279. Tendencies

Tendencies; are different things I just now got some thoughts about that the “criminals” are taken up with how they can use. I think they can “influence” positive tendencies to be less; and “influence” negative tendencies to be more.

By themselves, people want to make positive tendencies to be more; and make negative tendencies to be less. After have written this, I think that the “criminals” also can be taken up with thinking of new tendencies which not have been among people before.

This will work so that the dynamics of the societies become inverted in negative ways. Think about how many such things these “criminals” have been taken up with in secrecy in all these years. They have secret ideals.

The “criminals” are a secret enemy against the modern ideas about equal human value. I also think they are against understanding about equal balance in the whole nature on the Earth. The “criminals” must have some kind of a pent‐up self‐ gloriously understanding about themselves; and that must has developed in their old previous history, which is something they now hide. They have secret old ideals, and want to destroy our new historical ideals.

October 17, 2020, David H. Hegg