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Good to understand

To understand is one of Man's special qualities. It looks like that the understanding, is at the centre of Man's different qualities. Therefore it is important to be good to understand.

To hold an opinion is necessarily not to understand. An opinion can be based on both insufficient and wrong grounds which form an opinion.

To understand one's opinion and the feelings attached to it can involve that you have to reconsider one's opinion.

January 11, 2009, David H. Hegg


It is important to understand a crime. One side of a crime can be that the first important thing to do is to stop it. But after the crime has been stopped, the next important thing to do is to understand it. In another way it also can be necessary to understand the crime before it is possible to stop it.

And again it is an important side; the part of the crime who is the criminal, or the criminals. It is important to understand the criminal or the criminals. One part of that will sometimes be the criminal's complete lifetime. A personality trait by the criminal can be dishonesty, and use of a tactical combination of truths and untruths. That part of it all is sometimes something very difficult.

The next step in this reasoning is that it could be other people than the criminal who have something with the crime or the crimes to do, someone who hide their role in the whole connection. These people can in some cases be decisive pawns, and sometimes also in a way which has something to do with why the criminal have become a criminal. In this context it is not the victim or the victims I have in mind, but anyone who for some reason can have taken part in what has gone on.

In addition to these elements, it is important to map out every parts of a crime which are of importance.

The important thing regarding understanding of crimes is that it is necessary to understand crimes to be able to do the right tings to criminality. It is important to understand what to do, to get things done right. Without right understanding ones reaction will be casual and not appropriate.

Over the years until today the development of the ideas of human rights has brought new understanding about crimes. It was directed attention to how the society and the judicial system throughout the ages had worked unfair and wrong.

It is my absolute understanding that it has been a fundamental mistake to forget how the societies themselves have their importance regarding developments of crimes. Not only how the society works, but also how individuals who hide how they are doing wrong in ways that breaks down others consciousness, quality of life, and experience of justice. Enough attention to this problem will disclose new malicious and dangerous activities which have taken place in the societies again; not only the easiest things to find out about, but also the most difficult things to find out about. Not to do this, will bring our future generations to sufferings we never had let happen if we had known about it.

March 19, 2009, David H. Hegg

The living social life

The social culture which at all times is the current social life in the society is a living situation. It is the active living social life which creates a good social situation. It is necessary for every new generation to build up a good social consciousness where each and everybody understand the important social contexts and develops social responsibility.

A good society can not maintain unfair and wrongful social attitudes because those necessitate restraining of peoples thinking and understanding. That is a mistake which often has been done in attempt to hinder social critical development. Such societies are in danger of protecting their own destructions which no one gets the opportunity to understand. This is very seriously today in a technological developed world where it is more important than ever that no bad people hide their ways to gain power and inhibition of other peoples mind.

In this context I think about the differences between the parts of the whole truth. That a part or some parts of the whole truth about what goes on in the society are hidden, is something which changes the impression of what is true. Parts of the whole truth can also activate people to conflicts between each other which hinder them all to understand the whole truth; this is a typical power game which it is extremely important to be aware of today and at all times to come.

The more bad some intentions are, the more they are hidden. Therefore the most important things sometimes are the most difficult things to find out about.

May 22, 2009, David H. Hegg

Good people

There are some people who do not betray to seek the answers of the truth, some people who do not let the lies make them weak, but become strong and good people instead of weak. There exists something, it is for that reason that we are here and can state that fact that the liars are weak but their lies can be dangerous. The liars hide themselves behind their false faces, and live and die as some assholes.

May 24, 2009, David H. Hegg


It looks like, that to realize what we are, is the meaning of life.

This is to realize our abilities, which is something we do both personal and together.

The universe and life on Earth are realized around us. What could the meaning be of all of this? It could be that we humans shall develop in proportion to it all.

First and foremost we humans must learn to estimate the nature and humankind; this is created in a way by something we humans do not know how and what is.

Developed understanding will learn us to better knowledge about how to live a meaningful life. Only the truth and an honest manner will give us possibilities in this context.

August 3, 2009, David H. Hegg

Intelligent life

A bird for example, is an intelligent creature in that way that a bird is an intelligent construction. The bird's construction demands more abilities and intelligence than what the bird's own abilities and intelligence is able to. In this way a bird with its limited abilities, is an intelligent creature. All living creatures on earth are intelligent constructions independent of each creature's own mental abilities.

The elements are exactly adapted to form the basis of life, and therefore the elements can be seen as a part of the intelligent system of life. Not all of the elements are included in the system of life; the others can be seen as in proportion to the system of life.

The reason why I write this is to draw a parallel between the birds and us humans in this context. We humans are more intelligent than birds, but we humans have not constructed our creatures either.

I think that for us humans it apply to be the same. The human's construction demands more abilities and intelligence than the human's personal abilities and intelligence is able to. This more intelligence has to exist. The whole world, with the universe around us which our world arises out of, indicates that great intelligent abilities exist.

September 20, 2009, David H. Hegg

Conscious intelligence

For us thinking humans on Earth, the question about why we are here, all the time will arise in our thoughts. To this question there is an exact correct answer which we do not find out what is.

When looking at the life on Earth, it looks like everything is made by conscious intelligence.

If anyone say that all we know about has arisen from nothing; that is something they have fantasized about like other fantasies in that context. It is nothing they have found out.

It might be that what we do not know about, are much more than what we know about. The cause is determinative for the result, not the opposite; the result is not determinative for the cause. The relationship between a little and a lot are the proportions, whether all we know about is a little or a lot in relationship to what the cause for it all is, depends on the proportions.

One among many things I often think about, is that it seems like the humans on Earth today do not understand that the Earth is round, in that way that they do not take into consideration that the planet Earth does not have unlimited areas and resources in all directions. I see development of stable, predictable and readily understandable possibilities to consciousness-raising, global understanding and more influence from ordinary humans every place on Earth as decisive in this context; this means a redistribution of the power proportions which shows more respect for ordinary peoples quality of life. We must not forget what mankind has learned; that all humans are born as valuable individuals. It seems like a key problem that people do not protect them enough against betrayal against human equal status and their communities; political and social openness is important in this context. Conscious understanding about all types of mental dominion which can be used against people, so that people can protect themselves against it, is also necessary. There is one place we all live; on planet Earth.

November 17, 2009, David H. Hegg

A system

For a long time I have thought that we exist within the scope of a system. Simultaneous I have thought that we can not see what is outside this system. It seems also as if it is impossible for us to understand whether something is outside the system or what it can be outside the system. The system in itself is intelligent.

What I am thinking about is that the material world is built up by protons and electrons, so that tin is one system and copper is another system for example et cetera. The opportunities of wide variety are built on a fundamental system. Life is a mystery. There exist an answer for what life is, but we do not know what that answer is.

In the course of this time when I have thought about that we are in a system, I have thought that the system furthers an intention, and that this intention has something to do with what is outside the system. I have thought that what is outside the system continuous does something with what is inside the system where we are now.

That something exists is a fundamental factor. Within our possibilities to understanding life on Earth depends on a cause. The cause must be eternal, because nothing comes into existence from nothing. It would be illogical to think that a universe built up of intelligence does not have an intelligent cause. The proof is that we exist, we have not arisen from nothing, and therefore we have arisen from something we do not know what is but can understand that exists.

The matter of fact that we live in a system, because that is a matter of fact; that is the explanation I think, for why we do not find out about the whole context regarding our existence. I think that because we can not look out of the system, therefore we can not see the whole context regarding our existence. I think that we can not see it all. We can only see what is in the system where we are now.

I believe that the right thing to do is to seek true knowledge and develop understanding between the humans.

January 12, 2010, David H. Hegg

Our limitations

What is the most important of all for us humans? This is an interesting question which I ask, without having a loud and clear answer. After a couple of hours I start thinking that one single person do not understand enough to be above the whole humankind and its future. And out of that it is possible to make that conclusion that we humans must understand our limitations.

July 27, 2010, David H. Hegg

Something invisible

A human is both an independent individual and a part of mankind. Mankind is both an independent species and a part of life on Earth. Life on Earth is both an independent system and a part of the Universe. By the Universe ends these connections that we clearly can see.

It is the part of the Universe where we live which we are used to know most clearly about. But the newest space telescopes now open up access to more knowledge about the Universe. July 5, 2010 The European Space Agency made public the article Planck Unveils The Universe - Now And Then at their Web Site www.esa.int The space telescope Planck has made an all-sky image by, among other things, measuring the cosmic microwave background radiation. This is the oldest light in the Universe, the remains of the fireball out of which our Universe sprang into existence. Therefore today's researches begin to achieve knowledge about the entire Universe and its development.

Life on Earth clearly shows us ideas and planning, this also must have an origin. That must be something which use it all, the whole Universe and all it can be out of it. I think that become more and more clearly the more we know. This must be something invisible for us, something we do not find with our eyes.

For a long time I have thought that it is something totally different behind our existence than we know something about. Something it is impossible for us to find out about, but it is possible for us to understand that it must be a cause for all that we know about. This cause is determining over what our existence is, and we must accept that, even though we don't know what it is, we must accept that too.

The typical for us humans is cultural development. Mankind is developing and the single individual is developing. I think that as we learn and understand more, we get more possibilities and more liability according to the cause for our existence. Even though I do not know anything about it, I think that it probably is a seriously meaning with our existence and us humans. This looks as though it exists a more important factor than us humans, which lets us humans develop by ourselves.

Today it is much distress many places on Earth. I think that we humans today have enough knowledge to solve these problems; we have what we need, we only need to use it, be fellow humans and use our knowledge.

Lies, cruelties and stupidities belong to the most important causalities to distress created by humans. This is something it is possible to change.

August 10, 2010, David H. Hegg

Is there something?

Is there something, or is there nothing? This is a fundamental question, and the answer goes without saying, there is something which exists. That answer is an absolute matter of fact which confirms that something always exists. When something exists, then it always exists something. From nothing can nothing arise. This is an important knowledge. That knowledge is the knowledge about that it is more than we humans know about and understand. It is close by to presume that our existence in this universe is inside of limitations it is impossible for us to find out what is. And that outside these limitations it is something we do not understand and do not know what is.

A human can say that it is the center in its own life, but it can not say that it is the center of the whole existence.

December 9, 2010, David H. Hegg

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