266. An important chapter

In this text I think about a phenomenon which depends on some bad principles. I look at it in this way, to keep it as a theoretical phenomenon here. That is how some people can start to get others to believe in their lies, betrayal and falseness.

When people start to believe in other people’s lies, betrayal and falseness; then they start to be overcome by these lies, betrayal and falseness. That becomes; that honest people come under power of these false people’s lies, betrayal and falseness. Inside this two‐facedness, it typical also hides something evil. As time goes by this can be that people only believe in these lies, betrayal and falseness; without knowing anything about what can be the cause of it.

I think that this is something, which has left its mark on our history in thousands of tears, and it has always been something wrong. I also think that this can be something important, which the “criminals” (and also others) understand what is, and they have ruined all the people back in time, who had started to understand about this.

These people; who started to understand about this, can have been all kinds of different people. In that way, we today not any longer know anything, about what that was. This can be a hidden chapter in our past, for about 100 years (or maybe a little bit more or less) ago. And I think that can be an important chapter in our past.

This is something I think that can be like this, I haven’t found out more about it.

July 30, 2020, David H. Hegg