239. The contrary

The criminals have set apart from humankind, and don’t want to belong to that. They behave in that way; that they shall not be fellow human beings, and that they can do all kinds of malice against others. In that way, they have been as personifications of the devil. Their way of being has been the contrary to all positive human ways of being.

They are weak, cowardly, false, deceitful, evil in seemingly kindly ways, and transform into all kinds of ways of being to be able to betray others. They use all ways of bad behavior. They behave as personifications of the devil. They are dangerous in a weak way.

The criminals get others to be enemies, betray one another, and being false and untrustworthy. They use the whole gamut of all the worst that it is possible to do.

As fast as you rely a little bit on the criminals, they start to betray you.

March 21, 2019, David H. Hegg