251. This world

This time I also have a note I wrote, at home, three days ago; about something I remember from how I was “influenced” in 1975:

You shall not a single day manage to understand correctly about this world; only about that your own imaginations, about that everything else, than what is correct, is what everything here in the world is.

After I wrote down that note, I have been thinking about it. And I think it seems like that is how it is; that people understand wrong about many things.

To break out of this deadlocked world of ideas; it is necessary to start to do more, and something different, in different ways. We have to understand about how the truths hide behind the wrong understandings about many things. We must work ourselves free from this deadlocked world of ideas, and we must find the truths. The problem is also how our world of ideas wanes. The “criminals” use easy methods to achieve strong reactions. Here I only have written a few words about this, instead of nothing.

April 5, 2020, David H. Hegg