Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The redecoration is still unfinished. Much has been done, so there isn’t so much left. But for some weeks ago, I painted one length of a prefinished strip of wood, and afterwards I could remove the dried paint with my nails. I could easily peel off the paint again with sandpaper. I started to think about that I could do everything wrong. I also thought about that I was “influenced” to do it all wrong. Therefore I stopped, and started to think about how to do things more thoroughly. Now I will use sandpaper first, and primer afterwards, before I paint such things. I had also bought a paint tin with oil paint, which had the same white color as something else beside. But then I found out that the oil paint grows yellow, and therefor not continues to have the same color as the color beside. Because of these mistakes, I have thought much about that I must prevent doing such mistakes. Now I haven’t done anything in wrong ways, and I can continue to do everything in correct ways.