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63. Causal explanation

The question of cause is decisive for understanding what has happened. Wrong account for what has happened; gives wrong understanding. The criminals who use mind control, have caused the problems regarding my situation. Their causality is that they influence others to say and do things, after their own hidden plan. This results in that the real causes are hidden, and the known causes become something that is wrong.

This was the situation around me in 1986. The situation was fabricated out of nothing, and became a situation consisting of inaccuracies. Afterwards this has become worse instead of better.

My daughter was at the center of what happened in 1986. The situation around her at that time, was that inaccuracies ruined for her. These inaccuracies ruined what was the truth in her life, which was something good. To find again the truth, will help. It is lies that hurt her. But it is impossible to listen to them who only say inaccuracy things.

This was also the situation for her mother and me, and all the others involved.

The criminals who use min control, have planned and influenced to that situation. Some of the plan has been to get authorities, included the police, to be bearers of inaccuracies, in a way where they protect themselves against being exposed in having done something wrong.

I didn’t even know what these people were doing. I was not the cause for the problems. Others had done wrong things against me.

September 25, 2016, David H. Hegg

64. Influences do somethings

When an influence, (by the criminals who use mind control,) has done something; then it is the influence, that has done something. The influenced person had never done that by oneself. This goes on, goes on, and goes on, etc. Afterwards the person think, that I did that; but that is because the person doesn’t understand about these influences. It is the influences that do things by themselves. The influences can influence in different ways.

September 27, 2016, David H. Hegg

65. Many pieces

My situation in 1986 can look like a heap of pieces. Immediately it looks like accidental circumstances, consisting only of a mess. But what this mess really is, are the exact pieces in a puzzle. When the last pieces have been fitted into the picture, it all becomes a crisp and clean picture, which is easy to understand.

This mess; hid an exact plan, made by the influences by the criminals who use mind control. When looking back at that situation, it becomes typical to say that we shouldn’t done that, that, and that, etc. But that situation was like chess pieces on a chessboard, where all the moves were planned beforehand. Repeatedly we moved into traps, because we didn’t understand what went on. The development of the situation ruined us more and more. Catastrophic things happened minute by minute, and hour by hour. The situation worsened fast, sometimes terrible in the course of one day.

One of the problems, was that different people, who knew very little, or nothing, about the situation; made things worse, instead of better. These people were influenced by the criminals, in ways they couldn’t know how wrong were.

This was in some way, that our circumstances of life, which originally was well‐arranged and orderly; had become an incomprehensible mess. This incomprehensible mess was an exact plan, influenced by the criminals.

An important factor for me; was how I became taken of this situation, when I tried to find out about it.

I thought that I should find out about what this was, little by little. This resulted in that I little by little became led into trap after trap, one after another. And what I had thought I should find out about, took me instead. I was influenced to try to find out about this, because that should drive me to be taken of this. That was the plan by the criminals. What I tried to find out about, took me. After six months I had become so ruined, that I couldn’t tell, about what had happened any longer.

What had happened, started with a big crime against me, the police took me away from the agreed contact between my daughter and me, and that was a big crime. This crime is even bigger against my daughter. I didn’t understand anything about why this happened. Afterwards this only became worse and worse. Different people started to say thigs which aren’t true, more and more, worse and worse.

Some people also worsen the situation to hide what they have done wrong.

This situation is an example of how these criminals influence all parts, also the victims, if that is the situation.

September 28, 2016, David H. Hegg

66. A situation

What ruined for me in 1986, was a situation. This situation didn’t only ruin for me, but also for many other people. When looking closer at the situation, it turns out that this situation was created of many different people and unusual happenings. These different people had had little or nothing to do with us, who it was about. It is possible to say, that the situation took us, because we weren’t able to protect us against this unexpected situation.

This could happen because we weren’t prepared for what happened. My daughter, her mother and I; were used to a normal situation. The situation around us developed by itself, in a way we didn’t understand.

The criminals who use mind control, had influenced to how this could happen, during ten years before 1986. And what happened in 1986, was a series of unusual happenings, which also were caused by the criminals’ influences. There were also different outside strong motives that other people had.

More and more outsiders created the whole situation, because of one another’s influences against one another.

The relationship between my daughter and me was 100% normal. It was unthinkable for us that something should start to ruin for us. Those who ruined for us two, hadn’t had anything to do with us, and they didn’t know anything about us. They don’t still know what they have done.

A person said to me some years later, if you only knew what you have done. This is typical for this situation. I don’t know, because it isn’t me who have done anything of it. It is this person together whit many other people, who have done it, and they know what they have done, they who have done it. But they don’t not know why, because that is because of influences by these criminals.

I didn’t behaved in an abnormal way. Others behaved in an abnormal way.

October 5, 2016, David H. Hegg

67. The opposite

In 1986, my daughter wanted to be more together with me. Her mother wanted me to be more together with our daughter at her place. I wanted to be more together with my daughter. Even so, it all ended up with the exact opposite.

When the police took me away from my daughter, Friday, January 31, 1986; it shocked first my daughter’s mother, after that it shocked me, and at last it shocked our daughter. This was something 100% unexpected. To shock people, isn’t a trifle to do. This shock went afterwards from bad to worse, for all three of us. The people behind this, didn’t know a single little thing about our situation. And all the time afterwards, they have protected themselves against that this should be cleared up. Afterwards that has scattered as rings in the water around us.

This happening started up worsenings of different misunderstandings, which reinforced the total worsening of it all together. This made it all more indistinct and incomprehensible. Various contrasts became enlarged, the situation fall apart, and it all ended up with many incomprehensible pieces. When focusing on one piece of it all, that makes it all worse instead of better. Outsiders couldn’t know what all the pieces were, and couldn’t understand what it all together was, they only did it worse, worse, worse, etc. This situation was something that had developed in 14 years. Outsiders understood nothing of it, they have even never come to know what it was about.

Something decisive is how different influences, by the criminals who use mind control, worked; these influences are conquering. Such influences were the cause for how the situation began. It looks like, that such influences also have been developed during these 14 years; that such influences are the decisive all the time.

These 14 years have to do with sad things that have happened in the family of my daughters’ mother. Her family have a tendency to talk about other people, instead of talking with other people. That makes some difficulties for them, because in that way they understand other people less and less, instead of more and more. This is generally something typical that causes problems among all humans. But I think it is the influences by the criminals, which have been decisive for the difficulties in this situation.

I started to understand a little about this situation, which was something unknown for me, in the beginning of these 14 years. That has caused that in the end, all the others have turned towards me. But the influences by the criminals are the important with this situation.

I understood that something went on around us in 1986, but I didn’t understand what it was. Therefore I became unsure of everyone else around us three, especially people I didn’t knew who were, whom had started to meddle in our situation, in a way I didn’t knew anything about why and how they did. Because of that; I started to think that the only person I could talk to, to get things in order, is the mother of my daughter together with my daughter. Everybody else had become more or less ruinous people for us, who didn’t understand how this had started to develop. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand how this had started to develop myself either, and that became something that affected all I did in a negative way. Everyone around us more and more hindered us in talking with each other.

Instead of that I contacted others, to explain the situation; others contacted others, to obscure the situation. I was used to take care of difficult tings by myself, which was something I earlier had done several times. For example, earlier I had taken care of problems myself, when others asked me to contact the police. That was of course not highly dangerous situations, but it shows a difference between me and others. I am used to take care of things by myself. (The danger level in Norway in the 1980s was not as dangerous as it has been today. Today I had been more careful, than I was in the 1980s.)

I became focused on that the only thing, that was possible, was that I had to come in contact with my daughter’s mother. Every time I tried to do that, it ended with that the situation was made worse.

After some time, it had been naturally for me to contact only my daughter. But because my daughter had become frightened of me, I let her in peace. That was stupid, because I have never been dangerous for my daughter a single second. It is the same concerning her mother. I also developed an experience of that every time I tried to meet my daughter, the police came and took me, and I didn’t want to let my daughter experience that more times, that the police took her father away from her. At that time, my mind had become ruined, and was in constant disintegration and destruction. In the end, I had developed such experiences regarding both my daughter and her mother, that I let them in peace, because I didn’t want to hurt them. I didn’t understand anything more, about what it all had been. I let them in peace, because I wanted to be kind to them. When this started a few months earlier, the situation was that we wanted to be more together. The situation had developed to the opposite of what it is.

The situation became a development of wrong misconceptions, instead of a clearing up. Outsiders have laid hold on unessential things, and made them essential, and ruined what really were essential.

This became an existential situation for us three, and has continued to be that until today. For our daughter this happened when she was ten years old, and this existential issue has become a part of her development as a human.

Different people independent of one another, wanted to hinder that the situation became cleared up. I didn’t remember what had happened.

What this really is, also has to do with an existential situation for us all. Therefor; to understand about this, will be something important in an existential way for us all.

These criminals are doing something extremely easy to do. They hide 100% what they are doing, and don’t need to defend themselves in any ways, not ethical, and not with force.

It is possible to think that the criminals don’t want us to understand how the humans are. And they don’t want to let understanding about the humans decide how we shall live. They want to force the humans, to be like how they want them to be, and let that decide how we shall live. It looks like these criminals want to decide how we shall understand; not to understand how we shall decide.

It is possible to wonder if this also is the same regarding the whole nature in the whole world. Maybe these criminals want to decide what that shall be also; not to understand what it is, and not to make decisions because of what we understand.

I think the best we humans can do, is to understand correct. I think the worst we can do, is to make wrong decisions, based on wrong understanding. To understand is something essential with us humans, and then it is important for us to understand correct.

In principle, we humans are communities where we must understand one another. In a global perspective, it is the same for us all in the whole world. Because we are a part of the nature, we also must understand the nature.

It is possible to think that we humans find things. For example; we have found the wheels, we have found the fire, we have found the boats, etc. We find understanding about different things which it is possible to find understanding about, etc.

October 8, 2016, David H. Hegg

68. The influenced dynamics

Feelings, understanding and will; are a kind of three‐dimensional dynamics. These three qualities are like a process, which consists of three functions. Effect from one of these three functions, will always influence the two others. Effect from a feeling, will influence the understanding and the will. Effect from an understanding, will influence the feelings and the will. Effect from the will, will influence the feelings and the understanding.

It is possible to take one of these three qualities as one’s starting point, to deal with the two others. Two of these qualities can also be the starting point, to deal with the third. The three questions will be: Shall the feelings decide over the two others? Shall the understanding decide over the two others? Shall the will decide over the two others?

It is necessary to place emphasis on different of these three qualities, and change that, according as your own dynamics works against the influences by the criminals. Sometimes one thing is correct. Other times other things are correct.

I think the criminals, who are doing crimes against the humans’ minds, are influencing all these three qualities. It is possible to turn this influenced dynamics round. It is possible to understand how the feelings can have been influenced, and let the will work together with one’s understanding against that. It is possible to feel how the understanding can have been influenced, and let the will work together with one’s feelings against that. It is possible to feel and understand, or understand and feel, how one’s will can have been influenced, and let the two others work together against that.

These three qualities are typical influenced to work together. However, I have had very good results by using the method I have described here. It is necessary to strengthen those qualities you are using against an influenced quality, and strengthen how you are using them. You can get your own control over how you can use this method. You can control how you give energy and power to the counter‐reaction.

It is necessary that you start to take control by yourself, in this way. These influences can be picked apart little by little, like to pick the pieces in a puzzle apart. Typical this is something you can’t know how have been done, you can only get a correct impression and a correct understanding because you have started to understand what these criminals are doing.

I have experienced that it is typical, that these influences always try to come back in a stronger way, when I have got them away. But this is only hallucinations that are the same as nothing. The only thing to do, is to take them again and again and again etc. all the time, that is only an easy routine. In the end, the influences always have lost, more and more. One becomes stronger and stronger against the influences all the time, and the influences become weaker and weaker.

October 9, 2016, David H. Hegg

69. Influences come back

I have thought much about why influences, by the criminals who do crime against humans’ mind, always come back, when I have got them away. Today I also thought about that, and then a light dawned on me. It is because of an influence that always turns the counter‐reactions around. No matter what the counter‐ reaction has become, one single influence always turns it round again.

This is something I only have thought, that is because it seems as it is like that, for me. That can be because I am to something. It can be it is relevant. It can also be that it is correct. I don’t know what they have done to me. I only know that they have done something.

When one’s counter‐reaction turns around again, that will be that one’s feelings, understanding or thoughts, and will; are turned around to influence to what one had counter‐reacted against. It seems for me, that this is something important to understand.

Even this has happened repeatedly for me, I always have been able to continue counter‐reacting. One after another I have been able to remove such influences. What I have written about here, is something I perceive that is useful for me to understand.

October 11, 2016, David H. Hegg

70. No one helped me

In 1986, I thought that others would help me, but no one helped me. Especially the doctor, was a person I thought that would help me, but she didn’t help me a single time. It was the same with other people, as it was with the doctor; I thought they would help me, but they didn’t help me. When the doctor talked with others, I thought that she helped me, but instead she ruined for me every time she talked with others. I had been influenced to think that these people around me helped me. That is a decisive factor with it all. This became a typical behavior for all people around me. I thought they helped me, but what they really did, was to ruin for me. I thought that I had helped others so much, so others also could help me, but no one helped me. It also was that I didn’t want to tell anything bad about others. I didn’t want to tell about what could be bad to say about others.

When the criminals influenced me in 1976, they couldn’t influence me to be too bad, so that could turns towards me. But they could influence me to bee too kind, so that could turns towards me instead. This tactic would also be more accepted by people around me, it was easier for others to accept that I was too kind, instead of too bad. Therefore, that tactic was possible to make possible.

I think it is a typical tactic for these criminals, to influence people to overdo, to ruin what is important for people. By influencing people to do too much of something what is important for them, these criminals are able to influence people to ruin what is important for themselves.

For example, when I went on a high school for adults from 1980 to 1982, I involve myself so much in work for hindering the whole school from being closed down, that it ruined my own education. Normally I was busy with this other work, for the school, the most of the school day. And after school, I also worked with this cause the whole evening. This developed in a way that became, that I had to do more and more during these two years. During these two years, I didn’t reach to be done with this. I only reached to get more to do. In this period, I thought that I had to sacrifice my own education, to save the school for all the others. I was a student council member and the student council leader at this school. When I had finished the two years at the school, I achieved to save the school. I organized the other students, so many of them did a lot. But it was even more to do, and that were tings I took care of by myself. I think it all was planned by the criminals.

I think these criminals have influenced me to begin at this school. And then, to talk so much in the classroom, that I became student council. And then to talk so much, that I became the student council leader. Because I did so much, it ruined for me, and for what I otherwise could have achieved. I learned a lot, but I didn’t get my entire certificate for the different school subjects. Therefor my possibility for further education had been ruined. In the beginning I also did too much background work to write my first essay, so my teacher didn’t understand what I wrote about. After that, I started to think that I had to write stupid enough about different things, so my teachers could understand it. I had been prepared to working thoroughly with all my school work and homework.

I started to think about if there was a point in going on a school to be stupid. But I got so much to do with the cause, that I didn’t have time to think more about that. Actually, it was my teacher who got me going to begin with the cause, by talking about that the classrooms were too cold, and that the student government maybe could do something with that. That started up it all, so I got more and more to do. Of course I learned much because for this, but I didn’t get any school certificate about that.

October 12, 2016, David H. Hegg

71. Everyone ruined for me

In 1986 everyone lied about me, and ruined for me. This was because of influences by the criminals who do crimes against humans’ minds. Different people around me must have been influenced. In addition to that, there were different problems, which hadn’t anything to do with me. Much of it also were other people’s own delusions.

The doctor became a central person; a central piece on the criminals’ chessboard. But that role the doctor took, is not a doctor’s role. That role was a role for Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. That isn’t a doctor’s role. That isn’t a doctor’s job. It was a job for someone who could have used all one’s time for many weeks, and traveled around and talked to many personas, and started to understand more that people say. That isn’t something a doctor shall start to do, by sitting on her office using five minutes to talk to others than her patient. When I went to the doctor, I thought that this was something the doctor couldn’t help me with, and I never initiated the doctor in this situation. I contacted the doctor because of muscle pains. In this case, people have hidden their crimes, and placed guilt on others. The case hides different criminals, different motives, and different human tragedies; like in a complicated criminal case. The whole case is very much; something to understand, and the real criminals hide behind it all. Like it is in many crime novels, the ordinary police work by routine from eight to four, and that isn’t enough.

Other people than the doctor, continued the doctor’s ignorant behavior. And these other people became more and more ignorant people. Such people sat on their bums, inside their offices, and let the world cave in, outside their walls. The problem wasn’t; that they did nothing. The problem was; that they did something, and that was something wrong. They made it worse, instead of doing nothing.

The whole situation is developed by influences by the criminals. That is what is correct. That is also the only possible explanation.

I more and more lost my memory. In the end, I had lost all my memory about what had happened, and I couldn’t tell anybody about what had happened.

This situation is much for me to deal with. It is many things to put together. For the first moment, it becomes ten years. That fast increases to twelve years. It is also relevant to see it in a perspective of twenty‐four years, from I was seven years old. Until today, it becomes fifty‐four years, and that is what this today has become. In the end, it also becomes important to see my whole life as a whole, and that is now sixty‐one years. All these years with all these things, are something overwhelming for me.

My own life has become something overwhelming, which has been influenced to work against me. This is much to make a stand against. This is something I now have started to comprehend, that I can be able to do. That is a gigantic effort for me, which these criminals have thought, that is impossible for me to manage. It is that my life has developed against me. That is what I have to stand up against. More and more I have got to know what my own mind is, what my past is, and how it all has developed.

These criminals can get situations to be threatened to fall; either to one side, or to the other side. Then the criminals typical have influenced to, that the situations fall to the wrong sides, that things become wrong instead of right. This becomes that all the weight, works for what is wrong, instead of for what is right, and this ruin what is right.

This is what happened with the situation for my daughter, her mother and me, in 1986. It all became wrong, instead of that it all became right.

October 14, 2016, David H. Hegg

72. Problem structure

In 1986 I was hindered in actively putting the relationship between my daughter and me right again, when unexpected difficulties suddenly had arisen. Because I was hindered in solving the problem, the problem got unhindered possibilities to become worse. When this happened, I didn’t know what went on. All of it was something unexpected for me.

The problem were development of some people’s delusions, and combinations of these people’s delusions. That happened fast, minutes and hours became catastrophic. What was true and right had been hindered, and what was untrue and wrong got possibilities.

The different people who meddled in our situation, were people who didn’t know us, and they didn’t care about us. That was people who cared about themselves and their own situations.

Afterwards these people more and more cared about themselves. They had done something wrong, that became more and more clear for them. That became the problem they struggled with. They struggled with hindering that the situation became cleared up. What became these people’s salvation, became our destruction.

When our situation had become totally ruined, six months later, I started to try to put things right again. But then I didn’t remember, what had happened, and therefor that had become impossible for me to achieve.

Those who had caused this destruction, knew this. They had saved themselves from being hold responsible for what they had done. They hide serious crimes which they know, that they have done.

To clear up this problem structure, is to understand about this. The criminals who do crimes against humans’ minds, have caused this situation; a situation where what is wrong, won against what is right.

Influences by the criminals have caused it all.

October 16, 2016, David H. Hegg

73. An important factor

An important factor is that the influences have been done in a way, which the influenced people don’t know anything about. Such influences, by the criminals who do crimes against humans’ minds, are invisible influences by people we don’t know about. We have no memory about that this has been done against us. And we haven’t understood anything about that it goes one.

This can be compare with that invisible people walk among us, and influence us in different ways we don’t perceive. It can be relevant to picture to oneself, that we see, that this goes on, in a movie where these invisible people have been made visible for the viewers. By making a screen version of this, a movie can show how the invisible criminals influence other people, as if they were there and did it consecutively minute by minute.

To imagine such a movie, is to move these criminals from the places where they do these influences, to the situations where the influences work. This illustrative account lets the criminals go together with the influences, which is something they don’t do in the reality. In reality; we don’t see anything, we don’t hear anything, and we don’t know anything, etc. To imagine this, illustrates how important it is, that we don’t know about these influences.

That we don’t know about these influences, does that we only know something afterwards, when such influences have played a part.

When we don’t know anything about that this goes one, it all becomes something we don’t know that is something.

Beforehand we don’t know anything. Afterwards, when the influences have worked, we know what has happened. But we don’t know why and for what, and we don’t understand correct about it. And what such things really are, is typical the opposite of what we think it is. Typical such influences have caused problems, which after that, cause development of further problems. Such influences typical cause results, which influence us to understand wrong. Typical opposite experiences against one another become increased.

In 1986, this important factor played an important part for me. I had started to understand that something suspicious, like this went on, but I didn’t understand what it was. I always understood something afterwards, when the influences had worked, and then the influences had achieved their conquering effects over the people around me and over me, and over the whole situation. Gradually I lost against these influences, which I had started to understand something about. In the end, I had lost my memory and didn’t know and didn’t understand anything about it any longer.

When I now understand something, it is that I thirty years later, have started to understand what happened in 1986.

How these influences are something we don’t know anything about, does that we don’t know anything beforehand. And afterwards, it has become too late to hinder what the influences have achieved. Typical the influences have achieved something conquering which it is difficult or impossible to reverse.

When we have started to understand it all, then we have started to get that kind of upper hand of this. It has also been possible for us to be more careful than before, because we have started to understand about this. Little by little, we also can start to understand about this in a way, which can make it possible for us to reduce how this works. And we can hinder that different influences, which we understand about, achieve their further goals.

This is difficult, because the influences typical are combinations of different influences at the same time. It can be different people, different problems, and at different places, etc.; which all together is a plan, which it can be difficult to understand and start to deal with.

I think that these criminals have a kind of destructive idealism. That they reach what they want, by destruction.

I think that this destructive destruction now have started to mark the whole world. These criminals are happy over results, which slowly destroy the whole world. We all have been influenced to think that this is how it must be, but that is wrong. We can’t let these criminals continue with this destructive idealism, which makes them happy by destroying the natural fundamental values in the world. It is possible to understand that there has developed a dangerous veiled contempt for the natural fundamental values. It is these values which make the world working.

I think that what these criminals are doing, is to influence us to develop problems in a way which we don’t understand. Everything becomes so difficult for us. If we come out of these destructive influences, I think it will be easy for us to do things right, instead of difficult to do things wrong. We are influenced to not understand this.

An example of what it is, which is a natural fundamental value; is that it is the truths, which are the truths. The lies are not the truths. These criminals want lies to be truths. Our modern time is also marked by that truths shall have the power over the lies. The criminals swindle this modern understanding of justice.

Because this has been something hidden, a necessary part of our understanding about what goes on, has been lacking. This lack has got us to understand wrong. This wrong understanding becomes a wrong picture of it all. We don’t see the correct picture.

I think about these influences as something, which I associate with, that we are influenced to be like irresponsible children, which are lulled to sleep. But the reality is that we must be active against this. We must stand up and start to find out about it.

October 19, 2016, David H. Hegg

74. A destructive development

Different outsider people not concerned in our personal situation, started to create problems for my daughter, her mother and me, in 1986. Every time they did something, they did it worse. Others caused the whole problem. They only made things worse. They didn’t understand anything, and they ruined our own possibility to find out about the situation.

In the beginning in 1986, I had been taken up with that other people had delusions. But this resulted in that this became turned around, and against me, and others started to say that I had delusions. The whole situation was the problem. The whole situation consisted of different problematical connections. The father of my daughter’s mother for example, had started to be afraid of that my daughter likes to be together with me and my family. This was because of different influenced causalities, which influenced him. It was a worsening of misunderstandings. I think he is one of them, who was influenced by the criminals. He hadn’t had any such thoughts by himself. He became a victim of the situation. This only became worse and he had an increasing influence over others, which others didn’t understand what was. The whole family of my daughter’s mother started to mess up the situation. But this situation was much more than only that. It was an indistinct and complex situation, which outsiders didn’t understand anything about at all.

Every time something happened, it made the situation worse. The problem was something, which from the beginning, was caused by people who didn’t know about what our personal situation was.

All these people, who became more and more, didn’t know and didn’t understand what they did. These people caused and developed the problem. Friday, January 31, 1986; the policer came and took me away from my daughter. That was the only thing the police did. But the only thing they did, was something they didn’t know and didn’t understand, and they didn’t do anything to find it out. Later the same day, I said that it was normal, that I was there; the police officer laughed at me, and didn’t care about what I said. What I said, was true. I had helped my daughter’s mother in redecorating their apartment, where I was when they came and took me. It had been normal for years that I was there weekly. Many people knew that. The person who called the police, did that only because of his own delusions. That was absurd; he didn’t know anything about us at all. He had nothing to say to others about what the situation was.

The person who called the police, didn’t know anything at all about us. He had had nothing to do with our situation, and didn’t know anything about it. He behaved totally insanely. A chief physician in psychiatry stood behind that this insanely behavior became carried out. Neither I nor my daughter and her mother, had had anything to do with this psychiatrist. Maybe this other person had become her patient, I don’t know how that was. This was a situation with different random people, who suddenly and unexpected meddled in our lives in destructive ways.

Only people who ruined for us, started to walk about and talk about us. All the other normal people, who was a great many more, hadn’t anything to talk about, and they didn’t say anything, not a single word. Only mentally confused people walked about everywhere in the town and talked about us. 100 people could have said, that what one of these confused people said, was totally wrong. I didn’t know about what went on, it happened without my knowledge of it. And no one told me about what these people said.

I didn’t understand anything at all. I started to think that it was because of something unlawful, which goes on in our society, that this happened. And I thought that the person, how called the police, didn’t understand about this, and was used by the people who were doing this unlawful activity. Afterwards I sat totally alone with these thoughts. I didn’t talk to others about it, because I didn’t want to bother others. Especially I didn’t want to worry my parents. I have always wanted to be of help, not to be of trouble. That is also how I look at myself in the society, that I shall be a positive citizen. From my childhood I have been brought up to that I shall help others, who need help. I haven’t been brought up to get help, I have been brought up to be a help. The idea of course is that we all shall help one another with creating a good society.

I understand that these criminals, who do crimes against the humans’ minds, have influenced to that it shall bring its own punishment for me, that I want to be a help in my society.

It is first this year, in 2016, that I completely have started to understand, what it was which happened Friday, January 31, 1986; it all is totally absurd. It is also a very serious crime against my daughter, there is no doubt about that.

This was something unlawful to do. It is because of that, that this situation haven’t been cleared up. Because of the consequences, it is something extremely unlawful to do. The guilty people, are people who have important social positions, and they protect themselves against that this situation becomes cleared up. This is something all these people have done until this day.

It isn’t something unlawful to keep to the arrangement of being together between my daughter and me. But it is something unlawful to hinder it. It is a reason for, why my daughter haven’t been together with me after 1986. It is because of a crime, which someone want to hinder, that shall be cleared up.

My daughter, her mother and I, became human ruined; and too many people around us, have afterwards continued to carry on this destructive development. The family of my daughter’s mother, who only have worsening the situation, has surrounded my daughter and her mother all the time. Simultaneously I have been totally alone all the time. All these years I have been totally alone with all of this, that is now thirty years.

Originally, none of these other people had anything to do with our situation. When it was like that, we had no problems at all, as the problems we got because of this destructive development.

Everything which happened, worsened our situation. This is because the criminals, who do crimes against the humans’ minds, have caused it all. Especially they have caused how these important people hinder that the situation becomes cleared up, that is something essential with it all. Everything seems to indicate that several of these people are influenced by the criminals.

In 1986, our daughter, her mother and I, lost our mental footings towards acting in accordance with our own lives. The madness around us broke loose from the control of the common sense, because the police hindered me in stopping it. Everything fell apart and we started to hover around like leaves in the wind. We didn’t have mental footings any longer, to behave in a suitable way and achieve what we wanted to achieve “step by step”. Today I experience that I have got back my mental footings. My thoughts and understanding can develop in a suitable way again, “step by step”.

How is it regarding the question of guilt, when these criminals get others than themselves to do crimes? Usually people are responsible for how they let others influence themselves. But that, is because people have a responsibility for what they can know and understand by themselves. When these criminals influence people to do crimes, these influenced people haven’t had the possibility to know and understand that they have been influenced. In addition to that, these criminals also get so much control over the influenced people’s minds, that these criminals can be compared with the drivers of cars, and the influenced people can be compared with the cars. Those who are the guilty, are the drivers of the cars, not the cars. The question of will is also something central; the criminals can influence people’s will to be the opposite, of what their will really is.

My decision in this question; is that the criminals, who do crimes against humans’ minds, are 100% guilty. Those who have been influenced by these criminals, are 100% innocent; when they haven’t known and understood, that these influences have been done against them. Influenced people can be dangerous in greater or less degree, but they are 100% innocent. It is many different aspects to emphasize regarding this question. When looking at them one by one, I get the same answer every time: The criminals, who do crimes against humans’ minds, are 100% guilty for what they have got others to do. One of different factors, is that these influences get people to think and feel that they are doing something else, than what they really are doing. Everything has been changed inside and outside, for influenced people; nothing is what it really is, for them any longer.

That these criminals use others; makes their crimes larger, than if they had done the crimes themselves. Quite simply this is my crystal clear decision regarding this question about guilt.

To deal with one’s own will; has to do with how one’s will becomes influenced, by how you start to understand more than you did before. When you understand about this crime, then you understand more than before. In this connection, it can be typical to experience more than one will inside oneself, when you start to understand that something, like this, can have been done against yourself. It can for example be opposite wills. Then it is necessary to think and understand about these different wills inside oneself. It takes time to deal with such things. You gradually understand more and more.

October 23, 2016, David H. Hegg

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