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85. The power of peace

I think the criminals, who do crimes against the humans’ minds, influence to that armed military development shall ruin for peaceful political development. Peaceful political development want to find ways to unite the people to get power to achieve results. Armed military development also want to get power to achieve results.

Peaceful political development brings people into playing an active part in the society, so people’s own participation is the power in the society. I think the criminals want to ruin how the people can develop ways to get that society to work. That development also want to unite different peoples and societies, and the whole world.

The criminals have tricked us to start to believe in armed military force. Behind how they trick us to believe in armed military force, they hide how they have influenced all parts in conflicts, and how they have influenced to armed conflicts. The criminals have developed conflicts. They influence people to kill one another, instead of understanding one another. Disagreement; is to not understand one another. I think these criminals think, that they lose their selfish power interests, by honorable peaceful political development. They want to take the power away from the people, and use armed military force as their power.

These criminals have created a dangerous chaos in the world today. We must be clever when we shall start to do something with this. It is possible for us humans to be clever in peaceful political ways. To understand is peaceful. In this context; people seek agreement, and avoid increasing of disagreements. Peaceful political development; is the basis for how peaceful political development can work. Peaceful political development isn’t only a good future, it also is a good present time. The peaceful society will also find new ways of doing things, as time goes by. This society will develop new peaceful possibilities over time. The people’s peaceful possibilities will develop and come into reality. When we understand about these criminals, then the understanding can start to win again, as it earlier did.

A figurative account of today’s situation; is that the criminals have got us into “a room of war”, were we fight against one another. Without these criminals’ influences, we hadn’t been in that “room of war”, “the room of war” hadn’t exist either.

We humans win development. That is, what we humans together can win.

Together we are happy. One by one we are sad. That is how it is. That is how we humans are.

The power of peace, is the power of understanding. By joining the way of peace, you join the way of friendship and peaceful possibilities. That is the way where we build up one another, and don’t destroy one another; a way of progress and joy. Scatter smile and joy on your way, not sorrow and hatred. We humans aren’t evil, we only can be the tool of evil. Be the tool of good, and do what humans shall do.

This text isn’t a finished text about this. This text only comes out with a way of stating the problem.

When understanding, again can be imparted between us, without the criminals’ ruining of it; then our understanding will fill us, and lift us up from the ignorance. By understanding one another, we understand much more, than by not understanding one another. When we have got ours heads lifted up, we can look around, and see and understand how much good it is possible for us to do together.

November 25, 2016, David H. Hegg

86. Different starting points

There are different ways of thinking, about the same subject. You can look at a topic with different views, and think about it in different ways. Why people think in different ways, has to do with how they have different starting points. The starting point is a way of preparation, for a way of thinking. There can be different preparations, for different ways of thinking. We can say; the subject is the same, what is different, are people’s different starting points, for looking at the same subject.

What do we have left, when we have understood all such? When we understand our different ways of thinking; are there then, any other differences between us, than different starting points? Here; I have come to an important point in this text. More understanding; will bring our thoughts together, and then there aren’t so big differences between us at this level. What we have left, when we understand more; is that we don’t have so many problems any longer, because of lack of understanding. We lose some unnecessary destructive problems, and get some new positive challenges. Everyone can agree about what is true, and what isn’t true. Modern political understandings have been about what is true, and what isn’t true. The criminals want to get people to believe in what isn’t true.

This is what the criminals, who do crimes against the humans’ minds, have influenced to ruin for us. They have created conflicts, so people’s thoughts develop away from one another, instead of coming closer to one another. Small conflicts have been influenced to be big conflicts. They have ruined how we natural had developed our understanding, in a way which had brought us closer to one another. I think that is exactly what these criminals don’t like. They will lose their selfish interests, by how we come closer to one another, when we understand more about differences. By understanding about our different starting points, we will understand why we think in different ways.

These criminals have changed how we think and understand. That is something important for us to find out about.

It is possible to see four different ways of thinking:

1.) Those in power decide how people shall understand. Those in power own the surplus.

2.) The people decide how they shall understand. The people own the surplus.

3.) The people decide how they shall understand. Those in power own the surplus.

4.) Those in power decide how people shall understand. The people own the surplus.

These four ways of thinking, get me to think about four calculation methods. For instance; multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. These comparisons are only that these are systems, made to achieve different aims. It is correct to talk about different mathematical systems of distribution. We can see two different ways for thinking about that; mathematical systems, and human understandings. We can also see two different aims; selfish benefits, and just distribution.

The third and fourth ways of thinking, is something I think the criminals have influenced to. They have been able to create a situation; where justice looks like something cruel, and injustice looks like something good. I think they have influenced to a different reality, where noting is as it natural had been. The criminals have influenced all parts of the reality. What it natural had been today, are something unknown for us. The criminals have hindered new political developments of just to prove a success, by ruining how people have tried to reach such goals. The first and second ways of thinking, are original ways of thinking.

I think the criminals have wanted to stop the people’s active political development, from developing all places in the world. Because of that, they have influenced to different stagnated political power systems. This is something I think they have established, as temporary situations, to make it possible for them to influence to ruin it later.

When we talk about freedom, it is important to make clear what we want to liberate; so we don’t liberate the opposite of what we want. That is what the criminals have influenced us to do, I think. They have influenced us to achieve the opposite, of what we have wanted. What is freedom for some people; can be the opposite of freedom for some other people.

The societies in the world are different historical systems, which have developed different ways of dividing what people produce. The criminals have ruined for new ways of understanding about this. When we understand correct about what these criminals have done, I don’t think this is so difficult any longer. What is difficult; is how the criminals have influenced us to think and do things wrong. There are different considerations to think about, we must see different things in connection with one another.

The criminals canalize their cruel reactions against social justice, through what they influence everything to be. They want to give us an experience of that social justice is cruel, in a way we don’t understand.

They influence social justice to fail. They influence to; that what they don’t like, shall fail. And they influence to; that what they like, shall succeed.

It seems like, that the criminals influence it to be, like these two descriptions: Protection to gain social justice shall be utopian. Freedom to gain social injustice shall be realistic.

The real reality has become something unknown for us. We must find out what this unknown reality is. When we do that, we will start to see and understand something we didn’t know about before. First, we must find out about it. Afterwards, we will know and understand about it. It is dangerous for us not to know and understand about our own situation, we can’t continue with that. We must find out what these criminals are doing, and what they have done. It can be that they ruin for something, which all peoples in the world had agreed about. I think a natural modern situation, had been to see things in connection with one another. People could in different ways, had seen something correct and wrong with everything. People hadn’t started to think so much about; that something only is right, and that something else only is wrong. That is what it is, which is correct. But people who want to achieve one‐sided gain, don’t like what is correct, because they are selfish.

May be these criminals have influenced to ruin a peaceful realization of social justice, all over the world. I don’t know. But I think about that this can be what it is. The criminals have influenced to an inferno of conflicts in the world, to ruin an obvious peaceful development. It isn’t that something has become correct, and something has become wrong; everything has become wrong. It looks like, that the criminals are influencing a beastly mixing of jokes and malice, as they have fun with their malice. I think the methods the criminals use, have made it easy for them to do what they are doing.

Among other things, I think the criminals have influenced some people, to be richer than themselves; to create a situation which makes their own interests stronger. These criminals have done bad things against us all. To find out about it, will be good for us all. Of course, the criminals also have influenced some people to be poor. These influences are something bad for us all, which will be good for us all to find out about. The criminals have influenced to create many unnecessary problems.

As always with these texts, this is something I have thought. Such thoughts can only be something to begin with. These are only some parts of what all of this is about. It is necessary to find out correct about this, so we in the end can know for sure, what these criminals have done. My thoughts can be correct, partly correct, or wrong. It can be that the criminals are doing something I don’t know what is. I only know that they have done something against me.

The reason why I write this text, is that I think it is good to expand how we can think and understand. I think these criminals have narrowed our views, and our ways of understanding. I want to widen ours perspective. A wider perspective is what our reality really is. It is narrow‐minded views, which has become dangerous in our modern time. It is necessary to understand more aspects in a wider perspective than before. Our own interests; are parts of a more extensive whole, with more than only our own interests. We must see ourselves in a wider connection.

In a historical perspective, I think this has to do with how new ways of understanding about politics, more and more started to change people’s understanding. For a long time more and more people had started to understand that it is wrong to turn injustice to self‐interested use. Unfairness couldn’t form the basis of the laws any longer; as it had been earlier, under a hierarchical power system. The criminals ended up as some few people, who started to use their hidden methods. I think the criminals ruin for how the people got the power to achieve the people’s goals, because of universal suffrage. Earlier some privileged few achieved their goals, because of how they could oppress the people.

In this text I want to give others impulses, to think further. That will give us more content of existence, which will enrich our lives, and give us more possibilities. Everything we humans do, starts with thinking. I haven’t finished what I have written about here.

It is important to understand that the criminals, directly influence and limit, how influenced people can think. The criminals also directly influence people to think in wrong ways. It is possible more and more to come out of these influences’ effects over one’s thoughts. For instance, the influences can dominate what influenced people care about. These influences can change sensible political development, to become incomprehensible hopelessness. My situation shows that the criminals have influenced different people in connection with me. My social fellowships and friends have fall apart different times, and new groups of people have over and over again formed as my circles of acquaintances. People around me have been influenced, in connection to how I have been influenced. It is clear that the criminals systematically have influenced a group of people around me. It is possible to see a tactic; there the criminals split up groups of people, into different groups which become something else than they originally were, and then turn these groups against one another in destructive ways. Sometimes they can get many people to ruin for one person. Other times they can get one person to ruin for many people. There are many possibilities the criminals can use, by using these influences.

The criminals get us to move backwards, when we try to move forward; and today we don’t know what we have lost. We have lost something that has to do with whom we are. All humans have abilities and talents they like to develop; it isn’t as that some people only shall work for others happiness, and not for their own happiness. We both work for one another’s happiness, and for our own happiness. We are communities and individuals. The idea that all humans are equal, is that humans are equal because they all are humans. Happiness is just as much important for all humans. All humans’ happinesses are just as much worth. How we humans are different in many ways, is an enrichment for all of us. It is what we humans originally are that develops, when we together develop, as cultural creatures on the Earth. It is necessary for these criminals that we don’t know about what they are doing. When we know about what they are doing, then they lose their power over us. Therefore, it is important that we find out about this.

December 2, 2016, David H. Hegg

87. Developing being humans

To develop being humans is something fundamental for us. I think the criminals have influenced us, to develop being humans in a wrong way, and that is something important for us to find out about. I think that when we develop being humans in a right way, we understand how we shall live together on this planet, without ruining neither for one another nor for the life on Earth. Developing being humans have to do with both being individuals and communities. I think the criminals, (who influence humans’ minds with mind control,) have hindered us in being humans. I think the development of the things have been increased; and the development of the humans have been decreased.

To develop being humans means a lot, also independent of other things we humans are doing. Developing being what we humans are, is of importance for everything we are doing. Developing being humans, is also liberation from control over the humans’ thoughts, which limits what we are able to think. The criminals have developed to control us in bad ways. If we develop being humans in a wrong way, we will do everything wrong. It is important to find out about this.

Development of the humans itself; means much, to improve our way of living.

December 9, 2016, David H. Hegg

88. A painting behind the painting

Now I understand how the criminals, who do crimes against humans’ minds, have done something similar against me, as a painter can do, by painting a painting on another painting. What you see is a painting, which hides a hidden painting behind the visible painting.

The criminals have influenced me to find out wrong. This wrong unraveling should cover up what the criminals really are doing. The criminals have thought that what they really have done, is impossible for me to remember and find out about. The criminals must therefore be sure of, that what they really have done, is impossible for me to remember and understand.

This understanding is therefore something I can understand, because the criminals have done what they have done against me. I understand that I can’t remember what they really have done against me. That is how this is.

It seems for me, that these influences can influence in different ways. Among other things, I wonder if it is possible to influence after a time schedule. Different things get me to think that it can be like that. The criminals have done such things against me, and I don’t remember anything about it. What I have remembered, have been different things the criminals have influenced me to remember and find out about, to cover up what they really are doing.

It looks like, that it is possible for the criminals to influence to what a person shall say, whom the person shall meet, what the person shall do, etc.

For me it becomes as removing the painting, which is painted over the other, and then understand what the other is. I can only understand that, I can’t see this other painting, the way that I remember what they have done. I have no memory about what has been done. But I am strongly influenced to be sure about that something has been done, so that isn’t any doubt about that. This raise the question: What have they really done?

If the criminals hadn’t done this, they could have influenced me without that I could have known anything about it.

I don’t know anything about what kind of drug they use, not how they are doing this, and not what they are doing. What they have done against me, is something I don’t remember anything about. I have no memory about it. In 2013 I understood this. Till then I had struggled much with finding out about what I was influenced to do. From 2013 I changed everything in this website, and started to write about how I understand this. I can understand about this. But I can’t remember what the criminals have done against me, I have no memory about it.

Why did I find out correct about this? When I ask myself that question, I always answer that it is because they have done so much against me. It is something to understand; because of that: Because I have so much to understand from, I understand correct; and because of that, these influences lose their effect.

People don’t know that this has been done against them. It is only possible to start to understand about it. It seems as if the criminals have done much. I think the influences can be transferred between people.

When thinking about that something like this can have been done against oneself, it is important to stick to what is normal; and put it aside for some time, if it becomes difficult. These influences typical start with the opposite, of what they end with. Today this has been done for a long time. Therefore, we are within it; that is our starting point. To be calm and steady are the best ways to deal with this.

The criminals obtain enormous power. But it seems like this enormous power must be built up little by little, like to lift a small weight at a time; but when that has been done repeatedly, it becomes enormous power, because it becomes more and more. The criminals do small imperceptible things; which become dangerous, because we don’t understand about it.

It seems for me as, that the power they get, is psychological influence and manipulation. But the influences themselves are in different strong ways. For example, for a long time I have thought that they have influenced me to feel different strong physical pains. The influences can change what a person remember, what a person think that happens, how a person think that different things are understood, how a person feel, etc. Systematic combinations of influences, in different people, who together do what they are influenced to do; seem also to be what the criminals are doing. The criminals hide something they have learned much about how they can do.

December 13, 2016, David H. Hegg

89. Paper

From I started to understand about the criminals, (who do crimes against the humans’ minds,) I have thought that they don’t like how written texts on paper, changed how people understood the societies. This is important for us to find out how and why they have done; so we can build that understanding into our future development. Maybe the criminals hate paper. They don’t want to lose their unfair advantages because of written works on paper.

The criminals want books and knowledge, to be replaced with weapons and killings. They want humans to kill one another, instead of getting one another to understand more.

Together, each can get the others to understand more, but normally one person can’t get all the others to do as oneself want. Each can play a part. Each have something to bring in for everyone, to enrich everybody’s lives. Together we must understand one another and consider one another. For example; Thomas Alva Edison (1847 – 1931) who is one of the most clever inventors among us humans, he didn’t want to have all his inventions for himself, he wanted that all should have pleasure from his work.

The people can lift up someone who has done something good for the people. Something else is, when a person lifts up oneself by oppressing the people. This has to do with our modern political challenge, put into a historical perspective. To change how some people have been methodically kept down in the society, to work for some other people who methodically have been privileged; is a defined task we all understand. We all understand this, we don’t disagree about that. The agreement about that question, is what the criminals don’t like, I think.

We have plenty of possibilities, the problem has been how these criminals have controlled and ruined how we think and understand. These criminals have controlled how we use our modern possibilities. We can use these modern possibilities the way we want, to achieve the results we want to achieve, by using the possibilities to do that. The criminals have used the modern possibilities and development against us. That is something we must find out about and change.

There are two clear historical patterns of society. It is the old pattern of society, where the people are the power holders’ people. It is the modern pattern of society, where the power holders are the people’s power holders. In the old pattern of society, the power holders used the people to enrich themselves. In the modern pattern of society, the people use the power holders as their representatives, to take care of the people’s interests. I think this is what the criminals don’t want that we shall understand about, and find out about how we can change.

I think the criminals have influenced to develop a difficult economic system, where different problems shall be parts of the system, to oppress the people, who work for them, who enrich themselves of the people. I think that a fair economic system, don’t need to be more complicated than necessary, and not so difficult to understand either. I think no one of the different social groups today, which all are influenced by the criminals, understand about this issue. I think the criminals have influenced to, that all kinds of attempts at succeed with fair economic systems, always shall fail. I think the criminals have influenced all the different ways of thinking and understanding about societies. I think they want us to hate one another in the world, because of theirs artificial influences, which are wrong all of them. What characterizes us all, is that we want to solve this problem in different ways, that isn’t a reason to hatred. This is a kind of complicated crime to find out about.

When we find out correct, then we can succeed in creating a fair economic system. I also think that economy has got an artificial exaggerated importance, which is dangerous for our development. Human values are the most valuable for us all. We all need a good society to be happy. A good society is first of all created by the humans themselves, that we all live together in a good way. It is together we become happy.

By looking at the history, it looks as if the humans can do bad and wrong; but they cannot continue with that. I think about this because it shows; that the humans cannot succeed with being bad and doing wrong. It is comparable to how we also learn from our mistakes; we don’t continue doing mistakes either. These examples shows that we humans develop our cultural development, and all our development of course, in a way that goes forward and becomes better and better.

The working classes in Western countries over the years after 1900, based their development of political power on how they were necessary and indispensable. That gave them the possibility to make demands about salaries, working conditions, and better social conditions. This can typical be trickery; to stop the political development. When the political development had stopped, the criminals started to ruin it. They can have tricked the workers to one‐sided concentrate on developing their pay envelopes, until the criminals had removed their jobs. Then the working class also had disappeared as a political power in Western countries. Politics isn’t an abstract incomprehensible phenomenon. Politics is about our comprehensible reality.

I think the criminals have wanted to take the political power away from the workers, and that this, is why the working life has changed in that way it has done in Western countries today. The reason for how the working life has changed, has been to take the political power away from the workers. The workers aren’t necessary and indispensable, the same way as they were earlier in Western countries, and can’t use that as their power, as they could before. This set of problems is important in the whole world today. The criminals have created problems as parts of how they want, that it all shall be unfair.

I think the criminals have influenced to change the identity of the people in Western countries; from being workers, to become consumers. Earlier we worked to create prosperity; today we consume to create prosperity. I think the criminals have some thoughts about that they profit by both how people work and consume. We all in the world are tricked by these criminals’ influences, and it is important for us all to find out about this. I think that these things aren’t so difficult any longer, when we have understood correct about what the criminals have done. I think the criminals create problems on purpose.

This morning on the newspaper delivery where I distribute newspapers and magazines to subscribers, I found out something. It has to do with such influences. When I was done and still had plenty of time, I had too many newspapers and magazines left. At once I understood where these papers and magazines should have been delivered. On my way back to this place, I thought about what this could come of. When I went over in my thoughts, what had happened, I understood what it had been.

At one place, inside a back yard, I deliver in four entrances; 1, 2, 3 and 4. First, I put down all the papers and magazines I have with me outside entrance 2, and go to entrance 1. On my way back to entrance 2 again, I thought that “now I have to deliver to entrance 2”. When I was back outside entrance 2, these thoughts changed to that “now I have delivered to entrance 2”. I am sure about that this is how this happened, and I think such influences caused this.

This is an example of what I think such influences can do. These influences can be used in many ways. The criminals fool us all completely with these influences.

Little by little, these criminals influence us to move everything about, because these influences can change all our thoughts little by little.

Like all these texts, this text is about something I think. This isn’t something I know. I want people to begin to find out more about these things, and to understand more. I think the criminals have stopped the germs of such ideas and understanding, as if they kill our thoughts.

December 15, 2016, David H. Hegg

90. Influences

Influences by the criminals, who do crimes against humans’ minds, don’t come because of the influenced person oneself. Such influences are passive, without any effects, before they are activated. An influence can be activated by something that happens with the influenced person; or by something that happens with other people. All kinds of possible activations can activate an influence, in that way the influence is adapted to do.

These influences are not by the influenced person oneself. But an influence can start to be the person, in different ways, because the influenced person experiences it as if the influence is oneself. This is the trickery with these influences.

If the influenced person understands that something inside oneself is an influence, then the person can understand, that what happens inside oneself, is such an influence, and not oneself. If a person understands that something is an influence, the person can understand that this is something, that tries to trick oneself, and the influence doesn’t work as it is adapted to do. It is possible for an influenced person to experience, that an influence is something else than oneself, when one understands, that it is an influence.

When an influenced person understands, that it is an influence, and doesn’t believe in the influence; then the influence doesn’t start to develop the person. When the influence doesn’t start to develop the person, then the influence doesn’t become the person. It is also possible to eliminate influences, when one understands what they are. It helps to be more aware about what happens with oneself, and with other people, than you earlier thought were necessary. When an influence doesn’t start to develop you, …then the influence doesn’t work, …and doesn’t become a part of yourself, …but continues to be something that doesn’t have anything to do with you. But an influence can be activated again later, so it is necessary to always be aware about these influences.

Above I have written about influences that can start to change a person’s personality, and everything a person does. But such influences can be used in many different ways. Another category of influences, are influences that work suddenly and surprisingly. It can be something unexpected, which happens; and an influence can get a person to say or do something, which the influenced person doesn’t know and understand, that it is an influence, which causes. Such influences can have intentions the influenced person doesn’t think about. It can be possible to understand such things afterwards.

It is also likely that influenced people, are influenced to that they don’t want to understand about such things.

Such influences can be used in many different ways. I don’t know how the criminals are doing this either. There can be many things I don’t know and understand about these influences. I have only found out that something, like this, has been done against me. It is necessary to find out much more about these things, than it is possible for me to do.

December 21, 2016, David H. Hegg

91. Different human states

A human can come into different human states, by inner personal thoughts and feelings etc. Different humans who are together, can interlock one another’s inner personalities, and cause different human states for one another. Influences by the criminals, who do crimes against the human’s minds, also influence the influenced person’s inner human state.

A human is always in a human state. Such human states are different, according as what the human act in accordance with. We can talk about that a person is in a happy state, an unhappy state, a safe state, an unsafe state, etc. If a person gets another person to rely on oneself, then that person has got the other person into that state. A person can do this if it is true, but also if it isn’t true. If it isn’t true, then the person has manipulate the other person to rely on oneself. In this case, the other person has come into a manipulated state.

A person can also believe in something which isn’t true, and because of that, talk and influence another person to come into a human state, because of this person’s own confidence in something untrue. In this case; the first person influence the next person, to come into the same human state as oneself. The first person is tricked by lies, which has caused a human state, which the person transfers to another person.

The influences by the criminals, also bring people into different human states. Therefore, these influences typical get people into different states. This can be all kinds of states.

One of different states; can be that an influenced person is in a state, where the person experiences a fellowship with a spiritual religious superior invisible being. In addition to this, other influences can influence to that this superior invisible being, want the person to do different things. This is only one of many different things, which the criminals can do with these influences, and how they can get people into influenced human states by combining different influences.

When a person starts to understand that oneself has been manipulated into a human state, then the person change one’s human state, by understanding about this. And gradually the person comes out of the influenced state, and into a state where the person understands about this instead. In that state, the person also understands that now it is oneself, which has control over oneself.

But I repeat it one more time. There can be all kinds of different human states, which these influences can cause. The example I have written about here, is only one of many other different human states such influences can cause.

January 3, 2017, David H. Hegg

92. Total control

When an influence has caused a memory image, about something which not has happened, for example talking with a spiritual superior invisible being; then this memory image has decided both what the spiritual being and the person oneself have said. If the spiritual being says that the person must do something, such a memory image also decides what the person answers. Such answers can also be promises about that the person shall do what the spiritual being want. The whole is decided by the influence from the memory image. An influence like this, can also be that the spiritual being constantly continues to be in contact with the person after influenced ways. Such influences isn’t oneself in contact with something else, it is that it all is under total control of the influence, just as much oneself as the others in such a memory image.

Memory images can be about everything, from meeting aliens from outer space, to talking with the dead, etc.

January 4, 2017, David H. Hegg

93. An excellent example

Some days ago, I understood a way of doing influences; which the criminals, who do crimes against humans’ minds, do. Afterwards, I thought that this is an excellent example, about how the criminals can do such influences. I will shortly tell about that.

These influences were done against me after Christmas Eve 1975. I have thought about, that it was early in 1976. But it can be all working days after Christmas Eve 1975. That also includes the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, if I worked these days, I don’t remember if I did that. In 1975 and 1976, I had a way of life, which the criminals have taken as starting point.

In 1975 and 1976, we didn’t drink alcoholic drinks for everyday use. We only used alcoholic drinks for special occasions as Christmas Eve and other social gatherings, which should be something more than ordinary. For everyday use; we had milk, concentrated fruit drink, and malt beer without alcohol. Malt beer in Norway has always been without alcohol, it isn’t nonalcoholic beer. Typically, children also like malt beer.

So, when the criminals did these influences against me, I had no habit of drinking neither alcoholic beer nor nonalcoholic beer for everyday use.

Some days ago, I understood a development of an influence, which I think the criminals typical can have influenced to be like this.

1.) Originally I didn’t drink neither alcoholic beer nor nonalcoholic beer for everyday use at home. This wasn’t something I thought about, it only was like that.

2.) An influence changes my originally habit to be like this: Because I don’t drink alcoholic beer for everyday use, I will drink nonalcoholic beer now and then, independent of if it is for everyday use or not.

3.) After I for decades have been drinking nonalcoholic beer now and then, as something normal for me to do; I imperceptible start to replace it with alcoholic beer in between.

Some days ago I understood that this typical could be an influence; which starts with, that I shall drink nonalcoholic beer now and then, because I don’t want to drink alcohol for everyday use. Later, this imperceptible shall be changed to that I gradually drink more and more alcoholic beer. And after some time, also other alcoholic drinks, because I start to like to drink alcohol.

The influence is; because I don’t want to drink much alcohol, I start to drink more and more alcohol, more and more often.

When I understood this, I only had bought alcoholic beer about five times the last months. That was five times more than normal for me, and then I understood this. After I understand this, it isn’t any problem to stop doing this again. This is something which has its purpose to trick me; if I understand that, then the influence has failed. That is how this has been, the influence has failed, and isn’t any problem for me. I didn’t count how many times I bought alcoholic beer, it was more than three, but not so much more than three. It became a little bit too much, and then I understood this.

After I understood this, I thought that this is something typical with how these influences can be done. These influences can have different typical ways. This example is one of different typical ways.

January 15, 2017, David H. Hegg

94. December 29, 30, and 31; 1975

Now I have started to think about that the criminals can have done these influences against me the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 1975. First, I started to think about that this could have been a quiet period, where it could have been possible to find a possibility to do this against me. I thought about that maybe the other person I worked together with, took some days off from the work these days. Our contact in the company could even also have had some days off. If that was the situation, then I could have been alone on the job these days, if I worked these days.

I don’t remember how it was. After thinking about this a day or two, I looked at the calendar for 1975. Then I saw something important, this period was a short period that year, only three days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Because this was a short period, these other people could have taken three days off both of them. If this was the situation, then I was alone on the job these three days, and these other people would have said that it wasn’t any problem, that I was alone, because it was the finalization of my apprenticeship as an electrician. I could have got something to do which I could do well.

I write about this, after I also started to think about, that this is something I not have thought about before, and that is suspicious. That I haven’t thought about this earlier, can be an influenced hindrance. I can have been influenced to not remember it.

I don’t remember how this was. But I remember that I was alone on the job, and a person from the bank came and asked me to come together with him to look at something which had to do with the electrical installation. I also remember that I became taken up with, that I should write that time on another order number. But the person said that it wasn’t necessary, because it was only something small matters, and it was them who paid for what I did. Different such things give me a vague feeling of, that it can be something with what I think about this. I walked together with this person to the offices where the leaders sat. And then, one of the leaders wanted to talk with me in his office, where these influences were done against me.

January 16, 2017, David H. Hegg

95. When it happened

After I yesterday wrote about, that these influences can have been done against me the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 1975; I have got some crisp and clean and noticeable reactions. First, I got a strong experience of that it is correct; the influences was done against me at that time. After that, I got a strong feeling of being free from something; which I felt had been, like a grip around all parts of both my mental and physical organism. These strong reactions lasted for about 24 hours. During these 24 hours, I also have been unusual awake. I have felt a clear, open and free state of mind. I haven’t been tired and have only slept around one hour.

When I look more at the calendar, I see that there both are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before New Year’s Eve, and Friday after New Year’s Eve, which are such smart days to have some days off. Other people around me can have taken time off one of these periods, or both of them. At that time both Saturdays and Sundays were free days from the work in Norway. By taking all these smart days free, it would be a vacation for 11 days.

Here I have the calendars for December 1975 and January 1976 with Norwegian public holidays marked with red:

I also remember that the other person I worked together with, said that he had taken some of these days free; some of them, or all of them, I don’t remember exactly. Our contact in the electrician company could typical had done the same. I hadn’t thought about it, because I wasn’t used to do that. The other person I worked together with, said that it wasn’t any problem, that I worked alone for some time in the bank, where we had different work to do. I could phone different people in the electrician company, if I had problems, but everything looked easy for me to have to work with.

I also remember that a person from the bank, where I worked alone these days, as an electrician apprentice, came and asked me to come along with him, to look at something with the electrical installation. I said that I had to write that time on another order number, but he answered that it wasn’t necessary, because it only was some small matters. It was them who paid for what I did, he said. I remember this person as gray and a little fumbling.

We came to a place I remember as outside an office door. There were some other people there, more than one. I am not sure about how many, but I remember it as around three. I remember one of them as dark‐haired. They looked glad. They said that it wasn’t any problem with the electrical installation any longer, they had found out about it themselves. They said that the person inside the office wanted to talk to me. And they asked if I wanted to talk to that person. I said yes. I didn’t think about that something could be dangerous at that place.

I went into the office. The person asked if I liked to work there. I answered yes. There were much to learn for me there, I said. He asked if he could offer me something to drink. I said yes, and got some soda pop or something like that.

I remember that this person asked if it was us, who lived in the end of the building association where I grew up, I answered yes. I also remember that the person said, that there were some there, who didn’t like us. He said he knew something about that. He asked me something about that, I didn’t understand about that. I don’t remember more about that talking now. I remember that the person said, that now he know what he shall do.

I also have remembered earlier, form that situation, that I became dizzy. The person said that I didn’t look well, and had to lie down. He said that I needed a doctor, and that I was lucky, because there was a doctor there.

January 17, 2017, David H. Hegg

96. A few sentences more

After I yesterday wrote about how the person in the office in the bank, started to talk with me after Christmas Eve in 1975; I have a few more sentences, which I want to write down. The person asked me if it was us, who lived in the end of the building association where I grew up. All who lived there, had built all the row houses by themselves, together with one another. The person in the office said there were some there, who didn’t like us. I didn’t understand about that.

Today I have a little more about that, which I think is important. The person found out that I didn’t know, that some people around us didn’t like us. I said that our neighbors were kind, I didn’t know anything else than that. The person said; that then he had found out what he need to know about this.

That last sentence above, was something I wrote down on a paper, when I was doing something else. Just when I wrote it down, it changed to that, then he had found out what he need to know about me. When that happened, I thought that this is something, which has been changed by such influences. It can also be two different parts of the conversation, which I can’t keep separate.

I thought that these criminals have found out about something they do, which we don’t know what is. Can this person take control over me immediately, only by talking to me? Can he say, that now he shall take a grip round me, and start to control me immediately? I don’t know how this has been done. These criminals have found out about something we don’t know what is. That is what I can say about it.

When the person talked about that some people around us didn’t like us, he must have had some information about that. Or, it is something such influences have influenced to, that I shall comprehend in that way. This must have been about something, which it had been talked much about; in the neighborhood around us, and at the school, where I started at the same time, and other places. But my parents and I didn’t know anything about it. All of it has been wrong. It was because my mother’s mother talked bad to me about the Communists, but she didn’t know anything about what she talked about, and has only talked some confused babble. If my parents had known about that, they had been shocked, and talked to me about that all she said only were wrong. But they didn’t know about it. When I come home again from my mother’s mother that summer, I immediately tried to talk about this to one of my friends in the neighborhood; we had been tight‐knitted during the building period. That resulted in that our neighbors didn’t like us anymore. My parents never understood what it was. And I even still don’t know what I have said.

My mother’s mother talked very bad against the Communists, but she has never understood anything about that. She had strong opinions and feelings based on ignorance. My parents never talked like that. My mother’s mother talked bad against them who had helped us to build our own home; together with them we had got very a good place to live. In the sixties, there were quite many Communists in Norway, they were present in the public debate. Some of the most beloved by the people, in Norway, have been Communists. When there were more Communists here, the society was a more pleasant and human community, even if the political debate was harder. At that time things were getting hot at the political meetings. Today the society more has been a cold and technical business system. Political meetings today have been soulless, rhetoric and boring “one‐way driving”. My parents taught me to understand different people, the Communists the same way as others.

I didn’t grew up in a political active family, with my parents. But when we had visitors, the conversation typical discussed all aspects of the political situation in an eager and enthusiastic way. People with all different political opinions, were just as much welcome all of them in our home, no one of them were spoken ill about when they had went out again and didn’t be there. My parents had a balanced understanding about politics, and didn’t look one‐sided at political issues. They looked at the whole social situation with all its different political aspects. I was taught to find out and understand by myself, before I formed an opinion, and to not believe in what others only said.

My mother’s mother took me away from my parents when I was seven years old in 1962, and manipulated me and connected me to herself instead. She ruined my contact with my parents, in a way my parents and I didn’t understand. I think my mother’s mother was a victim for this, and not a cause, to say it shortly. I also think the criminals have influenced and ruined what the Communists originally were. I think they originally developed to start the social democracy, and at that time the new social democratic movement. This was also something that had to do with how all were in a different way, not only the Communists, but all the others also. The Communists were a part of this social situation, they were just as much a result of the social situation, as a cause for it, like all the others around them also were. I think the criminals have influenced and ruined everything, about what our political development was about, in a way we haven’t understood.

Have these criminals wanted to get me to join them? If that is correct, then they must have known very little about me; only that our neighbors didn’t like us, nothing more. One of the memory images that should be wrong memory for me, was about that some other such bandits wanted to get me to join them. Could that be because that was what they originally wanted to do? I don’t know. For me, such things only can be different hypotheses. This can be true. But it can also be that all of it only is cooked up, and only is wrong influences against me.

I think that how everything has been wrong, is something we must find out about. Otherwise I think that will ruin the whole world.

January 18, 2017, David H. Hegg

97. An inner voice

In the text yesterday, I wrote about how the person in the office said; that then he had found out what he need to know about this. When I wrote this down on a paper to remember it, it changed to; then he had found out what he need to know about me.

Afterwards I also have started to think about that the first I remembered, was that the person sat behind his writing desk and said the first sentence. What happened when I wrote it down; was that this was said from the inside of me. It was still the same person, but what he said, came from inside of myself. After thinking about this for some time, I started to think that this is, that this has been an inner voice in me.

Such an inner voice can also be what oneself experiences as oneself. Because of that, it is necessary to be self‐critical.

Now I also have thought more about what their original plan was. It seems unlikely that they could have thought, that they could have me to join them.

I have thought about that they can have been taken up with, that they had much time to use, so they could influence me much.

May 9, 2011; I got an influence about a memory image about that God talked to me, by using my own mouth. And God helped me to understand that it was the police, that stood behind this, and did these influences. This was a very extensive memory image with many different people and happenings. Such a memory image is something which never has happened. It is something you remember, but it hasn’t happened. It is an influence by the criminals. This gets me to think that the influences against me, can have been put into a larger composition with other situations around me.

Because this false memory image happened May 9, 2011; I have thought that it can have been done in connection to the large terror attack in Norway July 22, 2011. And I should have thought that the police stood behind this, and that they had influenced the terrorist. This is only something I think, I have no other grounds for thinking that, than my own thoughts about it. One possible motive to do that, by the criminals; is that it should have worked in a way, which took away all suspicion about, that the terror attack had been done by such influences by the criminals.

It is impossible for me to remember what they have done to influence me. I can only understand about what they can have done to influence me. I cannot remember what they have done to influence me.

January 19, 2017, David H. Hegg

98. The end

After the text yesterday, about how one sentence changed; from what it was when I remembered it, and to what it became when I should write it down; I have a little more to add. Both times the person in the office looked the same, sitting behind the writing desk. Who is this person? Of course, I don’t know. I remember this person as about 50 years old, but he can have been younger or older. I remember him as slim and fair‐haired. I remember him as without glasses. I don’t know if he was gray or not. This is how this was for my inner sight, a few days ago. I don’t at all have a clear image of this for my inner sight.

I didn’t have anything to do in this area of this big bank, and haven’t been there neither before nor after that this happened. I don’t know whom it was, who usually worked in this office. This person may just as well has been working in the bank, as not been working in the bank. I don’t know anything about that.

The last 24 hours I have been concentrated on how this situation finished. What I remember about that, which is very indistinct; is that I woke up from lying down on a bench, which I only remember as a long seat. I was dim and confused. The person said; oh, there you are awake again, you became a little unwell, but now you are well again. I answered, yes. He said, now you can go back to your work again. He sat a little bent forward, preoccupied about something on his writing desk. What then, had happened right ahead, is something I can’t remember what is.

I stood up and hurried back to the place where I was busy with what I was working with. I wanted to show that I had been clever, and had done much work, when I worked alone as an apprentice, and I continued with that.

A short time afterwards, I think this had become as something very little, or nothing. Maybe someone had asked me about something, which in reality had been nothing. This immediately disappeared from my memory.

All of these are nearly impossible for me to remember.

January 20, 2017, David H. Hegg

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