237. The same cause

Poverty and luxury are two circumstances which are in contrast to each other. These are relative terms. To reinforce this contrast, it is possible to say extreme need and great luxury. A word regarding both these circumstances; is that both are wrong. My reason to put forward this way of stating the problem, is that I think about that the criminals have “influenced” to both circumstances, in a way which is thought to be bad for both. The criminals use people they “influence” in different ways, to obtain something these people don’t know anything about. It is all of it that is bad, everything the criminals have “influenced” it to be. And poverty and luxury are two parts of it all, and in that way they are to circumstances which are included in it all. This contrast is a part of the criminals’ plan.

It is true that real human values form the basis of real human joy and happiness. Think about how much joy it can be possible to get because of something little; and how little joy it can be possible to get of something much. The criminals understand this, and ruin what real human values are.

People haven’t chosen what they are “influenced” to, and they hadn’t wanted to be used in such ways. People had wanted something else, and that is something the criminals have taken away from them all, by using the “influences”. Poverty is unnecessary. And people can have many things that don’t mean anything for them, that is also unnecessary.

What I have in mind when I start to write this text, are that the poverty in poor countries is something artificial, and the luxury in rich countries is also something artificial. The criminals haven’t “influenced” to artificial conditions to make people happy, the criminals use people in malicious ways, which people haven’t understood themselves. The criminals create artificial need and suffering, artificial destruction and difficulties, artificial wishes and needs, artificial joy and happiness, etc. All of these different “influenced” conditions cover up what people really had wanted to do, and how they really had wanted to live. What all the people had wanted; is something else, something else in all ways. This has to do with it all. This indicates how the criminals can have built up a kind of total artificial control.

Think about how children can have more joy with creating something; by playing with simple things as small sticks and small stones, than by playing with large and expensive toys. The adults are grown up children. The criminals understand such things.

Both poverty and luxury have the same cause, and the cause is the criminals, and what they are doing. Therefore it is a connection between poverty and riches. When thinking in this way, it is also possible to bring in one more aspect; that is war. Therefore there are connections between war, poverty and riches. This is a theorization about what this is; which think about this in a theoretical way. People’s personal situations are subjective circumstances. These have subjective aspects. But in this text I think about an objective theorization about this, which is that way of stating the problem.

Subjective and objective circumstances have to do with each other, because we exist as social creatures. In our history there typical have been made many lies regarding this, which have resulted in artificial and false ways of life.

A theorization puts forward a theoretical way of looking at this. The criminals also do that, they don’t care about people’s personal situations at all. The criminals want to ruin for us with what they are doing, and they don’t want that we shall understand such things in a correct theoretical way. The criminals want to have this theoretical way of looking at this, as their power over us. When we don’t understand this, then we come under power of their theoretical understanding about how they trick us, which they hide for us. This is about different things; such as how to have a meaningful life, how to be humans who live together in a correct way, the difference between a natural and an artificial mode of living, how to be good humans, etc. I think about that the richest, of whom many typical are “influenced” as others, can care about this together with all the others, we all are “influenced” by the criminals.

When I thought about writing this text, I thought about poor and rich parts of the world. I thought about that the criminals have “influenced” it to be like this in the world. The poor live in an “influenced” situation, where they don’t have what they need. The rich also live in “influenced” situation, where they buy things they don’t need. I thought about that this is something wrong in connection with each other, with both these situations. And it is something wrong with this whole situation, with poor and rich parts of the world. I thought about that the criminals have “influenced” to artificial needs in rich parts of the world. The criminals want that the poor can’t buy what they need, and they want that the rich shall buy things they don’t need. For the poor, this is an artificial poverty. For the rich, this is an artificial luxury.

I think the criminals want to make the masses of people passive, and to make individuals active. Therefore that has to do with what has changed today. Only a few people are of importance. The great majority of people is as nothing. The beginning of our modern political development around 1900, was characterized by a peaceful political activation of the masses of people. This activation wasn’t only political, but in many other ways also, it was in all human ways. The great majority of people were of importance.

The old societies were formed by subjective intentions. The new modern ways of thinking around 1900 were formed by objective intentions. The criminals want to get back their own subjective intentions, and they ruin for an objective political development.

The criminals do both history falsification and contemporary falsification.

I have also thought about that something typical with the literature after the printing houses started to make books, is that people who behave good do right, and people who beave malicious do wrong. This is only one of many other aspects of what different kinds of books have meant. But the criminals also have their own books from the same period, which aren’t written for all people; and that are dangerous books, which we today don’t know about.

The criminals’ power is to betray. What they look at as their right, is to do wrong and be unfair against others.

After I have finished this text, I start to think about what an “influence” is. And I started to think that “influences” are that you shall do this and that, you shall like this and that, you shall not like this and that, you shall want this and that, you shall be glad, you shall be sad, you shall be friendly, you shall be angry, you shall love, you shall hate, you shall this and that, etc.

March 7, 2019, David H. Hegg