Sunday, January 8, 2017

Today I have decided to put away the provisional writing desk I made in March 2013. After 2013 I only have had a provisional writing desk. It is among paints and other equipment I was using for the redecoration I was busy with in 2013. In 2013 I thought I should be able to do some fast work, to understand correct about what I had struggled with for 27 years. But that became something, which I today understand became a new human state for me. I started to develop myself out of the influenced state, which I had developed myself into earlier. These influences cause a development of oneself. To understand about it, also causes a development of oneself. All of these have been something, where I from day to day have found out new things.

In the information text above, I wrote about the years after March 2013, as two phases. Today I think I start with a third phase. I have reached a general view over my whole life since I was a child. This has changed myself, and that has taken time. Now it is as if my whole life earlier was covered up by fog. I didn’t see neither details nor connections in my own life history. When I now start at this third phase, everything has been crisp and clean for me in a new way.

Because I am in the midst of redecorating my little apartment, I now have to finish the redecorating; it is only a small place. I have started to do this thoroughly, but I think I will finish the most important of it in a few weeks. When I am finished with the walls and the ceiling, it all will be better again. After that, I can have a new writing desk in order again, and the rest of the redecorating will not be so big things to do.

Today I think about how this situation, which has been caused by the influences by the criminals, is something we are in without wanted it ourselves. When it now is possible to begin to understand and find out about this, we have much important to care about and to do.

I will write a little text now and then as usual.