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Clearing Up

Sunday, January 15, 2017

These influences were done against me after Christmas Eve 1975. I have thought about, that it was early in 1976. But it can be all working days after Christmas Eve 1975. That also includes the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, if I worked these days, I don’t remember if I did that. In 1975 and 1976, I had a way of life, which the criminals have taken as starting point.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Now I have started to think about that the criminals can have done these influences against me the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 1975. First, I started to think about that this could have been a quiet period, where it could have been possible to find a possibility to do this against me. I thought about that maybe the other person I worked together with, took some days off from the work these days. Our contact in the company could even also have had some days off. If that was the situation, then I could have been alone on the job these days, if I worked these days.

I don’t remember how it was. After thinking about this a day or two, I looked at the calendar for 1975. Then I saw something important, this period was a short period that year, only three days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Because this was a short period, these other people could have taken three days off both of them. If this was the situation, then I was alone on the job these three days, and these other people would have said that it wasn’t any problem, that I was alone, because it was the finalization of my apprenticeship as an electrician. I could have got something to do which I could do well.

I write about this, after I also started to think about, that this is something I not have thought about before, and that is suspicious. That I haven’t thought about this earlier, can be an influenced hindrance. I can have been influenced to not remember it.

I don’t remember how this was. But I remember that I was alone on the job, and a person from the bank came and asked me to come together with him to look at something which had to do with the electrical installation. I also remember that I became taken up with, that I should write that time on another order number. But the person said that it wasn’t necessary, because it was only something small matters, and it was them who paid for what I did. Different such things give me a vague feeling of, that it can be something with what I think about this. I walked together with this person to the offices where the leaders sat. And then, one of the leaders wanted to talk with me in his office, where these influences were done against me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

After I yesterday wrote about, that these influences can have been done against me the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve 1975; I have got some crisp and clean and noticeable reactions. First, I got a strong experience of that it is correct; the influences was done against me at that time. After that, I got a strong feeling of being free from something; which I felt had been, like a grip around all parts of both my mental and physical organism. These strong reactions lasted for about 24 hours. During these 24 hours, I also have been unusual awake. I have felt a clear, open and free state of mind. I haven’t been tired and have only slept around one hour.

When I look more at the calendar, I see that there both are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before New Year’s Eve, and Friday after New Year’s Eve, which are such smart days to have some days off. Other people around me can have taken time off one of these periods, or both of them. At that time both Saturdays and Sundays were free days from the work in Norway. By taking all these smart days free, it would be a vacation for 11 days.

Here I have the calendars for December 1975 and January 1976 with Norwegian public holidays marked with red:

I also remember that the other person I worked together with, said that he had taken some of these days free; some of them, or all of them, I don’t remember exactly. Our contact in the electrician company could typical had done the same. I hadn’t thought about it, because I wasn’t used to do that. The other person I worked together with, said that it wasn’t any problem, that I worked alone for some time in the bank, where we had different work to do. I could phone different people in the electrician company, if I had problems, but everything looked easy for me to have to work with.

I also remember that a person from the bank, where I worked alone these days, as an electrician apprentice, came and asked me to come along with him, to look at something with the electrical installation. I said that I had to write that time on another order number, but he answered that it wasn’t necessary, because it only was some small matters. It was them who paid for what I did, he said. I remember this person as gray and a little fumbling.

We came to a place I remember as outside an office door. There were some other people there, more than one. I am not sure about how many, but I remember it as around three. I remember one of them as dark‐haired. They looked glad. They said that it wasn’t any problem with the electrical installation any longer, they had found out about it themselves. They said that the person inside the office wanted to talk to me. And they asked if I wanted to talk to that person. I said yes. I didn’t think about that something could be dangerous at that place.

I went into the office. The person asked if I liked to work there. I answered yes. There were much to learn for me there, I said. He asked if he could offer me something to drink. I said yes, and got some soda pop or something like that.

I remember that this person asked if it was us, who lived in the end of the building association where I grew up, I answered yes. I also remember that the person said, that there were some there, who didn’t like us. He said he knew something about that. He asked me something about that, I didn’t understand about that. I don’t remember more about that talking now. I remember that the person said, that now he know what he shall do.

I also have remembered earlier, form that situation, that I became dizzy. The person said that I didn’t look well, and had to lie down. He said that I needed a doctor, and that I was lucky, because there was a doctor there.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

After I yesterday wrote about how the person in the office in the bank, started to talk with me after Christmas Eve in 1975; I have a few more sentences, which I want to write down. The person asked me if it was us, who lived in the end of the building association where I grew up. All who lived there, had built all the row houses by themselves, together with one another. The person in the office said there were some there, who didn’t like us. I didn’t understand about that.

Today I have a little more about that, which I think is important. The person found out that I didn’t know, that some people around us didn’t like us. I said that our neighbors were kind, I didn’t know anything else than that. The person said; that then he had found out what he need to know about this.

That last sentence above, was something I wrote down on a paper, when I was doing something else. Just when I wrote it down, it changed to that, then he had found out what he need to know about me. When that happened, I thought that this is something, which has been changed by such influences. It can also be two different parts of the conversation, which I can’t keep separate.

I thought that these criminals have found out about something they do, which we don’t know what is. Can this person take control over me immediately, only by talking to me? Can he say, that now he shall take a grip round me, and start to control me immediately? I don’t know how this has been done. These criminals have found out about something we don’t know what is. That is what I can say about it.

When the person talked about that some people around us didn’t like us, he must have had some information about that. Or, it is something such influences have influenced to, that I shall comprehend in that way. This must have been about something, which it had been talked much about; in the neighborhood around us, and at the school, where I started at the same time, and other places. But my parents and I didn’t know anything about it. All of it has been wrong. It was because my mother’s mother talked bad to me about the Communists, but she didn’t know anything about what she talked about, and has only talked some confused babble. If my parents had known about that, they had been shocked, and talked to me about that all she said only were wrong. But they didn’t know about it. When I come home again from my mother’s mother that summer, I immediately tried to talk about this to one of my friends in the neighborhood; we had been tight‐knitted during the building period. That resulted in that our neighbors didn’t like us anymore. My parents never understood what it was. And I even still don’t know what I have said.

My mother’s mother talked very bad against the Communists, but she has never understood anything about that. She had strong opinions and feelings based on ignorance. My parents never talked like that. My mother’s mother talked bad against them who had helped us to build our own home; together with them we had got very a good place to live. In the sixties, there were quite many Communists in Norway, they were present in the public debate. Some of the most beloved by the people, in Norway, have been Communists. When there were more Communists here, the society was a more pleasant and human community, even if the political debate was harder. At that time things were getting hot at the political meetings. Today the society more has been a cold and technical business system. Political meetings today have been soulless, rhetoric and boring “one‐way driving”. My parents taught me to understand different people, the Communists the same way as others.

I didn’t grew up in a political active family, with my parents. But when we had visitors, the conversation typical discussed all aspects of the political situation in an eager and enthusiastic way. People with all different political opinions, were just as much welcome all of them in our home, no one of them were spoken ill about when they had went out again and didn’t be there. My parents had a balanced understanding about politics, and didn’t look one‐sided at political issues. They looked at the whole social situation with all its different political aspects. I was taught to find out and understand by myself, before I formed an opinion, and to not believe in what others only said.

My mother’s mother took me away from my parents when I was seven years old in 1962, and manipulated me and connected me to herself instead. She ruined my contact with my parents, in a way my parents and I didn’t understand. I think my mother’s mother was a victim for this, and not a cause, to say it shortly. I also think the criminals have influenced and ruined what the Communists originally were. I think they originally developed to start the social democracy, and at that time the new social democratic movement. This was also something that had to do with how all were in a different way, not only the Communists, but all the others also. The Communists were a part of this social situation, they were just as much a result of the social situation, as a cause for it, like all the others around them also were. I think the criminals have influenced and ruined everything, about what our political development was about, in a way we haven’t understood.

Have these criminals wanted to get me to join them? If that is correct, then they must have known very little about me; only that our neighbors didn’t like us, nothing more. One of the memory images that should be wrong memory for me, was about that some other such bandits wanted to get me to join them. Could that be because that was what they originally wanted to do? I don’t know. For me, such things only can be different hypotheses. This can be true. But it can also be that all of it only is cooked up, and only is wrong influences against me.

I think that how everything has been wrong, is something we must find out about. Otherwise I think that will ruin the whole world.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

In the text yesterday, I wrote about how the person in the office said; that then he had found out what he need to know about this. When I wrote this down on a paper to remember it, it changed to; then he had found out what he need to know about me.

Afterwards I also have started to think about that the first I remembered, was that the person sat behind his writing desk and said the first sentence. What happened when I wrote it down; was that this was said from the inside of me. It was still the same person, but what he said, came from inside of myself. After thinking about this for some time, I started to think that this is, that this has been an inner voice in me.

Such an inner voice can also be what oneself experiences as oneself. Because of that, it is necessary to be self‐critical.

Now I also have thought more about what their original plan was. It seems unlikely that they could have thought, that they could have me to join them.

I have thought about that they can have been taken up with, that they had much time to use, so they could influence me much.

May 9, 2011; I got an influence about a memory image about that God talked to me, by using my own mouth. And God helped me to understand that it was the police, that stood behind this, and did these influences. This was a very extensive memory image with many different people and happenings. Such a memory image is something which never has happened. It is something you remember, but it hasn’t happened. It is an influence by the criminals. This gets me to think that the influences against me, can have been put into a larger composition with other situations around me.

Because this false memory image happened May 9, 2011; I have thought that it can have been done in connection to the large terror attack in Norway July 22, 2011. And I should have thought that the police stood behind this, and that they had influenced the terrorist. This is only something I think, I have no other grounds for thinking that, than my own thoughts about it. One possible motive to do that, by the criminals; is that it should have worked in a way, which took away all suspicion about, that the terror attack had been done by such influences by the criminals.

It is impossible for me to remember what they have done to influence me. I can only understand about what they can have done to influence me. I cannot remember what they have done to influence me.

Friday, January 20, 2017

After the text yesterday, about how one sentence changed; from what it was when I remembered it, and to what it became when I should write it down; I have a little more to add. Both times the person in the office looked the same, sitting behind the writing desk. Who is this person? Of course, I don’t know. I remember this person as about 50 years old, but he can have been younger or older. I remember him as slim and fair‐haired. I remember him as without glasses. I don’t know if he was gray or not. This is how this was for my inner sight, a few days ago. I don’t at all have a clear image of this for my inner sight.

I didn’t have anything to do in this area of this big bank, and haven’t been there neither before nor after that this happened. I don’t know whom it was, who usually worked in this office. This person may just as well has been working in the bank, as not been working in the bank. I don’t know anything about that.

The last 24 hours I have been concentrated on how this situation finished. What I remember about that, which is very indistinct; is that I woke up from lying down on a bench, which I only remember as a long seat. I was dim and confused. The person said; oh, there you are awake again, you became a little unwell, but now you are well again. I answered, yes. He said, now you can go back to your work again. He sat a little bent forward, preoccupied about something on his writing desk. What then, had happened right ahead, is something I can’t remember what is.

I stood up and hurried back to the place where I was busy with what I was working with. I wanted to show that I had been clever, and had done much work, when I worked alone as an apprentice, and I continued with that.

A short time afterwards, I think this had become as something very little, or nothing. Maybe someone had asked me about something, which in reality had been nothing. This immediately disappeared from my memory.

All of these are nearly impossible for me to remember.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Above I have made a picture of what I have thought about the last 12 hours. I have thought about that this is what these criminals do. I have made a picture of it, because it not shall be possible to find this page, by searching after exactly that correct word on the Internet. Search engines can find all web pages with that word. I think this is the only word the criminals want to find out about, if they search for something. I think this is their secret, which they want to find out about. If they should have found this page, they must have searched for the word criminals, but that word is on many pages.

Now I have remembered that after I got dizzy, and lay down in the office in the bank; a person sat beside me, and let an old‐fashioned pocket watch oscillate back and forth in front of my face. The person said, now he disappears, now you disappear and you are not in this world any more. I think this is what these criminals do, which they keep as their secret.

This is very indistinct for me. It is nearly impossible to remember anything at all about these things.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Above I have made a picture of a sentence I think is correct. This is what I now remember that has been done against me. That is also the most likely, that is what the criminals do. I don’t write that word on the web page, because I think that this can be a word, which the criminals search for on the Internet, if they search for something they want to find out about. The picture is not words like this sentence. Search engines find such written words, but they don’t find what is written on an image. Search engines also find names for pictures, therefor the picture has another name.

After the text yesterday, I have a little more to add. The first I remembered about this new detection; was this: The person sat beside me, and let an old‐fashioned pocket watch oscillate back and forth in front of my face. He said, can you see this one? I answered, yes. He said, look at this one you now.

It becomes clearer after I have had this in my thoughts for a little time. But it is still very indistinct. What has happened with me over some time now, is that I can understand, that I have had an exclusion of this in my thoughts. This exclusion is something, which makes it more likely, that it is true.

This new understanding for me, is also something which I think, that is the most likely, that it is, which the criminals do. And I think it is suspicious that I haven’t understood it before. That is also something, which makes it more likely, that it is true. This is something, which has been hindered in my thoughts.

It is nearly impossible to remember something about this, therefore a little is something important.

This also becomes correct in proportion to what has happened with me. When I understand this, it is as if I understand much better what has happened to me.

Early in the 1980s I bought an old‐fashioned mechanical tick‐tock winding pocket watch, which I used. I had two or three different such old‐fashioned watches. Now I think this can have something to do with what I write about in this text. Earlier when I grew up, I didn’t have a single idea about using such a clock. I liked to have a wristwatch, and did never thought about using a pocket watch.

I have also had a memory about that my mother’s father let me listen to the tick‐tock sound against my ear, from a pocket watch, early in my life when I was a small child. Now I wonder if that can be a memory image about something, which never has happened. The criminals can influence people to remember things, which never have happened, and I call that memory images.

Now I wonder if these interests for tick‐tock pocket watches, can have been influences by the criminals. And that this also indicates, that it is something with tick‐tock pocket watches.

Today I have used a modern wristwatch with battery for about ten years. I bought a wristwatch because I wanted to use a wristwatch as I normally did earlier in my life.

Monday, January 23, 2017

After the two earlier texts, I her write about something I remembered before the two texts, before this text.

The person held his left hand behind my head, when I was lying on my back. He lifted my head up, and held a glass in front of my mouth, with his right hand. He said, can you drink this. I answered, yes. He said, that is good, this will make you better again. And he held the glass against my mouth, so the contents ran into me.

I remember this person as the same person, who came and asked me to come and look at something with the electrical installation. I was working alone as an electrician apprentice. The first he said when he came to call for me; was: Are you the person who work with the electrical installation here. I answered, yes. I remember him as gray‐ haired, a little bit plump, and a little bit shorter than average. I remember him as he didn’t have glasses.

I think that this person can say to me, that now he is “this and that”, and then I perceive that he is “this and that”. The whole situation can also be changed for me. This is something very indistinct for me. I write this because I want to do the best I can manage; but it is nearly impossible to remember something about this, and impossible to be sure about what it was.

This is something which has been very much excluded in my thoughts. After some time, it has been excluded in different ways. Because of that, I think I am hindered in remembering about this, and therefore I write about it. It can also be that I am hindered in telling about it. In this text, I have written about something it is impossible for me to remember crisp and clean.

Monday, January 23, 2017, David H. Hegg

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

After the last text, I remember a few words more. These memories are only short flashes.

At the same time as the person held the glass against my mouth, and the contents ran into me; I also remember that he jerked my head and my neck, in a short and quick way, which got me to swallow the liquid. Then he said; that was good, and he was pleased.

He had talked about that he was a doctor, and that he should help me.

I also remember a short flash about that this person talked about the time; that he said, that now the time runs out. But this is as if I only remember some small fragments of these words.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017, David H. Hegg

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