240. Some thoughts

The development today doesn’t give us humans freedom. The development today makes us to be slaves of the development. This is something the criminals want that shall be like that. We become slaves by the constantly higher speeds, more traveling, profitability, consumption, poverty and need. These words here, are only to indicate that I think about technical, cultural and other developmental processes. Today we haven’t developed our way of life; we have developed a way of being used.

Today it isn’t we who decide what the development shall be. Now it is the development that decides over us. We don’t form the development. The development forms us. It is the criminals who make it to be like this.

The only way to come free from this; is to find out about it and understand it. That is something we will do by ourselves, and not by the “influences” by the criminals. We must begin to come out of deadlocked opinions and understandings.

Private motoring creates collective and public problems, which hit back on the individual. Public transport solves that problem, which is to the benefit for the individual. This problem comes into being because we today become so many people at some places. You aren’t free when you are stuck in traffic jam. A collective way of thinking can make you more free. This is an example of how it is possible for the individual to be more free by collective thinking; and how the individual can be less free by individual thinking.

A car can be an expensive way of taking away your freedom. It is possible to be a slave of a car, and slaves of the cars. Alone on the road with a care, you are free. In a traffic jam, you aren’t free. Together we can be free. One by one we can’t be free. Traffic jam is collective stupidity, and not individual cleverness.

Depopulation from the rural areas, and influx of people to the cities; are also a problem.

To drive cars on a continuous airfield from one place to another place is also unreasonable. Then it is better to travel with an airplane from one airfield to another airfield. If that becomes too much, of course the sky always will be dark by airplanes, like cloudy weather. Therefore that is an example of how we humans face many challenges because of what the criminals have done. Traffic jam in the sky will only make a new problem for us. Our challenges are first of all of sensible nature, and not first of all of economic nature. Economic development can ruin the whole world.

When we understand correctly, then it will be possible for us to manage all these challenges. It depends on correct knowledge and correct understanding. Typical that is how many different things work together in different ways, which we have to find out about how are.

Why shall we travel so fast? That is also an important question. People don’t have time to live any longer. Earlier a journey from one place to another place could be a great event. Today that has become cruises with cruise ships, which not shall anywhere, only travel.

This is only an easy example. There are much more different things to understand in similar ways. This is also only one side of something more. The whole situation is a complex of many different things. Exactly transportation; maybe has to do with that the criminals want to break local communities into pieces, and get them to crumble away. We shall travel away our lives. How the criminals have gotten our lives under control of their “influences”, has to do with everything we today are doing in all different ways.

How I here have written about transportation, is only one of many other things I also could have written about, regarding how we have become slaves of the development.

Earlier in our history, there was talk about that the working class should unite and show solidarity. Those who didn’t show solidarity, ruined for all. Together it was possible to be free, one by one it was impossible to be free. This was a historical epoch which the criminals ruined. Today it is relevant to say the same about all people in the world. We must unite and show solidarity, and at the same time keep the cultural and individual diversity for everybody.

The criminals have “influenced” us to believe in ideas with the intentions to ruin for us.

March 28, 2019, David H. Hegg