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Texts 1 · 2003 · 2004

Something to understand

To be what they truly are is essential for all living species on earth. To understand is one of humanity's given qualities. All the qualities of the earth's species stand in relation to something real, and it is certain that this is something humans wish to understand. It appears that the question about the nature and meaning of the heavens and life on earth have been central in man's mind from his beginnings.

It is fascinating that the human being has been living on Earth for a very long time. Through the discovery of man's first tools, today's man can gain perspective on his species' long history. Today, these stone tools are in Africa, and are between 2 and 2.6 million years old. It is also interesting that the human race appears to develop in a punctuated way. This means that shorter bursts of rapid change within the species happen between very long periods of little or no change. The human race of today has been virtually the same for a long time. Today's research indicates that humans identical to the modern human being lived in Africa 100,000 years ago. In all likelihood, they had some words, some songs, and probably some musical instruments such as drums.

The meaning behind each species determines what it is. For the human of today, the meaning behind his species was decided a very long time ago. And it is likely that the same meaning will still apply to man a very long time in the future, for example 100,000 years from today.

September 10, 2003, David H. Hegg

A result has a cause

There is one fundamental question in our existence. Is there something, or is there nothing? The answer is easy; there is something. The next topic after that statement of fact is a logical question. What exists, what is it, and what is its meaning? The answer is not as easy.

Movement seems to be a basic element in what it is that exists. Movement is a central concept, in different ways, in our reality. One way to look at movement is how movement is identical to that something happens. Without movement, nothing happens, nothing has happened, nothing has come into existence, and nothing has existed. Without movement, neither physical stuff, time, nor room would have any kind of meaning. The development has moved itself in time and room and materialized into today's situation in the universe, and on the earth.

What the physical stuff in our reality really is seems to be difficult to find out and understand. Today's man knows a great deal more about physical stuff than before, about atoms with protons and neutrons for example, which is an enormous step forward in knowledge within our existence. It looks like the physical stuff is meant to realize how the development moves itself, and that could be an initial meaning of the physical stuff in our existence.

In man's mind, it is obvious to see the meanings within the species on earth. A cause and a result are two necessary factors; a result must have a cause. Therefore, the earliest beginning of life on earth must have a cause, and that cause must have something to do with the entire universe. A result has a cause, and the cause always stands in proportion to the result. It seems to be a likewise plan but in different ways, for an intelligent construction of the elements with protons and neutrons, and for an intelligent construction of the species. It could be, in that way, that the construction of the elements is the first step we know, in a plan that places all species of the earth into an intelligent system. At this state, it is difficult to find the next step forward in thinking and understanding. This does not mean that the cause does not exist; it is because the cause is too difficult to find out and understand.

The intelligent life on earth must have its cause in the reason of the entire universe's existence. And it is the whole community of species on earth that constitute the intelligent life, because one, or a few species could not exist, it must be an intelligent system of many different species. Something that happens has a cause and a meaning. One of the human being's many qualities is, for example, artistically indicating something about what the meaning of the universe could be.

October 4, 2003, David H. Hegg


Human languages that can be spoken and heard or written and read, with their meanings of what their words can say, express humans' most important qualities and exact intentions. Brutality is not the real intention of humans and cannot be the basis for sustainable development. Progress resulting from brutal force among the humans on earth will not lead to a future where the true human spirit will prevail. Instead, it will shackle humans to the lies, crimes, and mistakes of the past. The role that has been given to the human race on earth is one of spiritual and mental development that can be expressed in many ways. This role has something to do with an innate wish to move forward. There is no falseness in this wish, and its real strength exists in its belief in the development and future of the human race. Already today in the historical development of the human race, the truth is of utmost importance in terms of the planet we are living on and our human condition.

Humans' truthfulness shows the truth about what they are being preoccupied with and the power of what it could mean. However, humans' lack of truthfulness can hide the truth behind the meaning and power of their words. In terms of humans' political and historical development, it is an enormous crime to lie.

November 7, 2003, David H. Hegg


Knowledge is the reason and balance is the way, for how the world exists. Knowledge is a constructive factor in our existence, and balance is a strong factor in our existence. These terms are relevant for Humankind, because of our ability to understand about the world where we are living.

December 6, 2003, David H. Hegg

The planner

From nothing comes nothing. Of mess becomes only more mess. The world is made by a plan, and therefore from something that can plan. What has The Planner given to the humans to let us know about itself? The answer is easy, it has given us our abilities to think and understand. And what has The Planner given us to believe on? The answer is very easy, we can believe on what is true.

The Planner has never given us a single prophet who talks for itself. Those who want to believe in The Planner, can never let a single individuals come between The Planner and oneself. And The Planner has given us our own thoughts that The Planner let us think by ourselves.

It is easy to understand that the humans' abilities are intended to develop by goodness.

January 5, 2004, David H. Hegg

A cause and an intention

Life on earth has a cause, a meaning, and an intention.

February 2, 2004, David H. Hegg


Our existence can not has arisen out of nothing, and can not end up into nothing. It has always been something, and it will always be something.

March 2, 2004, David H. Hegg

A logical cause

A logical reasoning shows a continuous intelligent cause behind every step of that evolvement that has led to life on Earth. These logical reasoning shows an intelligent cause behind the very first step in the evolvement of the space, where Earth is, that humans can understand. This cause is something humans can understand, but not see, and I call it The Planner. That something, no matter what, comes into existence because of nothing, is the unthinkable cause. It is not in human's power to give order to what this cause is. Humans can understand more, than they can command and have dominion over the world; and that will be the humans' future.

March 28, 2004, David H. Hegg

The possibility

Today's situation among the humans on earth is marked by the historic constellation which appears from men's constructive wish and ability for humanity in contrast to how inhumanity and destructiveness are generated. The life on earth is built on a huge adapted situation where the human race has been given the possibility to succeed together with goodness, honesty, and human skill. The intelligence did not came to the earth by reason only of the humans, it is the humans that have arisen by the intelligence that has adapted the life on earth. The whole life on this planet has been intelligent before there were human beings here, therefore the human beings are carrying with them the intelligence as a possibility, in a kind of way from before there were human beings on earth. The proportion between herbivores and carnivores for example are a balancing of the life on earth, that is what humans can understand; and it has nothing to do with malice, or that evilness wins. There is not an evil intention behind the life on earth. And it is possible to understand that goodness is not only a possibility, but an intention behind the creation of the human race, that humans can understand.

What then, is malice? It is in opposite to goodness, it is to misuse and ruin the goodness by the humans and the life on earth in a way that hurts. In man's mind it is clear that only man, among the species on earth, have this opportunity to switch between goodness and evilness. Goodness delights, but evilness hurts, and this must be because humans are able to do the right thing. In this way humans have to use goodness and skill when we yet are at the beginning of our development and only just have started to understand that we can be able to manage our lives on the earth.

The humans have the possibility, and we have to find out how to succeed with a way of being together on the earth. This will bring happiness to the humans and accomplish how the human intention can come true. It is on the whole earth we are living together and not behind borders between countries which formerly sovereign states have built in their ignorance and stupidity.

All kinds of weapons for use against humans are not able to accomplish how the human intention can come true. Too much weapons are only able to hurt and bring sorrow both to the humans and the whole planet Earth. It is as a secondary possibility a little weapons could be useful, not as a primary possibility.

There is one kind of weapon which today's people don't understand about how dangerous it is. This is something I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, therefore it is my task to tell the truth: An individual that was under the influence of LSD, in the last phase of the influence of it; started to tell seriously secrets that the person really wanted to keep secret, and by the minute afterwards the person also become under control of what the person itself had said. This shows how LSD can be used to trick and control individuals. This is easy to find out, and it is well known around in the world. Individuals with badly intentions will easily find out how to misuse it, only naive individuals do not think about it. Therefore it is dangerous not to draw enough attention to this threat, which is the only way for people to be safe. Only criminals wish to hide this possibility for themselves. This person can not remember this, therefore it is insignificant who it was.

While growing up and throughout the years I have met different individuals those know about this. It is necessary for all individuals in the world to be strongly interested in how this works and how to protect themselves against this threat which is dangerous for them all.

It is my strongest recommendation not to use any kinds of narcotics, all of them are much more dangerous than they are said to be. All the more I have learned about narcotics, all the more I have become conscious of how dangerous all sorts of narcotics are. I do not use any narcotics myself. I only use a little bit of alcohol, and that is because of my cultural situation, I do not think that alcohol is something very great either. In actual fact I also smoke tobacco a few times by the year, but not more than a very few times by the year. And I like to drink ordinary green leaf tea with caffeine. These are all I use today of that sorts of things

To indicate how the situation is, I very briefly will give an account of a little bit of something that stood in the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen, Monday, September 4, 2000. This is translated into English: (The front page:) “Norwegian children of war died in LSD-experiments / CIA stood behind secret experiments / The children of war were in the 50s and 60s used as ‘guinea pigs' in military experiments with LSD…” (Inside the article at page 6:) “In the USA and other countries there have been disclosed that CIA under the cold war did a big project to find a way to techniques that could lead to get individuals to do things against their own will…” Quote ends.

I have also by myself been strongly busy with that this also has been done against me. My conclusion is that I can not manage to find out what it is that has been done against me, and I am very sure about that I have been influenced by LSD without any information given to me about it. And without any other facts, and at an earlier time than September, 2000; I have exactly been preoccupied with that they have wanted to take control over me and control me to do against my own will.

It is only one possibility regarding this, and that is absolutely openness, studying, and a general care. I think they have done the whole world crazy, and it is important to do something about it. LSD is extremely dangerous. And it is only they who do this who want to keep it in the dark.

May 15, 2004, David H. Hegg


In 1986 I lost, what I easily will say was, 90 per cent of my conscious minds memory. It happened as a result of what follows: At that time I was 100 per cent mentally concentrated (in exact this context it is relevant to vary this way of speaking to exactly 90 per cent) day after day about comprehensive human complications, and without any legal or understandable explanation and total unexpected I suddenly got tremendous attacked from the police. It was against my relationship to my daughter whom I had known since her birth, and whom I most of all is fond of. The first that started up this was that my doctor did something wrong, and afterwards more and more colleagues to the doctor from different occupational groups began to help the doctor and each other to hide what became more and more wrong. They did not help my daughter and me, they helped each other. After ten months I was totally and extremely mentally ruined. My illness was rheumatism which at that time had bin a serious difficulty for about ten years. This illness was obvious. And I had not done anything wrong.

Today I have learned and understand a lot about rheumatism, and this illness has not become worse. My mentally condition and my memory of today, are also very well.

At that time in 1986 I had read several popular science books about psychology and other things. There was one book which became very important for me; Sleep, by Gay Gaer Luce and Julius Segal. And from this book there is one ting I believe in, that my detailed lifetime memory was intact. And that I could remember again. Therefore I systematic and careful started to rebuild my memory. It has been important for me to gather information about my life. When I had enough information I began to remember even more, and afterwards more and more again.

It also has been important for me to be sensible and not superstitious. The imagination is constructive but not rational, and it is necessary to be sensible and not superstitious. It is true that the lives on earth are built on more than we can see, and what we do not see is also something sensible.

My edition of Sleep has 288 pages. Here I will retell the important information for me during the last 18 years:

A quotation from the book with the title Sleep, written by Gay Gaer Luce and Julius Segal. Published by Heinemann - London. First published in Great Britain in 1967. Chapter 10, The Meanings of Dreams, at page 196 and 197 in the English edition which I have.

Quote begins: “During waking activity our ‘poor memory’ protects our concentration, for we do not have access to the detailed memories that appear to be available in dreams.

The magnitude and richness of this lifetime memory hoard, which seems to lie outside of conscious retrieval yet landscapes and populates our dreams, has been suggested occasionally under hypnosis. Just as an indication of the amount our brains manage to store, Warren McCulloch gave this example to a cybernetics conference in 1952.

We tried this sort of trick. We took master bricklayers who laid face brick and had them recall the seventh brick in the row in a given year. They were able to recall any one such brick thirty or forty items at the most. That was a brick that had been through their hands some ten years before.

These things are verified by checking the bricks. They are master bricklayers. That means they are laying face bricks. That means that even ten years later you can go to that row and look at the brick.

The kinds of things men remember are that in the lower left-hand corner, about an inch up and two inches over, is a purple stone which doesn't occur in any other brick that they laid in that whole wall.... The pebble may be about a millimetre in diameter…

One member of the conference inquired how a man could possibly remember thirty such features on one brick, to which McCulloch replied, ‘Oh, they do’. In fine detail the unnoteworthy features of our surroundings seem to be physically filed away within the brain, and we may reasonably assume that these billions of ‘inconsequential’ memories form part of the raw material of our dreams.” Quote ends.

May 20, 2004, David H. Hegg

Earth and water

What is the world's next stage of development? That question has to do both with thoughts about what the human beings are, and about what everything in the world are. I think that the world's next stage of development will be a new stage of development within the human beings cultural situation. I think that this kind of development to another and a more complex state is based on a similarly adaptation regarding the creation of the human race, as regarding the whole world's adapted possibilities of development. These things have to do with something humans can understand more about than they can have dominion over what is. Therefore the humans' task in this context is above all to understand and be kind and skillful.

The humans have qualities that will let us be happy with our tasks on earth when we become to do the right things. It will become nice.

Every single individual is of importance in this adapted world, also because of its own single existence that is something important in itself. The whole life on earth is also important because of that is what exists, the human race alone can not be alive.

These thoughts are universal and not selfish. The humans' natural selfishness is their individual right to be what an individual is and to have their different private human possibilities accepted towards the community.

This shows a new situation which I believe in, and it forms new possibilities for the human race. Today's situation on earth is marked by the humans' end of the first stage of development, and the beginning on the next stage of development. And the intention for such a situation must have something to do with what it is that exists whom appears in how humans can feel, think and understand.

May 21, 2004, David H. Hegg

Unnecessary things

What is the cause for so much suffering and sorrow among the peoples on the earth today? It is a cause which has come into being through the last thousands of years. This is a very long time in each individual's life; with theirs histories, lifetimes, and posterities. But it is not a long time in our existence, and therefore it does not shows a situation on the earth which has to be like this. The individuals who suffering in sorrow have often been exposed to other individuals' malice against themselves, such things are not a necessary evil, such things does not has to happen, it is not necessary for any good reason. Therefore it is something unnecessary for every good reason. People must stop to believe in that they have to do malice for goodness. Malice is contrary to goodness.

May 22, 2004, David H. Hegg

Fair and proper

In 1985 I became occupied of that the free cultural development within our societies in the whole world are undermined by hidden obstructiveness against general representative government. I have thought about that the First World War is pertinent regarding when such a hidden activity has started its fumbling establishment in different parts of the world. I have thought of that this activity is made in such a way that influences the much larger mass of peoples than their own number of people, and therefore their methods are to betray the mass of peoples all over the world. Because of the general right to vote, these people lost the power of the upper class over the mass of peoples whom such people traditionally had conquered through hundreds and thousands of years as their own right. Therefore these people also lost their power of politics and their power of countries. Exactly these people were not necessarily representative for the upper class whom were many other humans too; these other humans could be positive regarding equal human worth and such things. It is sensible to point at the time around the year 1900 as a period when the general right to vote began to develop. Ordinary people and politicians in every single country all over the world afterwards, are unaware of this activity and therefore not guilty regarding what this activity does today.

First World War is an indication of what I think has been their strategies, which I also think are in use today and are meant for our future. It is to break down the power of general representative government and democracy all over the world with war and conflicts in a very long-term perspective.

It is important to have consideration towards how ordinary individuals and politicians within every single country all over the world are victims and not the guilty individuals. It is exactly to kindle conflicts that are such an activity's dangerous strategy. Such a strategy exactly wants to break down the power of peaceful politics. The power of peaceful politics is exactly the power of general representative government and democracy.

This unknown and hidden activity is lead by people whom conceals themselves regarding what they are doing. Therefore it only helps this historical activity with their unfavourable tendency, to blame and hurt innocent individuals. Exactly to find exactly these other guilty individuals are very difficult, especially in the beginning I think. It is essential to understand completely about this matter, that will be the basis for the possibility to do more against this problem. To understand is the most powerful power which humans can have, and that is relevant regarding this matter. Orderly and rightful methods will be the way to handle this matter, the opposite will only make a mess with no possibilities.

In 1938 LSD was produced for the first time. It is before the Second World War, and I have thought about the possibility for a connection between LSD and the Second World War. And I have thought of the possibility for a connection between LSD and our unhappy world today.

I have thought of that such an activity, which uses LSD against others, wants to break down what is fair and proper.

After 1985 I have tried to find out something about such an activity. I have been occupied of that something like such a method, which uses LSD, has been used against me. From 1985 to 2004 which are 19 years, and after so long time, I have something to tell about it. I have found out that it is impossible to clear up what has been done to oneself. I have also found out that it is dangerous to try to find out about what have been done to oneself regarding such a method, which uses LSD against the peoples. And I have found out that it is not either necessary, or useful, to try to find out what has been done to oneself regarding this method. It is necessary, and useful, to try to find out about this activity, which uses LSD against individuals, by doing something else, to begin to investigate round the suspicious matter will be the possibility.

I have learned that such methods which use LSD against individuals, are dependent to hide what they are doing to gain their results. Because of otherwise it is possible to find out what they are doing and not begin to follow their talking which they have done when oneself is under influence of LSD. This influence they can gain with talking to individuals who are under influence of LSD, is circa similar to normal influence from individual to individual. But they have done a lot of experiments and tests, and something obvious is that they does the same as the advertising businesses, and compared what they want with something you like. It is also obvious that influence from individuals to individuals afterwards is something that happens.

I think that to build up a general knowledge about this matter, with a general psychological development over the years, in a way where all humans look at this matter like something that has gone on around them; will be the best way to manage it. I think that such a way of handle this problem will become to undermine this activity's results the best way, and reduce its effects more and more over the years.

So after 19 years with works regarding this, this is all I what to tell about it.

June 29, 2004, David H. Hegg

The meaning

What can be the meaning of life, and why do we exist? The meaning of life has something to do with the existence of life in the universe which we know as the life on Earth. There is no sense to isolate the humans' life from the whole life, which we know as the life on Earth, and then begin to think that our existence comes out of nothing which someone can make up one's mind of what should be instead of to understand about what it is. The meaning of life has something to do with the whole life, and the whole life is a system of connections which depends on; the connections between all the species, the elements, and the intention for it all. In this way, the thoughts of such tings are a little serious, and such a little serious thoughts can mean a lot. The meaning of the whole life with its entire species, is the same factor which gives the meaning of the life to humans. So the meaning of life and why we exist, is something serious to think about. Every little piece in this whole life on Earth is something important, and so is also every single human being.

To be a human is something very much to be. To get the possibilities to live and develops as such a human enriched human being, is the very valuable right to get for every single human being.

This meaning of life is the factor which is a human's strongest factor, and that is something other humans not can take away from a human because it does not matter how many such other people they are, this is the strongest factor anyway. That meaning is something we have to understand about; to try to take this meaning from humans will not succeed. In my opinion this meaning first and foremost is to understand about the truths in our existence and to develop our possibilities. The planned lies about our existence which some people have made for today, are something very destructive. The unplanned untruths which other people also have made, are also something to improve.

If the creating of the human race has been an initial intention for the life on Earth, which is very thinkable, such an intention has had a lot to do before the creating of the human race could take place. And it must be something very important and powerful in our existence that does such things. And what we have directly from this cause, are our possibilities to think and understand which are something very much to get.

The characteristic quality of the human race is that our possibilities and meanings are built on cultural development in connection to our natural habit. In my opinion these thoughts are relevant in the beginning of the development of the human race which I think still must be at our present time today. A lot of things have happened until to today, but a lot of things will happen in the future too.

I do not think the old religions can give answers to all the questions we have today; the old religions are to much build on the early stages of our cultural development. The old religions have meant a lot to peoples all over the world, and they still do so, but the old religions are made in a connection to the early stages of our cultural development. Our cultural development is still something valuable. Today it will be correct to make our thoughts out of today's possibilities with much more knowledge than before, and to gain knowledge is our given quality which we still can believe in.

War is not an intention for the human race because it is so destructive. Wars are crimes which humans must clear up with righteousness in an honest way; our history is full of war crimes which cause unfairness and wars again and again and break down our real possibilities on Earth today. To gain social justice, cultural equality, and peace on Earth; is something constructive which will give the humans the possibility to be what they really are meant to be. To gain such results needs peace between the humans on Earth. Too much weapons against humans are for war. As one human race on Earth, dominion of weapons against humans is something wrong which we have to get finished with, and that aim needs human skill instead of war for all the humans together on Earth. It takes time to understand, to gain peace on Earth will give time and possibilities for humans to understand. Peace and possibilities are two factors that can work together and gain basis for constructive results to go further with for the humans on Earth.

July 9, 2004, David H. Hegg


To think regularly has been an increasing activity for me which today is a great part of my life. That is because of how I for years have taken advantage of to think much more methodically to manage things I have been preoccupied with. Something typical which I often are aware of, is a varying alteration regarding; a specific purpose for my thinking to gain an important detail, or a comprehensive purpose for my thinking to gain an important perspective. These two different ways of thinking are something I have been very attentive on. Sometimes it is useful to be specific, and sometimes it is useful to be comprehensive, concurrent to obtain information from other sources; when you are in progress with to think, understand, and discover something. Sometimes it will ruin the progress to come further on; to be too much specific. And sometimes it will ruin the progress to come further on; to be too much comprehensive. To come further on is often the valuable intention to gain.

July 11, 2004, David H. Hegg

How things are

A flower is something that can be in flower. A bird is something that can fly. A human individual is something that can understand. Such things can individuals understand about what are, but not determine over what shall be. This is because of how things are.

August 4, 2004, David H. Hegg


To really wish justice and to work for it, is the only thing among people which really will accords with people's loyal quality. The quality of loyalty is a fundamental and strong quality by people, which I believe in that is our natural given response for real justice. I think this natural given response for real justice is the given reliable basis for human beings' development in the world, and therefore equal justice is our key to real loyalty and safety among each other in the world.

August 7, 2004, David H. Hegg


Every new generation among the humans today, starts typically one's development of activities within cultural, political, and other areas; with one's starting point in that reality witch the historical development before has caused and decided what shall be. When an individual grows up as a child; it sees, hears, and perceives what are directly nearest to oneself. When the individual starts its adult life, its upbringing has been a result from a historical development which it as a child newer has seen, heard, or perceived anything directly about. This historical development from before, what it is, and what it can hide for today; is something essential to find out and understand enough about for an individual who wants to understand about oneself, one's own role and importance.

In a global perspective of today, this circumstance also has a global meaning; where we all first and foremost have learned about our own situation, and we have to do more if we want to understand peoples other places.

September 7, 2004, David H. Hegg

A meaning

It often recurs in my thought how excellent the life on earth is adapted. In this connection it seems obvious that the humans' social lives also are excellent adapted, and that our situation in many ways is to understand about how our human life is adapted. Because of how our human life must be excellent adapted, it must be a prioritized goal for us to understand and find out about how our human life on earth is adapted. This view shows such a meaning with our existence, which seems to be an obvious meaning and a central matter for our lives. And it is logical that our ability to understand; among other things, is meant for such an aim.

It is not in such a way that humans maybe are as they are. It is in such a way that humans are as they are. Such things are facts that control the human race, facts that humans can understand about to gain a meaningful and peaceful development. In this perspective it seems like we today just are in the beginning of our development. Humaneness and understanding are the humans' very great power. The humans must be clever to other things than to make weapons against each other, if they shall succeed on Earth.

It also often recurs in my thought that all the countries are something dangerous in itself. It is because of what countries have been and still is, something peoples of today have had no influence on what is. This problem for discussion is something I just have thought about, but not got any conclusion about. This planet is not created with borders between countries.

October 7, 2004, David H. Hegg

What for?

What for do humans understand? This is a central matter in my thought. And what is it meant for, that humans have the ability to understand? That is a logical next question. Those who want to understand have a logical reason to get their attention directed towards these questions. In this perspective it is logical that humans can understand about what they are, and not decide over what they are.

To put these thoughts in a context that focus on what it is that decides in our world, I next will focus on some simple examples to compare with. The plants have their roots to grow up from the ground. The fishes have their fins to swim in the water. The animals have their legs to walk on the earth. The birds have their wings to fly in the air. And the humans have their ability to understand to understand in the world. These things are so simple or so advanced for the humans, as the humans have developed their abilities to understand.

The motive for this text is to call attention to that humans can understand much more than they can decide over, and that the humans' greatest power and most important opportunity is to understand.

Those who do not understand enough before they do something, do not understand what they are doing, and do not understand anything of what they have done. And such a behavior occupies no human power. It is human power which is the humans' constructive power.

And again, what for do humans understand? It must be because we shall do constructive good things with abilities we have got to do more with than to low, baa, and cackle, which also are three other language forms that humans can understand something about.

November 3, 2004, David H. Hegg


Nothing comes into existence from nothing. Therefore it has always been something.

What has always been, a meaning or a meaninglessness? It looks like it always has been a meaning. And therefore it is a meaning which exists.

November 19, 2004, David H. Hegg

Cause and result

Cause and result are an important perspective in our reality. It has to do with what it is that exists in our reality, and with what it is that comes into existence because of what we humans do.

What we humans can see around us shows us something we can understand about. In my way of thinking it has been in such a way that our physical reality must be a result, and that this result becomes a cause which is built on its original cause. In this way it seems as our physical world is a way which something develops on.

In such a context it is something important to be humans.

November 24, 2004, David H. Hegg

The truth

Gradually as an individual grows up and later becomes an adult, it develops its life and personality by reason of the qualities of the human being. These qualities form the basis of an individual's personal development, and in a more compound way also the bases of the communities. People are under control of these qualities in a way they do not have any control over what is. It is my conviction that people can trust the truth of these fundamental qualities, and that we can have control over the ability to understand true. There is a meaning with the human beings of which ours qualities and abilities are meant for. And the happiness for the human beings is attached to our development in a way where the happiness is something that we have in common.

The truth is always what really exists. Therefore it is the truth which is the decisive matter. It is my conviction that outside what we can know, there exists a truth according to our reality which we never can lie about what is. When we are doing right according to the truth, then we are doing right according to this power outside what we can know.

This text was written because I wanted to find a key to peace on earth. The key I have found is simple; it is the truth. But in many situations it can be something difficult and demanding to find the truth.

It looks as a better way to look back in the history to correct what has become wrong, than to go further on with lies.

December 19, 2004, David H. Hegg

Many people can help

This time the earthquake under the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004 which caused tsunamis that destroyed so much, is what occupies me the same way as for everyone.

The quake was of moment magnitude 9.0 on the Richter scale, off the western coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia at 00:58:53 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). The multiple tsunamis struck without coordinated warning and ravaged coastal regions all over the Indian Ocean. The tsunamis reached heights of 15 m or 49 ft and flooding coastlines between fifteen minutes and ten hours after the quake. Deadly tsunamis struck as far away as the east coast of Africa, 4,500 km or 2,800 mi west of the epicenter.

When many people are hurt there is a great need of help. And in this situation it is useful to join in to encourage everyone to help. Many people together can give a great help. Ordinarily the useful thing to do is to give money to the humanitarian organizations and the like that can help.

This situation should also remind us about everyone who needs help in the world.

December 31, 2004, David H. Hegg

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