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A meeting

A human's opportunity for achieving understanding is best when it has the best basis for its thinking. Human understanding functions in different ways according as what it is about. Our ability to understanding therefore adapts to what we want to understand. It is an ability which we can use in a good way, similarly as it is with other human qualities. To come forward with your understanding, you have to be aware of keeping your thought to the truths.

Unconscious and conscious untruths from the sources which forms the basis for our understanding, is something important to disclose. If the worst comes to the worst, such untruths can damage ones development of understanding.

How it is possible for someone to assert oneself by using lies and bluffs and such, is something necessary to be on the watch towards because it is a weakness someone now and then can be yield to the temptation to give way for.

After writing these three paragraphs I began thinking that the enemies to mankind are not humans; the enemies are untruths, incorrect notions, and wrong understanding and the like; and what such things are doing with humans. What it is that starts conflicts, is something important to focus on. Why do humans sometimes not want to understand what is true? That is also something important to focus on.

A butterfly for example has not decided how it looks and what kind of natural qualities it has. It is the same with a human. Nor a human has decided how it looks and what kind of natural qualities it has. To understand about the humans and the nature, are something we need to understand that are something to understand. We humans understand more than butterflies, something which is one of our natural qualities it is useful for us to understand that we can use in a very good way. Such an understanding regarding humans and the nature is a meeting with something it is possible for us to understand.

Our fantasy is in its way something favorable, but it is not the same as understanding about facts.

January 11, 2011, David H. Hegg

Unused resources

Man's fundamental possibility is his intellectual capacity. It is said that this ability by the humans is much bigger than we have developed it to be today; and that is something we have every reason to understand that is correct. This is man's most important possibility. Therefore, all men have more intellectual resources than they develop.

During the first years of life the children learn to be humans. While growing up and later in life humans can develop its abilities, learn knowledge, and be able to understand the world and the situation around themselves. In this text I direct the attention on how we can learn to master our circumstances of life, understand, overcome difficulties, and solve problems. There are also many other important sides of life which I am not writing about here.

I want to focus on how we humans on Earth have great unused possibilities to understand, overcome, and solve our problems and gain good quality of life for the humans in the whole world. It is impossible for one person to do all the work which is needed to make the whole world a better place, but it is possible for all the humans in the world together to do all the work which is needed to make the whole world a better place. Inside every person on Earth, there are great unused resources and possibilities every single place where the humans live. It is possible to activate these great resources, but it has to be done right and not wrong.

To find a way to activate these human resources are neither so difficult nor so easy. In my whole adult age, I have thought that the problems on Earth are because of errors, which can be straightened. Not all of our problems on Earth are in this way, but many are. There are no boundaries between the humans on Earth because the Earth is round. There are different systems as countries and such, which organize our lives on Earth, but there are no natural boundaries between us. All humans can understand each other and start to cooperate no matter where they come from.

People can understand about how to cooperate instead of fighting against each other, in that way they can reach a better life for themselves and their children. Conflicts and wars break down people's possibilities to understand their situation, so they no longer know how to gain a better life. This is one example; there are many other situations where humans can start to do things much better than they do today. And what every single person starts to work for can lead to many good results.

The art of printing led to a great jump forward for us humans. It seems possible that the new technologies today can lead to a new great jump forward one more time.

Historical developed notions have led to different ways of thinking. Therefore it is necessary to listen to each other and show consideration towards each other. The words are our greatest possibility towards each other, not the weapons.

A person, who kills another person because that person talks the truth, has not defeated the truth. The opposite can also be said: To kill a liar is not the same as defeating the lie.

The truth, and the truth about the lie; are the superior factors.

February 23, 2011, David H. Hegg


The knowledge about how we humans have great immanent unused intelligent abilities; is an understanding about that it exists great unused possibilities here in the world where we live together with each other. We know that all different individuals everywhere around the world have plenty of valuable resources, which can be realized into positive results. Intelligent abilities are both practical and theoretical; in the human mind, it is combinations between the practical and the theoretical which are under development. Of course we humans have many other qualities than only practical and theoretical abilities, such as human compassion, dependability, creativity, and much more.

The reason for why I think about this; is that these resources inside of all the humans are valuable possibilities we all have at the disposal everywhere in the world. Today; valuables are associated with money. But there are things which not can be bought for money; for example the whole world. If we humans go too far with the meaning of the money, it begins to look like the same as slavery; that things are sold and bought, which are wrong to sell and buy. Buying and selling have been a necessary function in the world today. But it is important to clearly find out and understand where the limits go, for what it is correct or not correct to sell and buy. Our development of knowledge arises out of the cultural evolution of mankind; as a result of how we socialize with each other from different places. And it is correct that we share the possibilities of the knowledge with each other in the world.

I think that this world is still young, and the possibilities of mankind have yet only started to develop. Self awareness there the individuals understand about themselves, and social awareness there the individuals understand about themselves as parts of the community; are two dimensions there are important to understand about and develop. It has to do with how the development of mankind can succeed in its further development. Already immediately within the foreseeable future it is possible to gain much by getting the humans' human possibilities working around in the world. Humans' hopeless stagnated inactivity towards their situations is something important to change. All humans are very clever beings who can achieve great results, and these possibilities are the humans' basis for sensible development everywhere on this planet.

I think that our humaneness and immanent human abilities are brought into our lives in this world from something important outside this universe from earlier than this universe existed. Such thoughts have to do with something absolutely exact and concrete; our situation is that we do not know what it is, which is so far away from our knowledge about it. We do not know what it is, but it is something real. Therefore, these are important things.

Through long historical periods of time, global injustice has developed on the Earth. This is due to ignorance and deficient mental development by the human race. We cannot continue like this if we want to develop further ahead like humans. That is because it is no doubt about that it is a responsibility connected with being humans.

Sly political oppression which subdues people and hinders them in developing their possibilities; is something it is possible to clear up and understand about. During the last centuries; this problem has been described in different ways in attempts to try explaining what it is. This has to do with crimes connected to the development of the human race. I write about it this way because I want to point out that this is a not so easy matter. Much important work have been don before today, and more important work have to be don from today regarding this problem. If we want to develop like humans; and that is what we want to do; then we must care about this topic.

March 23, 2011, David H. Hegg

The important knowledge

How much can it be possible for us humans on Earth to develop our abilities? Every individual has to start from the beginning in its personal development. But the cultural development has a very great influence on a person's development. Here I have asked a question no one of us humans can give a correct answer to.

There exists a correct answer for every single question; but it is not always possible for us humans to find the correct answer even though we sometimes can. Therefore, there exists a correct answer to the introductive question in this text too, but we humans do not know what that answer is. Is it possible; that the answer is given from the beginning of this world's existence? We do not know that either, but it is not unthinkable. What is impossible; is that our existence has arisen out of nothing. That this existence has arisen out of something we can think can be the opposite of nothing; is therefore not unthinkable that either. So, we can be sure of that it is much we do not know about.

The reader maybe understands that I have a tendency to ask such questions, like I have done in this text. That is how it is. I have developed a tendency to ask such questions; for afterwards to start thinking about the questions. I think that the reader also can think. Questions we do not find answers to, can still be valuable because such questions bring us to other questions we can find answers to, and we come further with our understanding. Of course the reader also knows that only the truths are the right answers. And here we have reached an important knowledge; only honest people understand how bad and dangerous liars are; the liars do not understand that, themselves. It is thinkable that the humans on Earth can develop their abilities very much; but if the liars get the control over the world, the humans will end up like prisoners within the liars lies where they do not find out about the truths because our development will stop by the lies. It is important that the truths win against the lies regarding the humans, the world, our existence, and such.

Such lies give the liars power over other humans they do to prisoners of their lies. Such liars do not want to lose their lies because then they also lose their power, which only are lies. This is something very old in this world, and it becomes more and more dangerous as the development of our civilization in the world developing more and more.

It is something important to think about, that to protect the lies, it is necessary to ban the truths. The liars commit an intricate activity which it is important to understand much about. Typically, our world today shows signs of intricate power games, which have been using lies, which have been outplayed from everywhere in this world in our history until this day. It is not good, it is bad. It is funny for all the idiots, but not for others. The whole world is being ruined because of it.

April 23, 2011, David H. Hegg


Learning from different parts of the world gives grounds for cultural and economical development in a country. To be a developed country is what all countries in the world want to be. After these two sentences it is possible to say; that to be a developed world, with all countries included, will be the best for the whole world to be too. And what is best for the whole world; will again be the best for each country. Therefore; to cooperate with each other in a friendly way; will not only be best for all, but also for oneself. It is much better to be friends than enemies, both for the whole world and each country, and at last also for every single human on this planet. And good friends respect each other. Love is stronger than hate. Love builds up, but hate breaks down. Good friends can be hard to find in this world these days, but that is something we should be strongly preoccupied of to change in this world, so good friends not continue to be so hard to fine from now one. Good friends are something better to be than bad enemies. It is so easy to be good and so complicated to be bad. If we all stop hating our enemies, we all can be able to develop peaceful friendships instead, and that is something much better to give away to our children, than hate. Why so much hate and tears instead of love and smiles?

May 22, 2011, David H. Hegg

Who are the swindlers?

To be brutal rulers is a result of being detestable losers as victims of one's own weaknesses. Our history shows many examples of people who have moved forth with brutality against people and taken dominion over them that way. These are terrible mistakes, which have been built in to our previous history in the world. These mistakes in our previous history belong to some of the most important challenges we are facing today. There is no doubt about that we have seriously mistakes built in to our history, and it will be an even more seriously mistake not to realize it.

A human is not more than a human; that is an inevitable matter of fact. The more some people try to deviate from that matter of fact; they more end up with being real idiots who believe the opposite themselves. This is a matter of fact which is equal to that the Earth is round and not flat. No matter what someone can try to contend; this is impossible to change. Therefore, this is strong knowledge which we must understand about.

It is well known in this world how the people one day adores one's leader and the next day blame the same person. It is possible to call it mass idiocy, something which is very dangerous. People also have themselves to blame when this has happened. It weighs heavily responsibility on both parts in such conflicts; and solutions must be found so further development can succeed.

Have you heard about the Danish author, fairy tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen 1805 - 1875? In 1837 he wrote a fairy tale called The Emperor's New Clothes. And this fairy tale shows something, which has to do with what I write about here. Two swindlers play the lead; they influenced the Emperor to do something stupid, and the whole mass of people dared not to say it because they all did as the others, except a little child. Who are the swindlers in our world today? And what are they doing?

June 24, 2011, David H. Hegg

Equal human worth

Branch of government, and power in that context, is something important to understand about. This has to do with the relationship between the humans. And for the humans the relationship between them is the very most important. Therefore, a properly understanding regarding this subject is necessary, to gain a good situation for us humans. This text is only a resuscitation attempt, for a several hundred years old topic, regarding equal human worth in proportion to the branch of governments.

When thinking on this topic, thought about the determining decision over what we humans are, comes in my thoughts. We humans have not decided what we are. We must understand what we are. That means we also have to understand how we best can organize our societies. No humans are able to make oneself to be the ruler over what the humans are. So no humans have that power. What the humans exist like; is the deciding factor.

Is there a deciding power over the humans, the nature, and the universe? This is a logical question, and a logical answer is yes. Although the answer is yes, this deciding power is something unknown for us humans here on Earth. The only logical answer it is possible to get from such thoughts; is that we humans can understand, and we shall understand.

Is it possible to understand what is right? An answer starts with thoughts about that to understand, is the humans' highest possibility. The next, is thoughts about that to fulfill the humans' immanent resources by all of us; will bring very good results for all of us. We have grounds to understand that it is a human reaction in every single human, which has to do with what is right or unfair regarding one selves; and also regarding other individuals. It is possible to understand that the development of mankind is a higher level than the individualistic level. These thoughts show that it is possible to understand about what is in the right direction, and what is in the unfair direction. We can think that it is right to submit to true and right understanding.

I am not a member of any religion or political group. I am afraid of fanatic tendencies because such tendencies force people to think after a scheme and do wrong to gain the aim. Therefore, I do not have many convictions. The only conviction I think about that I have, at this moment; is that it is a fundamental crime not to believe in good in mankind. (If life has become so bad for someone that it is impossible to believe in good any more, the right thing to do is to let other humans in peace for one's disillusioned thoughts, and let them try to win good without ruin it for them.) It is also wrong not to understand that some humans can have become completely evil against other humans than themselves, such humans are dangerous criminals. I often think that we humans find what we gain. The wheel for example, back in history we humans found the wheel. The wheel was a possibility; otherwise we could not have found it. We humans find possibilities. If we search for good, we find it. What you and I can think today, is a result of what we humans have done so far. We are really a very great community.

The French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen 1789 article 1. Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good. And the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 article 1. All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. These historical occurrences show how strong the right to equal human worth has been led forth the last centuries. That tells us that there is a strong need for doing so, and that it is dangerous to forget about that. This is something which not comes easy. We have just only started, we are not finished.

These declarations which only are two out of several other similar declarations; are proclaimed in a period of time when this became something understandable and important. And understanding about equal human worth is really something important for us humans. It is important not to be oppressed; and it is important not to be an oppressing Devil. In the societies round about in the world the branch of governments regulate the proportion of power between the individuals. The historical conflict is between the right of ownership to private power over other individuals; and all individuals' right to democratic power over oneself. If people start to behave badly to others, very complicated functions in the human race start to develop in a more or less incomprehensible or understandable way. These functions are not decided by humans because humans have not decided what human beings are. A really fine human, is so in proportion to how it is decided that we humans are. I think that to gain balance in the main between us humans, is the strongest we humans can do.

My whole adult life I have thought that when people are treated badly; they easily become bad. This is something so complicated that I think, that it had not been too much to write a whole book about this topic, and maybe more than one book too. So this one sentence only points out at this subject. A sly trick is to turn this complicated problem upside down; and saying that it is necessary to treat people even worse, when they have become bad of being treated badly. This is so easy to do, and not so complicated which it is to look at it the right way. We humans are complicated beings; that is an inevitable fact.

A person, who all calls an idiot, is a more complicated being than someone of them can understand. Not to understand this, is to be an even bigger idiot.

Things we humans take as matter of courses are typically based on extremely complicated causalities. For example how we can learn and be clever in different ways; that is based on extremely complicated management in our beings, which function as a cause for our possibilities. So, to begin thinking that one self is more worth than others is based on very little understanding.

To simplify problems for discussion the wrong way, and wrong definition of problems; are sly methods to brake down the understanding about all humans' worth. To stop the development of understanding is also a sly method. Such tactics are used in that way to take control over how things are explained in our world today, to manipulate people to believe they understand more and more when they really understand less and less, until they understand nothing and not can find out about that any longer because they have been too stupid.

July 21, 2011, David H. Hegg

The terror attack July 22, 2011

Friday July 22, 2011; a horrible terror attack happened in Norway. The terrorist first parked a car with a powerful bomb outside the country's main government building at the time when the working day ends. Dressed as a policeman the right-wing 32 year old Norwegian went away, when the bomb explodes and damaged the whole block.

The main government building Friday July 22, 2011

Then he drove about 30 miles to the Labor Party's political youth camp on an island in the lake Tyrifjorden, a nature area. It is the vacation season. Still dressed as a policeman he used the boat which services the stretch from the mainland to the island. He had two weapons and much extra harmful expanding ammunition. He was truly influenced by steroids. He said he should inform about the attack in Oslo.

The island Utøya before the attack.

On the island he first shoots and killed two adults who had started to be suspicious of him. One of these adults was usually a policeman. Afterwards the terrorist walked cold, inhumanly and calmly round about in more than one hour and shoots youths from 14 years old and above, until he was caught by the police. The terror attack was planned in many years. There where about 560 participants on the camp.

From Friday till today, on Sunday, I have watched the two Norwegian TV stations which have had continuous broadcastings about the two attacks which is one attack. I am at my summer vacation about three hors drive from Oslo. In Oslo I usually live 30 minutes to walk away from the bomb explosion.

This is sad news regarding my neighborhood. No good and positive progress comes out of this terror attack. We humans have limited possibilities, we have not created this universe, we do not know everything, and we do not know what have happened to these dead individuals. It is impossible to kill what we humans are; we are still here and will continue to be what humans are. We are on our way developing the spirit of mankind.

July 24, 2011, David H. Hegg

One week after the terror attack

One week after the terror attack, the information about what happened has become quite clear.

On his way to the island, the terrorist called the youth camp there and said that the police was on its way to the camp. When he arrived the quay, he said his arrival was notified. A watch there controlled his police ID, and called to the island and asked if that was true. On the island they said it was OK and sent over the boat.

On the boat others thought that policeman was a little strange, but no one did anything during the boat trip. On the island the policeman carried with him a suitcase so heavy, that he needed help to bring it into the island, they used a car they had on the island. He said he should inform about what had happened in Oslo where the bomb had made tremendous fright and chaos.

An adult female who worked on the camp had joined the boat trip, and she had been suspicious. On the island, she contacted the guard who ordinarily worked as a policeman. When they walked over to the policeman from the boat, he shoots them both.

From that moment he continued shooting people. Some individuals on the boat left the island with the boat, when the terrorist shot after them.

The police arrested the terrorist about one and a half hour later. The police approached him when they call for him to get his attention. When the police saw him, he stood with his arms high over his head 50 feet away from the weapon.

At once the terrorist started to negotiated with the police, like he still continued to carry out a plan. The terrorist had much ammunition left when he was arrested.

The terrorist published a propaganda letter on the Internet just before he started his terror attack. And it became known that he had planned to achieve much attention on this propaganda letter. He started to plan all this, 9 years ago. The bomb was made on a farm he had rent, in the barn. The windows in the house on the farm were covered so no one could look inside. And no normal working had taken place on the farm.

One week after the attack; the number the dead are 8 in Oslo, and 69 on the island. Horrible testimonies from survivors have been published on the TV stations. And we have seen pictures of young faces who have seen gruesome things and striven to help each other and survive. Everybody say that the terrorist shall not manage to ruin what they believe in. Photos of the dead in all ages are also shown as their names are made known.

In the prison where the terrorist sits isolated, the other prisoners are angry at him and say that they do not like him.

In Norway this terror attack has brought more people than ever before out on the squares and streets to show their sympathy for the victims and their aversion against the terrorist. Everybody say that we shall work against the aim of the terrorist stronger than before. The terrorist do not like others than native Europeans and so on. All over the world people are appalled and angry at this malicious terror attack. No one obtain be proved right about something by using weapons.

During this week I have thought about how different humans from all over the world, can show so much humaneness. The humanness shines so strong out of their faces. That shows how people from all over the world can be so good and fine human beings.

July 29, 2011, David H. Hegg

Power lovers

To be in love with having power and control over others is a dangerous weakness to fall into. Especially for those who are at risk to fall into the wretched weakness, to be in love with being controlled by somebody who in a selfish way, love to have power over them. To be such power lovers' soldiers is to betray to be human beings.

The humans can not change what is the most valuable for the humans in the world; the most valuable is to have friends. Not to want to understand this fact, do not change this fact. Friendship is the fundamental inter-human state. Hostilities can be understood, explained, and cleared up. A clearing up which all understand, is among other things, what a power lover fear most of all, because the power lover's crime is thought out. To be a power lover who loves to control others is a human crime.

August 30, 2011, David H. Hegg


A suspicion is not an evidence. To sentence people only on suspicions will over a time lead to an in per cent margin of error so a certain number of people for sure are innocent sentenced.

A guilty person can be without suspicions. And an innocent person can have suspicions against oneself. Suspicions give grounds for detailed lectures; but such lectures are not evidences.

A criminal can even steer the suspicion over to someone else. A criminal can also be clever at removing suspicions against oneself. But an innocent person does not at all think about removing suspicions against oneself.

Suspicions are not always correct. It is a crime to sentence innocent people. Seriously crimes call someone to account, and that make great demands for a clearing up, that can be dangerous for innocent people.

Sophisticated criminals can even hide the whole crime; to find out about the crime is in itself something important in such situations. Suspicions can lead to find out about the crime, that is to come a little nearer finding the criminals too.

September 30, 2011, David H. Hegg


Democracy is to respect other people's interests, not only one's own interests. Equal human rights are fundamental bases for a fair legal system which all humans can see as right. Equal rights for women and men are necessary conditions to be of full value humans, because we are both sexes, not only one sex. Differences between humans like hair colors, skin colors, how we look and such; are something we now can be sure about have no importance regarding valuing humans, such differences between us are enjoyable. These key issues are something we have to find good agreements for, to be able to realize our human possibilities, and to make possible all the good qualities we humans can have.

These thoughts lead to a new knowledge; that cultural edifying balanced social development, balanced societies, and a balanced world, is something very valuable and important to work for.

November 2, 2011, David H. Hegg

Who am I?

That to be a human, has one faces the question; who am I? It is an interesting question, and it had been interesting to know the answer. That question has an answer, but we do not know what that answer is. This question is connected with the question about what outer space is, and we do not know what that answer is either. But these answers exist; we just do not find them.

It is not oneself who has decided that one is here, and it is important what it is that decides; that is also something we do not know. The more we understand, the more we understand how much it is that we do not understand.

January 24, 2012, David H. Hegg

A mathematical matter of fact

The truth defines what the truth is, and the truth defines what the lie is. The truth is the strongest factor, like a mathematical matter of fact.

March 19, 2012, David H. Hegg

Personality manipulation

Personality manipulation is an important concept to understand about. After I for some hours had thought about this topic, I found the words personality manipulation well suited for what I was thinking about.

I was thinking that it is possible to produce a stated construction of ways of thinking, measure of values, and experience of oneself; in a person. I thought that it is possible; to take away some knowledge and throw them in the trash can, then polish some other knowledge to make them emerge better than they are, mix in some lies, and then give the person an experience of oneself as to be something good in that construction of ways of thinking. This is a simplification of what I am thinking about.

I started to think about the word brainwashing, but found that word defined in a fixed way; disintegration and rebuilding of a new personality; which also is a simplification, of what that word means. Brainwashing is absolutely a relevant concept in this connection. But with personality manipulation I want to focus on a more adapted influence which now in progress in the world. I think it is not so noticeable as brainwashing, but still it is dangerous.

I started to think that personality manipulation goes on in the world in different ways.

There is established different circles of people who are developed in such tendentious ways.

It is possible to discover extensive use of such techniques from commonly commercial and idealistic organized activities. This leads to an indistinct situation where people lose their understanding about how dangerous this is, because it is too much of it.

I also think that a person can be started up to develop such a tendentious personality by oneself, where an impression of oneself as something good is intensified in the middle of it all.

Other ways of this phenomenon are for sure possible to find.

This is to look at as a fast note, I have done in the course of a few hours an afternoon. It is possible to work much more thoroughly with this topic over a long time. This is only a fast an easy note for further thinking.

June 20, 2012, David H. Hegg


The development of the use of the language, with writing symbols, writing tools, printing presses (invented by Johannes Gutenberg 1398 - 1468), and radio broadcastings; have developed mankind's knowledge in an explosive way. I got an association to the big bang concept (creating of the universe) in my thoughts, when thinking about this topic. With television broadcastings, both the language and moving pictures are possible to communicate simultaneously. Internet is today's versatile and dynamic media, with continuous backwards and forwards connections in all directions.

Techniques which have developed the communication between people in this way, have energized and widened the thinking and understanding by mankind enormously. When looking at the last centuries, it seems clear that this intellectual activity; among many things, has realized the humaneness of mankind. It is my conviction that this has to do with the fulfilling of the meaning with mankind.

We who live today, can experience this development level as a matter of course. But this development of humaneness, is not a matter of course. If we neglect our development of humaneness, we will lose it. It is something we always must care about and actively understand. The development of humaneness is connected with the wider area of knowledge and understanding also, therefore the whole is a valuable heritage to care about. It is unacceptable that individuals on the earth today suffer under lack of humaneness by others.

How we humans develop our mental capacity, must be a central factor by the meaning with mankind. Therefore these techniques are something important in that way. These techniques works together with the development of our thoughts and human potential. These have to do with our cultural development over time.

It is important for us all to understand about how all of this work. It has to do with the fundamental meaning with the human race, and with being humans. We all must protect the development of the human race, against some fewer people who can have evil wishes about controlling other humans. Therefore it is important that we attack concealment of such wishes, and strongly work for openness regarding how things are in our societies and in the world.

How can we take care about how our modern possibilities today will develop in this perspective? This is an important question to think about, and to find out what to do with. Modern books, newspapers, radios, television broadcastings, and the Internet, have enormous potentials; and it is important for us very strongly to look after that these possibilities develop in ways that serve the future of mankind. Dirty tricks, evil plans and such, must be disclosed and very strongly stopped. It is the human race together who owns the possibilities of mankind, not a few evil people. Therefore we all must be active and responsible humans regarding our development as humans, and way of being humans!

July 5, 2012, David H. Hegg

July 22, 2012

Today it is one year since the terror attack in Norway July 22, 2011. The whole day different commemorative observations have gone on all over the country, which the largest TV stations have broadcasted continuously.

The whole year this terror attack has been talked about and written about from different perspectives in the media in Norway. Norway has developed a society where all have the right to express their opinions. Also those who only are a few individuals in the society, have the same right to express their thoughts. Therefore this terrorist has betrayed this agreement between the citizens in this country, where people can be far away from each other regarding their opinions, but they use their right to express why they think they are right. In this way people can learn from each other and develop their thoughts about how the society can be.

It was the government and the youth origination of the Workers' Party which were attacked. And the many young people who were killed and wounded on the youth camp, shows that a bottomless malice stands behind this attack.

The Workers' Party, or Labor Party, have a rose as their symbol. This rose is something I started to think about today. Why did someone want to destroy this symbol? After thinking about this for a while today, I remembered a Norwegian poem by Einar Skjæraasen, You shall not tread in the grass. Here I have translated this poem to English, I have just written English words for the Norwegian words quickly and easily. It is also music for this poem, written by Edvard Fliflet Bræin. Einar Skjæraasen has touched the Norwegian population in a strong way with many of his poems. In the Norwegian language this poet has strong words.

I think that this poem is about, that we shall not damage and destroy on or way through the life. We shall look after how valuable the world around us is. The small sprout, a chirp in the smallest throat, everything which flies, and springs, and grows; all the vulnerable wonderful life on the globe have strong value, but can easily be destroyed. The humans also are of that kind, something valuable, which is easy to destroy. Do not destroy something with such strong value.

You shall not tread in the grass

You shall not tread in the grass.
The small sprout must let be standing.
Speechless life has also a meaning
you have to see and think about.
On God's globe, and in his garden,
yourself is a little straw.

You shall not touch the nest,
the nest is a little bed.
Above thin babies the wagtail spread
out its wary, warm wing.
The chirp in the smallest throat.
shall be twittering over meadow.

You shall not set snare,
when you see a hare trace.
You shall look where you are going and esteem
everything which flies, and springs, and grows.
You are yourself a little weak one,
you need yourself a big brother.

Einar Skjæraasen 1954

July 22, 2012, David H. Hegg

The case against the terrorist

Today the court case against the terrorist who killed 77 individuals July 22, 2011, came to its end. The terrorist was found guilty and sentenced to the strictest sentence in the Norwegian legal system.

He was sentenced to 21 years in custody, with a possibility to be released on parole after 10 years. This means that the terrorist can apply for a release on parole after 10 years, which is the safety for the convict. The safety for the society, is that after 21 years, it is possible to lengthen the remand in custody every fifth year. And this can continue until his death. The convicted can in this period apply for a release on parole every year. A common comment today, is that the terrorist will be put in prison the rest of his life, and that only extraordinary things will change that. My understanding is; that what a criminal has done, has much importance, not only how a criminal change after the crime.

Neither the prosecution nor the terrorist appealed against the sentence.

The court case was discussing whether the terrorist is sane, or not responsible for his acts. Many occupational groups were involved and had contradictory views. Also a philosophical view was talked over, where a human's responsibility for one's own acts, was gone thoroughly into. A human is responsible for one's own acts, as far as one understands what one is doing. That was the philosophical conclusion.

The Norwegian legal system is developed in the shadow of the history, where the judicial branch could have been very unfair, and used very hard punishments. It has been important to make safe the safety of the democracy of the people. The Norwegian society was able to develop a harmonious society after the democratic revolution in Europe throughout the 20th century. In the last years the society has become harder and less harmonious, which is a new situation in Norway. Today; someone want it more harmonious again, others want harder punishments, and the situation is discussed.

August 24, 2012, David H. Hegg


The last days I have had some thoughts tumbling around in my head, about something to write about again. First I started to think about two questions that I set up against each other: Shall people be rewarded for the objective value of what they do? Or shall people be rewarded for how much they succeed with how they want to be rich?

I started to think about this, in a way where I thought about how some people do very much valuable work, without gaining so much pay for it. And others do not something valuable work, but get very much pay for it. After I had set up these two questions in contrast to each other, I began to think that these questions to be addressed, leads to many different perspectives, in a way where it will be difficult to end up with a clear and easy conclusion. The conclusions change according as you connect them to different connections. It is possible to think in different ways regarding to these questions. Such thinking is something that can be as a kind of hobby for me. It is interesting to see how different conclusions leads further.

At this level in these thoughts, I started to think about either it is right to get an opinion from what you know, or get knowledge from what your opinion is. In that way, to get an opinion from what you know, is to take the consequence of what you know. To get knowledge from what your opinion is, is to take the consequence of what your opinion is. But if your opinion already is based on wrong knowledge, it will lead you to more wrong knowledge to try to prove what you already have as an opinion. These questions can also be seen in different perspectives, but it is quite clear that to base your knowledge on an opinion based on wrong knowledge, can lead you to an incomprehensive danger you do not understand. So normally, it is the best to base your opinion on what you first can understand. First understand, and afterwards get an opinion.

When people talk about that others have little human resources, I think that is wrong. All humans have much human resources, but not all get their human resources developed. Something similar to cars that not have got their engines started. That the humans all have equal human worth; is that a knowledge, or an opinion? I give that question to my readers, so they can think about it themselves. One of my intentions with these texts, is to activate further thinking.

October 4, 2012, David H. Hegg

How you think

It is better to do a little correct; than to do much wrong.

Of course it is also better to do much correct; than to do a little wrong.

The thoughts behind these reflections, are about how it is important to build ones development on a correct basis. When it is important to do something, it is important to do something correct, not only to do something without thinking about whether it is correct or not.

A little wrong, can also be a big crime, which can be a tempting thing to do.

Much correct, can also sometimes be the only right thing to do.

These reflections are about important components in ones thoughts. It is important to think about how you think.

November 8, 2012, David H. Hegg

The same humans

Today I started to think about how all humans mainly are born with the same human qualities. And how we from that equal starting point, develop different manners. These equal creatures who we are, can even develop one selves to be against each other.

Based on this fact, it is knowledge which is our key to solve our problems towards each other on the Earth. From the 19th century, it is clear that knowledge in that regard developed in a fast way. But it is also clear, that form the 20th century; this development of such knowledge has been sabotaged. It is obvious that it is the humans who in secret guard themselves against these knowledge, who sabotage this development of such knowledge.

What kind of catastrophe this means for the development of humankind, it should be needless to say! Those who protect themselves against knowledge, those are the stupid ones, and of course they are too stupid to understand that themselves.

January 11, 2013, David H. Hegg

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