301. A quality

A quality which exists here in the world is the intelligence of humankind. The intelligence of humankind is only one of many different qualities which is created here on Earth. This quality isn’t in any way the sustainable and the most prominent quality which exists, but only a little intellect which some people have started to think that is their superior quality over all other qualities which exist at all.

The humans have started to destroy what intelligence really is. The humans have started to create their own understanding about something they have started to call intelligence, but which really has been their own creation which truly really rather shall be called the stupidity’s creation of the stupidity’s hell’s assholes.

Intelligence is namely a much more compounded and heterogeneous quality, than the little stupidity the humans themselves have started to transform their intelligence to be today. This is something which is totally terrible, that this has started to happen; that the humans start to use their indifferent intellect to believe that they have been the creator of the whole existence’s complete perfectness totally without understanding what they have started with themselves, because their own created intelligence has been their worst foolishness.

What we can call mathematical intelligence is only one side of what intelligence as a whole is. As a whole intelligence namely has many sides, which each of them and together in different ways is something totally different than today’s foolishness put into a simple silly system.

Different sides of intelligence can we say that are different sides of the creative power of the intellect, which is its actual intention, namely to crate intellect and not foolishness.

March 14, 2021, David H. Hegg