305. For ever

This text is about a little but still powerful small phenomenon here on the Earth today, which is named the nuclear weapons’ secret intentions and meanings which only they who know about these really intentions with these weapons know what really is for kind of weapons namely weapons of another dimension than their real weapons which they daily are so used to that they are able to carry out the necessary cruel and evil with her on the Earth now for more than 10 000 years. Do you know what these really meanings for the nuclear weapons’ are you? No. But here you shall get to know it you. Their real intensions are: 1.) To be able to suppress the population of the whole world under the capitalistic supreme authority in a way the humans never shall be able to change more. 2.) To be able to develop a system on the Earth where ordinary people develop to only be suppressed humans under nuclear weapons’ forever existence over their free souls so that they never are able to be these free souls’ creations here on this planet more. And so in the end comes this: The day these weapons are used by these humans’ evilness, it will be that one who have dictated this to David who control them all together totally exactly to bring humankind back to the Stone Age. Because with this is that been said which you need to get to know to understand why David always is so glad with a smile in his face, that is because he knows who I am who have dictated him this, and so he knows that to come back to the Stone Age isn’t the worst which can happen with the humans on the Earth. Because the worst which can happen with the humans on the Earth knows both he and I who says to him what he shall write, that is that the humans only become more and more evil all the time without to believe that this evilness at any time will have its last day. This has David written because he has learned to understand what I say to him that he shall write, and that is because I have wanted to help him with carrying out his plan, which not is my plan, which is that the humans of their own free will shall begin to want to do right that day they understand the seriousness in being created by someone who have created them to be and become what they are created to still be forever, and nothing else at any time forever.

March 27, 2021, David H. Hegg