Monday, October 22, 2018

This time I thought that it isn’t anything important to write about how it goes with my apartment. If I have tidied up or not, isn’t anything important to write about. But… since I have written about it for some time now, I thought that I could write a little this time also. It isn’t that I haven’t done anything. I have done something, but that are other things than tidying up the apartment. I have been taken up with surrounding myself with things which will bring my inner life back to what it was before these “influences” started to change everything in my inner life. Something which has worked strongly, is that I have bought two digital picture frames, and adapted more than 500 photographs from earlier, so they fit into the frames. Both when I made preparations for this, and afterwards when I can look at them, this really brings my inner life in me back again in a strong way. Therefore I am now satisfied with how well this works. I have placed them where I mostly see them. I also have a pretty good record player for vinyl records, as I had before. That also brings my inner life back in me. I write more again in a month’s time.