304. In this way

This time it only is a little text about something quite simple which is well known but still totally impossible for the humans to manage to be what they want here on the Earth, and this time this phenomenon namely is named nuclear war of the worst of all kinds which can be thinkable to be possible that will happen if this text isn’t taken seriously of all people who live here on this planet which is named the Earth. That nuclear war will 100 % for sure happen that day the “criminals” have been able to revenge themselves on all them who started to ruin for their power over the whole world and everything which exists on this planet. The only way to hider that nuclear war, is to take care of as fast as possible that it not exists a single nuclear weapon left which is possible for humans to use on this planet any time more from now on which is today Wednesday March 24, 2021. If this warning isn’t given the very most seriousness, that nuclear war will one day happen. In this way it will become that this will be from today and will continue to have to be for all future here on this planet, because the evil in the humans can’t only be removed for ever, it must all the time be understood better and better forever, and eternal time is what this has to do with, because the eternal is what this world belongs to, and not something temporary.

March 24, 2021, David H. Hegg