300. Lonely

Man’s guilt is a difficult subject. That is because it cannot be said to be true that it is humankind’s guilt, that they are created; but it can still be said that it is correct, that it is Man’s own guilt everything they do, as they not are created to believe that it is right of them to have the right to do, which is all the evil, which the humans up to this day have done here on Earth. This is an introduction; which it in this text only very shortly will be given some few keywords about what imply for all humans who are created at all times.

In this text it will be mentioned to connections which are important for humankind’s eternal existence. The first is that the humans have responsibility for everything they understand what is which has been done earlier, and for everything they understands themselves that they are doing by themselves. The second is that the humans have guilt for everything they understand by themselves, that they do evil and wrong against everything and everyone, which exist in this world, which they forever are created to have the responsibility for totally alone without someone other’s help with everything they are able to do here in the world.

March 14, 2021, David H. Hegg