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163. The incredible

After the two last texts “161. A mental state” June 11, and “162. A key” June 12, I experience that I now have reached the end of my development, of remembering and finding back what has happened to me.

I have now had some thoughts in my mind for some days, which I write her.

The incredible exists. The incredible is that the world we live in exists.

This incredible world have a cause, and then that is also an incredible cause.

After I have thought about this for some days, I think about that the criminals want to get the humans and the whole world to be soulless things.

June 18, 2017, David H. Hegg

164. Cultural development

It is possible to think that the insignificant doesn’t exist, as a fundamental factor, in our complete existence. It is possible to think that insignificant factors has a fundamental important cause, or maybe different important causes. That is because the insignificance is something, which has been made possible in our existence. That is because our existence is build up to consist of different aspects.

These are only thoughts. We can’t know what we don’t know. But we can think about what we know, and we know that our world exists.

The evil can be seen the same way. The evil doesn’t exist as a fundamental factor in our complete existence. The evil becomes a factor in our existence, especially for us humans, in the way that malice is something wrong. It seems that this is, that we shall stop doing evil things, when we understand, that it is something evil.

Our existence comes into being by an important purpose, or maybe by different important purposes. Our existence doesn’t come into being by an insignificant coincidence, or different insignificant coincidences.

We don’t know what the cause for our existence is. But we know that this world exists.

It is a challenge to be a human, and it is a challenge to be humans together with one another.

The reason why I have written this text, is to bring into focus the seriousness with being humans. We can’t understand everything. But we can understand; what we can understand.

This reasoning also shows that it doesn’t exist insignificant humans. Modern democracy is about realizing that every human is important, that is what today’s democracy is meant to be. Humans influence one another in all different ways. Modern democracy is a cultural development; it has to do with everything, it is a way of life.

The criminals want to ruin our human understanding, and our cultural development. They want to ruin our understanding of the historical perspective, and our human development. Cultural development is in different ways.

It is all the humans together; who develop. We are both individuals and communities. An individual can do something good or bad against the community. And the community can do something good or bad against an individual.

June 25, 2017, David H. Hegg

165. A great fellowship

We all are parts of the whole world. No one is separated from the whole world. Each of us can be an independent individual, but only by being a part of the whole world. Therefore, we all are connected to the whole world, and the whole world concerns us all. Each of us exists together with the whole world. Because of this, it is correct to look at oneself as an independent individual, who is a part of the whole world. Both these aspects concern each of us. Each individual have to care about the community, beside caring about oneself. And the community have to care about each individual, beside caring about the community. We exists together with the world we live in.

For each person, the correct understanding of oneself; is that oneself is an individual, who is connected to the rest of the world. The natural is to belong to the neighborhood, and care about that. However, in the widest sense; each of us belongs to the whole world. If something is important for the whole world, then it is important for each of us. It is also possible to say, that if something is important for the whole world, then it is important for each neighborhood. The whole world is many neighborhoods, and many different fellowships. The whole world is one great fellowship.

Humans are connected with one another because we all are humans.

June 28, 2017, David H. Hegg

166. Contrast of interest

Now it has been some weeks, where I have experienced that I don’t have more new things to remember and find out about. It is as if I have reached the end of “the road” of memories, which I have had to remember and find out about. This is that I now have found the correct picture. It is more to fill into this picture, but now this picture shows what this is, which has been done against me.

When I just now think about something to write about today. I think about how it is many different things together, which has to do with what this crime by the criminals is about.

But it is one simple thing which is crisp and clean, and that is how this has to do with a simple but serious contrast of interest. This is a contrast of interest between these criminals, and all us others. It is important that all we others are able to unite and join together against these criminals. One of the things these criminals are doing, is to influence people so it seems like, that these criminals are God and the like. Therefore these criminals are some people, it is necessary for us all to find out about.

I think this crime has to do with two things: 1.) It has to do with that the criminals want to use their method, when they have found out about it. 2.) It has to do with that these criminals have interests, which is in contrast with the interests of all others around them. The most typical tactic the criminals use, seems to be to play people off against one another. I think the criminals have developed contrast of interests between us. Therefore, one of the most important things it is necessary for us to do, is not to let the criminals play us off against one another.

All we others also have contrast of interests between one another, but that is different from the contrast of interest we all have with the criminals. The criminals have also influenced to all the contrast of interests between us. Therefore we first must find out about how the criminals have played us off against one another. When we do that, it will change our understanding about it all, because we then will start to understand more about it.

I think all we others have wanted to change things in the societies to be better for all. But we have had different ideas about how we shall do that. This is a foundation for co‐operation, where all can take an active part in this development. Different thoughts make us to be better, and it influences us to think better. It is together that we humans develop.

Naturally, different thoughts are challenging and positive at the same time. Naturally, stagnation is something negative. Different thoughts are that people live together.

It is possible to think that the contrast of interest the criminals have towards all us others, is about being humans.

July 5, 2017, David H. Hegg

167. Human factors

Now my thoughts have been about how the crime by the criminals is about being humans. By thinking about that for some time, I start to think that this is the most important philosophical question about this crime. And when it is the most important, it also is the uppermost factor, which the criminals care about. Other factors, as economy for instance, is of secondary importance.

Exact facts are of course something different, which are very important about this crime. But in this text, I think about a philosophical point of view regarding this crime.

Because of this way of stating the problem, it becomes possible to think about two different ways of thinking about justice; human justice, and economic justice. Human justice is about a human system. Economic justice is about an economic system.

I think about that both the criminals and all others, see human justice as the uppermost factor, but in opposite ways. The criminals want to have human injustice, to achieve economic injustice; for the benefit of themselves. All others want to have human justice, to achieve economic justice; for a fair benefit of all. This reasoning shows that the criminals want human injustice, to achieve economic injustice, for the benefit of themselves.

It is possible to think; that it is human injustice, that achieve economic injustice. And the opposite way; that it is human justice, that achieve economic justice. Economy is about how the values are divided between the people.

Instead of that human factors have power over the economy, economic factors have power over the humans. I think this is something the criminals have cared about, that they want to achieve for the benefit of themselves. But in this text I think about something else, I think about the importance of what it is to be humans, and that we must be humans in a good way.

The criminals have influenced all things in ways we don’t understand. It is necessary to find out about that. It is the humans who are influenced. Because of that, this is about the humans.

These thoughts only show a systematic way of stating the problem. This is something we now start to understand about, we didn’t understand about it from before. I think about that the criminals have changed all we think we know and understand, and it is necessary for us to find out about that. The criminals have influenced to wrong connections and understandings between everything, in ways which ruin for us all, in different ways.

I started to write this text, by thinking about that the question about being humans, is the uppermost factor, which the criminals care about. I wrote that economy for instance, is of secondary importance. I mentioned economy as an example, because I first thought about the question about material benefits in a general sense, in proportion to the question about being humans. I thought about that the criminals have the question about being humans, as an uppermost factor, in a way that they more and more have been able to hide.

The question about being humans is the most important for us all. In this text, I only have pointed out that. I don’t know what the criminals are thinking, and what they are doing. Therefore this text only is to point out that I think this is something important to realize and find out more about. Therefore, this is a preliminary text. Typical I start to think about things. I do that, to get the thoughts out of the control, which the criminals have got over our thoughts.

Even you say that you think, that one thing is the most important, other things also are necessary to care about.

I have thought much about that the criminals influence us to remove the germ of our thoughts.

July 10, 2017, David H. Hegg

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