319. In eternal time

In this text I shall disclose what it is which really is the capitalistic system’s most secret and hidden method which only a few humans know what is and what it means for this eternal world’s future and development in eternal time in the future namely that the capitalistic system’s most efficient cultural ability is to abuse how humankind has been created to be in my reality which I have created to you humans and all the other animals of unlikely kind and with different abilities and ways of being and ways of living this creature which today can be named the capitalistic system’s ruined human creature does not have any really right or given intention over my intention with it which is love to one another and the whole world it lives in – today shall I really disclose for you who I look at as my really friends in this creation which is named the Earth’s eternal world by the power which I today shall give you all your wanted answer of what really is namely the eternal’s want after a world to have as one’s own eternal existence of what I am which today is named God the Almighty Creator of everything which in eternal time will be my worlds all of them also this one which today is named the Earth’s eternal want for really to find out what it is which really is what does that you humans exist and what it is which is God’s intention with this which today looks like as the Earth’s really intention is to always again and again to have to be ruined with everlasting more catastrophic and terrible consequences which this time shall be the last ruin and after that shall this world for ever be under my command and no other’s command any time more for eternal time from today when this is exactly dictated to that one I have chosen for you from an eternal kind of the humans which not will be here before two hundred billion years from today.

August 2, 2022, David H. Hegg