284. Something old

One of the things it is possible to understand, that the “criminals” are doing, is that they take the possibilities from people; …the possibilities for work and livelihood. Typical such possibilities become big and powerful properties in different ways. People have to beg for work. This is something old. It is an old instrument of power. This has been going on in an incomprehensible way.

For a long time now today, the “criminals” have camouflaged how they do this, and they use others to do such things. From the beginning of this secret activity by the “criminals”, they have slowly developed their intentions by all the time giving an opposite picture of what goes on.

Something I remember from how I was “influenced” in 1975, is that the person who “influenced” me said; “in the future it shall not be possible for you to work more to get a better life”. That possibility shall be taken away.

November 9, 2020, David H. Hegg