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193. A small glass

After the last text “192. The glass” November 22, I started to think about the size of the glass. I remember clearly that it was a comparatively small glass, which the person at the office gave me. The glass was clearly smaller than an ordinary milk glass. If I shall try to give a measure of the glass, that will be circa 3 inches high, and circa 2 ½ inches wide. These measures are only approximately. I remember that I thought it was a small glass for fizzy lemonade.

What I remember about the contents; is that the person opened up an ordinary small soda pop bottle, with a bottle opener. He went up from the chair and got the bottle out of a cabinet behind the desk. When I think about what it was, I first think about clear carbonated lemonade, or maybe seltzer water (carbonated water) or something similar. I am not sure, but I first think about clear carbonated lemonade. It was an ordinary 12 oz glass bottle (33 cl bottle in Norway) in 1975.

Before the person gave me something to drink, he asked me if he could offer me something to drink. I became surprised, and said yes to be polite to him. He asked me if I liked what he found, and I answered yes.

November 24, 2017, David H. Hegg

194. The intention

Now I have been thinking about that the person at the office in 1975, didn’t take something to drink himself. That is now clearly, how I now remember it. This was odd for me.

Today I think about that all the moves regarding this situation, from the very first move, were well thought out moves. In the beginning of this year, when I started to find out about this day, the whole situation seemed to be clumsy by the different people involved. Now I think that every move was well thought‐through.

Every single move was inconsequent, and I think that was done systematically inconsequent and illogical. Every purposeless step in the preparation of this situation, was done appropriately. This was something that gradually confused me, and got me to be more and more puzzled. They weren’t clumsy, they behaved systematically, and deluded me to end up in a clumsy state. When I in the end drank the contents in the glass, which also was a glass too small for soda pop, then I had been deluded through a series of purposeless steps. Now I think that this was well thought out.

When the person at the office sat and looked at me, when I drank from the glass, he had brought me to a clumsy state, which showed his contempt for me. I also remember that he asked me if it tasted good, and that I answered yes. Today I started to think; that this is how these people have done me helpless, and influence me, conquered me, used me and despised me.

Today I think that these criminals conquer, use and despise; the people in the society, and the peoples in the whole world.

Today I get an experience of conquering how these influences earlier have conquered me, which have been the intention with them. The influences have conquered me in a way I haven’t understood. Today I understand about that, and that gives me an experience of conquering the intention with the influences. The criminals are sly, but not more sly than it is possible to understand, when you start to understand about what they are doing.

This gives an understanding about these criminals, which is; that if they don’t despise the people, then they think that they are despicable themselves. They despise the people they want to oppress, to conquer and use them for their own advantage.

Equal human dignity, is as opposed to the criminals’ way of thinking. This is an old‐established way of thinking, which the criminals keep secret that they still have. This is only something I now think, it is necessary to find out more about what this really is. Our history is full of malice and contempt for people, that isn’t a secret, we know that. What we haven’t known, is what the criminals are doing.

The malice has been a necessary part of the historical display of power, it can be that the criminals want to continue with that. The criminals hide themselves behind the incomprehensible malice in the world today. But regarding the criminals, there can be things I don’t know about, and that I therefore haven’t thought about, what can be. I can only begin to find out about this, I don’t have enough information to finish a clearing up of this.

November 26, 2017, David H. Hegg

195. Correct facts

Regarding the situation at the office, when the person gave me something to drink; my memory started to become unstable and indistinct, after I now first had remembered some crisp and clean things from that situation in 1975. For a day or two, I struggled with this confusing memory. But after that; I understood that it was the person, who influenced me, who had influenced me to get this intangible memory. The person has influenced me to get wrong “memory hallucinations” about that sequence also.

These wrong “memory hallucinations” were that the person behind the desk, started to influence me with talk. And it was the effect of what I had drunk, that made that possible for him. But, that wasn’t how it was. The influences didn’t start before the person who influenced me, started to influence me. I think that the intention with that influence, is to give the substance I had drunk, the role of having done it possible to influence me. I think this is the first step in a change, of what had happened. This first step is then the beginning of a gradual complete change, which is that all of this has gone on at other places, by other people, in other ways, and that it is something else. I think the intention with this first step, only is to work behind the other influences, in a way I never should have found out.

This “memory hallucination” was among other things, that the person behind the desk sat and enjoyed, that he could begin to say to me, that he don’t like me. He didn’t like that I worked there. He had only thought of the job I was doing, to get me into his office, and get me to drink that glass. The job was unnecessary. It was unnecessary for me to come and look at something, because it wasn’t something. It was unnecessary to come to the corridor. It was unnecessary to come into his office. It all was only to get me to drink the contents of that glass. Now you will be “a porridge head” (an idiot) he said, and smiled happy.

Another “memory hallucination” was that we went upstairs, to come from where I worked and to the office. This is also wrong. I worked in the same story as the office.

What we really talked about in the beginning, was about that I worked there. It can also be correct; that he started to ask me about where I had grown up, and that he asked me different questions about that. That seems as if it can be correct. This is something faint, which at the same time is crisp and clean.

When I started to remember wrong about this, that started to destroy my thoughts and memory about it. After I understood correctly, and started to remember correctly again; that got my thoughts and memory in order again. This is something clear; that my mind became disconnected and unclear because of “the memory hallucinations”, and that my mind become in order again, when I understood correctly. I also remember much clearly, about what happened before all of this happened that morning, Monday, December 29, 1975. To remember correctly about what happened, in the days and minutes before this happening that morning, has been useful for me. That brings in correct facts in my mind.

December 1, 2017, David H. Hegg

196. An empty chair

The last days I have been thinking about that it may had an impact, that I remained standing, after I had come into the office in 1975. I also mentioned this in the text “191. My last thoughts” November 21, the second section. Now I have thought about that this maybe changed the preliminary part of that situation. The person at the office had set out a good chair at the opposite side of his desk. He also made a comment about that I was standing. I answered something about that it came naturally to me to stand. I waited for that he should talk with me about one particular thing, and I thought that I only should be at his office for a short time.

What I think about, is that because I remained standing, when I started to drink from the glass; I maybe didn’t drink as much as I had done, if I had been sitting. I have thought about that this maybe delayed the effect of what I drank. If I had been sitting in the chair, I maybe could have drunk more in the beginning, because I then hadn’t needed to stand on my feet. Because I needed to stand on my feet, I maybe became unsteady earlier, than if I had been sitting in the chair.

When the person who influenced me came in afterwards, I maybe hadn’t drunk as much as I had done, if I had been sitting in the chair in the beginning. I remember that the person, who influenced me, poured the rest of the contents in the glass into me. Maybe the effect of the contents in the class, became a little bit delayed in the preliminary part of that situation. This is something I think. I don’t know if it had any significance. I remember that I suddenly became dizzy, when I was standing and drank from the glass. I also remember that I in that moment didn’t understand anything, about what happened.

Something else I have been thinking about, is that the criminals typical influence different people systematically, to achieve a particular result. I have thought about that the criminals typical start up development of social processes, by influencing different people, to achieve different goals.

December 8, 2017, David H. Hegg

197. A pattern

Now I have started to think; that the introductory part of the situation, where I was influenced in 1975, followed a systematic way. It was a series of steps, that followed a typical way of thinking.

When the person first came and asked me to come with him, he asked me to come and look at something with the electrical installation. But he didn’t tell me about what it was, he only said that it was something, but didn’t say what it was. He appealed to my kindness, and used that I had a manner of helping others, who asked me about help. He also understood that I had a forthcoming way of being, which he used in a well thought out way. Already from the first step, it all was something vague. I went together with him, only because I wanted to be kind to him; and that was how he wanted, that this first step should be.

When we reached the corridor outside a door, near to where I worked with some electrician work, three people stood there. They only stood there; they weren’t doing something. When I asked them about what the problem was, they first behaved as if they didn’t understand what I talked about. This was carefully thought out. The person who had asked me to come with him, reacted with a smile, and a clear but measured surprise; and said, yes, what is the problem. A dark‐haired person who stood nearest to me of the three, smiled and answered; oh, that wasn’t something difficult, we managed to put in order by ourselves. It wasen’t anything, he said, and smiled.

The dark‐haired person changed theme. He started to say that they only wanted to talk a little with me. There were different small talk; they only where there because they wanted to talk with med, it was Christmas time, they hadn’t anything especially to do, etc. I took part in this conversation, it was the dark‐haired and I who talked.

The dark‐haired said that the person inside the office wanted to talk with me, and asked me if I wanted to talk with him. I didn’t understand anything, I only wanted to be nice. I answered yes, and thought that I would find out what that person wanted to talk about.

One of the four people opened the door, and asked the person in the office if he could talk with me. He answered yes, and I went into the office.

Inside the office it was some small talk. The person asked if he could offer me something to drink, I answered yes, and he gave me a small glass with soda pop. He didn’t drink something himself. He asked me about my years of growth, both my first five years, and the years after that.

I recognize the pattern in these first steps, in different situations, which have happened afterwards. It isn’t the same, but it is a series of steps in a similar way. Again and again I have been dragged into situations, which change my situation again and again. Sometimes other people first talk to me. Other times I first talk to others. It seems for me, as if the criminals have influenced many people around me, after 1975. A similar pattern of different steps has recurred.

Now I think that the influences of me, much have been built on this first part. To understand that, makes me experience that I have stopped all the influences against me, by understanding how it all began, and by understanding what it was built on. It is as if my kindness more and more should have ruined and changed my situation again and again, more and more. Nothing ended as it started. Nothing became what it seemed to be in the beginning.

In this first part in 1975, I didn’t do all the things they had thought that I would do. I didn’t sit down in the chair. And all of this hasn’t ended as the criminals had thought.

This is a plan by the criminals, which these different people and I haven’t understood. We all have to understand what these criminals’ influences have done with our situations. Either directly, or indirectly, are all people affected by what the criminals have been doing, and we all can start to find out about it.

People who are influenced to have roles in the criminals’ plans, can start to understand and find out about that. Such plans are something they haven’t understood. When we know something, then it is possible for us to do something with what we know.

This is a shortened account. It is also my first thoughts about this. This is something I just now have started to understand. I also had a clear experience of a hindrance against writing about this. But when I started to write, it was easy to write one word after another.

December 10, 2017, David H. Hegg

198. Defenseless

Now I have been thinking about some few words, which was said when the person influenced me in 1975. It was after he had poured the rest of the contents in the glass into me. The person sat beside me, when I was lying on my back.

The person beside me, looked in the direction of the other person at the office, and asked about something, which had to do with for how long time ago, it was that it started. I don’t remember exactly what he said. But it was something about how long time it was since, and I think it had to do with what I had drunk from the glass. The other person answered something. Then the person beside me said, that then we can start. It must at least go “a time”, he said, which I don’t remember how much was. I was hazy in my mind at that moment. But I understood a little bit of what went on; what I had drunk had to work enough.

This was that he was taken up with how long time the contents in the glass had worked in me. And he was taken up with that the contents had to work for a stated time, before he could start to influence me. He was taken up with following his rules. It also seemed as if he wanted to hurry.

What I think about regarding this; is that when the effect of the drug or the drugs have worked long enough, then the person is mentally defenseless against the influences. I think about that the time it takes before the influences can begin, is the time it takes before the person has become mentally defenseless. When the person has become mentally defenseless, I think that is, that the person cannot counteract the influences mentally. The mental possibilities to counteract the influences have been eliminated.

I also have a short memory about how I became mentally reduced, when I stood and drank from the glass, in the beginning. My memory about that; is that I became reduced in a way, that I didn’t find out or understand. Just in the few seconds, when the person at the office got up to help me to lie down, I understood that I had become dizzy. It was as if I imperceptible disappeared mentally, without understanding what happened. This must be that my conscious mind lost its possibility to work correctly.

The person said to me, that I wasn’t quite well. I answered yes, and hadn’t any other thoughts in my head. I only thought that I wasn’t well. I was in a way, nearly empty of thoughts, (I can’t find a better way to describe it).

In this text, I only have been approaching to what this can be. I have started to think about that a person in that situation has become both physical and mentally defenseless and helpless. Both the muscles and the brain have been affected of the drug or the drugs.

One thing I have been thinking about, is that when a person has been influenced, the criminals maybe can influence the person to think that oneself has been awake all the time. For me, it wasn’t like that. Therefore this is something I only think. I think about that it among other things maybe can be possible for the criminals to influence a person to remember that one only had a cozy chat. And the more the person think about that, the more will the person start to remember from that cozy chat, which hasn’t happen. I think the most important for the criminals, is that an influenced person forgets about it all.

I don’t have any information about how the criminals do this. This is only something I have thought. It can be that they are doing this in different ways; I don’t know anything about that. What they did with me; went wrong for them. I don’t know what they finally had planned to do with me, because that didn’t happen. Even so, the person can have influenced something about that already before it went wrong. I have different wrong memory hallucinations about how it started and what happened. Such memory hallucinations can be understood, because they aren’t correct. In a larger and correct memory picture, such memory hallucinations can be uncovered and understood as wrong.

December 17, 2017, David H. Hegg

199. One’s will

How the criminals influence our wills, is important to find out about and understand. When we know what the criminals are doing, then we already can understand much because of that.

These influences are the criminals’ wills, which have influenced our wills. When we are influenced, then the influences influence us to want to do things. When we think that we have to do something, then that is, that the criminals want, that we have to do what they want.

How can it be possible for us to understand about this? Other people can always influence our wills. It is easy to understand that, when we know about how such things have been like that. But when it is the criminals, who have influenced us; then we don’t know about it. Such influences are also different from normal influences between people.

Influences by the criminals can typical develop step by step. Typical one’s thoughts are controlled by the influences, when an influence starts. Therefore it can be possible to understand it after some time. Sometimes an influence starts with the opposite, of what it is intended to be in the end.

When we understand that this goes on, then it also becomes natural to be more careful with everything.

These influences aren’t natural things inside oneself. That is difficult, but it also makes it possible to understand that it is something wrong, which happens inside oneself.

It is important to begin to care about what this is. Initially we are influenced, directly or indirectly. To start to be taken up with this, will more and more develop our understanding about what it is, which happens with ourselves.

To understand that one’s own will can be something wrong, isn’t something unusual. Influences by the criminals can be sly, but that is also something it is possible to understand. It is normal to think about what oneself want. When we have realized what the criminals are doing, then it has been possible for us to understand more and more about what it is.

It is important to develop one’s will against what this is.

December 23, 2017, David H. Hegg

200. When it took place

From January earlier this year, and until today, I gradually have remembered more about what happened the day I was “influenced”, December 29, 1975. I don’t remember the “influences”, but I remember clearly what happened before the “influences”. Some details can be indistinct, but in broad outline I now remember it all clearly. During this year, all the pieces in the big picture, in broad outline, have fallen into place about what happened. In the beginning earlier this year, it was fragmented and disconnected pieces in my mind. In this text, I will write about it in the way it is possible for me to do today. I will use some time, some days, but not much time. I will not look back on what I have written earlier this year, I will see what I now can write straight out of my head. It is now 42 years since this happened.

The first piece, which has fallen into place, is that I remember how I started to work in the bank. When it still was, that I was new at that place, the other electrician who I worked together with, said that he had taken some days off in connection with the national holidays in December regarding Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Because he then got a vacation for eleven days. The contact we had in the electrical company we worked for, had taken the same days off. I said that then I also could take these days off. But the other electrician said that it wasn’t necessary. It is always something to do here, so it will be something to do for you these days, he said.

Later the contact in our electrical company told me, that he just now had got a new job in the bank, which would be a proper job for me. It was a room near to the administration of the bank, which had been unused, that the bank now wanted to start to use. Because of that, it was necessary to do some work with the electrical installation in the room. This would take some time, and I could also have that job to do, when the other electrician and he had some days off. I was an apprentice, but because I was at the end of my apprenticeship, I could work alone now and then. The contact said that I didn’t have to care about the administration. I could care about the job, and not care about them, he said.

I started on this job before Christmas. The other electrician came now and then, and looked at how it went, and I didn’t have any problems with doing the job.

Just before Christmas, I told the contact in the electrical company that I had bought a notebook, where I had written down the phone number to our company. Then he said that I should get a phone number to another person in the electrical company, who I could phone. And I wrote that name and the phone number on the top of the first page of the notebook. This person hadn’t been cleared for security, therefore he couldn’t come into the bank. But I could phone him, and it was only a few minutes for me to walk to the electrical company and talk with him, if it was necessary. But everything went well with the job, and it didn’t look like it would be any problems for me when I was alone. The contact said to me, that if I got something else to do, then I had to call this other person, and get another order number for that job.

When my wife, our daughter and I celebrated Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24, 1975; we were together with my family at their place. When we sat at the dinner table, I told about the job I should do after Christmas, and that I should work alone. I talked about that it was a nice job, which I was doing there. I only talked about it for some minutes. I talked about that we used to have the first meal break at a café 9 AM to 9:30 AM, where we met other electricians from our company. And I said that I also should do that on Monday, when I worked alone. The second meal break, 1 PM to 1:30 PM, was at the canteen in the bank.

Monday morning, December 29, 1975; I came to the changing room as usual. The changing room was at the top of an old small building, on the other side of the street outside the bank. I had to go over the street, and around the corner, to come into the bank. I think I took a cup of coffee, before I went over to the bank. We couldn’t start to work before the bank had opened. Normally that was 8 AM, because that was the time it was possible to come into the rooms inside the bank. I wanted to come as early as possible, and because the room I worked in wasn’t locked, I had talked with the other electrician about that I could start 7:45 AM.

Pretty precisely 7:45 AM I went from the sidewalk and into the bank. The security guard knew me. I took the elevator up to the top floor, and walked over to the room where I worked. I had started to take out the tools and the things I should work with, when a person came and asked me to come with him. Before Christmas I had tidied all these things together. I remember the person as gray; gray‐haired, gray pants and gray jacket. I remember him as a little shorter than average height, and a little bit more plump than average size.

First, the person asked if it was I, who worked with the electrical installation there. I answered yes. He asked if I could come with him and look at something with the electrical installation. I said that he had started early on the job. He answered that it was much to do. I asked what it was. He said that it only was something they wanted, that I should look at. I asked if he could tell a little bit about what it was. But he repeat that they only wanted that I should look at something. I said that then I had to take with me some small tools. He answered that it wasn’t necessary, it was only something I should look at. I said that I had to write it on another order number. He said that it wasn’t necessary, because it was them who paid for it all. I said that I had to write different jobs on different order numbers. Then he said that it only would take a short time, it was near by, and it wasn’t much, he said. I said that I could fix the order number afterwards, if it took so much time, that it was necessary. I looked at the clock on my wrist, I think it was 7:52 AM, and then I went together with him. I think we only walked a few meters.

We came to a corridor outside a door. Three other people stood there. A dark‐haired person stood on the right side of the corridor, facing the door. I remember him as the youngest of them, with average height and size. He didn’t have gray clothing. It is impossible for me now to give a correct age. But I remember him as young, around 20 ‐ 30 years old maybe.

A gray person stood on the left side beyond the door. I remember him as with similar height and size, as the person who came for me. Beyond him again, stood the third person in the background. I remember him also as gray. These two are indistinct.

I am not sure about what was said first, but maybe the person who came for me, said; here we are. Maybe I asked what the problem was. The person who came for me, said yes, what is the problem. The dark‐haired said, oh, that; we have already put it in order. It wasn’t anything wrong. We only thought it was something wrong. But we found out that everything was in order. I am not sure about what the words exactly were. Maybe the person who came for me, said that then it isn’t something to look at. And the dark‐haired answered yes.

The dark‐haired talked to me, and said that they only wanted to talk with me. He said that they were there because they wanted to talk with me. I said something about that it maybe wasn’t so much to do because it was Christmas time. The dark‐haired said something about that they only were there because they wanted to be there, it wasn’t anything to do. I thought that the person who came for me, had much to do, and these other people didn’t have anything to do, that was odd. I am not sure about the order of these statements. I wondered in my thoughts about if they had fun with me, but I didn’t think about that it was something dangerous. But I found it odd. All the four people were friendly and glad.

The dark‐haired said that the person inside the office wanted to talk with me. And he asked me if I wanted to talk with him. I didn’t understand what he should talk about with me. But I answered yes, because I wanted to be polite. How this situation had developed these minutes, surprised me again and again, in a way I didn’t stop to think about. How the situation developed, took control over me, in a way I didn’t understand. I wondered if it could be that he wanted, that I should begin to work as an electrician in the bank, and I thought about that I didn’t want to do that, I wanted to continue to work in the electrical company I was employed by. The dark‐haired asked the others if the person inside the office was ready to talk with me. The person beyond the door, opened the door halfway; maybe he knocked at the door, and talked with the person inside the office. He opened the door completely, and said something about that I could go in and talk with him.

When I went in to the office, this situation had driven me through different happenings, which I hadn’t considered what were. I had some thoughts about that it could have to do with something about my work; the work I was doing, or maybe he wanted that I should start to work there. I thought about that I didn’t want, to begin to work as an employed electrician by the bank. I thought about that I shouldn’t be there for a long time, that I should hurry back to the work I was doing. I didn’t know who the person at the office was, but I think he was the senior executive and most important leader of that large bank.

I don’t remember exactly how we started to talk, but I remember it as if the person inside the office started to talk about, that I was working there. I think that is correct. He asked if I liked to work there. I answered that I liked to work there. I said that I was an apprentice, and that I was there because I should learn. I think he quickly asked me if he could offer me something to drink. It surprised me, I thought about that I shouldn’t think that this person was doing something wrong, and I thought that I had to be polite, and I answered yes. He said that he only had such glasses, that was a glass, which was a little too small for soda pop and such things. He asked if I liked what he took out from a cabinet behind him, I think it maybe was lemonade. I answered yes. I have also thought about that it could have been seltzer.

When he had given me the glass, he said that he just had drunk something, and that he wasn’t thirsty, and didn’t want to have something to drink himself. I think that I thought about, that I also just had drunk coffee at the changing room, and that I only had said yes to be polite. Now I think that all these people knew that I and the other electrician usually drank a cup of coffee before we started to work in the morning. And I now think that he also knew that, when he said that he just had drunk something, and didn’t want to have something to drink himself.

He said something about that I had to drink and enjoy the drink. He asked if it tasted good. I answered yes. The person made a comment about that I was standing. He said that he had set out a chair for me. I hadn’t thought to be there long, and said that I could stand. It is a good chair, he said. I don’t remember what I answered, maybe it was that I couldn’t be there long, so I was standing.

The person also talked about that I looked at someone in my electrician company, as my boss; and not him there in the bank, as my boss. I answered something about that I worked for my electrician company.

I think that the conversation changed, after the contents in the glass had started to get effect on me. And that he after that, started to ask me about my years of growth. He asked me about my first five years, and he asked about my years after that. He asked about if it was my parents and I, who lived in the little house in the garden, the first five years of my life. And he asked if it was we who lived in the row house we moved to in 1960. He also mentioned the location of the house. I remember it as he talked about that he knew something about that. It was some talk about these things. He also talked about that it was some people who didn’t like me der. I didn’t know anything about that.

I think there can have been some different talk, but this was a short period. I think that what was important for him, was to find out that I was the person, he thought I was. But I didn’t understand that when I stood there.

It hadn’t lasted long, when he said that I wasn’t well, and got up and helped me to lie down on a sofa or something similar. He said that I needed a doctor, and that I was lucky, because it was a doctor there.

He opened the door, and a person came in. He sat down beside me, and said that it was he, who had come and asked me to come with him. I remember it as if the other person said to him about me, that “it is him”. The person beside me, answered, “that is good”. The person beside me said that he was a doctor, and that he should help me. I had then become dizzy, and I understood that I couldn’t move my arms and my body. I understood that it was something wrong, which happened. The person beside me said that I needed something to drink. I remember it as if the other person said that he had saved this, and he gave the person beside me the same glass as I had started to drink from some minutes earlier. The person beside me said that it was good, and he lifted up my head with his left hand, and poured the glass into me with his right hand. There were some more talk, but not much.

I remember that the person beside me held a pocket watch in front of my face, and he let the pocket watch oscillate back and forth in front of my face. He said that I should look at that. He said that it would get me well again. I understood that he wanted to “influence” me. I thought that he mustn’t succeed in doing that. That is the last clear thoughts I remember that I had, before I don’t remember anything clear thoughts anymore. It is as if my clear thoughts stopped in that moment. Now I don’t remember any more thoughts after that. What I write here, is what I now have a clear conscious memory of.

After I had started to remember something about how the “influences” were done against me, earlier this year, I remembered that I in a way became halfway conscious, when I still was under control of how the person beside me was “influencing” me. I remember it as if I wake up into a darkness. In that moment I thought something about the person beside me, which was, that “you aren’t God, you are the Devil in hell, I don’t say anything to you”. Every time I remember this moment, I have a picture in my mind’s eye, of dark, smoky and lifeless ruins of war. I heard the person say that he didn’t get any answer. I ask questions, but I don’t get any answers; he said. He has fallen asleep, he said.

First, I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know what year or day it was. And I didn’t know anything about why I was there. Everything was dark for me, as if I only could here, but nothing else.

When the person at the office said; that now he should have been at the café, now they soon will start to miss him; I understood that he talked about the café where I should have been at 9 AM. He talked some more, and little by little I understood where I was. He said that now they maybe soon will phone and ask about me, then they had to say that everything is as it shall be, or something like that.

The person at the office said that I couldn’t remember when or where it was. I little by little understood that it was the first day I was working alone, and that it was Monday, when I worked there alone. They talked a little about such things, and I understood more and more where I was.

The person who “influenced” me, said that the “influence” couldn’t start again. So I only had to continue to sleep. He said that they never should say that word, so now he would be fired. The person at the office said no, this shall go well, he said. I shall talk with them, he said.

The person who influenced me, said that I couldn’t stand on my feet before after two hours. This started five minutes past eight, he said, so it must at least go two hours after that.

The person at the office talked about wars, and that they should manage to make wars. It was some talk about wars. I understood that they were doing something, which others didn’t know about.

The person at the office, said; that when he was in that room, then he understood it all so correctly.

The person at the office said that they had to be attentive about what happened to me. If something went wrong, they had to kill us all, he said. That had to be an accident, he said. We shall take them all, he said. We must find out what happens, he said. It was some talk like this.

The person at the office said that I wasn’t anything. He can’t manage to do anything, he said. He said that in the end, I had become so horrible, and that then they could be safe.

This is only some fragments. I don’t remember the order. But it wasn’t so much talk.

In the end, I thought that I had to sleep. Maybe they had said something about that they had to find out how I was, I don’t remember that. After that, I don’t remember more about this.

At once afterwards, and in the years after that, I haven’t remembered anything about this, before I started to remember it earlier this year.

I wake up and become conscious because I heard a bang. I sat up, and asked the person at the office if it was a bang. He answered that I maybe had heard a door be shut. He said to me that I had been a little unwell, and that he had let me sleep. He said that I now could go back to my work and continue my work.

I got up. When I walked back to my work, I noticed that my legs were weak. I remember that I saw a gray person who walked away the opposite way in the corridor. Now I remember him as the person who came for me in the beginning. Back on my work, I looked at my watch on my wrist, I think it was 10:07 AM. I became upset because I had lost two hours of my work. And I decided to work all the meal breaks at 9 AM, to take the time back.

I didn’t remember anything about what had happened. And I didn’t think anything about that something strange had happened. I only was taken up with my work.

I remember that I said to my wife when I came home, that something strange had happened on my job that day. I had fallen asleep, and that was inside a person’s office. That must be that I was very tired, I said. That can’t happen again, I said. I remember it as if I have said this, but it is difficult for me to be absolutely sure about that.

Later on the job, the contact in the electrical company said to me, that the bank was satisfied with the work I had done in the room.

It can also be, that it was some talk about that people in the electrical company, had been anxious because I didn’t come to the meal break at the café at 9 AM. Maybe they had phoned to the bank, and heard that everything was well with me. I have some memory about some such talk. I said that I had the meal breaks at the changing room. I only remembered that a person had asked me to look at something, but that it wasn’t anything.

Now it is no doubt about that this happened Monday, December 29, 1975. The whole picture of what happened, has clearly come back in my mind. Earlier it was impossible for me to remember this. Now it is easy for me to remember it. It is as if a covering has been removed, so it has been possible for me to remember it again. That shows that this has been “influenced” to disappear from my conscious memory.

This text is written right out of my head, and directly down in the text file. This is in its own way, correct, according to what is possible for me to do today. This also makes the text to a first draft.

December 29, 2017, David H. Hegg

201. One thing

Just now, I have been thinking about how the criminals have used their method, to influence people in different ways, in ways that have one thing in common. I think that this one thing, can be to divert the attention away from fundamental understanding about right and wrong, regarding the historical change of the understanding about the societies. I think that this change, is the change from what had been the way of thinking before circa 1900, to what became the way of thinking after circa 1900. This indication of time, is only something I do to bring the point in time far enough back in time. The correct point in time can be something else.

Because of that, I think we all have got different influenced ideas about things, which all of them have their intentions to divert our attention away from this fundamental way of stating the problem. I think this has to do with the core of the problem, which is a matter of course, which we all understand that is something correct to care about.

There has been something wrong, which it is correct to change to be right. I think this can be what the criminals divert the attention away from, in different ways for us all.

Instead of caring about this core of the problem, we start to disagree about other things instead, in ways that the criminals have influenced us to do.

January 5, 2018, David H. Hegg

202. Repairing the brain

Some days now, my thoughts have had some few words repeating in my mind. It is some words I experience that come from the influences against me. I don’t remember that the person, who influenced me, said these words. These words are words, that I think, that have their origin from the person, who influenced me. The same words have had this way of being for a long time. I think it can be as early as from the nineties. These words are: “This shall ruin your brain.”

All the time I have thought about what this can be. The last days, I have thought about that what happened in 1986; that was something, which ruined my brain. This was a situation the criminals had used ten years to make preparations for. I didn’t understand anything about what happened in 1986. The police ruined the relationship between my daughter and me repeatedly, in a surprising way that also ruined my relationship with her mother. I hadn’t done anything wrong. One the contrary, others had been doing something wrong against me. Because no one told me anything about what it was, I didn’t understand anything at all. In the end, I didn’t remember or didn’t understand anything about what had happened that year. Now I think that this ruined my brain. Again and again new things happened in ways, that I didn’t understand, which crushed everything inside my mind in my brain.

I think the criminals knew that this would ruin my brain. And they got other people to do this against me. It has taken many, many years for me, to repair my brain again. Actually, I have thought about that I have been repairing my brain all these years. In 1986, my brain become biological ruined. Afterwards I have repaired my brain again, by rebuilding it with my thoughts, in a way that have rebuild it in a biological way. I have thought that it was mental things, that ruined my brain. And I have thought about that mental things, can repair my brain again. I have thought that remaining unhurt pieces of my brain, can repair the ruined pieces of my brain.

This is the first time I have thought about that this situation ruined my brain. Earlier I have been thinking about what this can be; what these words can be. I have thought about that the criminals can start up ruinous development inside humans’ minds, in ways that can ruin their brains more and more over the years.

What has helped me, is that I have understood about this in a way, that have been more and more correct. And I think that correct understanding always can help. It is always important to be level‐headed and calm.

I think the influences in many ways; can work in many ways. I think that the influences by themselves; also can cause many different things. The influences can change one’s memory, one’s thoughts and one’s feelings, and many other things.

It is important to understand ruinous development as early as possible, and begin to find out about how to stop such things. Such things can be all things we humans can be and do. It can be inside one person, and it can be between friends, etc. It can also be in larger situations, countries and more. When we understand about such things, then we can start to find out about how we can change such things to the better. Such influences typical start with small things, and gradually develop to big things. It is important to find out about it as early as possible, and stop it.

January 12, 2018, David H. Hegg

203. Two influences

Some days ago, something happened when I was doing my newspaper round in the morning, which I thought I could write about. I understand this as something, which happened because of influences by the criminals.

For a building with two entrances with two staircases, I took with me the newspapers for both entrances into the backyard. Inside the first entrance, I laid the newspapers for the next entrance at the bottom of that staircase. When I went out of this entrance, I went out, without delivering the newspapers to the next entrance. I went pass the newspapers, and didn’t think about them or look at them.

On my way away from that place, I felt that I had done a mistake, but I couldn’t find out what it was. I was sure about that I had done everything correctly. After I had walked circa one minute out in the street, I started to think that I had skipped the next entrance. When I went back, I found out that the papers still where laying in the first entrance.

When I should have picked up the newspapers at the bottom of the first entrance, that slipped out of my mind. When I should have went towards the next entrance, that also slipped out of my mind. When I went out of the entryway for that place, I thought that I had delivered in both entrances.

This is an example of how such influences can work. This can be done in different ways by the criminals, and it is one of different things they can use these influences to. I think that influences like this, are general systematic influences, which work repeatedly in different ways.

I also did something remarkable some days later, at another place. I should deliver a book and two different newspapers to one door of other doors, and delivered only a book and one newspaper. Afterwards I had one newspaper too much left, but I was sure about that I had delivered correctly, and thought that I had taken with me one too much. Down on the street, I saw that I had one newspaper too much left, because this was the last place I delivered. When I went up again, I saw that I only had delivered one newspaper together with the book.

I was so 100% sure about that I had done it correctly, even I had done it wrong. That is also an example, that I was so sure, about that I had done it correctly, when I was influenced to do it wrong. When I delivered here, I was concentrated about the book.

These two examples show how such influences achieve their goals. The examples also show that it is possible to find out about it, when oneself has started to be attentive to how such things happen.

These influences can be different things. These examples show how the influences can work in a technical way, it is also possible to say in a mechanical way.

Because of the destructive influences by the criminals, it is necessary to do more than what we have thought, that it is necessary to do, to counteract destructive development in all ways. It is necessary to be actively against what this is all the time.

I have all the time been able to correct such things, when I am doing my newspaper round. I think that they have done so many things against me, that I understand it so much because of that, therefore I always find out about such things. Such influences must happen unexpectedly, and it doesn’t happen when I understand it and have become attentive of it. It happens when I have forgotten it. I think that these two examples are examples of influences, which shall make the influenced person more and more desperate and messy. Therefore it is important to be calm and balanced.

When I don’t become desperate and messy, the influences haven’t reached their goals, and the influences themselves don’t become so much; only a little, which it is easy to deal with by being calm and balanced.

Typical the influences are little, which try to get the influenced person to develop the influences to become more and more, and worse and worse. When that doesn’t happen, it still only is a little. By understanding about it, the influences can be as nothing, and nearly as nothing. But it is necessary to continue to care about what this is, otherwise the influences can start again, and develop as they are meant to be.

February 18, 2018, David H. Hegg

204. A little bit wrong

I have thought about that if I had sat down in the chair, when I became “influenced” December 29, 1975, then I maybe had been “influences” to remember, that I had sat there and talked all the time. Maybe I could have been “influenced” to not remember; that I had been away from normal conscious state. Maybe I afterwards had remembered a long conversation about insignificant things, which I had been “influenced” to remember.

I have been thinking about that the criminals can be able to hide, what really has happened, when a person has been “influenced”. If so, then an “influenced” person doesn’t has any memory about, that something suspicious has happened.

I don’t know what the criminals usually do, when they are “influencing” people in other situations. When they did this against me, it can be that everything went a little bit wrong, and not as it should has been.

March 18, 2018, David H. Hegg

205. The real causes

Because these “influences” “influence” us in many different ways, it is necessary to find out about this in a way, which is similar to archaeological excavation. Carefully we must find out about what these things are. Beforehand; we don’t know what it is. We must find out as much as possible; and look at, and understand about, what we find out. What we then find out, is something we don’t have any opinion or understanding about from before. Typical the criminals have “influenced” everything, and because of that, we don’t have anything correct to compare with. We have to start to understand the “whole picture” from the very beginning. All the facts of the matters have been “influenced” in “influenced” connections to one another. Things as cause and effect, right and wrong and good and bad; for example, are influenced all of it. The criminals have influenced us to get different wrong opinions and disagreements about different things.

The causes are the hidden “influences” by the criminals, which we haven’t known about. The effects are all the visible and the noticeable things, which we have known about. When we know about the criminals, then we have started to find out about what the real causes are. Typical the criminals have played everything off against one another. For example; people, ideas, feelings, social groups, countries, etc. In this way, the criminals have mowed the “whole picture”.

Important things have also been “influenced” to disappear from our attention, so we also lack to think and understand about different things. When we stat to know about and understand all of this, then such disappeared things start to come back in our minds again.

The criminals have falsified the whole reality, which we have comprehended. The criminals have “influenced” to all kinds of new things, which they have thought out, within all different doings.

The criminals have given us different understandings about how some things must be; which are wrong understandings about how these things must be.

Regarding how our societies and the whole world function, it seems clear that work is something, which the criminals have changed what is. I think that work must be the fundamental basis for the societies, and for the whole world. What the criminals have done, is to make trickery as the fundamental basis, for what work is. In this last section, I only introductorily have pointed out this question about what work really must be. Of course we humans do many different things, also other things than work. But in a wider sense, many different things can be described as honest work. When this is correct, then it is possible for people to work more, to make things better for themselves, for the societies, and for the whole world. The criminals are swindlers.

April 15, 2018, David H. Hegg

206. Supply and demand

The supply has got the power over the demand. Supply controls the demand. This is that the supply controls the people.

If the people had had what they demand, then they had had a good life, in the way as they had wanted to have it themselves. This had been that the people have the power.

This is a simplification of this.

I think the criminals understand that they “influence” it to be like this, and that they “influence” this situation to be more and more enforced. They “influence” it to look like that it has to be this way.

Societies don’t need to be in one particular way. Societies can be developed in a way the people want it to be. It is an infinity of possibilities for how societies can be, and all of them can work fine.

May 15, 2018, David H. Hegg

207. Color polarization

I think that the criminals have polarized how colors are used; between excessive colorless, and excessive colorful. At one side, almost everything is grey. At another side, colors overflow almost everything. Grey asphalt and concrete, create a strong contrast to a psychedelic use of colors. Here I only have mentioned a simple example. There are many other thigs to bring into focus regarding this.

I have started to think about this, because of how I have started to understand that the criminals have “influenced” me to mess with colors, when I shall redecorate the apartment where I now live. It also seems like, that the criminals have “influenced” me to begin with this redecoration in a way, that should have ended with, that I only started and never got ready. First it was a little I started to do, but afterwards it has become more and more, until it had become too much. Simultaneously the small apartment has been filled up with more and more things which are in the way, and make it difficult for me to do something here. It is now only a few days since I changed the color I have used on my walls. I used a very light color which is nearly white, but not completely white. That makes it look like it is more open in a small room, than a darker color had done.

At one side, it is a little bit dull that everything is white. At another side, it looks like a mess when too many colors are used in a messy way. But when different colors are used in a fine way; then it is something very fine with using different colors. It is different ways of using colors in fine ways.

Earlier there were shops called “color shops” (fargehandlere) in Norway, where I live, these “color shops” have now disappeared. These “color shops” sold colors, which were different sorts of paint and similar things. Today there are other types of shops which sell paint, and none of them call themselves “color shops”.

Now after I have finished this text, I started to think about that the criminals polarize many things. And I thought that love and hatred also can be a polarization, which the criminals are “influencing” people to get.

June 21, 2018, David H. Hegg

208. The violin

Now the last weeks, when I have been doing up my apartment, which is a one‐room flat; I have started to understand something I just now have understood. Christmas Eve 1975, which is the eve December 24, here in Norway; my wife, our child and I; were together with my family, where I had lived before we got married. Below there are two pictures of our child, my wife and me. I had used the self‐timer, and these two pictures are cut out from one picture, where we are sitting around the dining table.

When we should travel home again afterwards, I got an impulse about taking with me the violin, which I had learned a little about how to play by myself, when I lived there. I had a textbook about how to play. My father drove us home, and when we should go out to the care, I walked to the room I had had, and took with me the violin. It was a violin I had bought used in one of the music stores I knew about, which I didn’t pay much for. But the violin was fine; it was only marked by being used.

When we were at home, I talked with my wife about that we could play together. She had a guitar, and we could play guitar and violin together, I said. My wife agreed. I said that guitar and violin were a little unusual, but that we could manage to find out about something we could play together. My wife liked the idea, and became in good humor. One of the days afterwards, before I had been on my work again after the Christmas festival, I played a little on the violin, which I hadn’t used for some time. It is fun to play musical instruments. Below there is a picture which my wife took of that, she said I played so fine. On the right side there is a little part of her guitar.

Now I understand that this is something the criminals have “influenced” me to newer do again. It seems like that this is something, which has been done very thoroughly by the criminals.

Christmas Eve was December 24, and five days later, December 29, the criminals “influenced ” me. After that I put away the violin, and I have never played on it a little bit a single time afterwards. I didn’t remember anything about what my wife and I had talked about. I think I said that the sound of the violin would disturb others.

What is the point regarding this; is that when I bought an electric piano, when we became separated and later divorced some years later, that was because I was “influenced” to that the electric piano should take my attention away from the violin.

The electric piano also only had five octaves. The piano I had played on earlier had seven octaves, which was necessary for some of the music I had played. Among others; In the Hall of the Mountain King by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg. I had played music by Edvard Grieg because I thought that he should teach me to play piano. I learned it by myself with musical notes by Edvard Grieg.

So this with the violin and the electric piano, is something I not have understood before now the last weeks, when I have been doing up the flat. The most important “influence” regarding this, was that I never shouldn’t play the violin again.

It also seems like that doing up the flat should has been too much, and been done too difficult for me. But now I sit by the desk again, and it isn’t so much left to do. I have rebuilt the same desk as I had in 1986. Everything after 1975 has been “influenced” by the criminals. So after 1975 I only have been a scatterbrain. But they haven’t wanted that I should start to find out correct about these things, so that is something I do by myself.

July 21, 2018, David H. Hegg

209. The relations between

The poverty gap isn’t a natural phenomenon. It is an artificial phenomenon caused by humans. It is the differences in such ways, which is what people create. The criminals “influence” to create such negative differences.

Natural differences between people are something positive, such differences make us varied, in ways which enrich us as humans. Such positive differences don’t make differences in human value. It is something positive that we are different in positive ways.

Humans are social creatures, and it is important for us to be clever in social ways. Of course there also are many other ways we humans can be clever.

“Influences” by the criminals are typical about the relations between the influenced person and other people. It is the relations between the “influenced” people, which are what the criminals typical want to achieve. It is the relations between the different “influences”, which typical are the criminals’ results.

I think about that when this started back in time, maybe around 1900; then things had started to look brightly. In that way; that people had started to get rid of old delusions and wrong ideas about things. But after the criminals have started with their “influences”, things have started to look gloomy again. When we start to understand about what the criminals have done, then things can start to look brightly again. In that way; that we start to understand correctly again.

August 21, 2018, David H. Hegg

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