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A united understanding

All the more people understand; all the more people's own understanding controls them selves. In the opposite case some others control their mind. It is important to find the truth about important affairs; in the opposite case lies control our understanding. We have to both understand our selves and others. A person's understanding develops from day to day, and from year to year.

Man's ability to understand is in proportion to the reality which we exist together with. We can understand ourselves and other people and the nature and the universe around us. It is as if it all work together, as an overall situation. It is the same with us humans; without each other, one of us can not be particularly much. Social interaction carries forth our cultural development.

It is possible to think that it exists an understanding as the basis of all we know about, and in that context our understanding is something important.

Chemical and sly psychological agents and lies against development of true understanding; are something very dangerous because that is the stupid people' agents. In the beginning they can have been a few people, but little by little they get more and more people to be stupid. And then more and more people gets stupid like them selves, so the stupidity wins over the cleverness among us humans if we not do anything about such a threat, the threat of the stupidity and its cruelty.

Correct understanding considers safe knowledge and all aspects which are of importance regarding an issue, not only guesswork and a few aspects which show a tendentious presentation.

It is dangerous to let people explain away dangerous suspicions, if that is the case it is important to start working to find out more about the suspicions.

January 1, 2007, David H. Hegg

Something exists

There are grounds for thinking that the most important we can understand that exists; is the knowledge about how the elements, how the universe and how our world can work. Something exists; therefore something must exist, and what it is, first and foremost among other things must be the knowledge which all is built up from. Without the existence of the knowledge from which we can understand at little, there had been nothing that we could have understood.

January 2, 2007, David H. Hegg

Plenty of good things

It is a great responsibility to be one among the many individuals. Each individual has the position where it typically can give way in proportion to how wrong people get influence up on the society.

Each individual has to be critical towards propaganda and different methods which are used to obtain a majority among the population. Since general right to vote has become a usual situation; manipulative methods have become the new instrument of power.

The clever individual wants others to understand. The stupid individual wants to get others under one's control, also to get the good and clever individuals under one’s control.

Each individual must take care not to become a pawn in dangerous people’s power game. It is dangerous when such power-seekers get all their pawns to fall into place in their game.

It is important to remember that general right to vote began when the oppressors in the societies with their power, from the previous history not had wanted to listen to the general population’s wish for social justice. It is also important to understand that divide and conquer is a typical instrument of power; therefore it is important to take care to reach agreement between us individuals on Earth.

If peace is developed; the peace wins among us. If war is developed; the war wins among us. By peace, cleverness and social justice; plenty of good things can become possible.

January 14, 2007, David H. Hegg

Other things too

Those people who have given rise to the psychiatric terminology; which defines individuals who say that somebody controls others thoughts as insane individuals; those people exist. And those people do other things too; which people do not think about what can be. For example; they want what they do not like, to look like something bad, and they can do different things to be an influence for such a development. Those kinds of things are something very typically, which often have occurs earlier and in the present. Among other things they can continue to find new ways to sneak chemicals into us, which have influence on our behaviors; so we have reason to be watchful. But such people can also do many things without any chemicals and such. Typical they hide themselves behind others who do not understand what goes on. The fear is these people' fear, not our fear; it is important to be strong enough to understand that. We can be sure of that something, like this, is going on. Independent of these people, our situations also contain both good and bad tendencies, but that is something we want to do something with on account of what we find out and understand; not that someone swindle our development.

What I have heard and read several times, is that those people who have been defined as insane individuals because of their interest for mind control, typically are intelligent individuals. The medicines they have been given only have gruesome destructive effects on their mind and body. It is incomprehensible that it has been possible to do things like that and such.

This is something it is necessary to find out about and understand and do something against. Those people who have been practicing mind control on others, and still do so, have some kind of very dangerous influence over the societies; by the militaries, polices, judicial systems, and governments. Typically they are some very few people that talk to each other about how they are doing the right tings, which all the others do not understand. And to the new one they say that they are the most important secret service of their homeland; and they feel that their souls are safe under the flags which they betray most of all. But it is the opposite that is true, these people have turned to be evil and destructive; and I think they have begun to think that it is funny. Because they betray our trust, they feel strong; but that is wrong, they are the bad among us. What they defend are lies they can not tell what are. There are no words which can describe how bad these people are, they are too bad in proportion to our human languages' good possibilities; but the most treacherous and bad of all things of all times, describe a little. They present a threat against the meaning with our existence; and I am sure of that the cause for our existence is aware of them. These people have begun to give an impression of that they are God because no one know about their role in our world's situation today. It is very demanding to find out and understand about these tings in a responsible way. Those are not God. Each and everyone of them are a little idiotic pawn in a terrible betrayal against our existence. I, for my part, am sure about that I will be thrown into something worse than hell if I join them; that is what I am afraid of, it is impossible to escape from the eternity. Therefore it is safer to work against them.

Those people, who do that kind of things, are under the power of evil, and they hide their different evil deeds. We know that they exist, and that they can do different evil things in secret.

I believe that we humans today only are in the beginning of our development, but already today we understand a great deal and we have a great responsibility regarding what is true. We humans must build up our culture on what is true, good, constructive and really humanely valuable. We humans must be an expression for something very meaningful which exists as a cause for our existence, and that is our situation to behave correct towards.

If people begin to believe in goodness; the good gets its power over people. If people begin to believe in evilness; the evil gets its power over people. I think that the questions about what are good or evil; are the questions about what are most valuable or not.

The cause for our human existence has good aims. In that context the evil only is that something goes wrong, like it should not do, because we like it to be the good and not the bad. The good is right and valuable, the evil is wrong and without value; that can be the most powerful law which rules our existence.

January 15, 2007, David H. Hegg

Questions and answers

What exist in our existence? There exist possibilities. These possibilities can have been set up on the basis of knowledge of how to do it. Then it is a meaning with it all.

January 22, 2007, David H. Hegg

There is a limit

Everything has a cause in our world. But can the eternal existence have a cause? From the concepts in our world; the eternal existence has never been set up, because it always has been. This thought shows that the eternal existence has no cause. The conclusion is that we can understand our reality; but we can not understand the eternal existence. There is a limit for what we can understand in our world today. The cause, the motive, and the intention for our world; have to do with the eternal existence which we do not understand what is.

February 2, 2007, David H. Hegg


Likewise, as the individual human wants to realize itself in the course of its life; it looks like as if the whole humankind on Earth also shall become realized, all the humans together.

March 3, 2007, David H. Hegg

Knowledge and understanding

A human’s manner is more a result because of influence from other humans, than from its own personal influence on oneself.

It is better knowledge and understanding which can solve the big difficulties in the world; not worse weapons.

April 3, 2007, David H. Hegg

A Car and a human

Imagine that you see a car driving along the road, and simultaneously a human walking along the roadside. It is obvious that the car must have been made by someone. A human is much more complicated than a car, so a human can not have arisen from nothing.

May 3, 2007, David H. Hegg

False faces

Passionate fanaticism is to deny other people importance and maintain one’s own subjective importance strongly, despite what is true. Passionate fanatics deny what is true because they believe in their own passionate which is not the humans’ intellect. Therefore a fanatic has set one’s own passionate over the intellect, and that is something very dangerous to do.

When people like that can keep on with their fanaticism in secret; the others more and more lose their intellect without knowing anything about it. Passionate fanatics want to take the intellect from us, because the intellect speaks against them.

Therefore it is very important to find out about such people, so that not all of us lose our intellect. These people do not have any other intellect than thoughts which are under control of their own passionate.

Whoever is passionate busy with owning instead of sensible interested in owning; can lose what a single individual never owns, which is the intellect we all who are not fanatics develop and have together. The fanatics only develop stupidity. We have the intellect together; the fanaticism is something some people have got as their own. To own is a part of our human life, but it is not all of our human life.

The most important things are tings we humans have together, which for example is the life on earth. The value of being humans is also something we humans share together with each other, in the opposite case it can be some people’s evil which some people share together with each other. It is very demanding to develop societies which are good for all people. Such societies must always be understood again by the growing inhabitants, and must again be under development by the inhabitants who develop every new day and the future years. Such societies must all the time hold its understanding about its constructed knowledge. Societies which function without the inhabitants’ true understanding about their societies, are dangerous. Not to want to see the errors and defects in the society is stupid; what are doing on that basis are stupidities.

Passionate fanatics which were passionate fanatical busy with their power over others marks our history in the immediate thousands years. It is a terrible mistake to ignore this factor; it still marks our development of thoughts in a way it is important to understand about. The old fanatics from thousands of years back in time still have some power over us which it is very demanding to find out about and understand.

The intellect has to be set over the passionate so that the passionate can be the driving force for the intellect in senior position.

What shall rule our intellect; must among other things be our love for each other in the world and our appreciation of the life on earth.

A metaphor about finding out about hidden things; is how it is necessary to walk over the hill to see what is behind to be sure of what it is, instead of believing in lies about what it is. It is dangerous to believe in people who lie about what they are doing. Our societies are typical developed with hiding places for malicious activities. It is a terrible mistake to ignore this factor.

The safety all people need is openness in all the societies in the world, so that malicious activities do not have any hiding places. Anything but this are terrible lies. Devilish people can talk with different false faces.

June 3, 2007, David H. Hegg

Fanaticism is dangerous

Based on my childhood and adult age, which from 1955 till today in 2007, has been in Oslo in Norway, where I have been able to keep up with what is happening here and a bit of everything else in the world; it seems for me as though the conflict between the socialistic and the private has been something terrible destructive. The whole time I have thought that people do not have to disagree about what is true and correct. It is natural for us humans to live with a balance between the socialistic and the private, a good balance is good, a bad balance is bad. These are conditions which mark our identity and feeling towards our lives, therefore it is something very serious for us to be preoccupied with. These have to do with factors which people perceive in different ways regarding the same factors.

It is obvious that our history contains dangerous untruths and defects which will end in a terrible catastrophe if it not been straightened.

In our history the law protected the privileged classes. A legislation based on equal human rights will be different.

Fanatics who do not want to discuss these issues are dangerous for the world.

To solve these problems necessitate that we use the knowledge and possibilities we have today, which never have been among the humans before in our history.

July 2, 2007, David H. Hegg

Our communities

Far back in the earliest history of Man, the human beings' communities were organized by how everything was organized for the humans and for the rest of the world.

Today it is necessary for us to understand a great deal by ourselves, if we shall govern our communities by ourselves.

August 3, 2007, David H. Hegg

The human individual

What is a human individual? That is an interesting question, which also includes the question, who am I? Maybe there are some who want to know who I am, well, that seems not easy to find out. Completely to know who I am, is impossible for us humans to find out here on Earth. Whether the answer is to find far away out in the outer space, do we not know, but it is thinkable that the answer not can be found in that way. Will it be possible to see it all in microscopes and things like that? It is not thinkable either. It is the same for you, you know that you exists, but you can not know completely who you are. It is the same for all the others too; they do not know completely who they are either.

We humans on Earth have to live with the certainty that it is something more; that we do not know about our selves, each other, and the world. All we know about must have a cause. What we do not know, have to do with the cause which we do not know what is.

Our world here on Earth looks like a system which makes it possible to make construction materials, form the basis of higher forms of life and cultural development. Therefore the existence of our human race on Earth today can be the intention with it all. It is impossible that all this can come out of nothing. Nothing can come out of nothing.

We humans call ourselves intelligent. But are we intelligent enough to see how intelligent our world is made? We ought to understand a great deal.

A human individual today is a part of the society and the historical development. The societies form the individuals, and the individuals form the societies. The history forms us, and we form the future.

A human individual are something more than a machine, that is the same for each and every one of us.

September 1, 2007, David H. Hegg


The truth inspires a real thought in man's mind. The lie inspires a lying thought in man's mind. What develops by such, cannot men control.

October 7, 2007, David H. Hegg

Who are we?

When you see a human; then you see a creature who is a member of the humankind and the idea with our world. The individual expresses one's unique personality and the cultural influence witch first can be seen when a child reacts back to other people.

November 10, 2007, David H. Hegg

An intelligent cause

The intelligent way our existence works, shows that it is an intelligent cause.

December 14, 2007, David H. Hegg

More than we know

What is the eternal existence?
What is the life?
What is the world?

January 15, 2008, David H. Hegg

The important thing

The important thing for us humans is to find the truths regarding our human situation. From the history we know a lot about how humans have believed in untruths, and how that has caused problems simultaneous with maintaining of the untruths. Many discussions have abated by reason of that the truth has been found. But still today many discussions goes on because of untruths, what is discussed is not what is true but what different people want. It is not the truth they want to find, they want their own will to win.

February 23, 2008, David H. Hegg

The liar

Whoever does that others are fooled to believe in something which is a sly lie, is not in oneself convinced of that it is something true. But those who believe in such a lie can be convinced about that it is something true; and they really believe in it, which the liar not does.

March 29, 2008, David H. Hegg

Win with peace

To work for peace is the real defense against others and one's own evil, and against the damage and tragedies that came from wars.

After this statement it is of current interest to find out why humans begin by using weapons against each other; which is an important thing to be aware of to be able to work against violence and war. I do not write more about that topic in this article.

I think that evil is that something among us humans goes wrong, something that could have been prevented.

In principle a weapon against humans, gives a person more possibility to ruin another person; than a person have without any weapon. But typical it is not the humans in themselves who is the problem. The humans have positive and constructive possibilities, and they are not negative things.

Therefore the problem is on another level.

Higher values for us humans are based on what we are together. No matter what a human has been, other humans also have meant something for it. We have to use our possibilities to understand, to understand about really important values.

In the beginning of our history, in its earliest times, societies got formed naturally for the humans here on earth; and it was within that kind of societies the humans have to succeed in living together. In the present with a global situation to manage; the whole world is our really common society.

I think that to gain peace on earth today is similar to gain peace within a state. Social justice and good comprehensive education for all, is two important areas. We have to learn about how we can live in peace with each other, peace is based on understanding much more than on weapons.

Typically war ruin people's possibilities to education and understanding, and the situation becomes a vicious circle.

We humans have much more to win with understanding and peace, than with weapons and war.

May 1, 2008, David H. Hegg

The understanding

Our world is understandable, what happens here is understandable, and how the humans act is also understandable. With the most terrible weapons today, it is possible to ruin everything that is understandable.

It is possible to say that the understanding is what our world is built on, and that to ruin it is the total lack of judgment.

May 25, 2008, David H. Hegg


The humans are social creatures. The success of mankind therefore depends on social development, built on correct understanding about what is true about the humans and the nature around us. It is also important to consider the individual's personal integrity, and how the individual's natural sense of social responsibility can be developed. An individual is not only a pawn in the mass of people. A successful society is built on one and one personal individual.

It is very remarkable how the humans' believe in untruths have ruined for us right up to the present day and still do so. And it is worth noticing how individuals through our history have been very malicious punished because they have tried to talk against something untruth in the society.

Lies are very typical and very destructive. The lies are hidden destructive elements in the development of the societies, and it is also the same with the development of the whole world, the lies are hidden destructive elements.

June 28, 2008, David H. Hegg

Way of life

The more the humans develop their way of life; the more it becomes necessary that the humans understand the nature and develop their way of life in harmony with the nature.

The nature is not a stupid setting for the humans' development, but the opposite. The nature is a complicated interaction where the humans have to understand how to be included in the big picture. The opposite is more and more dangerous in a heavy and accelerating way.

It is the nature that gives us the possibility to development. Without the nature's intelligent setting for our development, we can not live at all. The more we succeed with developing our way of life in harmony with the nature; the more we will succeed with our way of life.

July 12, 2008, David H. Hegg

A little

Man is that one of the species who can understand a little about oneself.

September 1, 2008, David H. Hegg

A segment

From the first morning Man stood up and looked around, Man has understood and thought about what more can it be than that we know, and what is it that we know?

Today we can understand that the elements and the life are adapted to each other at the same way as if it is planned beforehand, and that shows us and exciting horizon in our understanding today which it is impossible for us to find out what hide.

In the course of life a human can do a segment; some good or some bad.

October 13, 2008, David H. Hegg

The true text

There exists a separate truth for each lie which is the lie's truth, like a hidden text which explains what the truth about the lie really is. This text can be printed out by that one who finds it out and understands it and writes it down. Such a text can function like a kind of transcript from a part of the content of the reality, like a description of something which is discovered. The truth is the substance of the reality which determines what the reality is. The lies make people not to understand the reality, and nor each other and oneself. The lies hide the truth which is the reality.

The liars place themselves between people and the reality, and makes people believe in the lies they have told them, which hide the reality. The substance of the reality is the determinative of what everything is, also what the liars are which the liars hide for people.

Maybe the most important thing for us humans is to understand in a true way.

October 26, 2008, David H. Hegg

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