299. What I believe in

Just now I sat and thought about everything, which has happened with me, regarding all of this; which has to do with the crime with these “influences”. There have been many years. It is correct to say that it has been since 1986, and that is now 35 years. In all these years I have been focused on what is inside my mind, that has been ever day these 35 years. Because of this, I have learned to understand much about my inner mind and how it works. That is because of what has happened with me. Just now I thought about, that what I believe in, that is; that this hadn’t been possible for a human to manage, it is something which we humans call God, or something similar, which has made this possible for me to manage. No human could have managed to come through this like I have done, that is completely impossible.

March 7, 2021, David H. Hegg