Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In March 2013, I reached a breakthrough, by understanding that I had been influenced to make a note in 1976, about something which never had happened. That was a key to better understand what these mental influences are, and how they can be done. This started a development in me, which I have written about in the “Messages” part on this website. These texts were not at all planned. They have given some insight into what has happened to me, during the time until today.

October 27, 2015, another breakthrough happened. A mental influence in my subconscious had slowly become more and more reduced. In the end, it also become understandable. I have written about this in “Messages 12”.

In “Message 12, Monday, November 16, 2015”; I understood how I had been influenced to be warm on the upper part of my body, and not think about that I was too cold on my legs. This is the cause for the rheumatic health problem, which became something incomprehensible for me. When I had understood this, I got a clear experience of that now these messages had reached their end. This became the final discovery for me. After that, it is natural for me to finish these messages.

In the text “Hallucination” under the link “Important” on the top of this web site, I have written about how hallucinations are something crucial regarding how these influences work. I understood that, after I had understood about the influence I found out about October 27, 2015. This text is therefore also about a breakthrough in this connection.

Now I am at a turning point in my work with these things. In 2013 I had started to redecorate my little apartment. When I was writing these messages, this redecorating was put off. Now I think I can use time on that again. During a month’s time I should have done much of that, I think. I had planned to make my apartment to a better place, for working with these things.