278. A miracle

The fact that the world exists; with plants, animals and humans; is something unbelievable. It proves the fact that something unbelievable exists. The unbelievable is something we don’t know what is, and which we don’t understand. For us, it is a miracle that the world exists. In that way we have got, what for us is a miracle, which humans not has done.

After these thoughts, I will say; that destruction of this world, isn’t due to the fact that humankind exists. It is due to the fact that some people betray humankind, and what humankind really is.

None of the different animals destroy the world. The animals can be dangerous, in that way that they live on eating other living creatures, but they aren’t evil. The animals live after their different natures, which keep up the world in perfect balance. The animals are also different personalities.

We humans exist in this world together with the animals, and we shall not destroy the world either. If we destroy the world, then we are something worse than the animals. And again, I will say; that this is due to the fact, that some people betray humankind, and in that way also the whole world. A betrayal is something people hide; which is what others have to understand, that goes on in such a way. Traitors don’t tell us that they are traitors; they hide it for us by holding their tongues and telling lies.

Because of the “criminals”, this has become complicated; but it hasn’t become incomprehensible. The problem is that these dangerous things are hidden for our knowledge, thoughts and understanding; therefore it is important to find out about it. The “criminals” have got us to begin to think in a self‐destructive way, and in that way, we also destroy the whole world which really is a part of ourselves.

When hidden betrayal and lies have developed for a long time, then an especially problem arises: That is how the volume of such things has been overwhelming. Then the incipient disclosure of it, typical starts with a too little volume, and becomes denied by an overwhelming reaction. This is dangerous, it is something the bad people understand, and the good people have to understand it too. It is difficult to begin to unmask an extensive hidden injustice, it is dangerous also. Clever and honorable people have been punished and pushed out, and even killed; in sly and incomprehensible ways, by trying to do that. The bad people can also be different other wrongdoers, who first of all care about covering up their own different wrongdoings.

Historical developed injustice is a serious problem, because it has developed a reversed understanding about good and bad, based on a long‐lasting historical developed suppression of people. We cannot fail to see how our historical background shows us a constant conflict between good and bad.

October 15, 2020, David H. Hegg