249. The dog

In the text “247. Enemy of humankind” May 14, 2019; I wrote that I had written these short texts long enough. Now I have thought about that I can write some short texts now and then; not so often that earlier, and maybe about different things to think about.

Something I have thought about after the last text, “248. Seven months later”; is a little bit about what I remember about what the woman who “influenced” me in 1965, has said about that. Before she started, she told me about what she had thought about to do. And she said that the dog should get an important role.

Such a role as the dog got inside me, is something it is possible to “influence” to. That becomes like a self‐contained function, which works after its own purpose, independent of the person this function is “influenced” to work inside. The woman has given the dog different qualities.

What I have remembered about the dog; is that the dog shall hide inside me, so the criminals don’t find it. The dog understands what people are saying. Therefore the dog have heard what the criminals have said, when they “influenced” me. The dog understands perfectly it all; both what the woman in 1965 have done, and what the criminals in 1975 tried to do. The dog can’t talk. But the dog is very clever to get me to understand what it want to get me to understand, so I always have had to understand what the dog tries to get me to understand.

I have also remembered what the woman in 1965, said when she “influenced” me; that mistakes the criminals want me to do. when I hand out newspapers, are mistakes I made by myself. The criminals only activate such a function in me. That is something similar to the dog. The woman foresaw that the criminals would “influence” me to work as newspaper deliverer.

Before the woman started to “influence” me, she also foresaw when and where the criminals would take me. She “influenced” me to be an electrician, in the way I become it; I had first one year with mechanical education, before one year with education as an electrician. After that I had about three years apprenticeship, the last half year I sometimes should work alone, and an electrician should look after me now and then. She said that maybe the criminals had the same plan for me, because then they could get me into the office, where they got me into in 1975. She foresaw place, date and hour. She said the criminals would take me as fast as possible for them. The criminals took me early in the last half year of my apprenticeship.

February 9, 2020, David H. Hegg