281. Clarity

After the last text; 280. Feelings, October 18, 2020; I experienced that my thoughts cleared up. I think about that this can have something to do with what kind of society the “criminals” want to have. I think also about that this is something, which can have to do with what it is the “criminals” want, that we shall say, that freedom and democracy are. In that way the “criminals” give positive words a negative intention:

The upper classes have human value, but not utility value.

The lower classes have utility value, but not human value.

The unworthy lower classes shall be of use for the worthy upper classes.

I was out on my newspaper round when I thought this. I thought that I should write it down, when I was at home again, and didn’t do any note. When I was at home again, I had to write it five times, before it became nearly correct again. It didn’t become totally correct again before the sixth time I wrote it again, after I had been sleeping. I experience this as if the thoughts became muddy again, after that I first had experienced, that the thoughts became crisp and clean. Out on the newspaper round I thought that it was like, as if it earlier had been laid a smoke screen over my thoughts, which had cleared up. In that way it became as if my thoughts had been obscured again, before the foggy thoughts became cleared up again for the second time.

Because of this, I now have thought about that the “criminals” “influence” to that the thoughts shall be muddy. For example; they can maybe “influence” to that; “you shall not be able to understand correctly what this is”, etc.

Finally in this text, I think that it can take time to reach clarity in one’s thoughts. First the thoughts can be unfinished, but gradually they can be more finished, and finished.

October 21, 2020, David H. Hegg