277. The words

Now I got this sentence in my thoughts: The “criminals” use thousand untruthful words to hide one truthful word.

First, I thought that I cannot write every thought I get in my head. But after some time, I started to think more about this metaphor, and then I started to think that this is a little bit to write about after all.

This has to do with how the “criminals” develop different expert knowledges and special knowledges, within different subject areas and specialized fields. They can do that by “influencing” all different kinds of people. They typical “influence” for and against in such ways; so that both ways of thinking become wrong. And because of that; different fields are developed under control of the “criminals”. In such ways, they also control how all the critical reactions fail.

The “criminals” can “influence” to developing extensive and complicated wrong understanding; to hide something which is uncomplicated and easy to understand in a brief way. The “criminals” don’t need to know anything about the fields they “influence”; because they can use ways of doing such things which don’t need to be based on knowledge by themselves. The “criminals” can “influence” knowledge without having that knowledge themselves. The “criminals” can “influence” people to both do right and wrong, without having knowledge about what it is about.

This also goes on regarding how people think and talk about different things in the daily life. Because of the “influences”, people talk themselves away from understanding about what they are talking about.

By adding some more thoughts to the first sentence in this text; then this opens up for understanding about that this is an extensive phenomenon, which today can has left its mark on everything we have been taken up with, for a very, very long time now.

In this way, we can say, that the words lead us astray; because of how the “criminals” “influence” us all the time. Therefore this is something important to start to understand about, so that the correct words can become important. I think the “criminals” look at us as social groups, which they can “influence” all of by “influencing” some of us.

October 13, 2020, David H. Hegg