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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In March 2013, I reached a breakthrough, by understanding that I had been influenced to make a note in 1976, about something which never had happened. That was a key to better understand what these mental influences are, and how they can be done. This started a development in me, which I have written about in the “Messages” part on this website. These texts were not at all planned. They have given some insight into what has happened to me, during the time until today.

October 27, 2015, another breakthrough happened. A mental influence in my subconscious had slowly become more and more reduced. In the end, it also become understandable. I have written about this in “Messages 12”.

In “Message 12, Monday, November 16, 2015”; I understood how I had been influenced to be warm on the upper part of my body, and not think about that I was too cold on my legs. This is the cause for the rheumatic health problem, which became something incomprehensible for me. When I had understood this, I got a clear experience of that now these messages had reached their end. This became the final discovery for me. After that, it is natural for me to finish these messages.

In the text “Hallucination” under the link “Important” on the top of this web site, I have written about how hallucinations are something crucial regarding how these influences work. I understood that, after I had understood about the influence I found out about October 27, 2015. This text is therefore also about a breakthrough in this connection.

Now I am at a turning point in my work with these things. In 2013 I had started to redecorate my little apartment. When I was writing these messages, this redecorating was put off. Now I think I can use time on that again. During a month’s time I should have done much of that, I think. I had planned to make my apartment to a better place, for working with these things.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

In the information text above, I wrote that I was at a turning point, and I should start to redecorate my apartment. After that, I haven’t done anything with the redecoration. But yesterday I did something with the redecoration, so now I have started with that. Now it is real, I am doing that just now.

Today I think about these years after March 2013, as two phases. The first phase was when I wrote the Messages texts, down to November 19, 2015. In this phase I found out about things which had been hidden for me. The second phase was when I wrote the Important texts and the Miscellaneous – Texts 2 texts. In this phase I started to put things a little bit in order, I look at this phase as an introduction to work in a more connected general way, where it all more can be seen in relation to one another.

I have also now thought about how my situation is developed of influences by this method with mind control. It is in that way an artificial situation. It has not happened because of natural human reactions, it has happened because of influences by mind control.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Today I have decided to put away the provisional writing desk I made in March 2013. After 2013 I only have had a provisional writing desk. It is among paints and other equipment I was using for the redecoration I was busy with in 2013. In 2013 I thought I should be able to do some fast work, to understand correct about what I had struggled with for 27 years. But that became something, which I today understand became a new human state for me. I started to develop myself out of the influenced state, which I had developed myself into earlier. These influences cause a development of oneself. To understand about it, also causes a development of oneself. All of these have been something, where I from day to day have found out new things.

In the information text above, I wrote about the years after March 2013, as two phases. Today I think I start with a third phase. I have reached a general view over my whole life since I was a child. This has changed myself, and that has taken time. Now it is as if my whole life earlier was covered up by fog. I didn’t see neither details nor connections in my own life history. When I now start at this third phase, everything has been crisp and clean for me in a new way.

Because I am in the midst of redecorating my little apartment, I now have to finish the redecorating; it is only a small place. I have started to do this thoroughly, but I think I will finish the most important of it in a few weeks. When I am finished with the walls and the ceiling, it all will be better again. After that, I can have a new writing desk in order again, and the rest of the redecorating will not be so big things to do.

Today I think about how this situation, which has been caused by the influences by the criminals, is something we are in without wanted it ourselves. When it now is possible to begin to understand and find out about this, we have much important to care about and to do.

I will write a little text now and then as usual.

Monday, July 17, 2017

In March 2013, I gradually started to find out more and more correct about what had happened to me. When I reached this breakthrough for my understanding about this in March 2013, I first thought that I fast should be able to write something important about this. But when I had come through this breakthrough, I understood that I didn’t remember anything about my life anymore. I did know what I remembered, but I didn’t know what I still didn’t remembered. After that; a gradual development started to make progress, where I little by little found out more and more. Again and again I have thought that I had reached a possibility to finish my work about this, but always I started to find out more.

Now, more than four years after March 2013, I have found out the most important I can do. That is a little about what, where, when, how and who; about this. That is the most important I can do, and now I have reached that. This was difficult to find out about, because I was influenced to not to remember it. Therefore I had to find other clues than my memory about this. After I had found such clues, then my memory about this slowly started to wake up.

The last weeks I have been thinking about it all, after I now have got a general picture of it all. Today I have thought much about the day when these influences were done against me; Monday, December 29, 1975. I have thought about how I came to my job that day, and how I walked from the changing room to the palace where I worked. From minute to minute, I approached the situation when these influences were done against me that morning.

From now, I think I have to change my work with this, and start to work for longer continuous periods, with longer continuous texts about this. But first of all, I must finish the redecoration of my apartment, which I started with for more than four years ago. Everything has been a total mess around me during these four years, because of the unfinished redecoration. I think about that I now have written about what others need to know about this.

As usual, I will write a little on the web site now and then.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Now I really have to do up my apartment, as I had started to do in the beginning of 2013. In the years after that, I have used all my thoughts and time on what I have written about. In these years, I all the time have taken an active interest in what I have been writing about on this web site. Now I must finish the redecorating. Therefore I now refrain from writing something on the web site for some time. I will write something again in a month’s time.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Now I have been working with the redecorating since the last info, a month ago. I have used much time on small details, which were difficult for me to find out how to do. I will now continue with finishing the redecorating, and I will write something on the webpage again, in a month’s time.

That I moved to the place where I now live, has been that I have moved out of the influences, instead of moving more into the influences. The criminals have influenced me to move to the different places, as I have done after 1975. When I am here, the influences have been understood, instead of being worse. That is something positive, which has happened in this small apartment.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Now I have been working with the redecorating for three months. It has taken more time than I thought about in January. Much of the time has been used to find out about things, and to find different things I have had to buy. I have also found out about how to do things. It seems like, that I now can finish it all in an efficient way. Because I do many things from the bottom of, it takes some time. I will write something again in a month’s time.

Monday, April 16, 2018

The redecorating is still not finished. But I am well under way. I am satisfied with the result so far. I have been interrupted by other things I have had to do, and I don’t have all the time to use for the redecorating. I hope I can finish in the course of a month’s time. I write something again in a month’s time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The redecoration is still unfinished. Much has been done, so there isn’t so much left. But for some weeks ago, I painted one length of a prefinished strip of wood, and afterwards I could remove the dried paint with my nails. I could easily peel off the paint again with sandpaper. I started to think about that I could do everything wrong. I also thought about that I was “influenced” to do it all wrong. Therefore I stopped, and started to think about how to do things more thoroughly. Now I will use sandpaper first, and primer afterwards, before I paint such things. I had also bought a paint tin with oil paint, which had the same white color as something else beside. But then I found out that the oil paint grows yellow, and therefor not continues to have the same color as the color beside. Because of these mistakes, I have thought much about that I must prevent doing such mistakes. Now I haven’t done anything in wrong ways, and I can continue to do everything in correct ways.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Now I am in full swing of doing up my small apartment. It seems more and more clear that I have been “influenced” to end up with this situation, where finishing this redecoration in the end should be impossible for me to manage. I write more in a week’s time.

I am painting the walls just now, the ceiling is finished, and the floor shall continue to be as it is. I have changed all the colors I first thought to use, other things have also been changed, and there have been many small things to do. Slowly there also have been too much things inside the small apartment, so it is difficult to do something, and I have ended up with doing much more than I thought of doing in the beginning.

Friday, June 22, 2018

The redecorating is now well under way. Ceiling and walls are finished. When I am finished with painting the cornices and baseboards, which is the next I shall do, then everything has become more in order. I write something again in a month’s time.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The redecoration of the one‐room apartment is now mostly finished. Door frames and window frame are not finished, and there are some small things more to do. In the last weeks it has become a challenge to be confronted with tidying up and put in order everything I have collected and put aside in all these years. Now I sit by the desk again, and things are more in order. There are more to do before I am quite ready, but the most difficult things are done. I write more in a month’s time.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Now I am finished with the redecorating of the apartment. It has been a much bigger effort than I thought beforehand. More and more it seemed as if I have been “influenced” to start with this, without being able to finish. It should has been too difficult and too much. When I am finished, it feels as I am finished with a big effort; and it is the “influences” which have been difficult for me. I don’t know if it is exact “influences”; or if it is general “influences” which can work on all things I want to do. Now it looks for me as if this is something the criminals have “influenced” me to do, in a way which should have ended in a totally mess. And I should never been able to finish, what I now have finished. I also have a corresponding experience regarding the whole development since I was “influenced” in 1975; I should never been able to find out, what I now have found out. The “influences” should also have worked more and more on me; instead the reverse is the case. The “influences” have worked less and less on me.

I have to tidy up all the things I have packed away all these years, when I have been busy with this. That is much. But it isn’t something difficult in the same way, as it was to do up the one‐room flat. All the time everything still was inside the small flat, and every day I lived there. I nearly become shut‐in within all the mess. But when I write this text, I sit at the writing desk. Now I only have to tidy up.

I write more in a month’s time.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

The arrangement of the apartment is still unfinished. I have concentrated on arranging the desk, and how it all is there. That is finished now. I hope I can be able to get the rest in order in a month’s time. All about the apartment has been a mental struggle, because of the “influences”. I write more in a month’s time.

Monday, October 22, 2018

This time I thought that it isn’t anything important to write about how it goes with my apartment. If I have tidied up or not, isn’t anything important to write about. But… since I have written about it for some time now, I thought that I could write a little this time also. It isn’t that I haven’t done anything. I have done something, but that are other things than tidying up the apartment. I have been taken up with surrounding myself with things which will bring my inner life back to what it was before these “influences” started to change everything in my inner life. Something which has worked strongly, is that I have bought two digital picture frames, and adapted more than 500 photographs from earlier, so they fit into the frames. Both when I made preparations for this, and afterwards when I can look at them, this really brings my inner life in me back again in a strong way. Therefore I am now satisfied with how well this works. I have placed them where I mostly see them. I also have a pretty good record player for vinyl records, as I had before. That also brings my inner life back in me. I write more again in a month’s time.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

After last time when I wrote something on the web site, almost three weeks ago, I have been calm and let different thoughts come and go in my head. Just now I thought that I could show that I am still alive. The last days I have sunk into the first five years of my life, in a way where I get more contact with this part of my life again. This period had earlier disappeared in my mind, but now it is back again. When families move away from places, the grownups take the children with them together with their furniture. Small children’s lives are teared up on the quiet. That was what I thought about just now. I also thought that I during this almost three weeks, have reached an inner order towards what has happened to me.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Since May 14, earlier this year, I have wanted to adapt myself to what has happened to me. That goes well, actually it goes very well. Today I feel like I am finished with this. The five first years of my life has been central for me to have in my thoughts. It seems for me as if the criminals have wanted to take these first five years, as a starting point for some of their “influences” against me, in a way I shouldn’t have understood. I have let my thoughts move freely, and been engaged in trying to understand about this. I can understand how some things had been wrong in my memory.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

My situation is still the same as it has been the last months. Everything normalizes for me. My thoughts are mostly taken up with what has happened with me, and I think about how I shall write about it. For example I think about that I maybe shall try to write different smaller texts, instead of one big text; and I think about different ways of doing it. In this way, I think about plans for what I shall start to do. This has been 54 years of my life, which I just now have started to understand what have been. The seriousness of what it has been about makes my mind be calm and pragmatic, and I feel balanced and calm.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Now I have done more with the tidying up of the apartment, it has been better here now. It isn’t so much left before I am finished with that.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

From 2003 to 2019 I have been written something all the time. For some time now it is positive for me to not do that. But I am thinking about what I shall continue to write about, shortly from now.

At present, saving the planet attracts attention, in that connection I just now got some thoughts I briefly write here. In a million years this planet will be healthy; the oceans and the air will be clean, the plants and the animal life will be all right, and the humans will belong together with the nature. This will continue that way. The humans aren’t animals. Humans are responsible for being humans. It is possible to think that the humans still exist when this part of the universe has changed. There exist water, air, soil, plants, animals, humans, a cause and an intention.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

My situation is the same, everything is well with me. Some thoughts I have this time, is these:

We are tricked into being humans in more and more controlled and artificial ways. An old problem is trickery, and how some people trick other people.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

My situation is the same as it has been the last months. I think about what has happened in my life, and many thoughts go through my head.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

The last days I have thought about many things to write about, but all I think about become more than short texts. I have started to see my thoughts as made up by different aspects, and not as short impulses any more. My situation isn’t stagnated, it is on the contrary.