287. The last point

Yesterday I remembered something the woman who “influenced” me in 1965 said: “Here I have made a precedence list. The first on the list; is something you for certain can manage to do. The last on the list; is something only God can manage to do, because that is something we shall include in the list. The first is that you shall rather die, than be used by these people. That is something you for certain can manage to do.” I answer; yes, that is something I can manage to do. “And so we have to see how far down on the list you will come, as your life comes to be what it will be. This becomes more and more difficult. ” She said.

I only have remembered the first and the last points. The woman said: “We shall ask God if God will help you with doing the last point. I will not refrain from doing that. And then we have to see if we get any answer.”

Circa four hours ago, out on the newspaper round, I got this message in my mind: “Now the fifth point has been done, and that was the last.”

Now someone will say. Something like that has never happened, so that has neither happened this time either. But …; you shall never say never.

Someone will also say; that a God like that, doesn’t exists. It is only something people have made up. But maybe what really exists, made up this God for the occasion.

God is a word many people use about something they understand that have to exist, which they don’t know what is.

December 14, 2020, David H. Hegg