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99. A correct picture

Above I have made a picture of what I have thought about the last 12 hours. I have thought about that this is what these criminals do. I have made a picture of it, because it not shall be possible to find this page, by searching after exactly that correct word on the Internet. Search engines can find all web pages with that word. I think this is the only word the criminals want to find out about, if they search for something. I think this is their secret, which they want to find out about. If they should have found this page, they must have searched for the word criminals, but that word is on many pages.

Now I have remembered that after I got dizzy, and lay down in the office in the bank; a person sat beside me, and let an old‐fashioned pocket watch oscillate back and forth in front of my face. The person said, now he disappears, now you disappear and you are not in this world any more. I think this is what these criminals do, which they keep as their secret.

This is very indistinct for me. It is nearly impossible to remember anything at all about these things.

January 21, 2017, David H. Hegg

100. A little more

Above I have made a picture of a sentence I think is correct. This is what I now remember that has been done against me. That is also the most likely, that is what the criminals do. I don’t write that word on the web page, because I think that this can be a word, which the criminals search for on the Internet, if they search for something they want to find out about. The picture is not words like this sentence. Search engines find such written words, but they don’t find what is written on an image. Search engines also find names for pictures, therefor the picture has another name.

After the text yesterday, I have a little more to add. The first I remembered about this new detection; was this: The person sat beside me, and let an old‐fashioned pocket watch oscillate back and forth in front of my face. He said, can you see this one? I answered, yes. He said, look at this one you now.

It becomes clearer after I have had this in my thoughts for a little time. But it is still very indistinct. What has happened with me over some time now, is that I can understand, that I have had an exclusion of this in my thoughts. This exclusion is something, which makes it more likely, that it is true.

This new understanding for me, is also something which I think, that is the most likely, that it is, which the criminals do. And I think it is suspicious that I haven’t understood it before. That is also something, which makes it more likely, that it is true. This is something, which has been hindered in my thoughts.

It is nearly impossible to remember something about this, therefore a little is something important.

This also becomes correct in proportion to what has happened with me. When I understand this, it is as if I understand much better what has happened to me.

Early in the 1980s I bought an old‐fashioned mechanical tick‐tock winding pocket watch, which I used. I had two or three different such old‐fashioned watches. Now I think this can have something to do with what I write about in this text. Earlier when I grew up, I didn’t have a single idea about using such a clock. I liked to have a wristwatch, and did never thought about using a pocket watch.

I have also had a memory about that my mother’s father let me listen to the tick‐tock sound against my ear, from a pocket watch, early in my life when I was a small child. Now I wonder if that can be a memory image about something, which never has happened. The criminals can influence people to remember things, which never have happened, and I call that memory images.

Now I wonder if these interests for tick‐tock pocket watches, can have been influences by the criminals. And that this also indicates, that it is something with tick‐tock pocket watches.

Today I have used a modern wristwatch with battery for about ten years. I bought a wristwatch because I wanted to use a wristwatch as I normally did earlier in my life.

January 22, 2017, David H. Hegg

101. A glass

After the two earlier texts, I her write about something I remembered before the two texts, before this text.

The person held his left hand behind my head, when I was lying on my back. He lifted my head up, and held a glass in front of my mouth, with his right hand. He said, can you drink this. I answered, yes. He said, that is good, this will make you better again. And he held the glass against my mouth, so the contents ran into me.

I remember this person as the same person, who came and asked me to come and look at something with the electrical installation. I was working alone as an electrician apprentice. The first he said when he came to call for me; was: Are you the person who work with the electrical installation here. I answered, yes. I remember him as gray‐ haired, a little bit plump, and a little bit shorter than average. I remember him as he didn’t have glasses.

I think that this person can say to me, that now he is “this and that”, and then I perceive that he is “this and that”. The whole situation can also be changed for me. This is something very indistinct for me. I write this because I want to do the best I can manage; but it is nearly impossible to remember something about this, and impossible to be sure about what it was.

This is something which has been very much excluded in my thoughts. After some time, it has been excluded in different ways. Because of that, I think I am hindered in remembering about this, and therefore I write about it. It can also be that I am hindered in telling about it. In this text, I have written about something it is impossible for me to remember crisp and clean.

January 23, 2017, David H. Hegg

102. The time

After the last text, I remember a few words more. These memories are only short flashes.

At the same time as the person held the glass against my mouth, and the contents ran into me; I also remember that he jerked my head and my neck, in a short and quick way, which got me to swallow the liquid. Then he said; that was good, and he was pleased.

He had talked about that he was a doctor, and that he should help me.

I also remember a short flash about that this person talked about the time; that he said, that now the time runs out. But this is as if I only remember some small fragments of these words.

January 24, 2017, David H. Hegg

103. Brandy glasses

Today I understood that the criminals have influenced me to have a “memory image” about that my wife and I bought small brandy glasses in 1975, for all kinds of liquor drinks. It should be that we did that, because it is something fun with liquor drinks to festivities. Now I understand that this is something the criminals have influenced me to remember, as a “memory hallucination”. It has never happened.

January 15, 2017, I wrote the text “93. An excellent example”. In this text, I wrote about that I think the criminals can have influenced me to start to drink alcohol. After that, I have written something every day, which cleared up some things about when and how the influences were done against me. Today, after this series of texts, I think that maybe I now understand about these brandy glasses, because alcohol is something important with these influences against me, that I shall start to drink alcohol.

Today I also have perceived a feeling about that I must drink alcohol. Now I think, that such a feeling shall influence me to be an alcoholic.

The last half year I have drunk beer with alcohol less than five times, and only a little each time. Today, there are weeks since last time I drank beer. When I understand about this, the strange feeling, about that I must drink alcohol, isn’t any problem for me at all. I only think about this feeling as something strange. I haven’t drunk alcohol for weeks, and will not drink alcohol in the next weeks to come either. When I write this text, I don’t have this feeling any longer.

About what happened, when these influences were done against me, I now don’t remember more about the rest of that. It is only as something 100% empty, nothing, a blank paper, etc.

January 25, 2017, David H. Hegg

104. A little monkey

After the series of texts after “93. An excellent example” January 15, 2017, ant till the previous text “103. Brandy glasses”; I got some thoughts I will write about. It was just after I had been sleeping. First, I didn’t care about it. Nevertheless, after some days, I still think about it; and therefore I write about it her. This is typical a “memory hallucination”; but I experienced it as something unimportant, and didn’t care about it at once.

For my inner eye, I saw a little monkey sitting on the branch of a tree. The monkey held a pocket watch with a thin chain in its hand, and the pocket watch swung backwards and forwards. This lasted for a very short time, a few seconds.

After that, I saw about three pocket watches with thin chains, one after another and together; which swung backwards and forwards in mid‐air. This also lasted for a very short time, a few seconds.

Now I think that this can be something, that shall hide and render harmless, for my inner mind, what has been done against me just after Christmas Eve in 1975. It can even be; that this shall make it all to be behind or inside, something fun for my inner mind. It can also be something I haven’t thought about. Can it be that it shall be; that it is the monkey, that has done it all? I don’t know.

It is because these inner images have continued to be in my thoughts; that I now write about it. It isn’t something much in my thoughts, but that is how it is with all of these things.

January 29, 2017, David H. Hegg

105. Love and selfishness

For some of days ago, I thought about the situation in the room where these influences were done against me. Then I got an unpleasant experience in my mind in my head. It was like a feeling that a kind of energy tries to destroy my mental state. I have had that feeling many times. Every time I start to do something easy I think about, and then it disappears again. That happened this time also.

Some hour after this happened, I thought about the same situation again. This time I got a feeling that I am stronger than these people in that room and what they have done against me. I didn’t get any unpleasant experience, and haven’t had that since. This feeling was an energy, which I felt like a strong mental energy in my mind in my head.

The day after this I felt as normal. But after I started to think about the little monkey sitting on the branch of a tree, and the pocket watches, which I wrote about January 29; this strong mental energy in my mind in my head became stronger and stronger about the monkey and the pocket watches.

First, I got thoughts about that the monkey shall con me, and that the monkey shall con me to come with it. Thoughts about that the monkey jumps from branch to branch. These thoughts were not connected to anything else. I thought that this maybe was a preliminary sequence.

The strong mental energy became stronger, and it all came back to the room where I lay on my back with the person sitting beside me.

Then I remember something about that the person has talked about what I quote her. This has been around what I write here, but it changes a little all the time.

Your marriage shall be destroyed. That is the most important with this.

The selfishness shall win in the society, the love shall lose.

First, I wrote more around this. Afterwards I thought about that it was because I started to think about what I first remembered, which was this.

The person continues talking.

When I am finished with this text, the strong mental energy has disappeared.

For a long time now, I have done different things to bring myself back to 1975, listened to music from that time and different other such things. I am also physical active six days every week.

January 31, 2017, David H. Hegg

106. The barrier

January 25, I wrote about how I didn’t remember more about the rest of what happened when these influences were done against me. I wrote that it is only as something 100% empty, nothing, a blank paper, etc. Now I will not say it that way. It isn’t empty, it isn’t nothing, it isn’t a blank paper. I have contact with this situation in my mind. It is that I lay on my back, and the person sits beside me and talks. It is as if I have come through a barrier.

January 31, I wrote about that I remembered, that the person said, that my marriage shall be destroyed, that the selfishness shall win in the society, and the love shall lose. This is on the inside of this barrier.

It is as if different talk has its source from this person. But I think that I will not be able to repeat correctly how and what this person has said and done. Therefore, I don’t write anything more about that now. I think it has been done systematically after a fixed method, adapted to me. I can’t remember anything about how such a fixed method has been practiced on me in this situation. Because of that, I think I can’t repeat correctly about what it was.

What has happened with me, which comes from this person, is now crisp and clean for me. I remember well, and understand well, about different things which earlier have been impossible for me. So it is like different destructive effects almost have disappeared. That had also happened to a large extent before I remembered about this situation.

The situation which ruined for my daughter, her mother, and me, in 1986; was that people around us behaved terrible. Others must had stopped that, but it was them who should have done that, who behaved terrible. Afterwards all these people only have done it worse. The criminals had influenced all of them.

February 1, 2017, David H. Hegg

107. Different barriers

Barriers in my mind have been in different ways. After the text February 1, I start to think that it is possible to use similar barriers in other ways. One barrier to think about, is a barrier against the understanding about this crime. Such barriers are hindrances, which it is possible to become aware of, and start to find out about how to come through. Little by little are one way of coming through such barriers. It can be possible to start to care about different things, that gradually can evoke and lead to finding one’s way through such barriers in one’s mind.

In different ways, such barriers can get things in one’s mind to be as 100% empty, nothing, a blank paper, etc. In the summer 1986, this had been my mental state towards what had happened earlier that year. Some years later, I came through this barrier by little by little caring about different things, that lead to finding my way through this barrier in my mind. What had happened in 1986 before the summer; had in the summer 1986 become as 100% empty, nothing, a blank paper, etc. for me.

What had happened the first half of 1986, was a serious crime against my daughter, her mother, me, our families, and our friends. I didn’t remember anything anymore that summer, but they who had done this destructive crime, still remembered and understood what they had done, and they understood that I didn’t remember anything anymore. The situation had been done worse and worse, and more and more wrong, only to hide what already had been done wrong. Several people’s lives had been totally ruined.

They who had done this serious crime, had become protectors who hid the bigger crime, that stood behind all of these. Now I have remembered that the person, who sat beside me in 1975, said that this should happen. But I don’t think I remembered exactly what he said, and how he did it. It was that this crime in 1986, should hinder that situation in being cleared up. It all happened exactly as the criminals in 1975 had planned. It started with unlawful carelessness, and continued with careless serious crimes, which have been hidden. The principal character in the development of this situation, has its loyalty towards its own (at that time) very famous family, and its own interests; which this person protects against being blackened by the person’s own crimes. The harboring of this crime in 1986, is also a barrier. Everything became ruined for us, to hide what had happened. It is possible to understand that the criminals in 1975, think about different barriers.

The crime of these people in 1986, hides the crime of the people in 1975. And that is the plan the people in 1975 had made. The people in 1986 will not clear up their own crime, therefore they hid the crime of the people in 1975. The plan of the people in 1975, is to motivate me in a strong way; to remember, find out, and understand everything wrong about this; and after that, to do something very wrong about it.

I think about that one of the methods the criminals use; is to influence in a way, which develops in a way, similar to a plant. What I think about with that example; is that every step in the development of the influence, is built on that the step before is finished, this can happen repeatedly many times. This is the same way as a plant grows; it goes through all its growth stages, before it is full‐grown. Another important thing; is that these influences can get total control for a short time, typical for some decisive seconds. It is these criminals who really have done the crimes, they have influenced to that others do.

The development of the problems between my daughter, her mother and me; has also developed a barrier between us. This is something important for us to find out about how has been that way, and how it works. There were no such barrier between us, before outsider people started to ruin our lives more and more. Before this started, the situation between us was friendly, calm and stable; something we were used to. Others did this against us, and afterwards they hide that.

Why do these criminals influence to wars? I think that is because all of them want to attack something in their own countries. They do that by influencing to attacking all the countries, by how all the countries are in war against one another. They influence all warring parties to attack one another, by playing them off one another. They selves are a hidden party, which gets others to make wars against one another. They aren’t a known power of a state, or another known parties in the world. They hide behind what happens. They achieve results, but not fame. The criminals do many other things than influencing to wars also.

When you find out enough about these criminals, it is possible to understand that they remove people’s own conscious control over themselves, and replaces it with their control over them. This happens without peoples’ knowledge about that it happens. It changes everything, but people don’t find it out, and don’t understand about it.

The different things these criminals do, also get what happen, to be fixed beforehand. This can get people to think that it is a god and the like, which has done that. It is important to come out of such mindsets. The criminals want people to be superstitious.

What the criminals have done in a historical perspective, seems for me, that is to get the peoples in the world to fight for the people’s rights, in ways that have ruined exactly that. The criminals have influenced everything, so nothing is as it looks like.

The crimes of the criminals from 1975 , break the frontiers for every normal ideas of justice. I think these criminals must be placed under their own international criminal legislation. They are a global power without its own country.

February 5, 2017, David H. Hegg

108. Quite ordinary

The people who did these influences against me in 1975, were people I remember as quite ordinary. There was nothing specially with them, as I remember about what it was. They were glad and in high spirits. They smiled and were friendly. They talked about that they didn’t work, the same way as normal at that time.

I saw these people as ordinary harmonious people, like anybody. Each of them were different, as it is typical that everybody is. I experienced them as average people. I felt they were gentle like‐minded fellow human beings, the same way like all the others around me normally were. These people didn’t stand out from the rest.

At this place all worked as clerks with different work to do, superiors and subordinates etc. I saw nothing unusual with these people at this place when I first met them.

February 6, 2017, David H. Hegg

109. A divisive barrier

The barrier between my daughter, her mother and me, started with that we was hindered in taking with one another early in 1986. Later that year we didn’t know what we should had talked about. That had been a barrier between us, which we didn’t know what was any longer.

The influences by the criminals worked more and more, people around us talked about us in wrong ways, and we didn’t neither know nor understand what went on. Gradually public employees had done serious crimes to hide how much wrong they had done, and these people made the barrier between us even larger. Together that became a large barrier between us, and this barrier has different causes. It all started in 1975.

This barrier is that we haven’t found back to our own contact with one another, because we haven’t found out what happened. Other people have done this worse instead of better. Because the barrier has more than one cause, it is more difficult to understand. This became a divisive barrier. This text is only a brief outline about what it is.

This became also a barrier between us, and our families and friends.

February 7, 2017, David H. Hegg

110. A constructed situation

My own situation, which is at the center of what I am writing about, is a constructed situation. Especially what happened in 1986; shows a clear constructed situation, which the criminals had prepared. What happened in 1986; started in 1975. Over the years there can be possible to see different constructed situations. These constructed situations also work together, and make a constructed development over some time. What happens inside one’s own mind, because of this, also becomes a constructed situation.

There can be many things to write about this. What happens in one’s mind; is of course different things. One of these things, is that one’s mind builds up of one thing upon another, of these constructed situations. All of these constructed situations have typically caused constructed reactions and feelings, which aren’t correct. Therefore; this way of using the influences by the criminals, causes different effects, both social between people, and psychological inside each individual. And it all develops over time.

When looking at the situation in 1986, which is relevant in my case, it is clear to see how it all was prepared and constructed. What different people did, were constructed. What people said, were constructed. How people reacted, were constructed. Nothing were because of people’s own personalities. Typical this is something people use a long time to understand, and a short time to deny.

This can also be seen in a wider perspective, regarding how thigs are in the whole world. I concentrate most on my own situation, because that is what gives me concrete facts to understand from.

In 1986, the constructed situation caused more and more wrong reactions, thoughts, feelings, etc. More and more important things to understand about, disappeared from everybody’s mind. Now I have started to understand about this in an expanded context, where things have started to be crisp and clean for me. This will be a more extensive work for me to write about, which I must use more time on, than I have used on these short texts.

It is also possible to think about how these things have to do with what happen in the humans’ brains, which consist of biological processes and biological developments. It has been a matter of knowledge for a long time now, that for all humans, our brains have very much more capacity than we use. Therefore, the brain doesn’t need to be bigger to understand more. Maybe the brain we have today, is big enough also for our future development. It is possible to use more of the brain’s existing capacity, than before, to understand more, than before. Our brains are unique body parts. When our brains start to understand about these things, then our brains start to work in ways, which they haven’t done before.

February 8, 2017, David H. Hegg

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