288. The sexual urge

The “criminals” use “influence” of sex / the sexual urge in all connections in humans’ thoughts, feelings and what goes on in their mind. That is also in all different connections where sex / the sexual urge absolutely not have any natural functions. This is also in ways which not have anything to do with the sexual life’s natural ways of being.

This is sometimes very dangerous. It goes on in ways the humans don’t understand themselves, and they don’t understand what happens with them.

The “criminals” can use “influence” of sex / the sexual urge mixed in, in every parts of the humans’ life; regarding everything they think, feel and do, and in everything else also if that can be something.

To stress how important this is, I will add that sex / the sexual urge can be mixed in, in the most unthinkable connections, by the criminals. And one more time, this is something very dangerous, and that means that it also can be mixed in, in every different dangerous connections. All connections!

It isn’t anything they not can mix in sex / the sexual urge into!

December 17, 2020, David H. Hegg