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51. A simple logical sequence

What does the method, which use influences by mind control, do to oneself? I have asked myself that question repeatedly the last weeks. I have thought about that this method does different things to oneself. Today I thought that I should find one answer to this question. If I only shall find one answer, what will that single answer be? The answer, which then turned up in my mind, was that this method conquer oneself.

After this answer, a new question appeared in my thoughts, as a logical development in my thoughts. How does this method, (which use influences by mind control,) conquer oneself? I thought that I only should find one single answer to this question also. That answer was; that it has to do with how hallucinations conquer humans.

Then yet another question became important. What does the method achieve, (which use influences by mind control)? What will the answer be, if this question also shall have only one answer? The single answer I get; is that this method does it possible for these criminals, to use oneself, without one’s knowledge about it.

What do these criminals use oneself to? Generally, that question has many answers. Regarding myself, it is more possible to find one answerer. If I only shall give one answer, I think that these criminals use me to ruin for myself. But that isn’t these criminals’ only intention.

It looks like, that the intention for influencing me to ruin for myself, is that it because of that, shall be possible to use me for other purposes. Therefore, this answer, that I shall ruin for myself; has a following intention.

What is this following intention? If there only shall be one answer to this last question also, that answer must be, that the intention is, that I shall misinform about what this is.

When I understand this, I don’t want to misinform, I want to inform about what this is. That is what I will try to do on this website.

If you wonder about what these criminals think about this website? My answer is, that I don’t think they know about it. I don’t think they care about me.

It isn’t only me, who is influenced by this method. It looks like, that different people are influenced around me, and also around in the rest of the world.

This is of course only a few words. This is a few words of simple logical thinking. By trying to find only one answer to each of these questions, it is possible to see a main structure. But another way of stating the problem, which I also have thought about at the same time, as I have written this text, is that this is difficult for me, like it is difficult to explain hundred different things at the same time. Therefore, this simplification must be seen in relation to that, that this is about so many things at the same time. I began to think about this simplification, after I had thought about, that this is, as if I have to explain hundred different things at the same time. It can be easier to write about such things, than to talk about such things. It is by taking it one by one, that it becomes possible to do something with this.

Now I have started to get a grip on these things in my thoughts.

July 27, 2016, David H. Hegg

52. The truth drowned in lies

Now I have thought about how it is only these influences by mind control (as I call it), that has caused the situation in 1986, which have ruined so much for me, my family and friends. When I thought about that, it became difficult to write a short text in a few hours. Every single part of the situation, has to be seen in relation to other parts of it, and in that way it is with all of it. To write and explain about this, takes time, much more than a couple of hours. Earlier I haven’t had the understanding about it all, but now I have that. And when I think about writing about that, it becomes impossibel to do that with a short text.

But it is one thing it is possible to write about in a short text; and that is, that no one of the people who became involved in the situation, understood what the whole situation was. No single person who became involved, knew what the whole situation was. It seems like every one was influenced, by these influences with mind control. Every single person had an artificial and wrong experience about the situation.

This situation with many influenced people, hid a collected intention, which no one understood.

All the different parts of the situation consisted of untruths, which are the same as lies. This mess became so terrible too much. It is possible to say that the truth drowned in lies.

July 29, 2016, David H. Hegg

53. The influences use time

Now I think about that the ruin of my situation, has been caused by these criminals’ influences by mind control, in a way which started in 1976. This is that the ruin of this human situation, which includes other people, now has gone one for more than 40 years. It is these criminals who have hidden their influences in different other people. They have influenced me, but this situation has developed because of how other people also have been influenced.

There are also things which happen in 1962, which also look like, that these criminals already at that time, have used such influences around me.

I have been influenced to remember something about such influences, which only are such influences. These memories have only been trickeries all of it. This is something these criminals have done to misinform about what this is. What such influences really are, is something it is impossible to remember that have been done against oneself. It is only possible to understand that there are such influences, and it stops them to understand correct about them. Sometimes that can be a little difficult, because these influences are done in a way, which shall trick the influenced person not to understand how it is.

Unlikely changes in different ways, can typical be because of such influences. But these criminals are sly, in my case these influences now have used more than 40 years. It can also be possible to understand that it already in 1962, are such influences which have started to ruin. The criminals have used many years, to get these influences to work in a way, which we not should have understood. Something typical is that these influences ruin all the time. Already when something starts, such influences can start at the same time. These criminals influence to start things, which only shall be ruined.

The influences use time. Influences can cause new situations, to be new stable situations over time, only because the intention is, that these situations shall cause new changes and ruin more.

It seems as if these influences can get people to do exactly what they are influenced to do, at exact points of time, on stated places. It looks like, that groups of people, can be coordinated with influences like that. Why it looks like this, is something I ask myself about. Is it exact influences? Or is it something else they can do? I have thought about that they can influence people to reach exactly fixed results. What these criminals hide, is that such influences, are something it is impossible to remember that have been done to oneself. people who have been influenced to remember something about such tings, are only influenced to misinform. There is really suspicious that such possibilities are brushed aside, because it is such possibilities which are likely.

These influences can create human roles, as you can see them in a movie. Fixed characters with fixed qualities can be formed in people. Likes and dislikes between people, good and bad against one another, can be only because of these influences.

It also seems clear that these criminals are taken up with things. What kinds of associations which are attached to things, do also disappear together with things which disappear. New associations attach to new things which replace other things. These influences can also be used to give things associations, caused by these influences.

It is important to care about this. It is important to care about how oneself behave, how oneself think and feel. It is important to use time on that. It is important to try to understand about causes for how oneself react. It is important to make oneself conscious of oneself. It is important to understand about what oneself are doing. This has gone on for a long time now, therefore we are in the middle of it. We humans are always in the middle of the development of humankind, and typical there are problems to find out about. It will always be important for the humans to make themselves conscious of themselves.

In my case, it is to find out about these influences, and stop them from continue to ruin the situation, which is the case.

So many years with development of this destructive situation, is bad. But it is something positive to find out and understand about this. I also think much about how much sufferings these criminals cause around in the world, by how they are using these influences. That is also something it is positive to find out about, so all these sufferings can be stopped.

I think that the most important I can do, is to find out about my situation, so others can understand something because of that.

August 1, 2016, David H. Hegg

54. Right direction

After I found out how these influences by mind control were done, my preoccupation with what this is, has started to develop in the right direction. It was in 2013 I found out about how this has been done. It was in 1976 this was done against me. It was in 1986 I for the first time become aware of that such things are going on. But it was these criminals’ influences which caused that. The intention was that I should start to find out wrong about this. All the time from 1986 to 2013, I only found out something these criminals had influenced me to find out, and that developed in a wrong direction. I only found out more and more wrong.

From 2013 I have started to find out correctly about what this is. That is, that I mainly understand correctly. But these influences are done in a so sly way, to hinder the influenced person in understanding what it is, and because of that, some things can be difficult for me to find out correctly. But because I mainly understand correctly, the whole situation becomes something I have started to find out correctly about.

For me, it is inside of me that I find out about this. It has been a sly trickery inside me, which I never should have found out correctly abut. This trickery is much caused by how these memory hallucinations work. Because I found out about how these memory hallucinations are used in sly ways, I started to find out correctly. So for me, this is a kind of investigating I do inside myself. These days this inside investigating inside myself, really breaks out of these influences’ conquering effects, in a way which completely conquer the influences.

It also seems like, that the situation, which developed around me in 1986, also should have hindered me in being able to do something with this. It seems like, that these criminals have influenced other people around me, to work against me, so it should be impossible for me to manage the situation.

I now also think it has become possible for me to explain what this is, in a way which is understandable. So when I understand correctly, about what has happened inside me, it also becomes possible for others to understand about this.

The situation in 1986 is much about my daughter, her mother and me. The other people who become involved in the situation in 1986, didn’t know anything about us. That had developed more and more in that way, since 1976. We three had much contact whit one another; which people around us had nothing to do with. It seem like that has been these criminals’ plan.

A few days before the destructive situation started to develop in 1986, my daughter’s mother asked me to come to her place, to be more together with our daughter there. Short after that, my daughter said to me when we were at my place, that she wanted to me more together with me. One day after that, the destructive situation started to develop, in a way I didn’t understand anything about what it could be.

A short time after we had talked about being more together with one another, the police suddenly and unexpected came and took me away from my daughter. I hadn’t done a single thing a little bit wrong. I didn’t know why, or who it was which stood behind that. No one told me who it was who had done that, and no one told me why they did it. This happened again and again, and I understood less and less, and in the end I had become totally mentally ruined, and I didn’t understand anything at all.

Later, when things had become really bad, other people understood that they had done so much wrong, that they didn’t want, that the situation should be cleared up. Instead, such people continued to make the situation worse and worse. This has continued afterwards. I think that this also is these criminals’ plan. This is also something which protects the criminals, who use mind control, who are the real cause for the destructive situation. These criminals are also the real guilty. Their power over other people is conquering, and they have used that to cause the situation. The injustice shall win, that is these criminals’ goal.

This is a complex situation for me to deal with. But now I understand about what it all is. In 1986, I understood that it had to be something suspicious, which had started to happened. And that was correct. It was these criminals’ influences with mind control, which had started to work in different people around us, in a way I didn’t understand anything about. The plan must be that I should understand this, and start to find out more and more wrong about it.

This method with use of mind control is possible because influenced people don’t know about that it has been done against them.

August 8, 2016, David H. Hegg

55. Economics

What is the difference between economics, and economic policy? Economics is a name for that field. Economic policy is an active carrying out of an economic theory. There can be many different economic theories, and there can be many different active economic policies. These have to do with culture and power.

I write this because I think the criminals, who use mind control, have influenced to an experience of that economics is only one system. Economics can be much different. The goals for different economic policies, can also be much different.

It is possible to ask: What is the alternative to the economic policy, which these criminals have influenced to? The answer is that these criminals have influenced everything, so it is no active alternative.

When thinking about these topics, it becomes topical to think about how it can be a problem, how the economy becomes too much dominating. It is typical; that too much of something, can be destructive.

Something typical these criminals are doing, are to influence to get the good to look bad, and the bad to look good. What it is, which is good or bad; can among others, be different sides of everything.

I think that it can be many ways, to do what is good. And the same ways, can also be used to do what is bad. It is important to work for good goals.

A good spirit of community, is the basis for every single person’s possibilities. Therefore it is the best for everybody, to always have what is best for the community in mind. A good community is like a good home.

A relevant problem regarding the economy; is how the economy has to do with development of power.

It is also relevant to point out, that charity isn’t a permanent and finished solution, for problems caused by unfairness.

That old people shall be isolated and made passive; is an example of how a too much dominating economy, causes a misanthropic social situation. This shows how it isn’t the old who are important in the economic system. This can be because of a sly way of thinking, by the criminals who use mind control. These criminals can have many sly ways of thinking, behind different ways of how they have influenced, to how we now have started to live. To split and make the people passive, seems to be one of the goals these criminals want to achieve.

The way of how we can change these influences in our societies, isn’t that we must stop working. It is that we must change how we are working. That is what we must do. We must change. Probable there will be more to do, when we do that. These criminals have been so restrictive and destructive. Typical they have influenced us to struggle into problems. The influences come from different angles, in a sly and unexpected way.

August 15, 2016, David H. Hegg

56. Explosive influences

A moment ago, I started to look at these influences with mind control, as some kinds of small explosives, which in a figurative sense, are placed in strategic positions. In my thoughts, I made a visualized picture that symbolizes such influences. The picture I made in my thoughts, is similar to the picture on the left. I thought about that such influences, have been placed in strategic positions, in me and in other people around me, to start to work in different situations and at different times. I see the same picture for all kinds of different influences, when I look at how these influences have been placed, to develop the situation regarding my own life. When I see these pictures of these influences, I see the same picture for all kinds of different influences. One of them work in one way, another of them work in another way, etc.

The intention with these pictures of these influences, is that I started to look at them, as some kinds of “small bombs”. Not physical material bombs of course, but influences that work in different ways. The small black thing on the picture, is a symbol for a trigger which causes the influence to start to work.

Now I also started to think about that it had been possible to make different symbols for different categories of influences. But to do that now, will be too much to do within the time I have planned to use on this text.

It became clear for me that different influences, have been placed in different positions, in me and in people around me, to cause the development of the situation I try to find out about. And I saw the influences as visualized pictures, like the picture at the beginning of this text.

The whole picture of the situation I try to find out about, is so much that it requires much more, than a little text like this one, to write about that. I have started to think, that now I have written many small texts, which makes it possible for me to write longer texts, and that is a way of developing which is typical for me.

I can take a little piece of it, to describe a little piece of the situation. Actually, it was that piece of the situation, which I thought about, when I started to see these “influence bombs” for my inner eye.

In 1985 I went to a doctor, because I wanted to hinder that I became reported sick. I had only started to recognize some weak symptoms, for what I later know is rheumatism. I had an important role at my work. My employer trusted me, and I wanted to find out about what these symptoms were, so I not became reported sick, which I had been earlier because of how these symptoms became worse.

When I phoned the medical office, I said that I didn’t want any treatment. I only wanted to find out about what this was. I talked to a medical secretary or a clerk. When I came to the doctor, the doctor took control over the whole situation, and said that I had to be reported sick, and then the doctor should make me well. I became glad because of that, and that was one of the “influence bombs”. Later that was something I found out that only was nonsense. The first day on my job again, after a long period of being reported sick, I wasn’t any better. Everything was the same as before I went to the doctor, and I still didn’t understand what it was.

In this little piece of the situation, I see different such possible “influence bombs”; in the medical secretary, the doctor, and me.

These “influence bombs” work with a stated effect. Not more or less than what that effect is. When these “influence bombs” are placed strategically enough, then they work powerfully enough. Such “influence bombs” have caused the situation I try to find out about. The “influence bombs” have caused different insane things to happen.

August 22, 2016, David H. Hegg

57. A short text

This time I write a short text. Sometimes a few words mean a lot. These few words are decisive for the situation, which ruined for me and those closest to me in 1986.

people who work with other people in different ways, like doctors, psychiatrists, police officers, psychologists, etc.; don’t want to clear up their own mistakes.

The number one priority, which such people have, is their own professional career, and success in their own work. That is what they want to attain, with what they are doing to other people in their work.

But if clearing up has become something, which only will bring to light one own mistakes, then that has become something, which works against such people number one priority. When that is the case, it has become better for such people, that their victims become more ruined instead. Then such people’s number one priority, is achieved by ruining their victims more, instead of helping them with how it has been themselves who have ruined them.

In 1986, this had been the situation for all such people around me. All relevant social institutions around us, had become like this. They all helped one another to protect their own personal professional careers, by ruining us completely. And this is something such people don’t want to stop doing, because the most important for them all, are their own careers. No one of them, want to ruin one own career.

To clear up how other people than one self, have done something wrong, can be a feather in one’s cap. But if the people who have done wrong are many, and some of them also are important people in the society, then other people can begin to think, that it is better to help them who have done wrong, instead of their victims.

Then it isn’t so easy any longer, to be us, who became all these people’s victims.

The criminals who use mind control, have caused that situation, with that distinctive stamp, so it newer should be cleared up.

It seems like, that the criminals, who use mind control; are used to creating situations, where several people are involved.

August 29, 2016, David H. Hegg

58. A step in the stairway

How can something so wrong happen; as what happened against my daughter, her mother and me; in 1986? The answer is; that it is a hidden crime, which has been prevented from being cleared up.

This crime has two parts; one part plans and influences others to do the crime, the next part carries out the plan because of influences.

This is a complex situation, which is planned in a way, it should have been impossible for me to understand. I shouldn’t even had known about what the crime is. This is something that appears, as something impossible for me to begin to deal with. Therefore I think, that I in this text shall take “a step in the stairway”. That is that I only write a few words about this complex crime. By doing that, I have started; and little by little, it can be possible to go through it all.

One little step, one at a time, has been a successful method for me. This can seems impossible. But it is possible to be able to do a little bit. That is movement, and that is important. To say it in a figurative way; one yard a day, are 100 yards in 100 days. Sometimes 100 yards are an important distance.

This text can be a little difficult to understand what is about. It is about something it is difficult for me to begin to explain. In this text, I only write a little, because then I have started with understanding this difficult crime.

In 1986 the police came and took me away from my daughter, whom then was ten years old. Her mother and I was divorced. This happened in the beginning of a weekend, when my daughter should have been with me. This was totally incomprehensible for me, and no one told to me who it was whom stood behind it, or why it happened.

The person who stood behind this, was a psychiatrist I never had seen or talked to. I didn’t even know where she was. This psychiatrist had only talked with my doctor in the canteen, during their meal break. The doctor wanted very much to talk to this psychiatrist, whom she could see, sitting at another table in the canteen in her meal break. I thought the doctor maybe needed a psychiatrist. I had contacted the doctor because of muscle pains, but maybe the doctor needed a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist got the police to force me to come to this psychiatrist’s polyclinic, right away after the weekend. It looks like, that was because the psychiatrist wanted to see who I am. She was curious about how I looked. But it was another person at the polyclinic who talked to me. The psychiatrist only looked at me when I came, but I didn’t know who that person was, I thought it was a dangerous mentally sick person.

The psychiatrist know that it is forbidden to do such things. Gradually this psychiatrist did more and more forbidden things, to hide her crime. This is something these criminals who use mind control, have planned. The psychiatrist has only carried out their plan, and that has happened one thing after another. The psychiatrist hadn’t planned to do that series of more and more serious crimes.

Many months after this started, my daughter’s teacher called my doctor to tell her that this had been so terrible for my daughter. What the doctor did with that, was to go to the psychiatrist and tell that to her.

What the doctor said to me, was that someone is fond of me. She didn’t say anything about that she talked about my daughter. I hadn’t contacted the doctor regarding my daughter. I thought the doctor had thoughts about God, and wanted to talk to me about God. Because of that, I smiled when she said that. I thought the doctor was religious. It was because of muscle pains I had contacted the doctor, nothing else. I hadn’t contacted the doctor regarding my daughter. The doctor did never talk to me about what she had started to do.

Then the psychiatrist set up an arrangement, there my daughter should come to a place near to where she lived, and where they should help her to meet me again. These people never talked to me, or someone else in my family, which were different people my daughter knew well. To make a long history short, this resulted in that one day, my daughter’s mother called me, and asked me if I know when our daughter has birthday. This had to do with this arrangement, set up by the psychiatrist. I only answer repeatedly that she had been crazy. I was in my daughter’s birthday party less than a year before, and she knew that. She also said, that I should never get to know who these people were, who did this against our daughter. At that time, I also had done much on a pullover I knitted to my daughter’s birthday. I knitted that pullover, so my daughter should understand that I am fond of her.

Now I think, that it was the psychiatrist, who had said, that they should do that. And when the psychiatrist got knowledge about, that I didn’t say when my daughter had birthday, then she started to think, that I didn’t remember any longer. And she thought that I never could find out about what she had done. Then she made this crime even bigger than before, to hide what she had done, one ting after another had become very much at that time. She has wanted to hinder us in being together again, so we not together shall find out what has happened.

This has ruined our lives; for our daughter, her mother, me, our families on both sides, and our friends.

It is one thing more. Later that year, my daughter’s mother changed our daughter’s family name from mine, to hers. This can also have something to do with the psychiatrist.

In the beginning of this, I one day said to my daughter’s mother in the telephone, that the family of this psychiatrist could become to be ashamed of their family name. This was something I said because the doctor used this psychiatrist and her family name against me, when she talked to me. This was when I had planned to travel to my family another place in the country, to talk about this with them for the first time. I was influenced by these criminals to say that about the psychiatrist’s family name. The psychiatrist was able to hinder me in traveling to my family, and after that, I wasn’t able to remember what had happened. I couldn’t tell anybody about what had happened, because I didn’t remember what it was. The psychiatrist is very proud of her family name.

It is a very big crime to hinder a child in being together with her father. That is what that is, a very big crime, planned by the criminals who use mind control, and carried out by people they have influenced.

The last weeks, I have got more and more contact inside me, with the five first years of my life, 1955 to 1960. When I do that, I also have started to understand what I write about in this text. This text is a beginning of something it is difficult for me to think about; therefore, it also can be difficult to understand. This is a beginning; the formulations are unfinished.

It is clear that I have been influenced to not be able to find out about this. But that is the same with all I have found out about such influenced.

September 2, 2016, David H. Hegg

59. Worsening

The last days I have striven with my thoughts, to stress how an important detail is important for the development of the situation, which ruined for me in 1986. But all the time I end up with, that it is complex connections, which can’t be seen insulated and taken out of the whole picture of the situation. That starts to force me to begin working with this in a way, where I write much longer texts.

After been busy with this in my thoughts for some days, I got a clear understanding of a systematic structure, which I can write about. That is, that in the beginning, there were no problems. There were different people not concerned, who meddled in our situation and ruined. After that, the same people made that more and more worse.

Initially there were no problems. A few hours before other people started to make problems, my daughter, her mother and I, sat in my kitchen and talked friendly with one another in a way that had been normal for us for many years. And our daughter was taken up with, that we had talked about, that she should be more together with me than before.

In the beginning, other people made some problems. And gradually other people worsened the situation more and more.

The clearest example, is when the police came and took me away from my mother, who had visited me in my apartment. My mother started immediately to cry intensely in front of the eyes of the police. It was in my apartment. This was because some public employees wanted to ruin us, to hide their wrongdoings. And they ruined more people than they know who are. They continued to everything was totally ruined for us, then they didn’t do anything more.

So, to bring problems about, and worsening the situation gradually more and more, is a systematic structure.

We didn’t have any problems of that kind. Others made them all, and worsened it more and more. These problems weren’t ours, they were made by others. This was impossible to understand for me.

September 9, 2016, David H. Hegg

60. Chess moves

The essential happenings in the situation which ruined for me in 1986, are like “chess moves” which were put out around me, in a way I couldn’t understand. This created a situation which only was developed of stuff and nonsense. I didn’t know about it, and didn’t understand it. When I wanted to travel to my family and talk about this situation, I was hindered. Later that year, my memory was totally ruined, and I didn’t remember what had happened any longer. At this time, others understood what had happened, but then they had done so much wrong, so they didn’t want to clear up what had happened. In this text I shall make a very shortened sketch, with some few main features about what happened. When this happened, everything of it was hidden for me.

First I phoned a doctor, and told the doctor that the doctor had done something wrong with my rheumatic health problem, the year before. The doctor became cross and grumpy. The doctor looked at my earlier health record, where the problem had been, that my rheumatic health problem had been treated wrong. It had been treated as depression. When I came to the doctor, the doctor reported me sick because of depression, because the doctor had read about that in my health record from many years before, but the doctor didn’t say that to me. So at that time, I didn’t understand that.

I said to a person which I had contact with, that he was a CIA officer. This was someone I had had contact with for three and a half years. I didn’t believe he was a CIA officer, I only said it. This was something I was influenced to say, by these criminals who use mind control. The intention should be that I wanted to see how he reacted. Afterwards he continued to repeatedly say that he wasn’t a CIA officer, and I continued to say that he was. This was something I didn’t care about, and I laughed at it. When this person wanted to talk to my doctor, I said he could talk to the doctor. I thought the doctor would help him. He came from another country, and had regularly come to me with his different small problems all the time. At this time, this person had been very confused. The situation consisted of some kinds of chess pieces on a chessboard, which we didn’t understand, that this had been.

The second time I visited the doctor, she was glad and said she had talked to this person. I thought that was something between this person and the doctor, which I not had anything to do with. The doctor has never talked to me about what she started to do.

One day after my daughter, her mother and I, had talked about that I should be more together with my daughter; my daughter’s mother put down the telephone when I phoned her. Her family had been there and caused that, I didn’t know that. I asked this person I had contact with, to go and talk to my daughter’s mother, and say that she didn’t have to be afraid of me. When he came back, he said that her father was there, and her father liked him, he said and smiled happily. He said that I shouldn’t be there. I said to him that he didn’t understand anything about it, and that he shouldn’t have anything more to do with it.

The next time I talked to the doctor, she said my daughter’s mother also had phoned her. And the doctor started to talk to a psychiatrist who had meal breaks, at the same place as her.

Later the father of my daughter’s mother also talked to the doctor. And it became like, that many people talked about me. But it all came from this one person. And it all was only stuff and nonsense.

It was the father of my daughter’s mother, who had got my daughter’s mother to phone the doctor, because he was afraid and had talked to this person I had contact with.

The father of my daughter’s mother had done something similar twelve years earlier, which developed more and more tragic, with great pains and sorrows for different people. This was something he didn’t understand how became that way himself. He had needed help, because it wasn’t something he wanted to do. In 1986, this twelve years old tragedy, had been involved in our situation.

The whole situation was only because of ignorance and one person’s stuff and nonsense. Not a single word of it was true. The real problem became much worse, because of these outsider people’s meddling. I was influenced to understand wrong about what happened.

There are many more “chess moves” in that situation in 1986. This text shows that it was one person, who started it all, not many people. And it was an old tragedy which expanded, and developed into our situation. The situation has not been cleared up.

That these criminals influence me about CIA, shows that it isn’t CIA, which is behind this. It is typical that these criminals misinform about who they are, this misinform is typical elaborately done, and is extremely misleading. So when the criminals have brought up CIA, then that is a signal, about that it isn’t CIA, which does these things. The more we know about what the criminals are doing, the more it also becomes improbable that it is CIA.

CIA and all kinds of other social institutions around the world, can have been influenced by these criminals. That is that we all are victims of these sly criminals’ hidden crime. They play off one against the other. The influences are like conquering hallucinations, which the influenced people, don’t understand that have happen to themselves. They can get peoples to become enemies, even they have the same goals, therefore these criminals are dangerous in a special way. It can even be, that what we all cared most about, has become something we don’t remember what is any longer.

Combinations of influences in different people, systemized to a plan, make the influences extremely much stronger and more effective. If this also activates mass movements, then the effect is very dangerous.

When we understand about this, then it becomes necessary to understand, that it is important to create peaceful situations, which makes it possible to find out about these things. That can be compared with that we together have to build a life raft; otherwise we all will drown in these criminals’ shit. These things are like hidden threats, which influence us, which it is necessary to find out about what are.

If we only are focused on one another, then we don’t see the real situation, which consists of what these criminals have done to us, to get us to ruin for one another and ourselves. Typical they ruin all the different people and communities they are using. This is something that prevents influenced people, from a conquering development against these criminals, and against what they have done to oneself, which is something very bad.

It can looks like, that one important intention these criminals have, is to ruin the peoples’ ability to act as active democratic sensible coordinated communities.

September 14, 2016, David H. Hegg

61. A big crime

My wife and I were married in 1975. In 1979 we were separated, and in 1980 we became divorced. That was because of a memory image, or memory hallucination which it also can be called. The memory image was that my wife said to me, that she wanted to be divorced. That has never happened, so the divorce wasn’t wanted from none of us. (This is a shortened description.)

After the divorce we had regularly contact with each other, and our daughter continued to have good contact with both her parents. This was something our daughter cared much about after the divorce. She talked about it and was taken up with it. She talked about that her parents were good friends.

In this text I want to describe some few “chess moves” which happened before, and initiated the destructive situation in 1986. This is not a complete description. It is only some few examples of that it is possible to find such “chess moves”. It is as if the different people are chess pieces on a chessboard.

I think it was at a time near to the summer 1984. I talked to my daughter’s mother and my father, and arranged that my father visited my daughter and her mother at their home. I was not together with my father. This was something I did, because I wanted that my father should understand that my daughter had a good home together with her mother. Afterwards my father was glad because my daughter lived at such a good place, together with her mother. Now I think this can be a “chess move”, influenced by these criminals who use mind control, to prepare for that my father shall come to that place again instead of me in 1986. No one could take my place in that situation in 1986. Not my father, and not anybody else either, so that had to end up wrong. Only I could have been there and sorted it out. So, when I have been taken out of the situation, it only will end up more and more wrong.

Near to the summer 1985, my daughter’s mother said to me, that her father wanted to take me with him to visit his mother on a home for old people. His mother wanted to talk to me. I said I could visit her grandmother together with her. But I thought it was strange to visit her grandmother together with her father. My daughter’s mother wasn’t to any great extent, interested in visit her grandmother together with me. She wasn’t involved in particular that situation, where her grandmother wanted to talk to me. I said to her that she could tell her father to come to see how our daughter had a good place together with me, when our daughter was by me. After that, he could take our daughter with him to his mother, I said. She answered that her father and I was able to find out about that, like she looked at us as good friends.

When the father of my daughter’s mother came to me, one day my daughter where together with me. He became in bad mood, because I not wanted to travel with him to his mother. He didn’t care about how my daughter had a nice place together with me. It more looked like that he didn’t like it. I lent him two LP records. This is something strange. It isn’t something which natural had happened. My daughter hadn’t wanted to travel with him to his mother either, but she did it because I said she should do that. This became a negative happening.

Now I shall write some key words about some important details, which happened directly before the problems in 1986. It is talk of a period of a few weeks before the problems started. All of these are influences by these criminals.

I said to my daughters mother, that her father had ruined for his sister, earlier in 1974. But it wasn’t something he had wanted to do, I said. Therefore, it would be correct to help him. He isn’t bad. It is possible to say that he behave as an idiot, not as an evil person, I said. I said this because I wanted to say that he not was evil, he only did things he didn’t understand what are.

I said to my daughter’s mother that she could say this to her father. She answered that that was something she not was able to manage. I said that it wasn’t so difficult. I said that she could write it to her father.

I said to my daughters mother, that her father had obsessive thoughts. That he had to do things even it was wrong to do it.

I said that if she asked him about when our daughter has birthday, he don’t know it. But that is quite normal I said, that is not something to take so seriously.

I said that she could tell her family to come and visit our daughter and her at her home.

When her family came, it was reluctant of them. She asked her father about our daughter’s birthday. When he didn’t know when she had birthday, she started to cry. Then her whole family started to say that I was bad against her, and they started to blame me.

Her father started to be there and kept me away from my daughter.

Later her father also said to me, that I could write to my daughter.

These statements were said against med to all different people around me. That I had obsessive thoughts. And that I didn’t know when our daughter had birthday.

Another person, which also ran around and talked about me, said that I was homosexual. I had never said a single word about that to him. It was only his own imagination.

I also had a sheath knife lying down on the table at home. It had been normal for me always to have a sheath knife lying about, I think I had my first sheath knife made for children, very early, maybe since I was five years old. I used it daily for different use. This sheath knife was unusual. It was flat at the back of the handle, so it was possible to set it on the table with the knife blade straight up. Sometimes I did that for fun, like I also could do with a pencil. I had been influenced to buy this knife, and to set it on the table in that way. This person got taken up with this knife also. I didn’t think about it at all. This was also something he ran around and talked about, together with his own homosexual fantasies. This must be something these criminals have influenced it to be.

I had also said to this person that he was a CIA officer, but I didn’t think that he was that. I was influenced to do that. My thoughts was that I should see how he reacted. I didn’t care about that either.

I didn’t think about these things. This became interesting and funny for curious doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and the police. This person who was the cause for such talking, had among other things, had voices in his ears a short time before this.

By such influences, I could have said things I forgotten at once afterwards.

All these nonsense became overwhelming against me, and ruined for our daughter, her mother and me; which also became overwhelmed by these nonsense.

After some time, I started to have a constant experience of that I always was taken by the police, when someone said that they should help me. I experienced that people said such tings only to trick me, and ruin more. When it had been like this, then I didn’t remember, what had happened any longer.

That my daughter not have been together with her father in all these years, is because of a big crime. This crime has ruined for her, and her parents, the families and friends on both sides.

To write this text, is to come over a threshold for me. It is therefore I have written it. I thought I have to do this now. To come over the threshold, is a little difficult. It is as if it is influences, which shall hinder me in being able to do that. It is as if, that the influence is, that I shall be a victim of a crime I never shall be able to find out what is.

This text has been written with resistance against writing it. It is as if, it is that this is an influence. A complete account will be much longer, and be about much more.

September 17, 2016, David H. Hegg

62. A special relationship

Something essential to the situation in 1986, is the condition I ended up with afterwards. After a period of six months, I ended up with a condition where I didn’t remember anything about what had happened, not a single little thing. When this started to develop in the beginning of the year, I knew and understood a great deal about what it was which went on, but not absolute everything of it.

Afterwards I remembered very well what had been before. In my apartment, my daughter had different things, which had formed the whole apartment. I had moved into that apartment, from a smaller place, just because there should be more furnishing for my daughter there. Therefore, the apartment got me to remember how my daughter and I earlier had been regularly together.

I didn’t remember a single little thing about what had happened, which had ruined the contact between my daughter and me. I didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t understand what had happened. I only knew that the police comes and takes me away from my daughter every time I try to get in contact with here again. And I knew that every time someone says, they shall help us, then they only lie, and does it worse instead.

Some people knew what had happened; that was the doctor, the psychiatrist and the psychologist. These people didn’t understand anything in the beginning, as I did at that point in time. Afterwards these people understood something, as I didn’t do at that point in time. These people understood that they totally had ruined me, my daughter, her mother, our families and our friends. These people didn’t want to put things straight again, because that will unmasked what they have done wrong. If they did something more, they did it even worse, not better. We had been victims of this situation, like a vicious circle.

The influences by the criminals, who use mind control, are what all of this is caused of. The whole situation has been prepared in ten years, before 1986, by these criminals; to make it possible to get this situation to begin to develop. There is no reason to have doubt about, that the doctor, the psychiatrist, the psychologist, and the police; also were a part of the plane by these criminals.

Different other people, independent of one another, also became continuous destructive; so the situation all the time was ruinous and ruinous and ruinous, etc.

The influences by these criminals are conquering. Such influences can influence you to go backwards instead of forward, influence you to laugh instead of crying, continue instead of stopping, etc. Such influences are deciding. When you don’t know anything about that someone uses such influences, then it normal is impossible to oppose against these influences; because these influences are conquering and also typical done in a very sly way, which trick you.

The condition I ended up with after this situation in 1986, became ruined relations to my daughter and her mother. I started to have contact with my daughter by writing two letters to her every week. I worked with these letters the whole week. If I was outside, I hurried home to continue with a letter I worked with. I also read from books and recorded it on cassette tapes. I had read books to my daughter when we were together. I tried to be the father I wanted to be for my daughter, by writing these letters. I must have been influenced by the criminals to do that.

This created a special relationship between my daughter and me. It also created a special relationship between my daughter’s mother and me. We three had had much contact with one another before this situation in 1986. My daughter was used to having an experience of that both her parents were as her parents, as one experience.

The relationship between my daughter and me, which became based on these letters, became something special. We had had a very good relationship, and that continued by these letters. It has done something special with both my daughter and her mother, and with me.

When this started early in 1986, no one were allowed to begin to break into our private life. They didn’t know and didn’t understand anything about it at all, and they ruined terrible. That is a big crime. We three were good friends, and there were nothing bad between us. Others did it all. This was because of influences by the criminals, who use mind control. They are the real criminals, and this is not their only crime.

September 24, 2016, David H. Hegg

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