233. Stuff and nonsense

When I was out on my newspaper round yesterday, Saturday, it had first been snowing and been cold weather for many days. But yesterday it was rainy and mild weather. From the roofs there hang large icicles, and on top of the roofs there also were ice. Several places there were large lumps of ice on the ground, which had fallen down from the roofs, sometimes they could be the size of bricks. A couple of times I also heard slides of snow from the roofs, nearby where I was. After one to two hours’ time, I had been walking and thinking about that it is highly dangerous to be out here today. All the time I thought about that this is highly dangerous, here you may die at any time.

When I entered one of the stairways, I became so giddy that I swerved to the left side, when I walked a few steps up the stairs right after the entry to the stairway. The left side was toward the wall. This lasted for a few seconds, and passed off again after circa one minute. Then I thought, that this was an “influence” that said, that there you died. I felt giddy and unwell a couple of minutes. After five minutes it wasn’t much I noticed. After circa ten minutes everything was as usual. And after that I haven’t noticed any more.

After I had come home, and had been sleeping, and I had been awake for some hours, so that it had been Sunday; I started to want to write about this. Then it came out in me; what I repeat under Sunday. This became as if something I repeat that was replayed in me. All of this is weakly and diffusely, but even so it goes on in me as something I repeat. One comes after the other, and I conduct myself to it as something I get to know. When I stop, then I think; that this is something, but now I have to stop. This easily becomes something I only make up, I think, so now I have to stop when I think that it can be something correct with this.

I connect this to what I wrote in the text “231. Two days more” January 27, 2019. But I don’t perceive any other connection; than that I think, that it is a connection. What I have written in these two texts, are experienced as two separate things. I don’t remember any connections or successions in how I have been “influenced”.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

There you died.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

You shall always be pitiful and cowardly in all your earlier friends’ eyes, from now on and until when this happens. You die simply one day, of this simple decision over you. You died simply only you now David, from all what I have done to get you away from this Earth, as fast as it is possible to do from today. So now this is for ever been sealed by me here today one’s last word to you, you shall die because you have to die of all I have done against you here today. With that, this is now completely finished from me to you here now.

You shall never come out of this power over you any other time, than by to die. With that, it is over with you and all your talk about how important it is with the working class and its influence over everything here in the society. You are namely only an oaf and a fool who only simply have to be exterminated, so that our mighty power again shall conquer all over here on the Earth one day in the future, when you a long time ago are dead and buried, at a place where no one care about who you have been ever more.

With that you never more are the one you have been more, ever more here on this Earth, you traitor of our secret power over everything that you shall have to be cowed under and be crushed under, by all our mighty power which is hidden for both you and all your equals here.

At my office here today, I have namely decided that you shall only be to ours advantage, and to your own class of the community’s drawback and destruction, of all your possibilities you could be able to have in you from now on, which not will be other than possibilities to talk nonsense and make a mess of things entirely terrible, with everything you care about to do something with. So goodbye to the working class and its power here on our Earth, because that is ours, and not yours ever.

Bye‐bye, I say, and so I am again and again, finished with you in so many different ways, that you never can be yourself no matter what you could be able to be here in our little world, here where you are, namely at Oslo’s best West End, where you work for us you. And you shall always have to do that, as far as it is some life left in you. Because of that you will be so damaged inside yourself, that you in the end not can be capable of working more you, simply only.

So from here you will never be able to succeed with something else more, than stuff and nonsense. You have been a dead person already here now today you namely. By this, you lie there and are dead you now David, and only sill live because of what I have said to you that shall be you from now on. Namely stupid and idiotic in your outer being, but wise and sensible in your inner imagination about yourself, you only. Ha, ha, ha, so stupid you have been, we all say to you here we today. Because when this one day have come out in you, then you namely already are dead you. Because only after your death, you can find out about all of this in you, you.

February 10, 2019, David H. Hegg