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111. Food habits

Yesterday I understood another of these memory images, which the criminals have influenced me to get. This is difficult, because it seems so credible. But I am pretty sure about that this is a memory hallucination.

On my way to and fro school when I was a child, I went past a small bakery. This memory image is that I got to know the baker in this bakery, which was a detached house. The baker should regularly have given me vanilla filled buns covered with a mixing of desiccated coconut and confectioner’s sugar. This is a common bakery in Norway, called “skolebrød” or “skolebolle” (“school bread” or “school bun”). This memory image also has other supplementary happenings around this, which is typical for such memory hallucinations, to make them more credible.

The memory of this baker has influenced me to want to eat such delicious buns, which are easily accessible in Norway nowadays. This influence is therefore consisting of two typical influencing factors; a memory image, and an association to something cheerful (the kind baker).

This is only one of different influences, done to change and ruin my food habits. I have been influenced to be interested in different alternative diets. I have been influenced to eat salty snacks, as potato chips, and chocolate, licorice, and other goodies; instead of slices of bread with different things to make sandwiches with. The dinner has also been changed. These influences regarding my food habits are quite sly. It can start with that one want to eat healthy, but it ends with eating unhealthy. It all changes in an unnoticeable way. It is associations, memories from before, memory images, healthy foodstuffs become forgotten, etc.

Today the grocer’s shops in Norway are full of goodies, earlier the grocer’s shops in Norway only had very little such things. Today goodies also are sold in much larger quantities than before. It is necessary to think more about these things, to find out, and understand more, than one had thought had been necessary. Different new ideas about food are also split up in different directions. Our traditional food habits have slowly been changed and ruined by these criminals’ influences, in a way we haven’t understood how goes on.

February 10, 2017, David H. Hegg

112. Trickeries

These influences are much based on trickeries, and they are dependent on that we don’t understand anything about it at all. It helps much when we have started to understand something correct about this. When one starts to understand about these things, then the situation has changed completely. It has been possible for me to do much against these influences, when I have understood correct about them, long before I found out what the criminals had done against me. The trickeries are dependent on that one doesn’t understand anything at all. Therefore, when one understands something, then the trickeries have lost the necessary trickery. It varies what the influences are, but it always helps to understand about it. It all together, more and more loses its effect, when one little by little understands more and more. That is how this has been for me. It is important to always be calm and relaxed regarding these things. Live as it is normal to do. Hold on to what is normal. Start to do something else, which it is easy to do, and think about that, if this becomes difficult. Avoid doing something dangerous in that situation.

February 14, 2017, David H. Hegg

113. Something essential

When I try to understand what the criminals have wanted to achieve by influencing me, I first think they have done all the bad they can do against me. After that, I start to think they have hidden the plan with these influences, in such a way, that I shall not understand what that is. Because I have been influenced to find out wrong, and have used the time from 1986 to 2013 on that, it looks as if that is a main intention. The more this wrong understanding had been spread, the more dangerous that had been, because that had hidden what these criminals are doing and want to achieve.

I think that I all the time since 1986, have been more skeptical about these influences, than the criminals had thought I should be. I have also been taken up with finding out 100% secure tracks, and because that was so difficult, I didn’t become secure about what I found out. From 2013 till today, I think that I have found out something correct.

Something essential I understand; is that these influences are done in that way, that I shall think, that I must find out correct about this, but never be able to find out correct. This should have driven me to reach these criminals’ aim. This driving force in me, should have been the opposite, of what I was tricked to achieve. This is typical with these influences. It can be that I should have been forcible, and started to believe in using more and more powerful weapons. This believe in using weapons, and wrong understanding about this; can be the criminals’ plan. It also seems as if I should have found out about meeting other violent extremist groups, or a single extremist group, which also believed in using weapons.

Now I am sure about that I have found out correct, therefore these criminals haven’t achieved what they have wanted in influencing me. All I have done about this from 1986 until today, I have done 100% alone. I am not afraid of the people these criminals are, so no one else has to be that either. But it is important to understand how terrible dangerous their pitiful methods are. These methods get other people, than themselves, to be dangerous. These methods can also ruin for oneself, when one doesn’t understand about it. Therefore it is important to understand about this, to be able to stop that.

I think the criminals want to ruin, how we humans have our most powerful possibilities, by using our abilities to think and understand. I think they want to ruin the development of how all the humans in the world understand better, and learn to live together in peace and development for all the humans. I think they want to be superior over others, by controlling us, by using their methods. I have also thought about that they like to feel the power they feel, by using their methods.

I think the meaning behind, that we humans exist, is that we shall win together, not against one another. I think the meaning is that we shall win to develop to be more developed humans. We humans more and more learn to be humans, and humans are something we are together. I also think that we humans shall be versatile, and develop a broad range of being humans. All humans belong to humankind.

February 15, 2017, David H. Hegg

114. Individual and communities

I think that the criminals look at themselves as individuals, and the others as communities. They themselves are individuals; the others are the people, who are the community, which they want to control. They divide the community, create conflicts, and disintegrate the community in different ways.

The criminals influence to create situations. They disintegrate how people can coordinate themselves. In principle, this is that individuals shall control the people’s communities, so the communities don’t have democratic power. The criminals want to ruin how people’s communities get more political power, with universal suffrage, than individuals get. The criminals’ power situation, is that they are individuals, who want to control the people’s communities. This is that they want to control much more people, than they are themselves. They want that the minority shall control the majority. They want to ruin how the majority can develop their possibility to political power.

They want that the people shall not be individuals; the people shall only be the people.

February 18, 2017, David H. Hegg

115. Something strange

Today I found out something strange. January 15, to February 1, I found out how the criminals had influenced me. The last two and a half weeks, after that, I have had a strange experience of that I don’t sleep anymore. But I felt I had had a good sleep. Today I found out what that is.

At once when I woke up, I experienced that I haven’t slept, and that I have been awake all the time. When this happens, I am half asleep. Today I understood that right afterwards, I remembered an imaginative dream; and because of that, I understood that I had been sleeping.

The last weeks I have experienced it as if, that I don’t sleep anymore. Nevertheless, I have felt that I have had a good sleep. Today I understood that this experience arises when I am half asleep, after been sleeping. This has been so strange, that I have wondered if I don’t sleep anymore.

Now I think about if this has happened because I found out about how I have been influenced, or if it is because of an influence. I have never had exactly this experience before, therefore I think that maybe it has happened because I found out about how I have been influenced. But it is impossible for me to be sure about what this is. But now I understand how this has been.

When I write a text like this, it often has been a clarifying for me of what I write about. So far, it gives me a feeling of that everything is in order, when I understand what it is. The problem was only that I didn’t understand what it was. This is typical for such influences. That is an element of importance. Just now I don’t have a clear understanding about if this is an influence, or something else. But I have a clear understanding about how this is.

If it is an influence, I think it typical is, that I shall go to a doctor and get sleeping pills, even I don’t need sleeping pills. This will be something similar to how a “memory hallucination” is an influence, to influence one to think and do something, because of something which you believe has happened, which not has happened. Maybe this is something, which has to do with how I have been influenced. Now I think about that, but I don’t know how it is.

I think about the text “93. An excellent example” January 15, and wonder about if the sleeping pills are held together with alcohol. If this is correct, I think that must be something, which should have happened in the end of the different influences I have been influenced with. It helps me to think like this; even I don’t know if it is correct or not, because I become more in control of myself by behaving in this way.

I don’t remember anything about what happened, the period when these influences were done against me. I only have remembered a little from the beginning. What it is which has happened after that, is something I don’t remember anything about what has been.

Today I feel completely as having had a good sleep. It also was today I understood how this is. I think about that it is important to sleep when I shall sleep, and be awake when I shall be awake. When I wrote about how this was done against me last month, I then slept and was awake irregularly, in a mess.

I have used some hours on this text. I have written some sentences, stopped and thought, and then written some sentences again, etc.

February 19, 2017, David H. Hegg

116. More about 1975

After the last text yesterday, “115. Something strange” February 19, I now think that maybe it is both. That I have this strange experience of that I don’t sleep anymore; because I both came through the barrier which hides the situation, where these influences where done; and that I also are influenced to get this strange experience of that I don’t sleep anymore.

I think that maybe I became influenced to experience, that this situation in 1975 hadn’t happened. That this influence was done in such a way, that I experienced that I hadn’t been sleeping. That I woke up afterwards, and experienced that it hadn’t happened. Maybe this influence did that I started to experience, that I haven’t been sleeping, when I now wake up after been sleeping.

I also think, that maybe I also have been influenced to get this strange experience, of that I don’t sleep anymore, as something, which shall happen in the end of these different influences.

This is only something I think. As I wrote yesterday; it helps me to work up my thoughts about these things, even I don’t know what it is which really is correct. That I approach to what this is, in a way that is an approximation to what it really is. That is something I always have experienced that has helped, regarding all these different influences.

This experience of that I don’t sleep anymore, happened the first time when I wrote the text “105. Love and selfishness” January 31. Actually, I first wrote that text January 30, and it was just before that, I for the first time I experienced, that I hadn’t been sleeping. First, I wrote in that text, that I hadn’t been sleeping for 24 hours. But because I changed the date, I removed it again. At that time, this was something new for me. Now I have been thinking about this for three weeks.

In that text which I actually first wrote January 30, I also wrote more, which I also removed. That was something I wrote, because I became taken up with what the person who sat beside me, had said. What now is written about that, in the text “105. Love and selfishness”, is something I didn’t remove. I think that these few words is important, and I think these few words is correct.

The rest of what I removed, was something I removed because I thought that I don’t remember how these influences were done against me. I thought that I shall not try to write what this person has said, because I don’t remember correct how this person did these influences. But I think he has said something like that.

Here I can write that again. Now I write it one more time, I haven’t kept what I wrote January 30. I think the person in 1975, has done something I don’t remember what was. I think the person did this in a way I don’t remember how was.

First, you and your wife shall move away from each other, and move together again. After that, you shall move away from each other, and be divorced, but continue being friends.

Your daughter shall have her family by you, and her home by her mother. You shall take good care of your daughter, and want to give her a good family foundation. You shall help her mother with making a good home for your daughter.

Ten years from now, public authorities shall divide your daughter and her mother from you. Then these public authorities have done a so malicious crime, that in this society, they should have been put in jail for many years. But no one in this society will put these people in jail. Therefore, that crime these people prevent from being cleared up, will prevent that you three will find back to one another again.

It is important to understand that these influences get the better of people. The influences use the influenced people, in ways the influenced people don’t understand. It is the criminals who have done this. The criminals are the guilty.

February 20, 2017, David H. Hegg

117. The sleep

In the two previous texts February 19, and 20; I wrote about how I from January 30, have had an experience of that I hadn’t been sleeping, every time I woke up. Yesterday, I also had that experience, when I woke up. But today everything has been normal. I have been sleeping. I have woke up. And I haven’t experienced or thought about that I haven’t been sleeping. Therefore I think; that this strange experience, of that I don’t sleep anymore, now has disappeared. Then this strange experience has lasted for three weeks and one day.

Today I have thought about, that when I had problems, because I didn’t sleep at the end of the seventies, I read two books because of that. One book about sleep. “Sleep, written by Gay Gaer Luce and Julius Segal. Published by Heinemann ‐ London. First published in Great Britain in 1967.” I had a Norwegian copy. And another Norwegian book about nerve medicine. “Nerver og nervepiller, om moderne psykofarmaka og hva de kan utrette, Odd Lingjærde, Aschehoug, 1974.” (Nerves and nerve pills, about modern psychoactive drugs and what they can achieve, by Odd Lingjærde, Aschehoug publishing firm, 1974.) My real problem was that I didn’t sleep because of rheumatism. But I only thought about that I didn’t get enough sleep, and I read these two books because I wanted to understand more about my sleep problem.

I have written about the book “Sleep” in a text May 20, 2004. It is under the upper links “Miscellaneous”, “Introduction”, “Texts 1”, “2003 ‐ 2004”, “Memory”.

Now I think about that I have been influenced to get rheumatism and a sleep problem, because I used too little clothing on my legs during the winter. And that I also was influenced to read these two books, or such books.

In relation to this, I now think that I in the end; maybe have been influenced to experience that I don’t sleep anymore. And because I have read these two books, I shall start to think, that I know much about how harmful it is not to sleep. And then, I shall start to go to a doctor, and begin with more and more psychoactive drugs.

When I started to detect this strange experience of that I don’t sleep, I did exactly what I have written about earlier. That it is important to relax, when such influences become difficult. I relaxed, and thought that it is the best I can do. I didn’t think so much about it. I thought that I had to find out about it in the next days. And after some time, I started to understand what it was. I had been sleeping, but every time I woke up, I experienced that I had been awake all the time.

February 22, 2017, David H. Hegg

118. A third book

In the last text, February 22, I wrote about two books I bought, at the end of the seventies. After that, I remembered one more book, which I also bought. That was a book by Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., and Robert B. Kory as co‐author; “HAPPINESS, The TM Program, Psychiatry and Enlightenment”, June 21 1976. I bought a Norwegian copy. “Livsglede, Transcendental Meditasjon og psykiatri”, October 1978.

This was after I had resigned from my job as electrician, and started to work as newspaper deliverer, September 28, 1978. I then worked as newspaper deliverer to February 24, 1979. After that, I moved to a loft lodgings, and worked as substitute school caretaker on different schools for some time.

The two other books were bought earlier in 1978. Just now, I don’t remember if it could have been late in 1977. But I think it was in 1978. Because this third book was published in Norway October 1978, I bought it after that.

I read that book, but I didn’t start to meditate.

The date October 1978, has now been an indication of time. First, I thought that I bought that book shortly after October 1978. But after some hours, I start to think that that isn’t correct. This book can have been bought later, together with some other popular science books, which I bought in a later period.

Earlier I have excluded this book. I have thought that it not was that book. But now I remember that it was that book.

This has got these time periods to be clearer for me.

February 24, 2017, David H. Hegg

119. Parts of one’s mind

After the two previous texts “117. The sleep”, February 22, and “118. A third book”, February 24; different things become more orderly in my head. I think about the difference between what I have started with by myself, and what I have started with because of the influences by the criminals. There have been different things I started with by myself, earlier in my life. After 1975, there have been different things I have started with because of such influences.

The books I have written about in the two previous texts, have to do with how the criminals have influenced me. The book I wrote about in the last text, “HAPPINESS, The TM Program, Psychiatry and Enlightenment”, I first thought I bought late in 1978. Afterwards I remembered a fourth book. After thinking about that book for some hours, I started to think that the book “HAPPINESS, The TM Program, Psychiatry and Enlightenment”, had covered up this fourth book. This fourth book was bought before “HAPPINESS, The TM Program, Psychiatry and Enlightenment”.

There happens different influences in my thoughts. Different memories can be put one upon another, so one memory covers another memory, again and again. This can continue many times. Again and again I remember one more thing after another thing. This is quite simply how it has been with these books. How I remembered these books, got me to think about how such influences seems as if they also can influence how one’s thoughts work.

Another thing I have found out many times, is how such influences can bring one’s thoughts to concentrate on something, to influence one to forget something else. What something else was; was then something important.

It is as if such influences can influence to different controlled ways of thinking. I have also typical experienced that thoughts fall out of my mind.

All these influenced ways of thinking can be counteracted, by that one uses more time around each of them. But these influences work as they are thought out, when one don’t know about it. Typical things move forward, and one forgets about what were back in time.

An example I understand very well: When I deliver newspapers, I walk from place to place. An influence work in a way, which is like this: When I have reached a place, I immediately experience that I am finished at that place; the same way, I have been many times before. When I reach the place, I experience it as if I came out from the place, the same way as the day before. This is an influence I understand very well, and it doesn’t cause big problems for me. Normally I find out about it immediately. I am so used to such influences, and they only work a little bit when I understand about them. It is important to totally relax regarding such things, and then such influences don’t get more and more of oneself, but less and less of oneself instead.

In these connections, I also think about how such memory images, typical are built up by more than one thing. Different people can have said things, there can be different point of times involve, this is because different things to go on shall get oneself to believe in such memory images. Such things become more and more, the more one think about them. Therefore it is important to come out of that vortex. It is important to look at such things from the outside of them; to think outside of such influences.

This fourth book, which in some way actually was the third in this period, is “Argumentasjonsteori, språk og vitenskapsfilosofi” (Theory of argumentation, language and philosophy of science) by Lars Walløe and Dagfinn Føllesdal. This book was first published in 1977, the seventh edition was published in 2000. The book is popular to use for a compulsory common study in Norwegian universities, called “Examen philosophicum”. I remember that I bought this book in the same period, as the two other books, I wrote about February 22, but I don’t remember exactly when.

I think the criminals have influenced me to either to buy such books, or exactly to buy these books. I think the criminals have been taken up with getting control over the books; and all other cultural activities also. I don’t know what they have done to get control over the books, which I am sure about, that they have wanted to get. But they have used these possibilities to influence people.

To realize that this goes on, is a new challenge for us. Something we must start to find out about, when we know about it. These influences work because we don’t know about them. When we know about what this is, then it is possible for us, more and more to find out about it. It is also important to think about how important it is, to find out about something that is so bad.

These influences are often in a way, which work in on part, or a number of parts, in the influenced person’s mind. Therefore, it is possible to activate other parts of one’s mind, to start to find out about this. For example, a person can have been influenced to get some strange ideas at one field, but the person is ordinary at other fields.

Why have the criminals influenced me to buy particular books, by categories, or by specific books? I think that must be because they want to stop my own development, of reading one book after another. I shall not find my own road in the world of books, and not create my own bookshelf. But I think there are other intentions also.

February 24, 2017, David H. Hegg

120. In the bottom of it all

Right away after the last text, I got some thoughts about something, which the person, who influenced me in 1975, have said. Similar thoughts have typical continued unstoppable. That happened already in the nineties. I think these influences are a systematic whole, which I don’t remember what is. However, because these thoughts came after the last text, I write these notes here.

When I think about such notes, they change all the time, and become more and more, and it don’t stop. I think such thoughts can continued, and become thousands of written pages. I think this whole influence, is something inaccessible for my thoughts, which my memory can’t remember. Here are these three notes:

“And in the bottom of it all, lies a mighty message. That our whole cultural heritage, shall disappear in the garbage can. It shall be that we all care about money and things, and not about thoughts and feelings.”

“Your social class’s (the working class’s) power in the society, shall in the end be like zero. Money shall in the end be the power.”

“Something you don’t like, you shall do worse, and speak contemptibly and contemptuously about. You shall speak in poetical and figurative modes of expression. Something you like, you shall do better, and boast of.”

When I wrote these notes, I had been thinking about; that when I earlier read a book, then that book took away my attention, from the previous book, which I had read. I thought about that books I had read, lay “on top of one another” in my mind, in a way that hid them all. I thought that all I read, only disappeared under this constant growing “pile of books” in my mind. I also thought the same could be with other memories, that memories lay “on top of one another” in my mind, and hid them all.

How I lost all my memory in 1986, seems to be because of how the criminals had influenced different people around me, to cause that. In the summer 1986 didn’t remember anything about my life anymore. In addition to that, there also have been different destructive influences. The drug, or the drugs, that have been used in 1975, can also had destructive effects.

Before all of these, I also was much mentally ruined in 1962, when I was seven years old. That also is something the criminals had something to do with, in one way or another.

What have these criminals wanted to achieve, by ruin me so much? I don’t know. I only know what the influences have achieved.

There is no question that I have been influenced to find out wrong about this. It is also clear that I have been influenced to get others to understand wrong. It is obvious that the influences should have caused misinformation.

There is also something typical, that I have been influenced to over and over again, wanting to begin with new doings, or to begin with new doings. That typical influence, has been about very much different. All of it only has come to nothing. Maybe that has been because I shouldn’t develop one particular doing in my life.

In the course of these 31 years, since 1986, I slowly have come out of these influences. It became more and more influences, and step by step I understood about them.

It is no doubt about that the criminals are sure about that it is impossible to find out about this.

I think the criminals have made it difficult to find out about these things, but they haven’t made it impossible.

Despite of all these different damages of my mind; I in the end have become quite well again. Today my mind works well.

What do these influences in me do, when they haven’t achieved their goals? I think that some of them don’t work, and some of them nearly don’t work. I think about these influences as “plant seeds”. If they don’t start to grow; they sometimes become nothing, and they sometimes nearly become nothing. What I think about by writing that the influences start to grow, is that then the influences have started to be more and more of the person’s own personality and life. A comparison: If someone say to you that you shall walk around the Earth; then that becomes much, if you start to do that; but it becomes nothing, if you don’t start to do that.

Why I think that some influences don’t work, and some of them nearly don’t work; are because I think that some of them are passive, and some of them are active.

When I have understood, that an influence is something wrong; it is as if someone has asked me to do something, which I don’t want to do. By thinking about it that way, the effect of the influence can be the opposite, of what it was meant to be.

I think that different people sometimes can activate influences in one another. This is one of different manner of operations, which it is important to find out about. The criminals typical use combinations of influences. It is important to continue considering and think over things afterwards, and not to be in too great a hurry.

I think they influence some individuals, to activate many people; but I don’t know what they are doing. It can be the criminals have found out about typical manners, which people have as their behavior towards one another. When we don’t know about that, the criminals can achieve their calculated effects.

Something to be on one’s guard against; is a method, that influences people to reach a goal, by influences which in the end, have caused the opposite goal. Typical people in the end have forgotten what it was, which they wanted to achieve in the beginning.

The cause of that we haven’t found out about this before, isn’t that the influences work in a faint way, it is because the influences work in a powerful way. This powerful effect has been used to hinder us in finding out about it. But when we have found out something correct, then we have started to find out more and more about this crime.

It can be relevant to compare with an archaeological digging out. Even you only have found some few pieces, and sometimes only one little piece of something, then you know for sure that it must be more to find out about.

I think there are different things the criminals do, when they influence a person’s mind. In this text, I only have focused on some few things.

I think that I am a victim of this crime, together with so many others in different ways.

In the bottom of each of us, are we all of us. It is only one world, with one whole meaning about it all. The most important for all of us, is it all. In the bottom of us all, is our cultural heritage. We all exist together.

February 26, 2017, David H. Hegg

121. Freedom

Rainy weather and sunshine are two natural positive sides of the weather. After some time with sunshine, it feels good when the rain starts to fall. It cleans the air and makes it good to breathe. The plants become fresh and filled with life. A sunny morning after rain; fills oneself with joy and vitality. This is a natural circle. It is the way the Earth lives.

It is easy to understand the meaning with the rainy weather and the sunshine. Different other natural phenomena on the Earth are also possible to understand. It is a meaning with everything in the nature.

Is there a meaning with it all, the whole life on Earth and the universe around us? When there is a meaning with all we know about; then there is logical that it also is a meaning with what we don’t know about, what it is that is behind our existence.

The interplay and the balance between everything in the world; are the meaning and the intention with each of all those things. It is a meaning with each of them, and with it all.

If we think about us humans, we also consist of different qualities. For us humans it also is a meaning with each of these qualities, and with them all. The interplay and the balance between these different qualities; are the meaning and the intention with each of all those human qualities.

What I think about by writing this text; is that the criminals dominate our lives in a one‐sided way. This one‐sided dominance is contrary to nature. That is dangerous.

In addition to being one‐sided, the criminals also are evil. These two factors are two negative factors.

Two positive factors, in contrast to these two negative factors; are many‐sidedness and goodness.

This text is a text about thoughts and feelings. Different positive factors are in principle, parts in a balance with an interplay by all of them. It is also the same with human qualities.

The criminals hide what they are doing, so we shall not find out about it. When we understand what they are doing, then we can find out about it. The criminals hide what they are doing, because they will hinder us in understanding what it is. They want that we shall understand everything wrong. But we want to understand everything correct.

It becomes relevant to think that the criminals don’t want that the humans shall understand. Why don’t these criminals want that the humans shall understand? Is it because they want to get advantages by fooling all the humans around themselves? That seems as what it can be that they are doing.

What do the criminals understand? Do they understand something correct? I don’t know what they understand. But I think about that they understand what they are doing.

Understanding is the most important we humans can have, and the most important we can get more of. It seems logical that this has to do with the meaning with us humans. To understand is also a natural interplay and balance between different knowledges and understandings by all the humans. One‐sided understanding becomes wrong about the big scheme of things.

To understand is to find out. It isn’t to control the humans’ minds. Sometimes it is to find out about something we don’t know. Sometimes it is to understand more about something we do know. Other ways to understand can also be defined, like to understand the proportions between things, etc.

Freedom for the humans; has had much to do with finding out and understanding more. Lack of freedom; has had much to do with control over the humans’ minds.

The criminals don’t want that we shall understand, because they want to have control over us, by having control over our minds.

Freedom becomes achieved by understanding.

March 5, 2017, David H. Hegg

122. A Devil

For some days now, I have been thinking about how the criminals trick people into believing in wars. The criminals have used different ways of tricking people into believing in that they shall use weapons, instead of finding out and understand. In this way, they ruin for all the warring parties; the same if they are some few, as if they are many. We all must find out and understand about this, and not continue doing as these criminals want. They want to win by ruining for us all, by getting us all to make war against one another.

At last, shortly before I wrote this text; I thought about that they want to increase the energy in the resistance between the different warring parties to an ever‐increasing extent.

After thinking about that, I remembered what follows below. This is very indistinct and dimly. I can’t remember something clear from that situation. I don’t write more about it. Because I think it is too impossible for me to remember correct about what that was.

I thought about the person who sat beside me and influenced me in 1975: “You want war all over the world. You are a Devil. You shall to hell. You shall never succeed in what you want. I don’t say anything to you.”

The person said: “Now you are thinking about something you don’t say. What you thought, was something I said to you. Tell me what I said.”

Maybe he tried to mess it up. That is something I think just now. I don’t remember more.

That situation in 1975 is so impossible for me to remember correct about, so it can be that this in reality was something else. I have written it, instead of letting it be.

March 8, 2017, David H. Hegg

123. Two sentences more

In the previous text “122. A Devil” March 8, I wrote five sentences about what I thought about the person who sat beside me in 1975. There were two sentences more, which I also thought. I didn’t include these two sentences in that text. I thought about that this is so uncertain, and I wanted to write as little as possible. But afterwards, these two other sentences constantly have continued to be strong in my thoughts. I now think that I can’t pass these two sentences, and therefore I write them here.

“You will destroy the whole world. I don’t do what you say.”

March 9, 2017, David H. Hegg

124. Three movies

When I had finished the text “120. In the bottom of it all” Sunday, February 26, I thought I should take it easy for a while, watching a movie, letting my thoughts get away from this topic. I thought about what movie I should see. I remembered an uncomplicated movie, about something stuff and nonsense, which I had seen a long time ago, “The Matrix”. I couldn’t think of something more unimportant nonsense than that movie. I thought my thoughts could be occupied with that movie, to getting away from all kinds of serious things for some time. I didn’t remember what that movie was about, so I thought it could be a good, simple way to relax; to see what that movie was about, which I had forgotten.

When I found the movie on the Internet, I found out that it was three movies. I thought it could be good to see all these three unimportant nonsense movies. I thought that three nonsense movies would be even better, than only one nonsense movie. I remembered that I earlier had seen one Matrix movie.

When I was watching the first movie “The Matrix” from 1999, I remembered that there had been a red pill and a blue pill in the movie, when I saw that sequence again. I didn’t remember anything more about the movie.

When I was watching the second movie “The Matrix Reloaded” from 2003, I remembered “The Twins”, two white fictional characters. I didn’t remember anything more about the movie. But I started to wonder about, that I must had seen that movie before, although I had been sure about that I hadn’t done that.

When I was watching the third movie “The Matrix Revolutions” from 2003, I remembered “The Trainman”, a shabby fictional character. I didn’t remember anything more about the movie. But I started to wonder about, that I must had seen that movie before, although I had been sure about that I hadn’t done that.

I started to understand that I had seen these three movies before, and that I didn’t remember anything about them. I had thought that I only had seen one movie, which I didn’t remember what was about.

Then I remembered that I earlier had found out about the movie because I read a book, “The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real” from 2002. After looking more after that book on the Internet, I remembered that I only had read about that book, which is the third book in a series called “Popular Culture and Philosophy”. I had found that book because I was curious about finding out about books on the Internet. Because this book was held out and on special offer in a web shop, which I think sold e‐books, I had read about the book there. Then I remembered that I went to a store to buy the movie. In the store all the three movies were sold together, therefore I bought all three. I bought these movies, because I had been interested in books. I had not been interested in movies. (At this time, I wasn’t used to buy movies. Earlier, when it was video recorders, I hadn’t been interested in buying such videos. I was used to reading books, newspapers and magazines and such.)

After I remembered how I earlier had come across these movies, this started up an experience of that these movies activated the relationship between my consciousness and my subconsciousness. This was clear for me. I experienced it clearly.

It can be that when I first was watching these three movies, I first thought that this was something important, regarding what these criminals are doing. But afterwards, that has been turned around in my mind, by such influences, which also have influenced me to forget about it. In that way, those movies can have played an important part, in how these influences were planned to develop.

Now I have been taken up with this in one and a half week. Two days ago, I started to doubt whether I had seen these movies before, or if it only had to do with how I had been influenced. Then I looked at the three original movie covers, and I remembered them clearly. I remembered that I went to a store that bought and sold CDs, records and DVDs. I remembered that I sold these three DVDs in these three covers, which I thought, was something nonsense I didn’t remember or care about. I became sure about the three covers. I had had these three covers, and I had seen these three movies. These three covers; were three covers I remembered clearly. I remembered that I didn’t care about the movies, which were inside these covers.

I think I have been influenced to watch the movies, and afterwards forgetting about them. It could be exactly these movies, or such movies, I don’t know how that is. Then there must be some influences by the criminal who sat beside me in 1975, which started to work in my subconsciousness.

My struggle with these three movies, has activated my thoughts and memories, which I have written about after Sunday, February 26, and till today.

This activation of the relationship between my consciousness and my subconsciousness, has been strong and clearly.

I wonder what this can be. I don’t remember anything about that the criminal, who sat beside me in 1975, has said something about this. I have only got a few fragments in my memory, which I can’t be sure about what are. Such fragments can be something about that the criminal has influenced me in indefinite ways, regarding anything. I have got an impulse in my thoughts, about that I remembered that the criminal said, “now my hand touches you, as the person in this movie do”. But I don’t know if that has come in my thoughts now, or if it comes from the criminals in 1975.

I think it is what the three movies is about, that strongly has activated the relationship between my consciousness and my subconsciousness.

Some days ago, I felt a little as if I was the hero “Neo” in these movies, when I went to the grocer’s store. After that, two days ago, I felt a little as if I was the bad guy “Agent Smith” in these movies, when I went to the grocer’s store. I did a typical little twist with my head, like he does in the movies. I thought that change was because of an influence by the criminal, who sat beside me in 1975. But I don’t know how that has been like that. That can be exactly influences; or it can be general influences without fixed intentions. Now I experience that I am not either of them. In the second movie “The Matrix Reloaded”, “Agent Smith” has got the possibility to take control over other humans, and copy himself by being another individual. “Agent Smith” isn’t a natural human being in these movies, he belongs to the machines.

I have thought about that I am influenced to be influenced by such movies, or maybe by these three particular movies, or something in between. But I don’t find out more than that. I think all the weapons, fighting and wars are important, together with how these movies are abut that machines have taken control over the humans without their knowledge about it.

Now I remember clearly how I found out about these movies, and that I bought them and sold them. I bought the movies when they were new, in 2003 or shortly after 2003. They were sold together, therefore I bought all three. I understand that I also have watched them. It is as if I am influenced to, that I shall not remember these movies, after I have seen them. I think there also are influences, that have influenced my subconsciousness, in ways my consciousness don’t know about.

Today I have all these experiences and thoughts clearly in my consciousness. That is after I have struggled much with this, in one and a half week. It is as if everything in these three movies, has activated influences by the criminal who sat beside me in 1975. This has also been unpleasant, in a way which is, that I feel, that different mental hindrances make it difficult for me to think about this. It has even been unpleasant, in the same way, to write this text. I wonder if this is because I have been influenced regarding such movies, or exactly these three movies, or something in between.

It is one thing I get from the criminal who sat beside me in 1975, every day in the course of these one and a half weeks. That is, that he says: “That is how the world in the end shall look like, (like how everything is destroyed by wars, in the end of these three movies).”

I think that what has been so unpleasant these one and a half weeks, can be to get in contact with the influences by the criminal who sat beside me in 1975. But the unpleasant reactions are activated because of these three movies. I have seen these movies many times, in these one and a half weeks, little by little different things happened inside me. It is like mental blocks in my mind, gradually disappeared when I saw the movies many times. This has been unpleasant, but I think it helps against what such influences are in me. When I don’t think about this, then it isn’t so unpleasant any longer.

I think that these three movies maybe shall make the influences stronger in influenced people. And that the criminals have influenced people to make these movies, in one way or another. But I don’t know anything about that.

What has been important for me, regarding these three movies, has been to think and understand about the relationship between my consciousness and my subconsciousness. I have thought about what it can be, and I have watched the movies again and again many times. But I have also been doing other things, which are about other things, than watching and thinking about these movies.

How I have been taken up with these three movies, in proportion to the influences by the criminal; has done that I have experienced strong feelings and reactions from the influences. Now afterwards, after these one and a half weeks, I feel that I am back to the person I was in 1975, before the criminal influenced me. There have been many feelings and reactions. And I have thought many different thoughts about, and around, such influences. After some time, it started to be very unpleasant, but now afterwards it has become pleasant instead.

It seems so unbelievable for me, that all these different influences from 1975 could work. But more or less they have worked after 1975, some very little, some very much. I also think there can be influences, which never have started to work, and which never will start to work in the future either.

Already many years ago, it started to help me much that I started to understand more correct about these influences. To understand what it really is, helps me very much.

When I ask myself about why I have found out about this, I don’t get a precise answer. Is it something that happened, when the influences were done? Is it something that happened afterwards? Is it both? Have the criminals tried to do too much? Have the criminals tried to do something too much malicious? I ask myself different such questions. I think there maybe are different things, which have happened. I also think about that maybe something went wrong, when the influences were done.

I think that when this crime starts to be uncovered in a correct way, and more and more people start to understand about it, then this crime more and more and more will be cleared up. The criminals are dependent on that no one knows and understands anything about what they are doing.

Now I think that such influences by the criminals, can cause some effects. But in addition to that, I think the criminals also must be able to trick the person they are influencing.

Now I get a metaphor in my thoughts: If some lay a heavy weight on one side of a scale, more than you think it is; then it is necessary to lay more weight on the other side of the scale, more than you thought was necessary. I think about that it is necessary to do more against this crime, than what it normally had been necessary to do against a crime. And it is necessary to find out correct.

I think the person, who influenced me in 1975, had his own career inside this hid organized criminal activity. I think this person wanted to succeed in doing what he did. He didn’t want to fail with his own secret career.

Is it with him, as with some others? That he wanted to do wrong, when he got praise for it? That he wanted to do even more wrong, to avoid getting fired? That he above all, wanted to do very much wrong, to hide that he had made a mistake?

Now I remember that the person, who sat beside me in 1975, said this: “I ask, but I don’t get any answer. He sleeps; merely. He only has to lay there until he wakes up.”

The three movies and the book are:
“The Matrix” movie 1999
“The Matrix Reloaded” movie 2003
“The Matrix Revolutions” movie 2003
“The Matrix and Philosophy: Welcome to the Desert of the Real” book 2002. The third book in a series called “Popular Culture and Philosophy”.

In a historical perspective, those in power have used wars to oppress the people and gain control and power.

In a modern perspective, the people started to use knowledges and understandings to get democratic control and power in a peaceful way.

I think the criminals want to turn around this modern development, in a way people don’t understand. They want to influence all to fight against one another, in physical ways. The criminals want to win that entire war, consisting of many tactical wars. They want to gain physical power over the people. And they want to ruin for how the people had started to get freedom, by intellectual development; and by intellectual peaceful democratic power to the people. Democracy is to smooth out the power between the people.

When we are thinking about freedom, it is important to understand that we can’t give some people or individual people freedom to oppress others. Freedom and democracy are important topics to understand much about. Freedom and democracy are also active political social situations, that develop in active and peaceful ways. It is important that all different social groups learn to take part in understanding about how the society shall develop. It is a peaceful active society, that is a good society. Culture is an active phenomenon. Passive cultures don’t exist. Passive cultures are nothing.

March 11, 2017, David H. Hegg

125. A silent ending

After the previous text “124. Three movies” March 11, I now get a dim memory about that I can remember a little, about how the criminals started to influence me in 1975. I also get a dim memory about how it finished.

In the end, I lay on my back. I heard different people talking together in the room. I heard they said, that I was sleeping. Because of that, I thought; that then I had to continue letting them believe, that I was sleeping.

I heard that the person, who had influenced me, said that when he hadn’t finished it, then he hadn’t done it correct. The person who sat behind the desk in the beginning, said to him; that that shouldn’t be any problem for him. He should talk to them. He said about me, that I am nothing. This shall go well, he said to the person who had influenced me.

I also remember that they said that word, which describes what they had done. I remember that I thought, that now I know that.

These memories are what I think I can say, that are memories, which I can describe as a dim picture, of what it was that happened just then.

I also think that I from second to second, thought about what I could do with this, in relation to what they said, form second to second. These different sequences disappeared one after another.

When I didn't say anything anymore, I had understood that they wanted to destroy the whole world. That was what became the beginning, of this silent ending. That got me to experience that I had to do all I could manage to do.

When I stood up, and went back to my work, I didn’t remember what had happened. I only remembered that a person had asked me to come and look at something with the electrical installation. When I came to that place, some other people there said that they had fixed it by themselves. There had been a little talk about ordinary things, merely.

March 12, 2017, David H. Hegg

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