280. Feelings

After the last text; 279. Tendencies, October 17, 2020; I just now, the day after, got some more thoughts. This time I also first thought; that I cannot write every thought I get in my head. But after some time, I started to think more about this.

I thought about; that yesterday I wrote about tendencies, and so I started to think about that it can be something similar with feelings. And that can be about different feelings. I thought that the “criminals” can “influence” so, that feelings become stronger or weaker. I thought about that this also could be regarding all kinds of different feelings. And feelings can be many things; goodwill, ill will, joy, sorrow, tolerance, intolerance, calmness and anger, etc.

I think the “criminals” can “influence” all filings to be more or less according as what it is about, or maybe only some feelings also. The “criminals” can also “influence” people to get irrelevant and unexpected feelings. Such feelings can also be intensified. Feelings can also be “influenced” to become blended together in unusual ways.

Feelings can also be manipulated in different ways. For example; something unimportant, can take the place of something important. Something which doesn’t matter, can take the place of something which matter, etc.

Feelings can be all kinds of emotional reactions.

In this text I only have pointed out this in a quick and brief way.

Something else which came in my thoughts at this moment, is this: The “criminals” don’t value a person and people in the same ways as equal people do. For the “criminals”, there are two different things; regarding what is among themselves, and regarding what is towards others. Between themselves, they have equal human value. Towards others, they look at them with lower human value, or no human value. For example; if one of the other people with lower value do something clever, or makes an all‐out important effort, then that is something the “criminals” have the right of ownership over and power over. This fundamental way of thinking by such people, is reflected in all relevant connections. This is the same as contempt for other people all the time, as something correct in any case. Contempt is also a feeling. Other people only have utility value.

October 18, 2020, David H. Hegg