263. Self‐insight

From the earliest times, humans have looked at their own way of life as correct, whatever that has been. Today it is the same. We look at ourselves from a subjective visual angle. As in times past, our own way of life; forms the subjective visual angle, from where we are looking at ourselves. This is something the “criminals” use, and they form our way of looking at ourselves. The “criminals” hinder us in being able to true, objective and correct self‐insight. The “criminals” hinder us in understanding the world in a correct way.

This hindrance is something it is important to become aware of, and begin to understand what is. Typical such things take time to understand and find out about. In a way we are stuck in different “influenced” wrong ways of thinking, and it takes time to work ourselves out of that, little by little.

June 30, 2020, David H. Hegg