thought about that one of the constant influences, is that I shall like to be influenced without understanding it. The next after that, is that I shall not know about it, and not understand it. I also think that there are other such constant influences. I think such influences work in different ways all the time. Such influences can also be influences, which shall get me to always be influenced by the influences.

Now I think about that it is a change, when I have started to know what this is. When I know what this is; I think that is an important change of this constant influence, which also is different influences.

Regarding all the different influences, I now have thought about that it is like, that these different influences, are like points on a map. It is like, that all the influences, are like a map, where the map is how these influences are systemized. The influences are systemized in relation to one another, in relation to time, and in relation to other people and happenings. I think about that all this, is like a kind of a map. It is also possible to call this a scheme, a plan, an overview, etc.

Not to understand about such a map inside oneself, is also a part of this constant influence. This kind of map has been inside myself all the time, but I haven’t known about it.

To know about this, and what it is, is in that way to come out of this constant influence.

September 8, 2017, David H. Hegg

176. An inner landscape

After the last text “175. A map” September 8, I have started to think about an inner landscape, an inner world and an inner life, etc. I started to think that such an inner map; that, could be one’s inner life. One’s inner life is all sorts of things; one’s thoughts, feelings, memories and the subconscious, etc. I have often thought about that one’s inner life reflects the life around oneself. I have also thought about that the nature’s landscape, or the town; that a person knows as one’s home region, or one’s home town; also will be reflected in a person’s inner life.

When a person recognize one’s home region, or one’s hometown; then that is how the person see something, which is in accordance with something inside the person. What the person see around oneself, is the same picture the person have in one’s own inner memory, one’s own inner landscape, one’s own inner world and one’s own inner life, etc. What the person see around oneself, harmonize with what the person has inside oneself. The person can say that here it feels like being at home. Isolated people and things can also be in the same way, that you recognize them in a way, that harmonize with something in yourself. This can also activate different feelings, and associations in your mind.

I don’t know what the person who influenced me in December 1975 has done, therefore I don’t know if this is something that person has used when he influenced me. But it makes sense for me to think about this.

My inner life is my inner relationship with other people and the life around me. When I think more about this, that starts to make sense for me. To influence such an inner map in me, is to change my relationship to other people and the life around me.

When thinking about this regarding how the criminals have influenced me, this inner life has many aspects, more than I start to think about during the time when I write this short text. One’s inner life is everything inside one’s mind.

The next I think about, is that we all have our inner lives. These inner lives we all have, is among other things how we all in a way have our family members and friends inside one another.

Culture, which I wrote about in the text “173. Cultures” August 25, is also one of the aspects in one’s inner life. Culture is an aspect in people’s inner lives, regarding how they know how to behave towards one another in their own culture. It is also an aspect when people want to learn abbot another culture, and when they want to get in contact with people who have another culture than themselves. The same culture reflects in all the people who live together in a culture, and is a part of their inner life.

It is likely that the criminals care about what this is, and how it is many different aspects with this inner life in people.

I think this has to do with how I in the last text wrote; that this influence against me, is something which has influenced me the whole time, after it was done. It was my inner landscape, my inner world and my inner life, etc., which was changed by the influence against me in December 1975.

Now it seems for me as if this is, that I have realized a kind of area, which is useful for me to focus on. I see this understanding about an inner life as a discovery of where these influences have gone on. I think it is in this inner landscape, that these influences are. It is as if now I know where these influences are; they are in my inner world.

The inner life in humans has to do with how people are harmonized with one another in a culture. They speak the same language, and understand the reactions between one another. Many other things also are harmonized between them. All these different things are reflected in each individual’s inner life in the same culture.

When a person want to communicate with another culture than one’s own original culture, then the person need to learn another language, and learn about another culture. This has to do with what goes on in individuals’ inner lives.

This text isn’t a finished brainwork about this. These unfinished thoughts also appear as unfinished formulations in this text. In this text I have written about some preliminary thoughts, which have occurred in my mind during some few hours. It is some reflections after the last text “175. A map” September 8.

September 15, 2017, David H. Hegg

177. Inner connections

Now I started to think about inner connections in the mind, in relation to that I wrote about “An inner landscape”, in the last text, September 15. What I exactly think about; is that if the criminals had remembered me today, they had said, that now all my inner connections are destroyed, and there is nothing left of me, and nothing left of the person I once was. I had become more and more ruined, and now I had been totally destroyed; I think they would have said.

Inner connections is a way of expressing, which has occurred in my thoughts many times, all the time when I have been thinking about these influences by the criminals. All the time I have thought that the person, who influenced me, has talked about my inner connections, but I don’t remember what that person has said to me when he influenced me.

What has happened with me, is that I in the last years after March 2013, have found back to my inner connections again. After I have found back enough of my original inner connections again, the whole inner picture in me regarding that, has become enough correct again. Then it also becomes possible for me, to have that as my basis for understanding better about even more, in my inner life. What I have done, is much to find back to different things, which had disappeared from my memory and conscious mind. The turning point was when I started to understand, that they had got me to remember things, which hadn’t happened. At that time in 2013, I also had understood different other things about this, but still not everything; that came about four years later in 2017. Now in 2017, I have understood much about this.

What I think about, regarding this; is that these influences by the criminals, shall influence my inner connections, work in my inner connections, change my inner connections, something else shall be in my inner connections, ruin my inner connections, etc.

For me, this has been a little like being a detective inside myself, in my inner life, being suspicious, skeptical, understanding that something is wrong, etc. I have tried to understand what happens inside myself. There has been something I haven’t understood, there has been something I haven’t known. All the time I have understood that something hides for my conscious mind, and I have tried to understand what that is. Because of this indistinct inner picture in me, I have been careful.

In some way this is a little as finding out about, and clearing up a crime inside myself, which has been caused by the criminals. The same is also about what has happened around me, people around me have been influenced by these criminals. This is a little the same as investigating a crime, I think that this can be a useful way of thinking. The criminals have caused a crime inside oneself, which is difficult to start to find out about and understand, especially in the beginning. The criminals have done the crime in a sly way, by using their method in different ways.

The will is another thing I have thought about now. These influences influence one’s will. But is that one’s own will? Maybe not, I have thought. I have asked myself that question, but I don’t get a clear answer.

What is one’s own will? These influences aren’t one’s own will. What is these influences? These influences are the criminals’ wills. And the criminals’ wills, that aren’t the influenced individuals’ wills.

Is it one’s own will, that these influences influence? I have thought about that one’s own will is still the same, after one has been influenced. But oneself don’t know, and don’t understand that. What has happened, when oneself understands, that these influences have changed one’s own will? Then oneself understands, that oneself want to do something, which is against one’s own will. What is that? That is, that one’s own will has been suppressed. That is, that it has been difficult for one’s own will to be what one’s own will is, inside of oneself. These thoughts grope their way in my mind. It is difficult for me to approach a precise conclusion. But I think these thoughts are relevant. I think it is a step forward to begin thinking about this.

Can it be relevant to think that one’s own will has fallen asleep, when oneself has been influenced by the criminals? Maybe it can be more or less relevant to think about that. Can one’s own will wake up again? I think it can be relevant to think about that also.

What doe’s one’s own will want to do with these influences? One’s own will want to be level‐headed, good and sensible; and behave the best way against what this is. When we know something, then it is possible to begin to find out more and more. This is about finding out and understanding; about what this is inside oneself.

When looking objectively at this, in a general way, without being involved yourself; it can seems as if influenced individuals only do what they are influenced to do. It looks like, that influenced people only do things. Maybe not because they want to do these things. They only do what they are influenced to do, maybe not because they want to do these things. What influenced individuals are doing, are because of the influences, and not because of their own wills. Their own wills aren’t the causes, but they don’t understand that themselves. If people start to understand about this, then this will change. People will start to think about what this can be, and that is an important change. It is necessary to look at oneself in an objective way.

These influences influence all sides inside an individual; feelings, memories, thoughts, associations and the will, etc. But is that an individual’s own will? I think it is useful to think about, that this isn’t an individual’s own will. But I don’t reach a precise conclusion in my thoughts.

It is correct to say, that these influences are the criminals wills, and not the influenced individuals’ wills.

Why does an influenced person do, what an influenced person is influenced to do? The influenced person does what the influenced person does, because the influenced person is influenced by the criminals’ influences.

Have these influences got people’s original wills to fall asleep? It seems useful for me to think about that. But I don’t find a precise conclusion about this. This can be of a little, or of much significance. It is also necessary to think about how these influences have changed everything for a long time now. Everything we see around us, has also been influenced.

In the end of this text, I start to think that an influence causes a driving force, and that driving force isn’t a person’s will. I think the criminals can have influenced people to experience, that these driving forces are their wills. But these driving forces aren’t people’s wills, they are influences. This makes sense for me. I think that I am on to something here. This driving force…, caused by an influence…, isn’t a person’s will…. There can be several such driving forces in a person, caused by several influences. So far, this is an interesting conclusion.

To get these driving forces to work, it is necessary that we don’t know anything about it, and that we don’t understand anything about it. Therefore it helps much that we know about it. It is possible to make up one’s mind to refrain from doing what such driving forces want oneself to do.

September 22, 2017, David H. Hegg

178. Spiritual freedom

An inner pattern is a phrase, or a way of speaking, which I now think about in connection to the other phrases, that I have written about in the last three texts. A map inside oneself, an inner landscape, an inner world, an inner life, inner connections, and an inner pattern; are all of them phrases, which point at a compound inner mental area in us humans. Not literally, these phrases only shows that humans have an inner mind consisting of different qualities. These different phrases describe this inner mind in different ways, but none of them are meant to be in the literal sense of the words. A collective term for them all, can be a mental inner system. This inner system is then, naturally meant to be something versatile in its own way.

When we humans start to use our different qualities, we typical start to do, or to make something, which both create possibilities and limitations. It can be correct to say possibilities with limitations. A simple example is; that a car cannot be a boat, a car has possibilities with limitations. The letter of the alphabet can describe things, but it cannot draw pictures. When we use the number system, then we can do something, but we cannot do everything with the number system, etc. There can maybe be something similar with inner mental structures; that possibilities have limitations.

In connection with this versatile inner system, I also start thinking about spiritual freedom in every sense. I don’t look at this spiritual personality as a system. I think that the spiritual personality can use the mental system. That becomes, that this mental system shall make spiritual freedom possible. I think about freedom for our thoughts and such things. Then this mental system has its intention to give a person unbounded spiritual freedom.

After this, it becomes logical to begin to think that the criminals’ influences hinder and control a person’s spiritual personality. The next, becomes that the criminals want to control the humans’ spiritual life. It can also be that the criminals think about totally to block the spiritual personality in humans.

Because we humans both are individuals and communities, this also becomes relevant for both individuals and communities where people live together. I begin to think that we humans build up, and make something, which we among other things can describe as inner maps, landscapes, worlds, lives, connections, patterns, and systems, etc. This can be understood as both individual and common structures.

The criminals have started to influence these things in ways, which we haven’t known about, that they are doing. When we understand something about what the criminals are doing, then we better start understanding, what goes on.

These thoughts have developed now, during the short time when I wrote this text. There can also be more regarding this. Maybe this also can be understood in other ways. What I have written about this time, can also be described as natural unbounded mental possibilities, which the criminals want to limit and control.

Because I started to write this text, these thoughts started to develop. I have worked with the text over two days, but only some few hours to and fro each of the two days. When I use different words to describe the same, it is because I want to expand the understanding about it. All of these are also an approach to what this can be, it isn’t a finished work. Maybe these words also are concepts which the criminals use, as an inner landscape etc.

I think that the person, who influenced me in December 1975, maybe can have said; that now he has mapped my inner landscape, and now this inner landscape shall be changed. But I don’t remember what he said when he influenced me. I have also thought about that this person maybe can have changed my inner life without knowing anything about what it was. Maybe he also both knew something, and didn’t know something; and both could influence what he knew, and what he didn’t know. I don’t remember how he did these influences against me.

September 29, 2017, David H. Hegg

179. An important secret

Humans function together in cultures and communities, with inner adaptation to one another, by inner developed structures in their minds. This is an understanding I have written about in the last texts. I think the criminals want to control what these things are in humans. That is in opposition to the modern idea; that people shall have freedom and control over themselves. Now I have thought about that the crime by the criminals, brings to the fore the clash of interests between that a minority of people control a majority of people, and the opposite, that the majority have the control over themselves in organized ways. This modern idea is also characterized by that minorities shall have their freedom and rights, but not the right to control the majority. Democracy is such an organized way, which also has other organized arrangements, as its basis. I think the clash of interests is how a minority want to control the majority, and that the majority don’t want that. I think the criminals hide, that they care about this.

There is something that these criminals want to achieve. And; there is something that they want to destroy. These two goals are that the criminals want to change how people live in social systems in countries. In addition to that, the criminals use their method to influence people in all kinds of different thinkable ways. They achieve their results by only influencing others than themselves. That is an important secret for these criminals.

It seems for me as if the criminals falsify, how it looks like, that humans are; so we shall believe that everything regarding us humans are something else, than what is true. When we know about the criminals, then that is an important secret for us. I don’t think the criminals know about this website, because they don’t care about me. It seems for me, that they have wanted to ruin me completely, more and more in all thinkable ways. They have influenced me to find out wrong about this, and because of that, I should have misinformed about what this is. I think this is a thing of the past, and that they now have forgotten me. Today I have an uninteresting and anonymous life in the society. And I suppose that the criminals have much to do and think about.

In the last text, I wrote about how possibilities have limitations. Now I think about that the way the criminals are doing things, also have limitations. I have thought about that when we know what the criminals are doing, then we know, that they are doing something, which has limitations. One of these limitations is that we cannot know about what they are doing, if they shall succeed in what they are doing. So when we know about them, then we benefit from one of their limitations.

I think the criminals and what they are doing, have different limitations. The criminals’ limitations are their weaknesses. The more we know and understand about them, the more these limitations will make it possible for us to find out about them and stop them. These criminals are totally unknown; they aren’t a known organization or a branch of government. In addition to that, they influence to make misinformation to mislead people, and hide themselves in that way. They influence all different individuals, and all groups in conflicts and processes, etc. The criminals’ influences influence people form inside in their minds, in unnatural ways; not from outside of their minds, in natural ways. These criminals betray all the people in the world.

When we know something about what the criminals are doing, then it becomes possible for us to do something else, than what these criminals want us to do. The criminals have reached their goals because we haven’t known about what they are doing. We have more and more been caught by these tactical influences, and we haven’t been able to see it all from outside of these influences. When we know about these influences, it becomes possible for us to start to see it all from outside of the connections of these influences. A key factor is that I think they started a long time ago, maybe around 1900. But I don’t know exactly when they started, I don’t have any information about that. Another key factor is that I think, that they early wanted to change what people understood about the societies and the historical development. They have changed the whole developmental process. I also think that there must be other key factors, as divide and conquer tactics, etc.

This text is a continuation of the four last texts; “175. A map”, “176. An inner landscape”, “177. Inner connections” and “178. Spiritual freedom”. Because these five texts are something I have thought, these texts are as far as I now get by thinking and writing these short texts. These texts can be more or less important. I think that these texts are, that I have started to think about these things. They are ways of stating the problem. These texts aren’t finished works, they are only a few thoughts, which I have written down. I think that these thoughts points out something, like open up one’s eyes, so it becomes possible to begin to see what this maybe can be, etc. In these five texts I only have focused on one aspect regarding what the criminals do, they use their influences in many other different ways.

There can be things I never have thought about, regarding what these criminals are doing. I only know a few things about them.

It has been resistance in me against writing this text. I think that can be an influence, which shall hinder me in being able to understand correctly about this.

October 1, 2017, David H. Hegg

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