282. A lot of problems

To keep all the great and fine which the “criminals” have, people have to be forced to make it to them, because they don’t do that voluntarily.

The power which is used; is the economic system, which slowly develops to a growing power system. This happens in that way; that it all the time describes, as if this is development of freedom and democracy. But that is the opposite of what is true.

The culture of the workers is slowly taken away more and more, so that it in the end isn’t anything left of their culture. Little by little they don’t matter anything more, and they don’t control anything more.

Earlier the community was developed by developing and building up professional knowledge in many different ways. Now the communities are developed by development of the economy, and the professional knowledges disappear. The education of the economy which goes on; is both something people learn, and something they don’t learn. To be qualified is also; that it is something you haven’t learned, and it is something you don’t understand. The education systems have been “influenced” by the “criminals”.

This becomes; that the professional knowledges are removed as practical social building up, and the economy is built up as theoretical power instead. This becomes further; that work doesn’t create the community, it is power which creates the community. The power structure in it all; is something which the “criminals” have, as their hidden power structure.

The community develops by breaking down the original professional knowledge, which originally built up the community. Instead economic power is built up. Development of the community is based on education of people to the economic system, so that it becomes the only thing which matters and controls something. This development furthers the meaning of the economy, and removes practical and functional arrangements.

It develops an inverted situation, of what it all the time is described as. And the explanation of what goes on, becomes all the time to explaining away what goes on.

The development also goes on like this; that we become more and more dependent of how this becomes. In that way this development gets more and more power over us. This becomes: that it is power, which develops. This also becomes; that we become more and more dependent of what it is, which destroy us.

It is also so; that the “criminals” have “influenced” everything, all the conditions, all the different social systems, etc. In that way all comparisons become wrong. Nothing is what we have believed that it is. We become tricked of it all, and comparisons between different communities and systems only become trickery.

Because everything is “influenced”; the clearing up becomes to find out about, and see through the “influences”. Everything we have to deal with, has been “influenced”; therefore we have to find out about, and understand about how this is. It is something the “criminals” want to achieve, and it is something they want to destroy; this has been going on for a very long time now.

One of the things it is possible to understand; is that this development develops system and systems, instead of human coexistence and human coexistences. The systems become also more and more taken care of by computers, and not by people. The systems are built up, and the humanness is broken down and destroyed.

Regarding this, we cannot point out something else of what has happened, as something right or wrong. Regarding this, we have to find out about trickery. We don’t have anything else than trickery to deal with now; when we discover, that this has gone on for a long time.

This is in no way that the development happens by itself. It is a secret plan which is developed, which all the time hides what it is. And this is an evil plan which all the time hides. A plan which slowly achieves something, which we not have understood what is. What the “criminals” are doing, is never anything else than a 100% cynical game with other people, in different ways.

This text is only some fast key words to activate the thoughts. This isn’t a finished working out. For example: What is freedom? In this text, I haven’t written anything about this important and extensive subject. These key words have to do with many things which I haven’t written anything about in this text. Our thoughts about these things have been manipulated, and it takes time to understand about such things. What the “criminals” have been doing have to do with everything. It will be very much work to do to begin to understand about what this is. The “criminals” have got us to experience our reality in a wrong way, and it is much to do to find out about that. We don’t understand all of this in a moment. The “criminals” have made a lot of problems.

October 29, 2020, David H. Hegg