283. Fundamental

It is the fundamental principles about human rights in the modern history, which the “criminals” have changed, turned upside down and crumbled away. It is how these new knowledge and ways of understanding form our ways of living, which the “criminals” have “influenced” to be changed, turned upside down and crumbled away.

The “criminals” have been doing this for a long time now. I think that 1900 can be a relevant time to think about as when this can has been started. But that year, 1900; is only because I want to bring the time long enough back in time. I don’t know when they started with these “influences”.

The time from 1800 to 1900 is also an important historical period of upheaval. This historical period is characterized by how new and right knowledge developed and slowly become important, and spread around in all parts of the communities. After understanding about that, it also becomes relevant to look at the historical period after the Middle Ages, 1500 AD; and till today. That is how important this now has been, in 2020 AD. This is today a period of 520 years. I think the “criminals” have this time frame regarding what they are doing, which is one of the many things they hide for us. How the “criminals” hide how they have different such large perspectives, gives them a kind of dangerous upper hand over us, because we don’t know it, and don’t understand it. They “influence” us to think and live just now.

An even longer historical period is also of importance. The “criminals” have very likely been taken up with that also. That becomes the whole historical period we now have knowledge of and understanding about.

Our knowledge and understanding viewed in the light of that historical perspective, has been taken away from us. It is important that we get that perspective back again in our way of thinking.

This can seems as if this is very much. In that perspective; this can be seen in two ways. First; it is that we get back this timeframe. That is a kind of key‐factor. That can be understood as if we have the possibility to understand in a correct perspective again. The “criminals” have taken that perspective away from us. To get that perspective back again, is something small. This is important to get back again. After that; this opens up for very much. But in the beginning, that is the important thing to understand regarding this. In the beginning; the most important only is to understand this again.

When we have understood this, then we are back in our present time again. And it is of overriding importance to find out about what the “criminals” now are doing. One of the many things they have done; is to remove more and more important details from our historical knowledge and understanding. When such things are removed from our attention; then we don’t know it any longer, and we don’t understand it any longer. We lose the possibility to see the important connections and understand correctly.

The “criminals” have “influenced” us to be fragmented in our thoughts, narrow‐minded and polarized. We quarrel about things which no one of us understands.

The “criminals” “influence” us to believe that we know and understand more and more; but that goes on in a way, where they really take away more and more of our world of thoughts. The “criminals” fill up our minds with meaningless fillings.

I think that the “criminals” mostly have “influenced” everything which has happened from 1900 till today. I also think that they have “influenced” us to only care about this limited period. It all started earlier.

Think about how important the art of movable printing became, invented by Johann Gutenberg 1400 – 1468. Here it also is two parts, not only one. It is the unknown secret libraries which the “criminals” have; and it is the known libraries which we others have.

November 8, 2020, David H. Hegg