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210. Thinking and understanding

For some time now, I have thought about how these “influences” aren’t results of one’s own thinking and understanding. The “influences” are results of assertions, which the criminals have thought out. Because of this reversed state, we have to think and understand ourselves about how this can be in different connections.

The “influences” can be in all possible ways, therefore this is a focusing on this aspect; that the “influences” are thought out by the criminals, and not by ourselves. For us, this results in that we are influenced to get assertions, which we are influenced to experience, that are by ourselves. But these “influences” aren’t by ourselves, we only experience it that way. Therefor we must think and understand about this, to find out how we are “influenced” to get these assertions, which also can turn out as other things than assertions also. It is important to review all ones different reactions, thoughts and ideas; in emotional ways and in other ways.

The criminals are dependent on that our own thoughts and understandings about these things aren’t activated. The “influences” “influence” us also to develop wrong thoughts and understanding; based on “influences”.

Typical these “influences” work in a way which gets the “influenced” person to believe in the “influences”. And because the person believe in the “influences”, the “influences” can be developed in different ways, for example by regularly starting to read a relevant periodical. “Influences” can also be in different ways, here I focusing on this aspect.

In 1986, when a situation prepared by the criminals in ten years, exploded against me; different people around me had been “influenced” by “influences” they believed in. And these people got others to believe in their “influences”, which developed an overwhelming “influenced” situation against me. All these “influences” were so untrue, that I couldn’t understand what happened. It all was only fantasies and nonsense, which I couldn’t understand, that people had started with. It was only fantasies and nonsense, which started up and developed that situation in 1986 more and more. And the people around me who started up and developed these “influences”, were people who nearly didn’t know anything about me, many of them were people I didn’t know who were.

I was “influenced” to adopt a waiting attitude, to gradually try to find out what happened, and that only made everything worse and worse. I had had to understand everything correctly in the beginning, but I didn’t know anything about that something like this went on. Therefor that plan by the criminals developed in the way they had planned.

September 21, 2018, David H. Hegg

211. Eight short notes

I think the criminals have “influenced” me to be going to break all the Ten Commandments in Christianity.

The “influences” by the criminals become a part of oneself. They ruin oneself and use oneself. These “influences” by the criminals, are “influences” by an enemy, and in that way an enemy has been a part of oneself. When oneself understands this, then that gets oneself to want to find out what can be inside oneself. It motivates oneself to find out about this.

It has been money which counts, human values don’t count.

A development of society, where the humans deal with machines, instead of with one another. This is, that we are one the way against; that all humans are registered in, and under control of, a world machine. I think that we today are in a maelstrom, where we try to make things better, in ways that make them worse.

To understand about that oneself is “influenced” to not to understand, is like to go uphill instead of to go on level ground. It is heavier, but it isn’t impossible to manage, when one understand, that it is necessary.

How people have belonging and are connected to one another, and how they not have belonging and not are connected to one another; influence the humans’ experience of how they are a balanced fellowship, with mutual expectations of how all of them shall have a good life. Modern thinking is based on that all humans are the same balanced fellowship.

It becomes logical correct to say that we belong to the eternal existence. But in our reality everything has a beginning and an end. We don’t know what is outside our reality. Our reality also belongs to the eternal existence. It is likely that our reality is built on an idea, an intention or a meaning and the like. It is unlikely that our reality is built on a coincidence. It isn’t a coincidence that something exists. If nothing had exists, nor an empty space of nothing had exists. Even sweepings and rubbish consist of an intelligent system of elements.

Humans are the most important for us humans. Therefore human development also is the most important for us. We humans must always take care of that. Look back in our history and see how much wrong the humans have done on the basis of wrong understanding about the humans. That shows how important it is with human development.

November 18, 2018, David H. Hegg

212. A change

The development has changed so it now is the numerical system which has most significance; and not the language any longer, as before, with the alphabet as its system.

Shortened this becomes: Figures have become more important than letters.

November 19, 2018, David H. Hegg

213. A little more from 1975

Now I have found out something more, from when I heard, that he at the office, and he who “influenced” me, talked while they thought that I was sleeping, Monday, December 29, 1975.

He at the office says to him who “influenced” me:

“It was good that we found out about this. Now we have been able to do something with that. Now he never will manage to do something with what he could have managed. Now we only have to look after how this develops.”

This can be regarding that I talked with her, who we lived by the first five years of my life, one time again later shortly before she died. Then she was taken up with that it was important to find out about, and understand, what really goes on. This was regarding the First World War and the Second World War, and the nuclear armaments race with the Cold War at that time. She was taken up with that it happens something with people, which is what is dangerous. Among others she talked about that it is important to understand, what had happened with the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun 1859 ‐ 1952. We had got his collected writings as a gift from her, when we lived there, together with other books. She talked about that he hadn’t understood what really happened during the Second World War, and that it was the same with other people also. And that it was dangerous, that people had been so enthusiastic about something as the Nazism, because they comprehended it as something good and great. This is important to find out about and understand what is, she said. She also talked about Joseph Goebbels’ total war speech on a sports space, where he had driven people with himself. It is possible to see it on YouTube, www.youtube.com (Joseph Goebbels total war speech) or (Sportpalast speech). What they do now is the same, she said. (Regarding the Cold War.)

But I have no memory about what that statement on the office, where I became “influenced”, was about. It all is also very vague. I comprehend that I comprehended it, as regarding everything, which had to do with me. The memory about this can be compared with an image which is so much erased away, that it nearly isn’t possible to see what it is.

Another gleam of memory from the same situation; is that he who “influenced” me, says to him at the office:

“Now we have to go towards and see how it goes with him there.”

I then think; that now I have to sleep. And then I don’t remember more.

November 22, 2018, David H. Hegg

214. The violin

A few days before I became “influenced” in 1975, I said to my wife that we could play guitar and violin together. I also said that we could get the other of my friends with us, and maybe we could be allowed to play at my parents place. There we also had the piano. I also said something about that this would be fun for our daughter. That I never played the violin again, seems to be that this has been something the criminals become taken up with. Because of that, they also can have become taken up with that I should lose all my friends I had at that time. And after some years from that, I lost contact with all of my friends.

November 29, 2018, David H. Hegg

215. Ignorant

After I started to remember how I in a way, woke up when I was “influenced” in 1975, I gradually have remembered clearly something I then was thinking about in the beginning. (I first wrote about that in the text “122. A Devil” March 8, 2017.) In the beginning of that sequence in 1975, I thought this:

Who am I?

Where am I?

At what time is this?

What is this?

I didn’t know who I was, where I was, at what time it was, or what it was. Today this has become something clear for me; that it was in this way. I was totally 100% ignorant of who I was, where I was, and when it was. Because of that, I was ignorant of time and place and who I was. When I was listening to what the two people at the office were talking about, I gradually started to understand who I was, where I was, and when it was.

When I listened to what they talked about, I thought my own thoughts. I think that has “influenced” me, I became “influenced” of my own thoughts. In this sequence I remember it as, that I only was aware of what happened at the moment, in a way that I didn’t remember what had happened earlier in that sequence.

When I really woke up because they woke me up by banging the door, I didn’t remember anything about this sequence where I had listened to what they talked about. I didn’t remember anything about that I had been “influenced”, or how that had happened.

The most important I remember from this sequence, is that they talked about making wars. The person at the office, also said that “now we have so much control”.

November 30, 2018, David H. Hegg

216. A little bit more

After the previous text, “215. Ignorant”, I started to remember a little bit more about the beginning of the sequence when I in a way, woke up when I was “influenced” in 1975. This is regarding that I thought about at what time this was. After I had written the previous text, I got a very vague memory about that I thought this:

At what time is this?

Is it 2000 and something?

Is it 2016?

Is that, what the time is now?

Well, it cannot be that.

This is strange.

What is this?

And so I started to listen to the two people who talked with each other, and I gradually started to understand when it was and where I was. What I have written about here, is vague. But what I have written here; that came up in my thoughts after the previous text.

December 1, 2018, David H. Hegg

217. The deep of the soul

Today I have started to get something up in my thoughts. In some weeks now, I have remembered that she we lived by the five first years of my life, from 1955 to 1960, talked both about Knut Hamsun and Jack London. This was that my father and I visited her one time shortly before she died, some years after that we moved, I was still a child. She had asked us to come. She had asked another person about talking to us about it. She talked also about other authors. Today it came out something in me, about something she talked about regarding Jack London.

She talked about Jack London 1876 – 1916, in connection with that she talked about, that it had happened something with Knut Hamsun. We had got among other things, 10 books by Jack London from her, when we lived there. It is something with him also, she said. She said something about that some thought that there maybe were some who had “influenced” him (she used the correct word which I don’t write). If so, there are some who are doing something like that over there. And if they are doing it there; then they are doing it here also, and many other places. The countries which now only make terrible weapons, are doing something no one earlier had thought that they had wanted to do. Germany before the Nazism, also was a country which no one had believed, that had wanted to do what they did during the Second World War. This is something only a few people now think about in the whole world. But we don’t find out what it is, and we don’t get anybody to listen to us, and we think that is because something has been done with them all. They haven’t done anything against me, and that can be because they don’t want, that I shall get the possibilities to find out something. But, if some are doing such, then it isn’t impossible that they one time will try do something like that with you also. And then you shall get something to know from me, which only you and your father and I know.

If you one time understand that some want to do something like that against you, then you at once it starts, must say inside yourself that they not shall manage to succeed in doing that. And so you have to add, that they shall achieve the opposite of what they want to achieve. Because then it will work, from the very beginning when they start to do something. And so you have to try to manage something inside yourself, when they are doing it. So you one time get some other, who you for sure can trust, to find out more about them who did it against you. Then it is England and USA which is the countries, where it is easiest for you to reach a goal. Then it can be; that some there will listen to you. Because if you know something; then they will care about that. It can be; that it is some, who try to trick them. And them who that are, are then some, who trick all in the world, who are busy with such weapons. And that can be because they want that they one time shall be used in a way no one today understands.

Then this will come to be something, which is so strong inside you, so you that time will get it out in you, as something strong from inside in you. And so you must have inside in you; that they, who are doing something like that, that are Devils, and not the good, but the evil, and you don’t like evil people. You must never let the evil people get power over you, and control what you shall do. Maybe they say that they are God, but that isn’t at all what they are.

Now I have got to do this to you, and that is something I have thought about all the time, since you moved, that I had to do. Because it can happens that some such people will care about you one day. You and I had once much contact with each other, and that will continue to be something strong in you, as long as you live. From now one I maybe only will be one of the stars on the starry sky for you, but that will all the time be a strong star for you. Because I know something about you, which maybe only I understand what is.

This only lasted for a short while. She said that my father had to do the same, if some tried to do it against him, and he should tell his wife about it also. Afterwards we went on talked about different things.

Before I wrote this today, I shortly before had cleaned the windows, and hung up an advent star with light in my window. Now the advent star hangs there and shines against the darkness outside the window, with a reflected image in the shining window. And when I write about that; I feel that I want to cry.

This only came out in this way in me today. It is something which in a way, is far away, and which is difficult to get clearly out in the thoughts. My thoughts have in many years circled around something such, that it is something like this in one way or another. That this person means something important for me, because of that I had contact with her the five first years I lived. She wanted to use her life to work against war.

A text like this; is difficult to get out of one’s head the first time you write it. It is difficult to get the words out of one’s head. This has been like this, when I have tried to write about it.

December 2, 2018, David H. Hegg

218. A few words more

Now I got some more memory from the conversation I wrote about in the previous text; “217. The deep of the soul”.

I remember that the person, who talked with me that time, says: Now I shall say something to you, which you not shall remember. And she says something. I think that it is, that I shall understand, that a person who “influences” me, is a Devil. And that I then shall think, that this isn’t God, it is the Devil. And so I shall stop saying anything, because I don’t want to talk with the Devil. Then they will think, that you are sleeping, she says. After that, I shall start to think about what I can do, to get others to find out about who these people are. And after that you must sleep, she says. After she has said this, she says that I must forget this. She asks me if I will promise her that I will forget this. I answer yes; and she smiles, and says, that is good. Now you don’t remember that anymore, she says.

After I have written this, it seems more and more correct for me that this really happened. This is also something which has come up in my thoughts, the same way as in the previous text.

December 3, 2018, David H. Hegg

219. Still a little more

After the previous text “218. A few words more”, I afterwards have remembered more. Here it is:

And so it is something you shall say. When they ask you about me, you shall only talk about me like a foolish woman, who only care about who she looks. Earlier I was pretty, but now I am not that anymore. And I don’t know if he I love likes me anymore, when I am not just as pretty as before. And you, I have missed all the time since you and your parents moved, and I only wanted to see you again before I died. And we talked about this for a long time, and about how it was when you lived here. And then you only have to remember something about that.

Before this, she talked about that she had wanted to use her life to work against war. And then she asked me, if I also wanted to work against war. I answered yes. Then she said, that is good, that was the answer I had expected from you. She said, that now she shall do something, so that I can do that. And that will be if what she thinks will happen, comes to happen. Because now I have found out everything I can manage about how such things goes on, which is what I now think that goes on, she said.

December 5, 2018, David H. Hegg

220. There are more

Regarding what I have written about in the last texts, there are more. The woman who I now think, that have “influenced” me to do something against the criminals, if they take me one day; she did a little more than I have remembered until today.

One think; that explains why this worked, is that she also “influenced” me to talk about her as drugged. That was that she had much pain. The doctor had given her painkillers. And the day she talked with me, she had taken so much of these painkiller, that she was muddle‐headed. But what was true, was that she hadn’t used these painkillers yet.

One other thing; that explains why I have done as I have done, is that I also was “influenced” to listen to what they said, if they started to talk. (When they thought that I was sleeping.) And I should think about what I could do in proportion to what I heard. When the person at the office said, that they had to be attentive to everything I did, I thought that I had to wait until he and the other person were dead. And they couldn’t find out that anything had happened, I had to let them think that everything was as they expected. But I also had to use the first secure possibility, because this is in a hurry.

Afterwards, such things became something I didn’t remember. But I had been “influenced” by such things, by myself.

December 6, 2018, David H. Hegg

221. What matters?

It is not what you are that matters. It is what you do that matters.

December 8, 2018, David H. Hegg

222. Maybe two maxims

Here is something I have thought about. Maybe this is the maxims that the criminals build up their superiority on: The evil people have most strength and power, when the good people don’t understand their malice. The good people have most strength and power, when they understand the evil people’s malice. This means that evil can be the criminals’ instrument of power. But I don’t know how this is. This is only my thoughts.

December 9, 2018, David H. Hegg

223. Circa 1965

When I was at the woman who “influenced” me, she told about what had happened in the time ahead. This was in the time in or around 1965; but I can’t remember any year, date or weekday.

During the war she had spied on the Nazis, and handed over information to the resistance movement. She was used to that she was well received, and that the information she came with vas appreciated. She was attached to the Norwegian Communist Party (Norges Kommunistiske Parti), but what she was taken up with, was to work against war. Her whole family and her boyfriend were killed during the Second World War, and after the war she wanted to work against war, to be able to hinder that something painful as war could happened again. She didn’t want to fail her boyfriend who had sacrificed his life during the war, and continued to love him after he was dead.

Briefly this is like this; that she first spied at some. She lay on a roof and looked through a window. She used an angle binoculars (like a periscope), so that she couldn’t be seen. She had been doing this during the war. This was because it was something suspicious with that building. The top floor was hidden, and couldn’t be seen from the ground, and she wanted to find out about what went on in this hidden floor. One time she saw something strange, a man sat there and was sleeping, while another stood beside him and held something in front of his face. In that way she started to think that it was used “influences”, and that the Nazis during the Second World War had been “influenced”.

After that, she started to search for information about how such things are done, and then she became more and more appalled over what she found out. Gradually she had found out about dangerous methods to get power over other people. This was written like textbooks or textbook, I don’t remember for sure if this was one or more books which especially were so dangerous. In the end she had found out how such can be done, on the basis of developed methods to do exactly such.

This had taken a long time. I got the impression that this had been something she reached in the time from 1945 to a few years before 1965, therefore she nearly had used 20 years on this.

In the end she had the names on several people. And she had also found out about how such could be done. Therefore she knew something about who they were, and what they were doing. When she had finished something she had written, which she wanted to hand over to them who took care of the country’s safety, she went there with what she had finished.

When she came there, she got a shock. They asked about the names she had. When she had told them, they said that now they should do their duty, and go and report about this. They didn’t want to look at anything of what she had taken with her, which she nearly had used 20 years to find out about. She was told to get away. There is the door, they said, and never come here again, they said to here. They went and reported to them she had given the names about, without wanting to know anything about what she had found out. They didn’t want to look at what she had taken with here. She recognized some of them she had reported to during the war, when she was there. They behaved as they didn’t know her.

When this happened, she had resigned from the Communist Party because she didn’t want to involve something that had to do with politics, into what she had found out about. She had wanted to talk about this to people from all different political parties. She had only been taken up with finding out about what war had come of, and she hadn’t paid so much attention to what had been going on in the society. She had only wanted to find out about what caused war.

Because she had talked with them in the Communist Party about that there was some trickery with the whole formation of their party, they didn’t want to talk with here anymore either.

After this, everything was ruined, and it was a short time before things started to happen around her. People she had had something to do with changed and disappeared. Things changed at her work, and it became difficult for her there. And then she became ill. She had got cancer. To begin with, the doctor smiled and said that this would go well. Because it was still time left to do something with this. But so this was put off again and again; until she in the end got the message about that it was too late. Then her doctor became sad. He said that he couldn’t understand why it had to take so unnecessarily long time.

Gradually she was been totally alone, and she should soon die. Then she thought about that I one time had said to her, that it isn’t what you are that matters, it is what you do that matters. And when she had heard that it didn’t go well with me; she understood that it was the same people, who had started to ruin for me, as them who had started to ruin for her.

She said that she had learned to do the same as them. And that she could do something which worked in a way, that if they took me, then they couldn’t find out anything, and I could afterwards know who they are, so I then could try to do something with that. She said that I in any case would be “influenced”, either of them, or of her.

I wanted to do this. I would rather be “influences” by her, than by them. Then she said, that what she should do, that will start there, in her home. And it will stop when I remembered this, which happened in her home. When I remembered this again, then I had come through all the “influences”, which the others had done against me, in a way where they thought that everything went as it should, until it hadn’t been anything of what they had wanted to reach in the end. They would think that was because I had fallen asleep when they did it, and then they wouldn’t care about me any longer.

My mother and father have known about this all the time afterwards. They shouldn’t say anything about it, neither to me nor to others. Both my parents are dead now. And this woman died a short time after this. Maybe she had taken an overdose of the painkillers she got, she talked about doing that. She hadn’t taken any of them until that day.

When she heard, that them she came to; only should do their duty and report this to them she came with the names on, she did her duty herself, and ruined all her own sources. The only things there are possible to find there, is the tracks after a little knife which has cut away some pages. What she had found out about, was something very dangerous, And the wrong people couldn’t get to know about it. After I had been there, she should burn up all of it, and throw away the ash, so that no such ash was left in the stove. She should also remove all tracks after me, such as photographs.

The person at the office where I was “influenced” in 1975, was him who she had seen through the window, when she lay on a roof. She said that he would want to get me into his office. Because that is how he is, she said. And he would try to manage to do that, and for that he has many others who get money from him, to do that for him. It was because my parents and I had lived in a little cottage in her garden the five first years of my life. And it was him who already in 1965 had started to ruin for me, she said. And that person talked about that cottage in the garden in the beginning in 1975.

This is a fast and shortened account about this.

December 14, 2018, David H. Hegg

224. Some thoughts

The conscience and the personal initiative belong together.

Different development directions or development trends can be something the criminals have started up. What people had been taken up with by themselves, can be the ways or methods of how societies can work or function.

The criminals have started up different wrong directions of development, and all of them are wrong. Originally people could have been taken up with how the societies should function, which is something different from all the wrong directions of development.

The criminals have led us all astray regarding all different things in all different directions, regarding social systems and other things.

The criminals have deceit as their method and system.

These are what I think. It is necessary to find out more and understand more about such things.

December 21, 2018, David H. Hegg

225. Hidden memory

For some days ago something happened, which is so crisp and clean for me, that I write about it her.

I sat with my computer, and was using a computer maintenance software. This lasted for about two minutes. In the middle of this two minutes period, I started to think about another software, a simply useful software. I thought that when I was finished with using the computer management software, then I should search for the simply useful software on the Internet. I only wanted to look at what that software had been just at that time.

At the same time the TV set was showing a news broadcast, and I looked over to the TV set, and started to think about what I saw there. In the same second, I detected that I couldn’t remember what it was, that I had thought about to search for on the Internet two seconds earlier. It was gone in a flash. It was impossible for me to find it back, what I just had thought about to do.

I opened the search engine and looked at it, to try to remember what it was. But it was still impossible to remember it. Then I opened the computer management software, and used it for the same purpose as a few minutes earlier. I started to do the same again. Then I remembered the simply useful software again, and searched for it on the Internet.

After this, I all the time remember this. That isn’t a problem for me at all. I hadn’t forgotten what the simply useful software was. The simply useful software had in a way been hidden for my memory, or something like that. Now all about this is very crisp and clean for me. I can think about other things again and again, and when I want to remember what this was, I remember it immediately. It is no problems with remembering this.

I think that something like this, can be because of an “influence ” by the criminals. Now this is so crisp and clean for me. I have done similar things many times, in different ways, and typical I always find back what had fallen out of my mind. Sometimes I also have remembered it again after some days. It has also happened that I have remembered things, which I don’ remember again, after some years. I experience it as I remember better and better year after year.

December 28, 2018, David H. Hegg

226. That day in 1965

Here I write a few sentences about something, which has been in my thoughts the last days now. It is about how we said goodbye to one another, after my father and I had visited the woman again, who we lived by in the little cottage in her garden, the first five years of my life, from 1955 to 1960. I am now pretty sure about that this happened after the summer vacation, and before the Christmas vacation, in 1965. I had been ten years old in June that year.

This has changed, and that is because she “influenced” me to remember it wrong. That was because I should tell wrong about it, when the criminals “influenced” me. She was sure about that they would do that against me, and that it only would make it worse and worse for me to try to escape from it. Nothing in our society would help me in trying to do that. The criminals had pointed me out, and they wouldn’t stop before they had got hold of me; she said.

The picture of the period around 1965 was characterized by strongly and deadlocked contradictory conceptions, which couldn’t be discussed by any of the different people with different deadlocked conceptions. All of them were wrong, and represented together an overall dangerous situation. This dangerous situation was a deadlocked situation, where the danger was the composition of these different conceptions. What, it was impossible to get people to understand at that time, was that this was a beginning for something else, something dangerous which at that time wasn’t known, something else which the criminals had, as the next step in their plan. And there can maybe be several following steps in that dangerous plan. It is the criminals’ plan that is dangerous. This dangerous situation around 1965 was in its own way a stagnant situation.

When my father and I stood outside the door, and she stood in the doorway, she said this to me: You will do well you David. You will never be evil and do evil things. No, I don’t want that; I said. I know that, and that will never happen; she said. Then we said goodbye to one another.

These days this is something which gets me to me to remember and understand, what really happened that day in 1965.

I had much to do with this woman from 1955 to 1960, a little bit now and then all the time these five years. I liked to look in books together with her. When I had learnt to walk, I came running to her every time I saw her.

It wasn’t me she was taken up with, when we lived there; she said when we were talking to one another in her living room. She had been taken up with finding out about what she had found out about. She hadn’t involved anybody else in that. Therefore she hadn’t disclosed what she was doing, for the people she found out about. This only became like this, because I always came running to her when she saw me; she said. And I always had a little time for you, she said. I was the only person she really had cared about after the war, she said.

January 4, 2019, David H. Hegg

227. Messy

I am “influenced” to have an untidy mess at home, and to not care about my clothing, my hair and other such things. I shall not bring with me a comb in my pocket, and not have a mirror.

I am also “influenced” to not care about what I eat, and to not have a well‐arranged way of keeping, preparing and eating my food. It has been something bad for me to shop food on impulse there and then. It is better to think it over and write a shopping list beforehand.

I think that the criminals have “influenced” me to find junk food etc., instead of getting food for the mind (intellectual food). I shall eat junk food etc. instead of reading books. I shall never read books for my brain anymore; I shall eat food for my stomach instead. I experience it like that I am “influenced” to exactly this; that I shall eat instead of reading books. It is like the criminals have said; “and so you shall fill up your stomach and not your head”. It is like I am “influenced” to eat something because I want something which tastes good, instead of eating because I am hungry and want to feel full after eating.

January 11, 2019, David H. Hegg

228. A piece of paper

Here I write something, which I wrote down on a piece of paper, when I was out on my newspaper round yesterday. It is something I remembered as something he who “influenced” me in 1975, said to me when he “influenced” me:

Here it shall come in a but (as a doubt). It shall happen the times you either written (in writing) or verbal (by word of mouth), express (give expression to) something you think that is important. This but will thus (in this manner) take away from your opinions; your opinions’ power over others, who read or listen to what you are saying.

Here I write something I wrote down on the same paper afterwards. This is something I remembered as something she who “influenced” me in 1965, said to me when she “influenced” me:

If they say something about but to you, shall my “influence” repeat it literally (verbatim) for you. Because that (is something); I think they do something with. Inside the humans, they ruin the thoughts. When they talk together, they ruin how they talk together. When they write, they ruin how they write. And when they read, they ruin how they read.

January 18, 2019, David H. Hegg

229. The sound judgement

Now I have a piece of paper again, where I have written down something, such as in the former text “228. A piece of paper”. This is from yesterday, when I was out on my newspaper round, two days after what I wrote on the previous piece of paper. This is something similar, but not in the same way. Here I write something I remembered as if it has been said to me, when I was “influenced” in 1965 and 1975.

She who “influenced” me in 1965: They take away the sound judgement (ability to judge) from the humans; so that they not are able to judge (estimate) something correctly anymore. They cannot consider something correctly anymore. It exists possibilities to do something against this. You cannot give way for it.

He who “influenced” me in 1975: You shall newer have more than one thought in your head at a time. And that shall be less and less, and in the end disappear completely.

She who “influenced” me in 1965: You must be a little careful with this, because with such things, there always are something more.

He who “influenced” me in 1975: Inside here it is something more, and that is that you shall get big huge problems with thinking orderly. And you will never manage to understand this even if you understand something which you don’t understand. In the end you are empty in your head.

She who “influenced” me in 1965: Now this has to be enough. It will be too difficult to find out all of it, and it will only be wrong all of it.

January 20, 2019, David H. Hegg

230. But shall mean

In the text “228. A piece of paper” January 18, 2019 I had remembered this:

Here it shall come in a but (as a doubt). It shall happen the times you either written (in writing) or verbal (by word of mouth), express (give expression to) something you think that is important. This but will thus (in this manner) take away from your opinions; your opinions’ power over others, who read or listen to what you are saying.

When I was out on my newspaper round yesterday, I had this thought in my head. I had been walking about on the newspaper round for a couple of hours:

I suppose there is something inside but (as a doubt) also. I wonder what that is. And then this came out in my mind.

Inside this it is something more; and that is this. But shall mean; that you have never been of this opinion (had this opinion) ever.

January 24, 2019, David H. Hegg

231. Two days more

During the time after the previous text “230. But shall mean” January 24, 2019, these have come out in my thoughts little by little. On Friday; out on the newspaper round, a little at a time, with many interruptions in the course of several hours. On Saturday; when I had been sleeping after the newspaper round, it all once without interruptions. Here I only repeat what came out in my thoughts. Sunday nothing more has been coming.

Friday, January 25, 2019

And you become I, who are you. And I am the one who all the time decides over you and your life, from today and till you in the end die of this dictation. Remember that the death lets you know some time beforehand, about that it is approaching you slowly day after day, to one time to win completely over you, so that you then only die of this you. Because what I here repeat again and again, it worked that day it happens with a bang, which is that you shall die of all of this I here today have done against you.

And it will never be anything more of your opinions, because you are too stupid to be of any opinion. And now you soon are death, when this one day is replayed again for your inner mind inn you. That date becomes here and now. And the date is already set up. It is the date when you don’t have more money left, and have to go out to beg and ask for something to have to live on. And then but is, that you aren’t of any opinion, because you don’t exist.

And then this becomes, what really kills you. You shall stop getting blood in your legs and arms, and only drop down and die from what I today have said to you, which is that now you shall die David. You are a million times death, and die even if it is the last thing you do, and die means that now it is over with you for always David.

Now everything you don’t like to believe that is true, shall build up to a violent darkness in you, and then you only go out. Now this has to be sufficient. Now it shall start to happen something else with you, than what they you now are together with, are used to that is the one you are now.

And do you try to find out about what I not long ago did against you, it will only constantly change in you, and constantly assume new forms, and more and more it will together win over your life, to you fall in that day, and die of this I now have done. And this comes again and again, till it in the end has been your final defeat to try to stop this in yourself.

Now I then finally have been able to finish this here today. And now it shall start something else. And that is that you never will manage to do anything else than to die, no matter whatever you do against it in yourself.

Here I don’t have more time. I have already used up too much of my time.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

You shall not any longer continue working with what you are doing here, but only take odd jobs here and there. Because you shall get this illness, which is rheumatism, which you never shall know that it is.

And so it feels violently dizzy for you, and all your strength disappears in your legs and arms, and you fall in and only die, you David. So here has that; finished for you and your life. Tomorrow I am not here, and you are over there on your job. And only work as usual. Today you don’t have any meal break at nine o’clock, and you don’t take time for that the other days you are here alone, because you has to take back the time you was sleeping here.

Because the day this happens; you have, namely tried to do something you not shall do David, namely to try to find out about what this really is inside yourself, because when that happens, you already are dead a long time ago, a long time before you manage that in yourself.

Before that, comes this, you shall get a great and mighty voice inside yourself, which shouts out with great and strong voice, so all around where you live must hear it, that you David Harry Hegg has detected terrible things which go on here on Earth, so that all have to understand how important that is. This strong voice, talks to you, and says you and him about you, and not I.

This shall come in your memory, directly after that you that day also have gone out on your newspaper round. So that you then start to remember, that this voice has talked in you, directly before you went out. It only had so much control over you, that when it happens, then you couldn’t be there yourself and be yourself the time this lasted.

After that you will again and again, meet different variants of this deadly dose with dictations I here have given you, until you only have to drop down and die of exhaustion, against all of this in you. But then comes a guardian angel inside you, and says that I gave this strong voice instruction about removing this deadly power in you. And I, that is me here, who are you. With that are you totally free from this dead dictation, that time this happens. Because then you have, namely done exactly what we want, namely to find out all of it wrong, and that you got to live because that you did, because that was after our will.

But later one time in your life, this will start to creep up on you, so that you only slowly start to weaken and be a little weaker all the time. But first you shall be very fit and strong, but then comes this. Slowly everything around you starts to be only mess and confusion, and your arms and legs become thin, but your stomach becomes big and round, and you develop to be a large balloon, which the day this happens, quite simply only bursts, so all the air goes out of it.

With that this is done so thoroughly inside you today, that you newer will find out about it ever, when you still live, then you first have to be dead. Because that says this in you; that has to be that way. First after your death, this becomes something it becomes possible for you to find out about that, David.

January 27, 2019, David H. Hegg

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