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126. Never believe in them

After the last text “125. A silent ending” yesterday, a thought has stood still in my mind. All the time, until I now write it down. It is as if I have it from what the criminals talked about, in the room where I had been influenced.

Never believe in the criminals; regardless of how, what, when, where and who. To betray is their strongest nature, and will always continue to be that; no matter how, what, when, where and who.

If you believe in them, then they because of that, can trick you and betray you. They use your trust in them, to be able to trick you and betray you. If you start to trust them, then they immediately start to trick you and betray you, from the first second you have started to trust them.

Your trust and faith in them, are something they have, which they can use. If you give them your trust and faith, then you have given them something, which they start to use. If you give them your trust; then they give you their betray back to you. Only a very little trust from you, is something they immediately will understand, and start to use as something they have got to use.

If the criminals understand that they know more about something than you; then they will understand how they can trick you.

The funniest they know about to do, is to trick others. Never believe in them!

March 13, 2017, David H. Hegg

127. A way

Now I have had another thought in my mind. That is a strong memory, from the room where I was influenced. I laid and listened to what the other people were talking about, when I was thinking.

That thought was: “I must find a way to do something. I must find a way to get others to understand what they are doing. They must not find out about it. These are more than them here in this room. The others in the society don’t know about them.”

I also remember that the person who sat behind the desk in the beginning, said: “This was my idea, not yours. We shouldn’t have done too much. But it was good that we got this done. Now he never will mean what he had begun to mean. The last was too much. Wars of such dimensions are too much for a person like that. Now he lies there and sleeps, merely. He will only be completely ruined. We only have to be attentive to what happens with him in the future.”

I also think that I can have influenced myself to begin to sleep. I remember that I thought: “They are talking about wars. They are doing something terrible. Now I have heard what they have said. Now I must manage to fall asleep, so they don’t find out that I have heard what they have said. (I said to myself,) now you must sleep.”

This situation is something I remember as something dim, which is very indistinct. It has happened, but my memory about it is nearly nothing. It is like a picture that has disappeared from the photographic paper, which it is nearly impossible to see what is left of.

March 14, 2017, David H. Hegg

128. The finishing

In the text “122. A Devil” March 8, I wrote about what I thought about the person who influenced me in 1975: “You want war all over the world. You are a Devil. You shall to hell. You shall never succeed in what you want. I don’t say anything to you.” Afterwards I have had some thoughts about that everything became black in my mind, when I thought that. I have thought about what it could have been, which got me to think that. Today there came some thoughts about that. These thoughts are rather an experience of what the black could be, than a normal memory.

These thoughts are that the person said: “Then God want, that everything in the world shall be destroyed. Because then God has become so cruel, because of what some you then know who have been, are doing. This shall be your last great achievement to manage to succeed with. At that time, there are some in the world who will believe in you, and then you get them with you. And then nuclear weapons shall be the definite reply you get from your God, about that are the weapon you shall get hold of and start using. And now I shall have your answer, which shall be yes, to God’s good advice to you and your fellow players.”

Before this, I have thought about that the person, who influenced me, started to talk about that now the influence had stopped, and that it was impossible to continue. He also said that he hadn’t finished, and that was wrong. The finishing should have decided what it all should be. Then I thought that, then I make the finishing myself, that shall be, that this shall be cleared up. The people also said that “now I may get fired”.

I also remember that they talked about, that they should follow with great attention what I was doing. I then thought, that then I had to go straight home after my work that day. I couldn’t let them know that I know about what they are doing. I also think they talked about, that they should find out if my wife knew something, therefore I couldn’t say anything to her either.

That situation where I laid there and listen to them, isn’t that I was awake in a normal way. I think I was halfway awake and halfway influenced, or in a special influenced condition. I have also thought about that I wake up because the drugs had started to lose a little effect. I think the person had been influencing me for a relatively long time. He had done many different influences.

I also remember that the person, who sat behind the desk in the beginning, said that they in the end should get their final great victory.

I also think that the criminals now have influenced to a religious war in the world. This is only trickery. There isn’t grounds for such a war. The criminals have only influenced to that it shall be like this. The truth is that we must find out about these criminals, they can have been doing these things for a very long time; more than hundred years, are likely.

March 17, 2017, David H. Hegg

129. At appointed times

After the last text “128. The finishing” March 17, I got another memory out of the black, which I wrote about in that text.

That is this: “Now we have come to 2016. Then you lie in a bunker out in the world. You understand that you and them you are together with can’t win, and start to think about that it is better to die than to be captured. Then this mighty message comes to you. You shall want to die in a last great battle, and you shall get the others around you to want to do the same.”

I write this because it gets me to get a clear understanding, about that these influences have been set to begin to work at appointed times. Now I have a clear understanding about that some of the influences after 1975, have been set to begin to work at appointed times.

Some influences have maybe not been set to work at appointed times. But now I am pretty sure about that some influences have been set to work at appointed times.

Even though these influences have been set to work at appointed times, it has been possible for me to understand that I not shall do these things. When I have understood that I not shall do these things, then it has been possible not to do these things. I have understood that the criminals are tricking me.

I also have some thoughts about that there are parallel influences, two maybe. These two parallel influences are meant to be two alternatives, or they can work together. Maybe these two parallel influences, can be both two alternatives and work together, at the same time. This isn’t fully understood and clear for me. It seems as if, it also can be influences, that are meant to be preset alternatives.

When you understand that something is an influence, and you understand that it is something wrong; then it is possible not to do what the influence is. An influence tries to trick you in different ways.

March 18, 2017, David H. Hegg

130. The exact purpose

I have wondered about what all these different influences against me in the end should have been. I have thought about that I can’t understand exactly what the precisely goal is. Now I understand that the precisely goal never was done. The person who influenced me in 1975, didn’t finish the influence of me. Therefore, I don’t know exactly what the final and most important influence over me should have been. What that was; was something he didn’t do, because he thought I had fall asleep. I think that was because, that was the only thing he knew about, that it could be, which had happened to me.

I think about that all the different influences against me, should have had a precisely and exact purpose. But what that was; was something which never was done. So when I don’t understand what that is, that is because it wasn’t done. I think there should have been defined a goal, with all the influences against me, as if I gradually should have approach the bull’s eye in the target. Before I had reached that goal, it maybe could have been that I could have moved in zigzag, spun round, went back and forth, etc. This is how I think it can be, that it was meant to be. But I don’t know what it should have been.

It is impossible for me to find out more, about what the criminals have done against me. What they have done against me, is to trick me.

The criminals haven’t informed me about what they are doing; therefor I don’t know that. I only know a few things.

For me, the knowledge about what the criminals are doing, explains what goes on in the world today. I think that others also can get the same understanding; that the knowledge of what the criminals are doing, explains what goes on in the world today.

When I lay and listened to what the criminals were talking about, when they thought that I was sleeping in 1975, I thought: “They are talking about wars. They make wars. This is something no one knows about. They are doing something terrible.” This is something important.

I got a clear impression of that these wars were important for them. They influence all others to fight against one another, to win their own war in that way. Their own situation is that they relax, and sit and watch how they have got all to fight against one another.

I think they are attacking the development of the knowledge and understanding of humankind. The knowledge I think about, is the knowledge that has to do with the humans and our societies. The development of the knowledge on this field, developed simultaneously with the development of the knowledges on all other fields. It was a situation from 1900, which started before that time, which as a whole, developed our knowledge on all fields. This is that the criminals are attacking the humankind. That is that they want to have the power over humankind.

It is possible to understand; that how the criminals want to have the power over the humankind, that is nothing else than a very serious crime. It is possible to understand that everything they do is wrong; every single thing of it, and the whole of it.

The criminals make wars where all the parties to the dispute are their enemies. The criminals are all the parties’ hidden enemy. The criminals have developed a method there they influence us all, to make all kinds of conflicts, because they want to win against us all.

I think the criminals don’t care about me, and don’t think about me any longer. It is now 41 years since this was done against me. I think, that they think, that I only have become more and more ruined. The influence of me failed. I think they don’t want to think about that. I think they want to care about other things, which they succeed in doing.

It is necessary to unmask these criminals. They are passive. They don’t fight against us with weapons. They influence us to fight against one another with weapons. Therefore, this is a passive and dangerous enemy. It is necessary to find out about them; that is what it is, which is dangerous for them. These criminals don’t attack us with ordinary weapons. They are doing something else; which we must find out about, understand, and do something about in a sensible way.

These criminals aren’t a country or a known branch of government. They are only some people we don’t know about what are doing.

Because the criminals have hidden goals behind what they have influenced us all to do, in different ways; it is necessary for us to stop doing what these criminals have influenced us to do. We must begin to find out about them, instead of doing what they want. They have tricked us all, that is the truth. Their influences are also extremely powerful, that is also the truth. When we know about them, then it is possible for us to begin to trick them. At the same time, it is important that we stop doing all the wrong things, which they want us to do. One of their trickeries is, that they have influenced us to believe, that what they have influenced us to do, is correct to do. That trickery is based on; that we lack enough knowledge, and don’t know, that what we think we know, is something wrong. The criminals have influenced us all to do wrong in different ways.

I think that what has happened with me, can happen with all the humans in the world; that all get a counter‐reaction against these influences of oneself. This counter‐reaction will become stronger and stronger, after it has started. Before we know something, this counter‐reaction is nothing. After we know something, this counter‐reaction will be more and more.

We are not enemies; we have only been victims of what the criminals are doing. We have only been victims of something we haven’t known. When the criminals know something about us, which we don’t know; then they can say to one another, that we are stupid. When we know something about the criminals, which they don’t know; then we can say to one another, that they are stupid. The best will be, that all the different humans in the world, find a way to come in contact with one another. And then; that we all start to find out about these criminals, so it becomes possible for us to find them. We all have only been victims of their crimes, in different ways; that is something we all have in common. That is the truth about this.

The criminals have got us all to hate one another, but that isn’t our hate, it is these criminals’ betrayal against us all. The way these criminals have betrayed us all, makes it possible for us all to understand that we have done wrong, and change, and start to do correct together instead. That is exactly how this is. We all have only one evil enemy, that is what we all must understand. That enemy is so extremely bad and two‐faced. That is the truth.

These criminals think that we all will blame one another, because of what they have done against us. It is these criminals that we all have to blame. Why are these criminals doing what they are doing? I think they have different motives. But one thing I always end by thinking; is that they do what they are doing, because they think that they never have to be held responsible for what they have done.

It is my unambiguous decision, that it is these criminals who are responsible for what they have got others to do. And their guilt is unique and extremely big.

March 22, 2017, David H. Hegg

131. Within a darkness

The last part of the influence, where I remember something of what happened, is something I understand that wasn’t, that I was awake. When I now think about it, it is as if I was within a darkness. I wasn’t awake. When I afterwards went back to my work, I didn’t remember anything at all, about what had happened. When I think about what I have remembered, and what I don’t remember, the transition can be understood as a short period, where I gradually can remember something. In the intermediate stage, I can remember that it was something, but I can’t remember what it was. This intermediate stage was just a moment. I think this last part as a whole, was a short period, with even shorter sequences. I think that I all the time was in an influenced condition, but in this last part of it, I can remember that I had started to think. But this wasn’t that I was awake. When I woke up afterward, I didn’t remember anything.

March 23, 2017, David H. Hegg

132. A bang

Now I have started to think about, that it was a sound of a bang, when I woke up, after I had been influenced in 1975. After I have been thinking about this for some time, I begin to compare it with how I also started to think about; how the criminals could have done these influences against me the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 1975. That was in the text “94. December 29, 30, and 31; 1975,” January 16. It is something typical of how I have started to remember this situation in 1975, that I first start to think, that it can be that, or maybe it is that, etc.

Now I have a very vague memory about that I had heard a bang, when I woke up, after I had been influenced in 1975. I think it can be that the door was slammed, and that I woke up after that. I also remember that I said, “was it something that banged?” The person behind the desk said, “maybe you heard that a door was shut.” This is very indistinct. But it is as if, it was something like that, which happened. I remember that I became taken up with, that I had to hurry back to my work again. I was thinking about that I had to catch up on the time I had lost. I think I worked in my meal breaks, or in parts of my meal breaks, afterwards. I don’t remember how many meal breaks there were left. It is as if, that all of this disappeared in my mind. Afterwards I only remembered that someone had asked me to come and look at something, which had to do with the electrical installation; and that when I came to that place, some other people had already fixed it.

The whole period around when this happened in 1975, has now been more and more clear. Now I remember that I bought the notebook, to write down the phone number to the company I worked in, because I should be working alone for some days. I worked as an electrician apprentice for a customer, therefore I worked outside the company I was employed by. I also remember that I said that to the person, who was our contact in the company. Then this person said, that I should call another person, with a specific number, he had line 54. Therefore, I wrote down these numbers on the top of the notebook. The other numbers I wrote down in the notebook, was because I already had bought the notebook. I bought it, to have the important phone number to the company, which I was employed by. Our usual contact in the company should have some days off. And another person who I worked together with, should also have some days off.

The name Martin Heir, is the doctor I had been using when I needed a doctor earlier. He was our family doctor when I grew up. I had written it down, to have it ready, if I needed to call a doctor. But after 1975, I never called, or went, to that doctor again.

Nebb (Norsk Elektrisk & Brown Boveri AS) is the name of the company I was employed by, (Nebb inst. avd. is Nebb installation branch). The branch was localized nearby this customer, it was only a few minutes to walk.

Here is the first page in the notebook:

March 24, 2017, David H. Hegg

133. Monday, December 29, 1975

I have thought about, if it can be possible for me to find out what day it was, that these influences were done against me. I have thought that I must find some information, which can help me to do that, if it shall be possible. Today I have found such information.

In 1975 I worked as an electrician apprentice, together with an electrician, in the bank where I was influenced. Before Christmas 1975, I had worked there for some time. We started at 7 AM. We had two meal breaks, 9 AM and 1 PM, half an hour each time. This was normally for electricians. The first break at 9 AM, we went to a café called Promenadecaféen, (The Promenade Café) localized in Øvre Slottsgate 12, in Oslo in 1975. Here we met other electricians from our company, and talked with them when we had that break. The second break at 1 PM, we went to a loft, where we had a writing desk with a telephone, closets for our clothing, tables and chairs.

When I should work alone, I also had thought that I should go to Promenadecaféen, as usual. But I not once went to Promenadecaféen. Therefore this influence was done against me before 9 AM, Monday, December 29, 1975.

When the other electrician came back, and we talked, he asked if I had been at Promenadecaféen and talked to the other electricians. He became a little sad, when I said, that I hadn’t been there.

I have thought about that the person, who came and asked me to come with him, came at 8 AM. And that the influence started at 8:05 AM. After I have been thinking about this for a while, it is as if it is correct. I also get a memory about that the person, who influenced me, said while he thought I was sleeping: “We started five past eight. This took all too much time. This became more than I had planned for.” It can even be, that the person came a little before 8 AM, and asked me to come with him.

I also think the criminals wanted to do this as early as possible. They wanted that it should be as much time, as possible, before I came home to my wife that day. And they wanted that it should be as much time, as possible, before the other electrician came back, and we talked again. I started at 7 PM. It could be normal that these other people started to work at 8 PM. At 8 PM I had started to work, and was at the place where I worked.

8 AM, Monday, December 29, 1975; is a point of time I experience that is correct. The person came early and asked me to come with him, 8 PM; and it was the first day, Monday, December 29.

I think the person who influenced me, influenced me to not go to Promenadecaféen when I was alone.

Of course, these hours aren’t 100% exactly.

March 24, 2017, David H. Hegg

134. Before eight

Now I remember that the person, who came and asked me to come with him, came before 8 AM. I remember that I said something about, that he had started to work early that day. He answered something about that they had much to do that day. Circa 7:50 AM; Monday, December 29, 1975; can be near to what is the correct point of time that morning.

He said it was close by, and only a short way to walk. When we was there, it had been a short way to walk. Two or three people stood outside a door. One of them was slim and dark‐haired. Another was a little on the plump and grey‐haired. There is as if it was one more person in the background. When I asked what the problem was, the dark‐haired said, that they had fixed it. It was only something easy, he said. The person who came for me, said something as, “Oh, you have fixed it.”

The dark‐haired said that they was at the job that day, because they only wanted to be there. They didn’t work as normal, just at that time. He said that the person inside the office wanted to talk with me. He asked me if I wanted to talk with him. I became surprised, and answered yes.

The person inside the office, started by asking me something, about if I liked to work there. I answered something about that it was a fine place to work. I said that there were much to learn there; that I was there because I should learn, I was an apprentice. He answered something like, “So, you are here to learn.” I answered, yes.

March 25, 2017, David H. Hegg

135. At once

Now I remember that at that time, around December 29, 1975; we started to work at 7:30 AM. Later, when it became a large and freestanding building project, in one whole building, and more different artisans worked there; this was changed to that we started at 7 AM. It was usual that there were such differences for electricians, according as where the jobs were. In December 1975, we worked around in the bank. There were many changes because of new technology. All the other work in the bank started after 8 AM, therefore we didn’t start on the job before 7:30 AM. Doors weren’t opened earlier, and other people hadn’t come. At that time, we came to the changing room, where we changed to working clothes. After that, we had to walk down some stories, go out on the street, into the bank, and through stairways and corridors. The bank had different buildings around in that area of the city.

When I came to the changing room at 7:30 AM, I think I were at the place where I worked circa 7:45 AM. I think the person came and asked me to come with him circa 7:50 AM. This is that the person came and asked me to come with him, at once I had come to that place, where I had some electrician work, which I kept on doing. I also remember that I only had started to make preparations for my work, this morning, Monday, December 29, 1975.

Now I have been sure about that there were a third person, in the background outside the door to the office, when I came there, together with the person who came for me. There were one person inside the office, one person came for me, and three people stood outside the office. Together these are five people. Now I also think that there can have been still more people, who I didn’t see. My way of thinking, was that I didn’t have any thoughts about, that something dangerous went on. When this was something strange, I didn’t start to think that it was something dangerous, I only became surprised.

The line of action; was that a person came and asked me to come with him, to another place, where I hadn’t come by myself. I remember the place where I worked, as a quiet area in the building. I can’t remember that there were any other people nearby. What I remember, is that I was alone at that place.

March 26, 2017, David H. Hegg

136. Some hours

In the text “133. Monday, December 29, 1975,” March 24; I wrote that on my job in December, 1975, we started to work at 7 AM, that we had one break at 9 AM, and a second break at 1 PM. Now I understand that these details had been far away in my mind, and that they also had been changed.

What are correct, are that there were two different periods. The first period; another electrician and I worked together, around everywhere in the large bank. The second period; we worked at a large and freestanding building project. Here there first were two of us, as before, but it became more and more.

In the first period, we started at 7:30 AM. The first meal break was at 9 AM, at a café called Promenadecaféen. The second meal break was at 1 PM, in a canteen in the bank.

In the second period, we started at 7 AM, and had both meal breaks in a loft; where there were tables and chairs, writing desks, and closets for our clothing. This was in a separate building, owned by the bank, where I think the bank rented out to some different other businesses. Here we also had our tools, cables and different other installation materials; in the basement, in the first period.

In December, 1975, it was the first period. We worked around in the bank. We only were some short moments in the freestanding building project, and disconnected parts of the electrical installation. We also arranged provisional electric current. Often one of us was enough, for these small jobs. On rare occasions now and then, we both had to do something together, at this place in the first period. This building became little by little completely rebuilt.

Monday, December 29, 1975; I was used to having the first break at Promenadecaféen at 9 AM, and the second break in the canteen in the bank at 1 PM. I come to the job at 7:30 AM in the morning. Now these different routines have been clearer for me again.

But Monday, December 29, 1975; these routines didn’t went on as usual, as they should have done.

I came circa 7:30 AM. I started with my work circa 7:45 AM. The person come for me circa 7:50 AM.

I heard the person who influenced me, said: “We started five past eight.”

I also heard that the person behind the desk, said: “The clock has passed nine. Now he can’t reach the first break.“This has been the same in my thoughts, for some days now.

I also remember that I in one moment, understood where I was. Because of something they said.

In one moment I also understood what they had done against me. Because the person who had influenced me, said what it was. He said something about that now the influence couldn’t continue.

I also remember that the dark‐haired person outside the office, when I came there in the beginning, said: “We only want to talk a little with you; …we.“

The dark‐haired stood to the right, a grey‐haired stood to the left, and another person stood in the background. In this sequence, it was the dark‐haired who talked. He seemed to be glad, and was in good humor. It looked like he enjoyed himself.

March 27, 2017, David H. Hegg

137. The main building

Monday, December 29, 1975; I came to my work at 7:30 AM, as usual at that time. It was the first working day after Christmas Eve, which was Wednesday, December 24. It is in the evening December 24, that we celebrate Christmas Eve in Norway. At that evening, we had been together with my family, at home, at the place where I grew up. Thursday and Friday were public holidays. Saturday and Sunday were common holidays. Therefore, Monday was the first working day after Christmas Eve, this year in 1975.

Normally I worked together with another electrician, but these days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I worked alone. I think I also worked alone Friday, January 2. Thursday, January 1, was also a public holiday. First, I went through an entryway and into a backyard. There was a separate building in the backyard. I think this building had four stories, including the loft; and we used the loft as our changing room, there we had our closets, etc. This building didn’t have an elevator. It was an old‐fashioned building.

As normal, I went up to the changing room, and put on my working clothes. After that, I went down and out on the street. On the other side of the street, and just round the corner, I went in by the personnel entrance. The employees used this door. There was a guard by this entrance, who knew who he should let in.

This was the main building of the bank, which had many other buildings around in this area of the city. It was a monumental building, build in 1925. It had a decorative facade in the first floor, towards the sidewalks on three sides. The first floor was built of formed stones. The three sides; were the side with the personnel entrance, the cross street, and the next parallel street. In the next parallel street, the bank had its monumental entrance for the customers, a large decorative entrance, with four stories high columnar sections, with a smaller door into the first floor.

This day, I went in through the personnel entrance as normal. The security guard recognized me, and let me in. This building has six stories. I used an elevator.

For me, the most important was to know the way inside this building, to the place where I worked. I cared about my own work, and I didn’t care about what was around me. The only thing I remember, was that our contact in our company, said that this was a room, which hadn’t been used. I also remember, that the contact said, that this was near to the administration.

When the person came and asked me to come with him, he said that this was something, which was close by. When we walked to that place, it was a short way to walk. It was at that place, that these influences were done against me.

March 28, 2017, David H. Hegg

138. Four pictures

I don’t write the important word on the web page, because I think that this can be a word, which the criminals search for on the Internet, if they search for something they want to find out about. The pictures is not words like this sentence. Search engines find such written words, but they don’t find what is written on an image. Search engines also find names for pictures, therefor the pictures have other names.

The texts on these four pictures are only some easy thoughts. Quite simply I think these thoughts are correct in many common situations. But I also think that the criminals have found out about to use their method in different ways, and I think that some of these ways can be more difficult to find out about.

April 2, 2017, David H. Hegg

139. Parallel influences

I the text “129. At appointed times,” March 18; I wrote in the sixth section, that I had some thoughts about, that there are parallel influences, two maybe. Now I have thought about that two such parallel series of influences, can be that one series of influences, shall destroy my original personality; and another series of influences, shall build up another personality. I think that it can be; that two such parallel series of influences works simultaneous.

April 3, 2017, David H. Hegg

140. A complete system

Now I think about; that all the influences, which were done against me in 1975, are a whole system.

I also think about; that when we don’t know what the criminals are doing, then the time works for them, and against us. When we know what the criminals are doing, then the time works for us, and against them.

April 5, 2017, David H. Hegg

141. Something to go on

What these influences are, have been impossible to start to remember. First, I have had to find out something, and understand. When I found out and understood correct, then I afterwards started to remember a little more. The memory came slowly, after I had understood correct.

To find out and understand, I had to find something to go on. First I found out one thing, after that I found out some more things. Little by little, I came closer to find out about correct time and place.

These influences have been done in that way, that it was impossible to first start to remember something about them. First, I had to find out and understand, after that, I slowly started to remember a little more correct.

After I have found out, understood and remembered; then the situation where the influences were done, has come out of the dark in my mind. After some more time, this situation becomes more crisp and clean for me. This crisp and clean memory, becomes now a stable memory for me, as the time goes by.

April 6, 2017, David H. Hegg

142. Some few minutes

Just now; I think about that from the text “93. An excellent example”, January 15, 2017, and to now; I have found out about how, what, when, where and who. I think, that I then I have found out about the most important, which can be possible for me to find out. I think the criminals are so sure of, that this is impossible, so they don’t worry about that. Therefor I think, that now I have written about the most important, which I can write about.

Now I have been thinking about the last part, of how the influences were done against me, in the morning; Monday, December 29, 1975. I think, that I then was in an unusual state. When I woke up afterwards, I didn’t remember anything about that. But now, I remember it. This is as if I have been able to come back to this state, in that last part. It is as if I can remember a little, from within this influenced state, in that room, where this happened.

I think that these influences have been arranged after a timetable. Because of that, this is the last I find out about. From March 2013, I started to understand something correct about these influences, and I started to develop myself against the influences. In the course of these four years, I little by little have come closer to what happened in 1975. I think it can be, that this last part of the influences, was meant to happen now; and that this is why I now have come in contact with this in my mind.

These influences have caused a great change, from what my life otherwise had been. This change, was in the process of being something 100% different, from what my life originally had been in the process of being. But from March 2013, I have found back to my original life again.

From 1975 to 2013 are 38 years. From 2013 to 2017 are four years. I think that these four years, can have to do with the last part of the influences.

Now I think that I have written about the most important, which I can write about. It is a few things, which I can tell about, some few important things.

I think; that what I remember from these influences in 1975, are some few minutes, some few important minutes.

What I don’t remember from these influences in 1975, are also some minutes, some more important minutes. What that was, is something I don’t remember anything about. I remember a little of how it started, and a little of how it ended.

When thinking about what goes on in the world today, it is relevant to ask: Why do the criminals influence people the way they do? That is something others can think about, in the same way as I can do.

April 9, 2017, David H. Hegg

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