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To understand is probably our most important basic human quality. To do right is probably our most important basic human possibility. These two factors are determined over us. Humans must at all times understand correct to do right, it needs freedom of thought, freedom of speech, justice, and peace. Nobody likes to be a victim of injustice, it hurts what a human is, both an individual and a social creature.

One of the threats against the humans today is psychological control. This hidden problem often results in other visible problems because people's own control over themselves is taken away from them without their own understanding about it. The countermeasure is understanding about this problem, it needs humaneness and structure of genuine human values.

January 30, 2005, David H. Hegg


A little truth gives grounds for more truths. A little lie gives grounds for more lies.

February 14, 2005, David H. Hegg

Do not be stupid

You do not need a palace to be happy. You only need nice weather, as it often is. Then you can be outside, there it is plenty of space.

February 17, 2005, David H. Hegg

Be happy

Selfishness and happiness are not the same.

Humans have natural necessary selfish needs as food to eat to survive and things like that which are sufferable to lack. It is sensible to arrange for to be on the safe side regarding these needs, which is right, and it is important to do so. But humans do not get happiness from to have more of these natural needs than necessary.

Happiness has to do with the real meaning with the humans' lives, and this meaning has to do with the intention which forms the basis of the human race. This intention is from the beginning of the human race, it is conceivable this intention originates from an eternal meaning.

It is only created one species like the human race, and that must be because that species shall not be in conflict with similar but complete different species, nor with its own species of course.

February 23, 2005, David H. Hegg

The supreme power

Men's ability for understanding reflects the understanding from the knowledge of which this world is created. This knowledge is the supreme power in the world that Man can approach to gain; the power from the understanding of which Man can approach to understand about whom oneself really is.

April 1, 2005, David H. Hegg

Truths and lies

The more you try to understand the truths, the more it proves to be possible to understand something.

The more you try to understand the lies, the less it proves to be possible to understand something.

April 3, 2005, David H. Hegg


Something you know, can sometimes explain even more.

April 4, 2005, David H. Hegg


To live a life that develops in a way which is in accordance with the truth of what we come into existence off and what the meaning with the humans' lives is; that must be the real happiness. This conclusion manifests that real happiness is because of true understanding.

It is not easy for anybody to know what we come into existence off and what the meaning with our lives are; that fact in our reality is also something to understand. This must mean that what we come into existence off wants us to be true, which is what it is possible to understand. Humans must understand true to be happy.

It is my opinion that the motive power which leads the development of the human race is something the humans not can defeat. We can understand true about this motive power which is in a superior time perspective, and about other things; which is our great opportunity.

It is also my opinion that the intention behind the creation of the human race as a higher species is good.

April 17, 2005, David H. Hegg

Most fundamental

What is the most fundamental in a human's mind? It is my opinion that what it is, is something humans not have abilities or words for to understand or control anything of what it is.

April 28, 2005, David H. Hegg

My thinking

My thinking is that instead of choosing between Celsius and Fahrenheit, it is better to choose Kelvin. Kelvin's scale starts at absolute zero and only has degrees of heat. Kelvin's scale is also better to understand the world's climate situation. For example: 274.15 degrees Kelvin is 1 degree Celsius or 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit, the average temperature on Earth can not be many per cent more than 274.15 degrees Kelvin. (William Thomson Baron Kelvin, Scottish physicist 1824–1907.)

Correspondingly I think that instead of choosing between capitalism and socialism, it is better to choose something better. That is regarding how it is necessary to start on something else for the humans on earth; regarding how the earth nor the humans themselves, can go on as it is today. It is appropriate to understand that these two systems, capitalism and socialism, are something that someone use; which use the populations, and in that way also humankind and the possibilities of the whole planet Earth. What could gradually become something else? That is an important question to be honest with, which is what I first and foremost want to tell about that matter.

I also think that the evil has no sense in the creation of our existence. The evil is something which appears as a problem regarding the humans.

April 30, 2005, David H. Hegg

A healthy planet

A very easy but correct overview of the global average temperature of the earth the last century, shows temperatures which vary right below freezing early from 1900, and temperatures which vary in an increasing degree above freezing early from 2000. This easy overview shows that the freezing point must be a kind of equilibrium and balance point for the life on the planet Earth. Whether the best for the global average temperature is to be below or above freezing, is a relevant question to introduce, because an increasing temperature above freezing is not sensible. It is possible to understand that both cold and warm temperatures are different positive factors on the earth.

It is nothing which indicates that the humans have to be in imbalance neither between the humans themselves nor between the humans and the nature, to develop their culture and to be happy. Social unfairness and imbalance, and ecological disaster as a consequence of damaging by the humans; are something completely unnecessary for every good reasons.

The humans will be much happier with a social life in balance on a healthy planet, than with a social life in imbalance on a disaster planet.

May 2, 2005, David H. Hegg

A human

The meaning of a human is its soul by an almighty existence.

June 2, 2005, David H. Hegg

More than intelligent

We humans can usually think, understand, see, hear, smell, feel and move; in that world we live in. What we know; is that it is like that, and these exist. This state that exists, do we not know why is like that. This have an explanation that we do not know what is. It must be more than an intelligent and clever cause at the bottom of this state; it can not possibly be coincidences at the bottom of this state that exists.

July 1, 2005, David H. Hegg

We can understand

The questions connected with our existence, what it is, why we live, and how we shall behave correct; have to do with what exists. It is only one fundamental question, and that is: Is it something that exists? And it is no doubt about that, something exists; we can be certain, it is a fact that something exists. What exists forms the basis for what we can understand.

The situation of mankind is to behave regarding what exists. We can not decide what exists, we can understand about it. Our will can not decide what exists and how it is, that is not the possibility of our will. If you want to do right, then you must understand correct, and comply with what is true. That situation is under control of the almighty existence.

The intelligence in our existence have not been created by the humans, it is the humans which have been created by the intelligence in the existence. We have to understand true regarding these fundamental aspects in our existence and regarding how we shall behave correct in that perspective. This perspective has to do with the humans' situation in the world today.

It is decided beforehand how the humans are, we can understand about it, but not decide how it is. That is the humans' situation. It is to understand true which gives us humans possibilities. We humans must understand each other and show consideration for each other when we have something to do with each other. Each and everyone of us want to develop into a meaningful life, which also forms the basis for the development of mankind.

August 1, 2005, David H. Hegg

There is something

See the light.
Have your eyes opened.
Gain understanding.
Gain insight.
All the qualities of the earth's species and what the whole world is, stand in relation to that the human being can understand.

August 27, 2005, David H. Hegg

What the whole world is

For what cause do animals that are meat eaters eat animals that are plant eaters? Carnivores first and foremost eat herbivores because that is the easiest for them to do; if there has been difficult for them to find herbivores, they will try to eat other carnivores. Because herbivores must eat plants to live; it could come to be more and more of them on the planet Earth, and finally they would have eaten up all the plants on the Earth and the Earth had died. Or maybe the most toxic plants together with some other dangerous lower forms of life had spread out and still had been here. These tell us; what the whole world comes into existence from, is something that understands what the whole world is.

The life on Earth lives on and on, individual beings within the Earth's species come and go. This has to do with something more than we humans on the Earth can completely find out about what is. It is not we humans that have created the space and this planet with the life on it.

We humans stand out from the animals. We can avert being eaten by the animals, but we must watch out for dangerous animals because they can be very dangerous to us. It is not the intention that we humans shall behave like animals. It expects something else from the humans than from the animals.

We humans can do a lot of fine things. The nature of many kinds around us is arranged considerately and very well with regards to us humans. We can understand that to gain life on the Earth is not easy. By ecological balance on the Earth, every single species has its right to exist.

All in all there only exists one human race on the Earth. We humans have to understand by our selves and together with each other that we can not destroy too much of the life on the Earth.

September 23, 2005, David H. Hegg

Agreement and disagreement

Agreement and disagreement are two natural given factors that not have to generate great big difficulties among people.

At the starting point; people can agree about what is true, and disagree about what they want.

It is development of human skill which is needed; to solve difficulties, and to be happy. We have to find out what is true; sometimes that could be something difficult to be able to do, what the truth is could sometimes be a complex matter which is difficult to discover. And we have to understand each other and consider each other regarding what we want.

These have to be taken seriously to be able to be happy.

October 23, 2005, David H. Hegg

Be a good helper

In rich societies the advertising businesses use strong means to get people to buy things. This takes effect in an unconscious way. I call on people to make up their own mind, and to find a reliable relief work to support. Be a good helper. Other people need help, and then it is correct to help them. It is important to be one of them who help.

November 19, 2005, David H. Hegg

I am thinking about my daughter

At Friday, January 31, 1986; my daughter and I should have been together for the weekend, as it naturally had been since her mother and I got separated in 1979. For 12 days before that day in 1986, our situation had been messy because of individuals that earlier had had nothing to do with the situation between my daughter and me. It had always been I that had taken care of the relationship between my daughter and me, and nobody else; here mother had been very helpful in that context all the time which I was grateful for and used to. At the day January 31, 1986; the police without any reason started to hinder the relationship between my daughter and me. The first basis the police used for their behavior was another mentally disturbed person’s statement. Later on; more and more individuals started to be involved and ruined everything for us, typical it was social vain people within different social occupational groups. During the year 1986 I got more and more mentally ruined because of these people, and finally I could not understand anything about my own life, and I could not tell anything about what had happened. And my daughter and I have not been together after January 31, 1986; even though we wanted to be more together with each other than before.

After the day Friday, January 31, 1986; I have been preoccupied with what it was that happened. At the time of the day when my daughter should have been with me at January 31, 1986; she had been taken to the theatre where real individuals performs on the stage. It was the play “Reisen til Julestjernen” (The Journey to The Christmas Star) written by the Norwegian writer Sverre Brandt, and with music by the Norwegian composer Johan Halvorsen. At the image on the left I am now watching the same play on DVD, but it is another performance; (the DVD is only for DVD players registered for the Norwegian region). And I am thinking about my daughter and the situation she has had after January 31, 1986.

On the computer nearest to me, on the image on the left, I have an aerial photo of the area where my daughter lived in 1986. And I am thinking about how here life was there, without her daddy after that day, Friday, January 31, 1986.

Today I remember detailed what it was that happened that year and afterwards. It was many bad people that ruined our lives with lies. Such lies will never be true, they will always be lies.

December 15, 2005, David H. Hegg

A matter of fact

It is a matter of fact that the most obvious evidence we have for an intelligent creation, is the total life on Earth. We humans are a unique intelligent species among the other species on Earth, and we are included in the whole intelligent life on Earth. A logical consequence of this is that the universe also is intelligent. These connections form the basis of a logical thinking; which says that everything we know about have an intelligent cause. What we can understand, and that we can understand about it; are two intelligent factors in proportion to one another. What we can understand about, is something intelligent; and that we can understand about it, is also something intelligent. We humans exist in an intelligent existence.

True understanding is based on facts. We can arrive at the understanding which is possible for us, depending on the facts which are possible for us to find out about. We humans can understand about the existence, that is our position in the existence; we have not created the existence, that is not our position in the existence. It is logical that our existence is based on more facts than we can be able to discover; this is something we have to comply with; true and objective understanding from ours point of view has the possibility to tally with the fundamental intention behind our existence.

Those unknown facts that govern how our existence is worked out, is in proportion to our truthfulness. There is every reason to imagine that these unknown facts have to do with something which is completely superior regarding us humans, which is our situation.

The question of probability; is the same regarding that the world exists, as regarding that the cause behind the world exists. That the world exists, and that the cause behind the world exists; have both an equal probability.

My belief today is that we humans can understand as much as we can be able to do. And that those facts behind our existence which we do not know about, have to do with something which understands each and everyone’s truthfulness. Lies are something very destructive regarding our human situation.

I am not a member of any kind of organized creed with a special philosophy of life. I am preoccupied with an objective and true thought. I respect everyone who is conscientiously interested in these questions, independent of personal tie to an organized creed, because I am thinking that we humans are in progress regarding these questions.

December 22, 2005, David H. Hegg

An eternal configuration

Cause and result are an eternal existing configuration which forms the basis of our human existence today.

January 23, 2006, David H. Hegg

The correct direction

Our human existence in the material world with length, width, depth, and time; is a result of more than we know. Our abilities to discover and understand are likely in accordance with the universal existence we are in relation to. Within what we can understand everything must have a cause, in this situation do we exist. The cause for this situation can be outside this situation, and is therefore impossible for us to understand. Maybe it is arranged so we can understand in the correct direction; over there the truth can lead us.

February 23, 2006, David H. Hegg

Bad thinking

Do people think badly when they are tired? People drive badly when they are tired, so badly that they should let it be. These two situations are equal. Therefore this is important to consider with regard to important thinking.

March 23, 2006, David H. Hegg

A position between

It is possible to understand that the humans on planet Earth are in a position between a cause and a result. We do not know what the cause and the result are; therefore the humans have no control over the cause and the result regarding our existence. We can understand; which is that we have responsibility for what we know and understand.

April 23, 2006, David H. Hegg

An important work

What is right and what is wrong? That is something humans can understand in connection to what is true. Lies are always wrong and never right. To govern true with regard to the principles of truthfulness is always right. To govern untrue with regard to the principles of truthfulness is always wrong. To find out what is true; that is an important work.

May 23, 2006, David H. Hegg

Our thoughts exist

Our existence is something exact. The history of mankind is marked by how Man does not really know what our existence exactly is. What we can understand, is that our existence is something exact that we do not know what is. This shows us that it is something we do not know what is, which have created the chemical elements and the life on Earth. What have created everything is in proportion to what the whole lot is, also in one way or another to what we humans are.

In this perspective it is something important to be a human. It is logical that it is difficult for us humans to understand what the cause for our existence is; because the cause stands before in time and over us in importance, and not after in time and under us in importance.

In thought of these aspects about our existence, every single human’s life is important. It is something important that is at the bottom of a human’s life.

We humans are in a situation where our thoughts exist.

June 17, 2006, David H. Hegg

A great victory

It is a great victory to defeat one's own stupidity. That can lead to great improvements for the humankind. That can lead to pace on Earth. That demands knowledge instead of weapons, to understand about each other instead of to misunderstand about each other, and cooperation instead of hostility. The humans have access to very much knowledge today, which gives us new historical possibilities.

The historical stupidity humans have developed during thousands years, synchronously with the development of true knowledge, is the stupidity it is a great victory to defeat. Nowadays I often think about how people in the past now and then have studied for years to be as stupid as it otherwise had been impossible to be. What they often have strived after are social respect and material reward. Those who tried to point out the defects ran the risk of being punished. Not to confront with this past is to repeat the stupidities which among other things is to move forth in a wrong way to reach one's goals.

I believe that to gain a victory over the stupidities is one of the humans’ greatest victories.

July 16, 2006, David H. Hegg


Knowledge is possibly the most fundamental ingredient in our existence which we can clearly understand that comes from something we do not know what is. We know that the knowledge is here, but we do not know what it comes from. Our existence is built up by knowledge. Knowledge is the deciding fundamental basis which we can understand that has developed our existence. To understand about this is to see that the knowledge exists as an existing factor which is the most clearly we know that is a meeting, between something else regarding the existence and ourselves.

I believe that to gain understanding about this is something essential regarding us humans. We can really understand that we humans exist in an interaction, with the knowledge and what it is that the knowledge has to do with.

The knowledge has to do with the meaning, the possibilities regarding us humans, and what it is that really exists.

It can be that to understand about this is to reach the next phase in our development as humans with completely new and better possibilities built on existential values which we take part with.

We can not survey what the whole is regarding our existence, but we can begin to understand more.

July 18, 2006, David H. Hegg

The step into the future

The history of mankind shows that it is cultural development which characterizes us humans. The present epoch in our history distinguishes by how we understand the history of mankind. This modern epoch has last for a short time of the history from the beginning of the history and until today. There is reason to believe that this short time is the beginning to a future where the humans understand more than before. Therefore our challenge as humans in the world together today; is to realize the mistakes in the history until today, and understand what have been done wrong before and not continue with those earlier mistakes.

Everything indicate that it will be an overall situation for the humans on the Earth in the future, where understanding about each other rule the humans on Earth and not war any longer. Exaggerated nationalism seems to be going to end; and respect for each other will come instead. Already today to take the step into the future and begin to solve the problems between people in that way would be nice. Typical some of these problems go back a long time in the history, and it is impossible to fight against them, the only way is to understand about it and solve the problems in a competent and peaceful way.

The humans’ strong point is to understand each other.

August 16, 2006, David H. Hegg

Two newborn babies

Suppose you see two newborn babies at the same place ahead of you, two small and tender creatures with colossal possibilities for development in themselves; and that you simultaneously see those same two humans later in life at different places, as two adults responsible for their own lives. Later in life can one of them has turned to be an enemy, a criminal, or something different that is negative towards one's own circumstances of life. And the other of them can has turned to be a friend, an honorable, or something different that is positive towards one's own circumstances of life. But in both of the two newborn babies are the same wishes of realizing the true intention with their lives. There is no evilness in those two babies.

The important thing I will point out here; is the question about what the enemy, the criminal, or the different negative things are. It seems that these negative things are something we humans have to understand about, to gain peace and justice on Earth. Such understanding seems to be about what is true about our existence; an understanding that exists as a deciding superior factor which we humans should find out about what is, as a step forward in our cultural development.

The historical mistake is that the humans before us have wanted to decide that the truth shall be what they want it to be from their own selfishness. But this selfishness does not rule what our existence is. Therefore it will help us humans to understand true about those things and to be able to begin to become agreed with what it is that our existence is.

September 14, 2006, David H. Hegg

Good or bad

It is not the humans when they are born who is good or bad. It is how the humans are being treated which is good or bad.

October 12, 2006, David H. Hegg

Good possibilities

The humans can understand how they are. That is an important thing, to understand. Not until we understand on a good and truthful way as best we can, how we are, we will be able to be on our best behavior towards each other on Earth. That will release good possibilities for us all. It depends on cleverness in that respect.

November 12, 2006, David H. Hegg

It is no coincidence

It is no coincidence that something exists; as opposed to that it supposed to be nothing that exists. Therefore by all thinkable angles we have grounds to understand that our own human situation has to do with something important.

December 8, 2006, David H. Hegg

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