264. Opposite confirmation

The last days I have thought about something I think can be important. That is how the “criminals” say “this shall happen” when they “influence”, it can also be the opposite “this shall not happen”. Maybe the word happen can be repeated in different ways at the same time, as; take place, be done, etc. I am not quite sure, but I think this is what they also do; that the “criminals” also shall have a confirmation of this, that the “influenced” person shall repeat the same “this shall happen” or “this shall not happen”. This can be about all kinds of different things.

I have thought about that it is something smart to say the opposite, of what oneself think that the “criminals” have said. For example if you think they have said “this shall happen” about something, you can say “this shall not happen” and “this shall never happen” to yourself; or the opposite, if that is what you think it is. It can also be smart to think that yourself are back when you became “influenced”, and say an opposite confirmation of what you think can have happened; go back in time in your mind, and turn it around to the opposite, say an opposite confirmation.

July 10, 2020, David H. Hegg