252. Political ideal

Three days ago, out on the paper route, I wrote down five notes, five different times:

1) An “influence” isn’t that oneself want it. It is some others; who want it, and that others force oneself to it.

2) The “criminals” say; the unworthies shall work, the worthies shall not work.

3) The unworthies shall work for the worthies.

4) An “influence” isn’t that you want it. An “influence” is that you have to.

5) You have to want.

The next day at home, more than 24 hours later, I wrote two notes I got from how I was “influenced” in 1975:

1) “You are one of the unworthies, and you shall always continue to be that. Because here we separate the worthies and unworthies away from one another for ever”.

After I had written down this note; I remembered that the woman who “influenced” me in 1965, “influenced” me to; “you shall find out what shows their political ideal, and what they do to achieve that”. And then I wrote the next note.

2) “Your will; shall have to be our will over you”.

Then I think that the woman in 1965 also “influenced” me to what I remembered from 1975 in the two previous texts; 250. Thoughts, March 8, 2020; and 251. This world, April 5, 2020.

April 18, 2020, David H. Hegg